10 Cheap Wood Cutting Boards With Handles

As bamboo and plastic cutting boards flooded the market, the wood ones became unpopular due to the high cost of raw materials that bring no harm to ecology.
However, consumers still can find cheap wood cutting boards with handles online. Reliable but cheap ones are not so easy to find on the internet. Let us help you to pick the best and affordable alternatives to plastic and bamboo cutting boards.

Cheap Wood Cutting Boards With Handles

Dust and Things Walnut Wood

Double sided with two handles and made of the oak board can for years. The seller promises to put your date that you write in order options for your long lasting memory which may reach to your grand…..children. Costs less than $50 but looks $100 deal. There are 4 colors available.

Zawadee Olive

The amazing Mediterranean design impresses anyone who knows about the olive tree. Even the smell of it can remind you of the essence of natural oil. For about $33 you may get it with free shipping if you reside in the US.

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Perfect for pizza cutting although backside can be used as the cutter. The Nordic design gives boldness and reliability that can promise a lot. Could be nice if any kitchen has this solid cutter board. For less than $50 you might experience fast delivery inside the US.

Vitwood Walnut

Double handle delivers stable carrying while cooker lifts and moves vegetables to cook pan. Walnut tree is easy to cut and light to carry compared to oak and fruit trees. For about $35 the cutting board may arrive shortly if you are in the US.

LloydPans Fiber Laminate

Very thin design can save you a lot of space in your kitchen cabinet. Moreover, Lloydpans came out with a great idea; covering the wood with fiber so the cutting board could be a scratch resistant. The 12-inch board is available for $37 online.

Kakashi Sensai

Wide and narrow designs are offered at same time. Eco friendly look recalls our ancestors’ old good village lives where no chemical would bother their health conditions. They also can be serving boards for family with 4 people. For about $30 you might get them with free shipping online.

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Mountain Woods

Acacia wood designed board with dark color shows off its corner shaped handle attached by bolts. If your kitchen has a dark color design this board fully suits your taste. The handle might be unattached if you drop the board. However, the body will remain undamaged for years. For only $30 you can buy it online.

Collective Teak

Narrow designed teak woodcutter board needs no maintenance. The eco-safe feature will please your knives and your health. Easy to carry; the handle is not attached unlike other boards have. Hanging can also be easy. This wonderful board just costs around $30 online.

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Equipped with rubber stands and copper handle jointed wood can amaze you with solidness and look. For your fingers, it has a special design at the handle so you easily can carry inside or outside. With $40 price tag it can be shipped for free inside the US.


Lightweight acacia wood serving board with handle can also be used for cutting. Perfect for drinks carrying in a restaurant or home. It is a safe replacement for plastic and bamboo cutter board. For less than $40 one can buy it with fast shipping in the US.


Bamboo board is not reliable due to the raw material itself is fragile. On the other hand, plastic has good quality but not eco-friendly. The only choice is the woodcutter board with cheaper price tag available online.

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