How Shower Speaker Is Made and its Unique Features

Modern technology has made it possible for music lovers to enjoy listening to music from almost anywhere. Today, you can actually listen to your favorite music in your bathroom while taking a shower, thanks to the shower speakers available today. Shower speakers are a special type of speakers that are ideal for use in the bathroom. These speakers are wireless and mainly use Bluetooth technology. Let’s look at how a shower speaker is made and its unique features.

How is a Shower Speaker Made?

Shower speakers are a type of wireless speakers. These speakers operate using Bluetooth technology. You simply pair the speaker with a mobile device such as a smartphone to play music wirelessly. You can even receive phone calls via Bluetooth. Thus, a shower speaker uses radiofrequency waves to receive and reproduce sound rather than using speaker cables.

A shower speaker comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth receiver. The receiver receives Bluetooth signals from the paired device. The Bluetooth signals are transmitted in the form of radio frequencies. These frequencies are then transformed into electric sound signals. The electric sound signals are consequently reproduced by the speaker.

For the speaker to work effectively, it needs to be placed within the Bluetooth reception range of the paired device. Basically, Bluetooth devices have a limited range of reception. Thus, the speaker and the paired device need to be within a certain distance between each other. The number of walls between the speaker and the paired device may further limit the range of reception. Basically, most Bluetooth speakers operate effectively within a range of 10 meters radius from the paired device.

Unique Features of Shower Speakers

Shower speakers come with special features that make them different from regular speakers. Here’re some of their unique features:


A shower speaker is made for portability. For instance, a shower speaker is lightweight. It’s also compact in design and small in size. You can easily carry it from one place to another with ease. You can carry it from your bedroom to the bathroom to continue listening to your favorite music while taking a shower. You can simply leave the paired device, such as your smartphone, in your bedroom and only carry the speaker with you to the shower area. The music you’ve selected in the paired device will continue streaming via Bluetooth as you enjoy taking your shower.

These speakers are also portable in that they come with an inbuilt battery. The inbuilt battery powers the speaker such that you won’t have to keep it connected to a power socket. Moreover, the inbuilt battery is rechargeable. You’ll only have to connect the speaker to a power socket when researching it. The battery capacity will determine the time you can use it before demanding another recharge. Some shower speakers can actually be used as power banks to recharge smartphones via USB.

Another feature that makes these speakers portable is that they use Bluetooth wireless technology to reproduce music wirelessly from a paired device. Thus, you won’t have to connect the speaker via a speaker cable, making it completely portable.


Another key feature of shower speakers is that they’re waterproof. They’re designed to keep moisture and water away from the interior electronic components. This makes them ideal for use in the wet shower area without risk of damage from moisture or water. Some of these speakers are actually fully waterproof such that you can submerge them in the bathtub without getting damaged. You can even use the waterproof models while swimming or even diving without any risk of damage.

Special Mounting Options

Shower speakers come with special mounting options. Some come with a suction cup that is pressed onto the bathroom wall for mounting. Others have a mounting bracket used for hanging on the wall. Some options come with a clip for hanging the speaker. Others can be placed on a flat surface. Simply choose the mounting option most suitable for you when choosing a shower speaker.

Durable Design

Shower speakers are designed for durability. Their enclosure is strong and sturdy enough to keep the interior components protected from damage in case of a fall. You can easily hit the speaker from its mounting position when taking a shower. Thus, these speakers are made to withstand the impact of an accidental fall. Moreover, the speakers resist rust since they’re moisture and water-resistant. This way, you’ll be assured of using the speaker without it getting damaged easily.

Integrated Microphone

Some shower speakers come with an integrated microphone. The microphone makes it possible to receive phone calls wirelessly through the speaker. Thus, you won’t have to risk using your phone in the wet shower environment. You’ll simply press a button on the speaker to receive phone calls coming in through the paired phone and use the speaker as a loudspeaker. The integrated microphone allows you to respond to the caller whereas the speaker allows you to hear the caller clearly.


You’ll find various controls on a shower speaker. Different speaker models may feature different types of controls. However, the basic controls of most shower speakers are controls for powering it on/off and volume up/volume down. The models that allow for receiving calls come with a dedicated button for answering phone controls. The more controls that a shower speaker has, the more functional it is. Basically, choose a shower speaker that allows you to adjust as many functions as possible.

Universal Compatibility

Most shower speakers are designed for universal compatibility. They support pairing from both Android and iOS devices. They’re also compatible with most Bluetooth enabled MP3 and MP4 players. This way, you’ll be able to stream music from most Bluetooth enabled devices. When buying a shower speaker, choose the one that supports as many devices as possible to ensure you’re not limited to the kind of Bluetooth devices you can pair.

Final Words

As a music lover, a shower speaker is a must-have gadget. It’s made to withstand the wet shower environment where regular Bluetooth speakers may not be ideal for use. Besides using a shower speaker in your bathtub or shower area, you can also use it on your boat, by the poolside, on the beach, and even in the kitchen. Moreover, these speakers deliver clear and crisp sound. They’re also loud enough such that the noises of splashing water don’t drain the sound from the speaker. These speakers also come in different shapes and colors such that you can easily find a shape and color that matches your personal preferences.