Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Formula 1 Group Reportedly Working On New Tech

The German car maker and the Malaysian petrolium company Petronas are teaming up to build new Formula 1 related technology. No surprise, they will implement that for future commercial models. AMG powered Mercedes-Benz cars were always on the spot of professional racers. Especially, coupe and convertible models are built on the AMG base.

Will new AMG technology help Mercedes surpass BMW?

The fastest German middle-class car is still BMW. Since the longest experience in building speedy cars lets BMW be ahead of racing road. There are many factors that cause victory in making truly muscle car. AMG is still pursuing the passion for fastest and reliable car manufacturing. On the long run, the reliablity always on the Mercedes-Benz’s side according to second market buyers. The only thing is to improve the cars to make them surpass all the BMW rivals