Top 10 Cheap Running Shoes 2019 under $100 For Men and Women

These days you can find the best at the same time cheap running shoes. For under $100 there are plenty of choices in online market. Thus, we prepared top 10 running shoes of 2019.

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Top 10 Cheap Running Shoes 2019

Reebok Men’s Floatride Run
Diadora Men’s N92 Skate Shoe
Adidas Men’s Duramo 9
NIKE Men’s Revolution 4
PUMA Men’s Speed 600 S Ignite
Brooks PureFlow 7 Women’s
ASICS Women’s Gel Vanishe
NIKE Women’s Dual Fusion TR
Adidas Puremotion Women’s
Reebok Women’s Driftium Ride

I chose only quality top five men’s and top five women’s shoes to prove that low price worth the reliability. Most popular brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Asics and Diadora can bring nothing except advantages of running for overcoming any physical challenges. Therefore, they are always qualified for the best cheap running shoes 2019 reviews. So, let’s look at top 10.

Reebok Men’s Floatride Run

Latest Price

For a stable ground standing these shoes have ripple design which is backed by tripple dimensional heel cradle, EVA foam rim, floatride foam, Ultraknit top and breathable cloth. Good for running in any weather but your feet might get wet. However, shoes can be dried within 3 hours if you hang them under sun.

Diadora Men’s N92 Skate Shoe

Latest Price

Italian brand Diadora is popular overseas too by its running shoes N92 Skate Shoe that is multi-colored with black, blue, red, gray and white. Under rain these shoes can save your feet for up to 3 minutes. Unfortunately, drying takes long time. We don’t recommend using this pair under rain. Perfect for cool weather: early spring and mid-fall.

Adidas Men’s Duramo 9


Latest Price

Synthetic cloth wrapped feet might get smelly after long running. However, this pair’s feather weight delivers comfort and easy speeding. This German legendary brand still works hard to include new raw materials like sythetic to save resources on cotton. Do not be worried about breathability. It breathes by every move.

NIKE Men’s Revolution 4

Latest Price

By a rubber sourced waffle pattern outsole a runner can feel durability while using them. This model has dozens of colors for men who like to run in any weather. Fortunately, this pair delivers easy breath for active feet. However, water may stuck inside because of surrounding black leather. For running it is one of the most durable and comfiest running shoe pairs.

PUMA Men’s Speed 600 S Ignite

Latest Price

The rubber foundation with rough grips makes this pair very firm-standing. Half-breathable cloth allows long running under rain. However, drying may take longer time. Perfect for spring and fall when cool and cold wheather chills your feet to make you move often. Moreover, It has several sizes for any normal feet.

Brooks PureFlow 7 Women’s

Latest Price

For effective action and grip a reliable rubber outsole is designed efficiently. After you wear them, they start to customize their own size fit to your feet by providing optimal cushioning and quick responsiveness. Just like ordinary running shoes the pair has synthetic overlays and air mesh upper. It is also a breathable type of shoes that keep the feet smell fresh.

ASICS Women’s Gel Vanishe

Latest Price

The Japanese sports brand Asics always makes unique shoes with spectacular design which can urge buyers to be loyal. With multiple color design this pair of running shoes is obviosly made from rubber, plastic and cotton. Of course, it provides breathable condition for front of the feet.

NIKE Women’s Dual Fusion TR

Latest Price

Its hydrogen blue and barely transparent foundation is made from rubber for standing grip and effective balancing. Upper part is made out of synthetic that is mixed with cotton cloth. Anyway, it is typically breathable pair of shoes to provide fresh running for hardworking feet. Perfect for those who consider beautiful design first.

Adidas Puremotion Women’s

Latest Price

Puremotion version looks lower but its foundation is higher. Designed by three colors to provide simplicity with firm fabric and synthetic cloth. Not good idea of getting this type of shoe is white color foundation becomes dirty easily and you need to clean so often as you get overwhelmed sometimes. Overall, this premium shoes are perfect for dusty places where rain does not reach. It will keep them look clean.

Reebok Women’s Driftium Ride


Latest Price

The whole pair of shoes is synthetic including supportive rubber foundation, for easy cushioning and rubber ousole for better grip. Shoelace is not there to save time for wearing quickly. Bumpy front makes feet to adapt for fast running. Reebok tried to improve running shoes by adding Driftium Ride for better and steady balance in running. They made it with success.

Wrapping Up

All the top reviewed models are premium class to provide durable and reliable running experience. It is up to you to decide which one is the best choice. For me, any established brand can provide excellent results. You just need to choose the right pair.

Buying Guide

Most running shoes feel great when you’re remaining in a shoe store, however the genuine test comes a few miles into your run. You’ll before long understand that the perfect shoe has more to do with your running style and the state of your foot than it does with the logo sewed as an afterthought.

Picking the running shoes that will fit you best is simple:

1. Determine the sort of running you do and your running style

2. Pick the class of shoe and highlights that match your necessities

3. Try on shoes to locate the one that fits best

By and large, a couple of running shoes should last between 400 to 500 miles of running (3 or 4 months for general sprinters). Investigate your shoes and check if the padded soles and outsoles are packed or worn. On the off chance that they are, it might be the ideal opportunity for another match.

Running Shoe Categories

Street running shoes are intended for asphalt and periodic raids onto stuffed surfaces with slight anomalies. Light and adaptable, they’re made to pad or settle feet amid monotonous walks on hard, even surfaces.

Trail-running shoes are intended for rough terrain courses with rocks, mud, roots or different hindrances. They are improved with forceful tread for strong footing and strengthened to offer security, bolster and underneath assurance.

Broadly educating shoes are intended for rec center or Crossfit exercises or any adjust movement where having more contact with the ground is favored over a thick stage sole.

How Do You Run?

In the event that you claim a very much utilized combine of running shoes, check the wear design on the soles to help decide your running mechanics.

Pronation demonstrates a wear design incorporated to the bundle of the foot and a little bit of the rear area. It is the foot’s regular internal move following the rear area striking the ground.

Fundamental (unbiased) pronation ingests affect, soothing weight on knees and joints. It is an ordinary characteristic of impartial, biomechanically productive sprinters.

Overpronation is recognized by wear designs along within edge of your shoe, and is a misrepresented type of the foot’s normal internal roll.

Overpronation is a typical characteristic that influences the lion’s share of sprinters, abandoning them in danger of knee torment and damage. Overpronators require dependability or movement control shoes.

Supination (likewise called under-pronation) is set apart by wear along the external edge of your shoe. It is an outward moving of the foot bringing about lacking effect lessening at landing.

Moderately couple of sprinters supinate, yet the individuals who do require shoes with a lot of padding and adaptability.

Shoeless/moderate running: In customary running shoes, feet tend to hit the ground heel first. This is on account of a shoe heel has a lifted pad. With shoeless sprinters, it is the mid-foot or forefoot that strikes the ground first.

Sorts of Running Shoes

Unbiased shoes: They can work for gentle pronators, however are best for nonpartisan sprinters or individuals who supinate (tent to roll outward). These shoes give some stun retention and some average (curve side) bolster.

Some super-padded shoes give as much as half more padding than conventional shoes for considerably more noteworthy stun retention.

Security shoes: Good for sprinters who show gentle to direct overpronation. They frequently incorporate a firm “post” to fortify the curve side of each padded sole, a zone very affected by overpronation.

Movement control shoes: Best for sprinters who show direct to extreme overpronation, they offer highlights, for example, stiffer foot rear areas or a plan based on straighter keeps going to counter overpronation.

Shoeless shoes: Soles give the absolute minimum in insurance from potential perils on the ground. Numerous have no pad in the foot rear area cushion and a thin layer—as meager as 3– 4mm—of shoe between your skin and the ground.

Every single shoeless shoe highlight a “zero drop” from foot rear area to toe. (“Drop” is the distinction between the tallness of the rear area and the stature of the toe.) This empowers a mid-foot or forefoot strike. Conventional running shoes, by differentiate, include a 10– 12mm drop from the foot sole area to the toe and offer more rear area padding.

Moderate shoes: These element to a great degree lightweight development, almost no curve bolster and a rear area drop of around 4– 8mm to energize a characteristic running movement and a midfoot strike, yet still offer padding and flex.

Some moderate styles may offer steadiness presenting on help the overpronating sprinter progress to a shoeless running movement.

Moderate shoes should last you about 300 to 400 miles.

Running Shoe Features

Running Shoe Uppers

• Synthetic cowhide is a supple, strong, scraped spot safe material got essentially from nylon and polyester. It’s lighter, snappier drying and more breathable than genuine calfskin. Also, it requires no (or next to no) break-in time.

• Nylon and nylon work are strong materials most normally used to lessen weight and lift breathability.

• TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) overlays are situated over the breathable shoe boards, (for example, in the curve and the foot sole area). These little, scraped area opposing augmentations help improve dependability and sturdiness.

• Waterproof/breathable uppers utilize a layer clung to the inside of the linings. This layer squares dampness from entering while at the same time enabling feet to relax. Shoes with these layers keep feet dry in wet conditions with a slight exchange off in breathability.

Running Shoe Midsoles

The padded sole is the padding and steadiness layer between the upper and the outsole.

• EVA (ethylene vinyl acetic acid derivation) is a kind of froth usually utilized for running-shoe padded soles. Padding shoes regularly utilize a solitary layer of EVA. Some will embed numerous densities of EVA to compel a specific flex design.

• Posts are regions of firmer EVA (double thickness, quad-thickness, multi-thickness, pressure shaped) added to make harder-to-pack areas in the padded sole. Regularly found in security shoes, presents are utilized on decelerate pronation or lift solidness. Average posts strengthen the curve side of each padded sole, a zone very affected by overpronation.

• Plates are made of thin, to some degree adaptable material (regularly nylon or TPU) that hardens the forefoot of the shoe. Plates, frequently utilized as a part of trail sprinters, ensure the base of your foot when the shoe impacts shakes and roots.

• Shanks solidify the padded sole and ensure the foot rear area and curve. They support a shoe’s solidness when going on rough landscape. Ultralight hikers regularly wear lightweight trail sprinters with plates for insurance and shanks for assurance and support.

• TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is an adaptable plastic utilized as a part of some padded soles as an adjustment gadget.

Running Shoe Outsoles

Most street shoes are made with tough carbon elastic in the foot rear area. Blown elastic—which gives all the more padding—is frequently utilized as a part of the forefoot. Trail sprinters have a tendency to have all carbon elastic outsoles to better withstand trail wear, while street dashing shoes are as often as possible all blown elastic to decrease weight.

Foot rear area to-Toe Drop

The drop of a shoe speaks to the distinction between the tallness of the foot sole area and the stature of the toe. This fundamentally influences how your foot strikes the ground when you arrive. A low or medium rear area to-toe drop (zero to 8mm) advances a forefoot or mid-foot strike, while a high-drop shoe (10– 12mm) advances heel striking.

Note: Heel drop and padding are autonomous of each other. It is conceivable to discover ultra-padded shoes that still have a zero or low foot rear area to-toe drop, for instance.

Foot sole area Counter

This alludes to the unbending structure around the foot sole area. It gives movement control and is once in a while supplemented with a foot sole area wedge, which adds support and padding to the rear area. It can help those sprinters who are annoyed by Achilles tendonitis.

Average Post or Torsion Bar

These are situated on the sides of shoes to help control exorbitant internal or outward movement. They are intended for the over-pronator or supinator.

Looking after the running shoes

Get the correct shoes for the running conditions

Try not to expect a couple of shoes to accomplish more than they’re intended for. On the off chance that you complete a great deal of rough terrain running over harsh ground, consider getting some trail shoes instead of attempting to intense it out in standard street shoes. The greater part of good street running shoes are generally for landing area or asphalt use and just moderately even go dirt road romping ways.

Cleaning running shoes

Leaving shoes sloppy and clammy really perishes the elastic and enables sewing to deteriorate to the point where it will snap all the more effortlessly. One moment of light brushing under a tepid tap will get 99 for each penny of the mud and grime off, enabling the materials to inhale and dry normally. Brush the majority of the mud off the sole too and they’ll dry all the more rapidly and won’t be substantial next time you take off in them.

Never put your shoes in a clothes washer; you may escape with this a couple of times however the materials in the shoe will separate…

Never put your shoes in a clothes washer; you may escape with this a couple of times yet the materials in the shoe will separate and you’ll purchase new shoes much sooner than is vital.

Drying your running shoes

In case shoes have wet through, take out the in-soles and dry them independently.

If the shoes are extremely immersed, it hangs them or position them so the most exceedingly awful of the water can run out effortlessly. At that point stuff them with daily paper to drench up the most exceedingly terrible of the rest of the water; yet make sure to take the paper out following a few hours so the shoes can dry out normally. To get the most noticeably awful of the water out of the bands, essentially get a paper tissue and run it from the eyelets to the tip of the ribbon while crushing hard; this will dry out the trim and guarantee you don’t trickle everywhere throughout the floor.

Never put the shoes in a tumble-dryer or endeavor to quicken the procedure by setting them in coordinate daylight or on a radiator, as this will influence the pastes that are utilized to tie all coaches together. Shoes can truly go into disrepair if treated erroneously.

Keeping place of your running shoes

Store your running shoes in a dry situation where they won’t get pulverized or generally harmed. Room temperature is best as this will guarantee they are warm when you next put them on and the padded sole materials will remain ideally adaptable.

Try not to place them in a plastic sack or a case, as this will deny them coursing air, back off any leftover drying out, and make them wind up smellier. The odds are that notwithstanding when you’ve kept running in dry climate, they will be soggy after a kept running from your own perspiration, and it is best for them to dry out as fast as could reasonably be expected.

Getting into the routine of nurturing your preparation shoes instantly after a run will guarantee that you won’t have to supplant them as fast.

Reserving your running shoes some place high up regularly does the trap. That way, they can remain in the living zone of the house (yard, utility room, room, and so on) however not act as a burden or bit by pets! Getting into the routine of tending to your preparation shoes instantly after a run will guarantee that you won’t have to supplant them as fast and you’ll get full an incentive for what is frequently a sizeable expense for your shoes.

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Best Gaming Chair 2019 – Pick The Comfiest

Early 2000s gaming community didn’t even think about gaming chair idea. Thanks to leading ergonomic chair designers who listened to the gaming community’s voices on their daily complaints. So, you decided to give comfier condition to your butt while gaming. Great Idea! This year to pick the best gaming chair 2019 can become overwhelming due to many models offered via retailers.

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Best Gaming Chair 2019

Gaming ChairReviewPrice
KILLABEE Big and Tall – Multifunction King
TOPSKY C4C-6: Win through Comfort
DXRacer Valkyrie: Classic Racer
E-Win Gaming Chair: Stylish Comfort
Merax Racing Style: Bed to Chair Transformer
Ace Bayou X Rocker: Best Console Gaming Chair
X Rocker 5172601 Surge [Editor's Choice]
Furmax Office-Gaming Chair: Only made for Boss
AutoFull Gaming Chair: Makes Your Back Breath
OpenWheeler with Gear Shifter Mount: Dream Simulation made right

The very early designs of gaming chair are inspired from racing style seats from sport cars such as prominent brand Sparco car seats with head pillow and adjustable back cushion. Not only racing style chairs now only popular but also ergonomic office chairs are preferred by long-sitting gamers who also want them with rollers and 360 degrees body rotation. Some from the best gaming chair 2019 list looks with same desing as PC has. There are many different designs which may spend your time in picking the most suitable.

Usually, gaming setups drive the attention of Instagram, 9gag and Facebook users who admire the perfection of color matching PC components and choice accuracy on gaming chair. Speaking of color matching of components like GPU, RAM, Case interior and CPU cooling some gamers also desire to match the right gaming chair to their setup in terms of price and quality. These social networks helped some gamers to show off their own special setups and eventually have driven the public opinion on compulsion for having gaming chair.

KILLABEE Big and Tall – Multifunction King

Latest Price

Style: Racing | Recline Adjustment: 155 degrees | Height Adjustment: Yes |Max Capacity: 350 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: Yes | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: Yes | Existing colors: Blue, Grey and Red | Overall dimension: 27.6″ x 22.4″x 49.6″- 52.8″ (W x D x H)

Ergonomic taste and gaming desire collapses when you purchase this amazing racing style chair from Killabee. At last, footrest is included on latest edition, plus adjustable lumbar soft cushion and headrest pillow are rightly positioned for your precious back. Stunningly, this edtion is called Big and Tall which means really made for large body and long spinal cord. Concisely, height adjustment is two dimensional and 360 degrees rotating swivel accompanied by five solid rollers enhance mobility in a gaming experience. Arm rest is adjustable as well according to your arm and hand position. Most important, 155 degrees of reclining adjustment helps you to relax and come back for a battle once more. Blue, Grey or Red colors would match gamers’ preferences and color of their newly built gaming rig. Maximum weight capacity could carry a whopping 350 lbs person. We have high expectation for this chair’s quality for long term because materials are used to make are PU leather and full steel supported structure. Truly, Killabee makes multifunctional chairs to meet your ergonomic needs especially when you aim to be on top of a leaderboard.

PROS: Nearly Perfect Design

PROS: Footrest Included

CONS: Limited Reclining

TOPSKY C4C-6: Win through Comfort

Latest Price

Style: Racing | Recline Adjustment: 175 degrees | Height Adjustment: Yes |Max Capacity: 300 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: Yes | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: Yes | Existing colors: Blue, Black and Red | Overall dimension: 27.5″ x 26″x 47.2″- 51.2″ (W x D x H)

Every gamer right now might be looking for perfect personal chair for intense gaming on keyboard or joystick controllers. Shocking 300 lbs weight limit is considerable high quality built with steel and enriched seat with PU leather. Most highlighted feature of this particular chair is soft leather covered armrest which makes you feel better in a cold condition. Lumbar cushion is removable but not adjustable. Very nicely designed headrest pillow is positioned firmly on top with special rubber ropes. What really makes a gamer to feel refreshed is a reclining adjustment to 175 degrees with extended soft footrest. Moreover, the design features with right picked colors making this gaming racing style chair to create a perfect comfort zone in a winter times. Height adjustment can go up to 51.2 inches tall. Mobility feature is built on 5 rollers and 360 degrees rotating swivel which helps you to go around the room without getting up from the chair.

PROS: Reclines to sleeping mode

PROS: Footrest Included

CONS: Cannot adjust armrest

CONS: Cannot adjust lumbar cushion

DXRacer Valkyrie: Classic Racer

Latest Price

Style: Racing | Recline Adjustment: 135 degrees | Height Adjustment: Yes |Max Capacity: 300 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: Yes | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: No | Existing colors: Gold, White and Red | Overall dimension: 27.5″ x 23″x 49.2″- 52.2″ (W x D x H)

DXRacer Valkyrie is very stylish and ergonomic racing style chair mostly inspired from intense racing movies. The 2D armrest adjustment makes your hand to type or play with precision. The body of the chair is inclined towards the gamer’s body to hug tight with comfortable wings and giving soft touch with adjustable lumbar cushion as well as head pillow. Surprising specs for calming yourself down is adjustable rocking function. Uniquely stylish legs support the 360 degree rotating swivel that are positioned on top of five strong roller wheels. Gold color seems very suitable for this style because it reminds me bumble bee from transformers movie. 300 lbs capacity is the maximum weight it can hold which is impressive for heavyweight gamers. Overall, we recommend this chair for fulltime PC gamers who often sit close to monitor holding mouse and drinking energy beverages.

PROS: Unique design

PROS: Made for tall people

CONS: No footrest

CONS: Reclines only 135 degrees

E-Win Gaming Chair: Stylish Comfort

Latest Price

Style: Racing | Recline Adjustment: 155 degrees | Height Adjustment: Yes |Max Capacity: 330 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: Yes | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: No | Existing colors: Cyan, White and Red | Overall dimension: 21.9″ x 23.2″x 49.2″- 50.8″ (W x D x H)

E-Win is specialized on ergonomics and gaming design chairs to meet your comfortable feelings when you touch every product they made. Here’s the next masterpiece created by E-Win manufacturer and it’s a staggering latest Racing style chair covered by PU leather with black and white colors. If you are tall, no problem, the height adjustment may raise your body so that your feet laid on a nice position. Armrest also includes height adjustable feature for tall and short sizes. Up and down goes lumbar cushion to support your convenient spinal position. Greatest feature of this item is a 155 degrees reclining adjustment that gives you best resting results possible. Besides white color, this product also got cyan and red impressions for different taste. All in all, this E-Win racing chair is for true gamers who appreciate their health condition and focus on PC or console games with respectable comfort.

PROS: Luxurious design

PROS: Rocking feature

CONS: No footrest

CONS: Plastic armrest

Merax Racing Style: Bed to Chair Transformer

Latest Price

Style: Racing | Recline Adjustment: 180 degrees | Height Adjustment: Yes |Max Capacity: 285 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: Yes | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: Yes | Existing colors: Blue, White, Grey and Red | Overall dimension: 28″ x 28″x 48-50″ (W x D x H)

Merax is a serious contender to other gaming chair manufacturers in terms of ergonomic design, transform feature and quality control. Stunning and unexpected feature of this premium gaming chair is transformation from chair to bed. Thanks to its 180 degrees reclining adjustment and soft PU leather material to stabilize the body into sleeping mode. Another feature to get you sleepy is a footrest extension covered by soft foam with quality leather. Armrest is able to recline with the backrest adjusting in order to cool down your hands after competitive online match. Shiny silver plated steel material is solid element for holding up to 285 lbs weighted gamer. The mighty attractive white color is a right choice for black and white PC setup area. Size matters here most because overall dimensions are seemingly bigger than other racing type chairs due to its sleeping mode function.

PROS: Transformer

PROS: Footrest included

CONS: Expensive for average gamers

CONS: Cannot adjust armrest height

Ace Bayou X Rocker: Best Console Gaming Chair

Latest Price

Style: Pedestal | Recline Adjustment: 90 degrees only | Height Adjustment: No |Max Capacity: 300 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: No | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: No | Existing colors: Black | Overall dimension: 22.6″ x 30.7″x 37.6″ (W x D x H)

Read this and rejoice console fans, this chair is just made for you. Hold your joystick and start the game from Xbox, Playstation or Ninetendo console while feeling the constant comfort through a true PU leather material plus friendly headrest. Gamers may enjoy their game with armrest or without. Stay right there and plug any advanced headset or connect any Bluetooth earpiece via built-in Bluetooth connection provided by X Rocker. The notable function of this incredible chair is rocking feature with smooth tilting. To be precise, X Rocker is suitable for relaxation and taking short power naps. 360 degrees swivel make you turn fast on action games. Apart from that, Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG Mobile games for smartphones are very appropriate for pedestal chairs like X Rocker.

PROS: Nice for Console Gaming

PROS: Headphone jack

CONS: Not for PC Gaming

CONS: No Height Adjustment

X Rocker 5172601 Surge: Best for PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile Hardcore Fans

Latest Price

Style: Floor chair | Recline Adjustment: 110 degrees only | Height Adjustment: No |Max Capacity: 300 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: No | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: No | Existing colors: Black-Red | Overall dimension: 36.8″ x 32.28″x 20.89″ (W x D x H)

Clearly, X Rocker Surge is the way to go. Mobile gamers who are hardcore PUBG and Fortnite mobile will be happy to purchase this perfection. If you have children laying around the floor you might be considering to get like one of these floor chair.  The headphone jack and Bluetooth support is seemingly fantastic for a person who is attached to his or her phone while listening music. Stunningly, built-in speakers also got you covered for playing movies and games. PU leather material keeps you warm in winter cold conditions and protects your body from getting cold. This chair got its place in a living room or personal space for console gaming setup. Fixed recline adjustment is no problem when it already can rock you to entertain.

PROS: Nice for Mobile Gaming

PROS: Headphone jack

CONS: Not for busy people

CONS: No legs

Furmax Office-Gaming Chair: Only made for Boss

Latest Price

Style: Office | Recline Adjustment: 130 degrees | Height Adjustment: Yes |Max Capacity: 280 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: No | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: No | Existing colors: Blue, Black, Grey and Red | Overall dimension: 20.47″ x 28.34″x 48-50″ (W x D x H)

Furmax is well-known company for making a greatly built ergonomic chairs. This time around you can see this chair is hybrid type between racing and office purpose. If you own business and at the same time you taking break to play intensive online games then Furmax office gaming chair is exactly what you looking for. Flawless design and used materials are really standing out to be different from other brands. PU leather and mesh mixed seating area greatly matched with black color. We are telling you that only busy gamer may see this chair suitable for him or her to fulfill the office tasks on five rollers and rotate 360 degrees from office desk till fax machine or central printer. Shape and color will make you motivated through the day for working mood and as a reward you will receive gaming time. Hooray!

PROS: Great for Part-time gamers

PROS: Flawless Design

CONS: No footrest

CONS: Cannot adjust armrest height

AutoFull Gaming Chair: Makes Your Back Breath

Latest Price

Style: Racing | Recline Adjustment: 170 degrees | Height Adjustment: Yes |Max Capacity: 330 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: Yes | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: No | Existing colors:  Red and Blue| Overall dimension: 21.3″ x 27.2″x 46.5″- 49.2″ (W x D x H)

Here we got exotic gaming racing type chair from AutoFull. Unique design from mesh and PU leather enhances the attraction from hardcore gamers. Back support looks deep and firmly hugs your back. Detachable lumbar cushion is very stylish in its own league. Back support mesh design provides room to breathe and prevents body sweating. Once more, adjustable armrest height reaches to your arm level and keeps you steady. Recline adjustment can bend till 170 degrees effectively to deliver comfortable sleeping time after a long gaming period. Height adjustment for gamer is very important feature here starting from 46.5” to 49.2” options. Available colors are red and blue for distinct preferences. Smooth rolling wheels help you to move around everywhere in the room.

PROS: Good for summertime

PROS: Sketchy Design

CONS: No footrest

CONS: No adjustable lumbar cushion

OpenWheeler with Gear Shifter Mount: Dream Simulation made right

Latest Price

Style: Racing Simulation | Recline Adjustment: 110 degrees | Height Adjustment: No |Max Capacity: 300 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: No | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: Gaming Pedals required | Existing colors:  Black, Orange, Yellow, Red and Blue| Overall dimension: 60″ x 32″x 40″(W x D x H)

Gaming chair designs got too far especially OpenWheeler racing simulation chair for driving simulation and games like Euro Truck simulator. Amazingly, this chair deserves to be on every video game racers’ shopping carts. The suitable mount for pedals and steering wheel are compatible with Logitech G920 Racing wheel and responsive pedals. Another mount made for gear selection controller also for Logitech G driving force shifter that compatible with G29 and G920 racing wheels. The driver’s seat may tilt to front and back according to the person’s legs. Seat style is exactly similar to racing car seat with effective body hugging. Absolutely, OpenWheeler is compatible to PS4, Xbox One X, SEGA, PC or Ninetendo Wii. For new drivers we would like to recommend this immersive simulator chair in order for you to improve driving skills.

PROS: Total racing simulation chair

PROS: Compact design

CONS: No lumbar cushion

CONS: Limited reclining

Bit of History

Since the release of initial gaming chair design by DXRacer company the gaming chair craze started and has never fallen from gamers preferences. The successful marketing campaign from DXRacer enhanced the mindset of hi-tech shops to embrace the strong current. The reason why it’s very stunningly widespread because at last current gamers started to think about their backbone health and body shape.

If you listen to your body’s needs on correcting the posture while playing game on PC or console fortunately you may find this special article useful for long term health investment. We strongly recommend for you to devote on your own posture and spinal cord health by selecting the top 10 recommended best gaming chair list. Our editorial staff did their best research picking up top 10 new ergonomic and stylish gaming chairs just to cheer you up for gaming occasions.

Tips to Buy Gaming Chair

Gaming chair selection process is not hard to complete when a person knows what purpose it needs to serve for a newbie or expert gamer. Similar to gaming hardware, the gaming chair also evolved to obtain specifications (specs) overtime. Ostensibly, office purpose chair is easy to choose for everyone because it has three basic characteristics which are back support, arm rest and 5-wheel rollers for quick mobility. Obviously, gamers prescribed perfect gaming chair with eight or more specs. Nowadays, in order to top the leaderboards you also presumably should have comfortable physical environment for harmony between body and mind. Speaking of harmony, our top 10 gaming chair list is inspired from expert’s recommendations and ready to provide outstanding gaming chairs to enhance your gaming experience according to following tips.


What is ergonomics, and how to implement it? Ergonomics is the study of human body condition in a working environment in order to achieve greater efficiency to utilize the office tools and body comfort. Nowadays, Gamers find themselves also important since gaming industry exploded into money making specifically in esports department when the champions fighting champions while remaining with good body posture and environment. Determining the perfect chair requires simple research on your body comfort preference and relaxation position. Mostly, hybrid chairs mixed with office and racing style seat deliver efficient convenience.

Seat Style

Famous seat style is racing type chairs that are really created for fulltime gamers and helps shoulders and back through racing inspired car seat back support. Usually, they include lumbar cushion for spinal correction and headrest pillow for proper neck position. On the other hand, pedestal styled seats are getting strong support from console and mobile gamers due to their thick foam and extensive rocking function.

Recline Adjustment

Very important feature in gaming chair specs is a maximum reclining degree to reach the position of sleeping mode. After stressful job or tiring gameplay will make you to obtain time break for energy recovery.

Weight Limit

Majority of contemporary gaming chairs could carry up to 300 lbs heavy person. Thanks to their steel frame structure. Average gamers would choose a chair with a capacity of 250 lbs that is considered as normal choice.


PU leather covered skin material on the gaming chair is simplest and practical for most people due to its long durability. Conventional chair’s structural frame made of steel and carbon are also playing crucial role on holding your body to be balanced.

Armrest Adjustment

For hardcore gamers armrest function is significant while taking a break or chatting via smartphone and simultaneously playing with other hand. Adjusting armrest pillars to preferred height is a bit of comfort achievement for your arms.

Height Adjustment

Sitting on budget office chair finally realizing that you need height adjustment feature will push your body ergonomic requirement into whole new level. Height adjustment function enhances your feet to rest well as a result of sitting higher.

Lumbar cushion

Racing type seats often include lumbar cushion in their package. The purpose of that cushion is to ensure the correct spinal posture while pushing your back to the chair’s back support.

Head pillow

Soft pillow support while gaming helps your neck position balanced. Racing and pedestal type seats provide detachable or integrated head pillow to reach maximum comfort for neck’s health. Besides, sleeping time with soft pillow on your gaming chair would enrich new energy to fight back to the game.


Extending your feet on relaxing times and have bit of power nap really make your gaming life better than before. Footrest feature came in to the gaming chair functions to be the extension for incredible bed transformation.

Rocking Function

Pedestal chairs have most juicy rocking function to cool you down or refresh your mind while holding gaming smartphone. Most chairs now support this ability but not effective as pedestal ones.


Moving around on rollers while in sitting position develops office multitasking skills and ability to reach far items for work and personal needs. Inspired by early office chairs, nowadays gaming chairs also started to include this amazing specs.

Wrapping up

For conclusion part we have come here to find common ground on defining the right gaming chair. Firstly, ergonomics matters the most depending what purpose your tasks serve. Of course, you want a perfect ergonomic gaming chair for balancing your body structure and seating type, surely, by default will be racing style. For console and mobile gamers we recommend pedestal chairs for right body relaxing posture. Lumbar cushion and headrest pillow are the additional extensions that provide correctness of spinal and neck stance. Hence, footrest and rocking functions will deliver nice sleeping time to recover for next gaming battle. At last, mobility functions consisting five rollers and 360 degree rotating swivel develop your multitasking abilities for busy days and playing games for personal enjoyment rewards.

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