Top 5 Washington State Car Insurance Companies Of 2020

For getting peace in mind one must have car insurance that can cover the cost during any circumstance. Well, there are some pros and cons of the five most reliable car insurance companies. Obviously, Washinton State has the highest car insurance cost in the entire U.S.A. Nevertheless, most of the insurers offer affordable rates according to vehicle cost and specs.

Carsurance conducted thorough research on twenty-four companies to find the most affordable car insurance in Washington State. They also assessed all the companies in terms of financial stability, client experience, and cost-effectiveness.

2020’s Five Best Auto Insurance Companies in Washington State

PEMCO Vehicle Insurance

It is believed to be the regional superpower in insuring the car owners by offering affordable rates. In the WA region, the company got first place in J.D. Power’s 2019 client satisfaction study. Meaning that it was the only one that received the full five stars in evaluation.

To file claims with the insurer is very straightforward. The simple thing to do is call their hotline or fill their online claiming form. But there is a weakness in financial standings. The ratings from A.M. Best rating is B+, meaning “good”. Only regular customers could be paid for their claims. If you are new you might be at the end of a long queue.

Amica Car Insurance

A very interesting insurance company that is backed by a mutual agreement between policyholders. Profit is shared among policyholders but there is no sole individual that controls the operations. It is not private by the way.

Amongst mutual insurance companies, Amica is the cheapest rate offering organization that can be found in some cities suggesting low premiums. Just take that chance in getting a clear benefit. Of course, PEMCO’s rates can’t be higher than Amica’s but socialist-oriented people may prefer mutual insurance.

Progressive Car Insurance

No doubt that rates of Progressive are the cheapest in WA, in some cities like Tacoma and Kent the rates are about 40% cheaper than GEICO (the most financially stable). This year there could be several discounts and promotions from premiums offered straight from the sellers.

Even though it has the cheapest rates and high discounts its customer service could be weak. Anyway, its financial condition is in very good condition – A+ (Superior) from A.M. Best assessment organization.

GEICO Auto Insurance

America’s most popular insurance policy provider manages to offer 15% off from the first purchase. The majority of Americans faced GEICO’s services. Overall, they had no serious issue in responding to claims.

Compared to other insurers GEICO has way weaker customer service. The reviews of former customers brought 3 stars ratings in the J.D. Power of WA regional assessment.

Statefarm Auto Insurance

The insurer has a nice app in Google Play with good ratings and reviews. There, one may file the claim anytime – 24/7. Does it say it has good financial stability? It has A++ in the A.M. Best index, meaning that it has the strongest position in that field.

Due to discounts and promotions, Statefarm is not decreasing its prices for policies. Maybe in some cities, it can offer the cheapest rates. One should always be on alert in updating the information about the insurance offerers.