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google one Tech News

Google One App Gets 4.0 Average Stars From Android…

Smartphone users are having several benefits like Google Drive, Google Photos and Gmail from Google. These products together provide free 15GB storage. The main idea of offering the Google One app is to unify these three products together, so the users could manage them simply and easily. Apart from them, Google users can contact customer service with one tap. Additionally, some benefits such as Google Play credit and special hotel pricing. To expand total storage some prices have to be paid monthly: 100GB – $1.99, 200GB – $2.99, 2TB – $9.99, 10TB – $99.99, 20TB – $199.99 and 30TB – $299.99. Prices are attractive and can be reasonable for business oriented people who store their data in cloud platforms.

1 star reviews

The app looks good at first sight and operates smoothly. Nevertheless, some users gave 1 stars stating various review sentences. Let’s look at screenshots below

First picture shows a man’s review: “pay go app”. In response to that, Google explains that this app has plans from lowest to premium.

Second reviewer criticizes Google including CEO or owner in an unfriendly manner. Most probably, the user likes other search engines.

Third and fourth reviewers do not know what functions Google One has and can’t uninstall the app.

Fifth has currency conversion problem

Last user does not like when the app urges him to upgrade the plan. However, Google responses with an idea stating the user might be T-mobile’s customer and gave a link for reference to fix the problem.

Reviews matter most

The negative reviews above can be changed to positive if Google delivers a clear explanation to frustrated users. Everyone thinks that Google has only free services like Gmail and search engine. Logically, free services of Google are maintained by paid ads and premium services.

Soon 4.0 average star ratings may change to max 4.5. It is possible after users realize that Google’s services are transparent in their descriptions.

hills of steel 1 vs 1 Mobile

1 vs. 1 Multiplayer Is Better Than Arcade and…

Over 10 million users downloaded Android version of the Hills of Steel game. I could notice that more coins can be made only in 1 vs 1 multiplayer. Other playing options like Boss Rush and arcades (midsummer siege, winter war, desert assault and others) give exciting experience by shooting all kinds of vehicles, helicopters and planes, although providing few chances for getting much more coins.

Small tanks are the strongest

For easy and simple handling small tanks are the best. One may earn coins faster and can upgrade their specs swiftly. Thus, you can collect enough coins to buy bigger tanks for different experience. Only strength of big tanks is their guns. By one shot you can defeat helicopters and small tanks in arcade modes.

Buying coins

For faster upgrades spending real money is the main option. However, you may lose interest in the game quickly as you get strong tanks by upgrading. Paying for non-ads platform is the smartest way to play this game since ads by Google are disruptive.

Hard arcades

Most users play 1 vs 1 when they are ripped off by hardness of the arcades, especially Desert Assault. Its helicopters cause major destruction to their tanks. Upgrades do not work here since only tactical gaming skills are must have. Even tactics are insufficient as you reach new stages of any arcade.

Crowded Tank Place

In arcade modes, one can easily destroy tank crowd by standing far and applying repetitive shooting. Even that chance earned me fewer coins than 1 vs 1 gave me. Remember, you will play against bots in arcades. Multiplayer is way more interesting because you play with real players online.

If you disagree with my topics’ main idea, please leave comments below.

foldable phones Mobile

Will Foldable Phones Kill Tablets?

Some smartphone brands like Samsung, Royole, Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple and LG can hardly wait for MWC 2019 that will be next month to show their foldable phones and create a massive trend among smartphone users. Most of their foldable models are 2 in 1, meaning, can be smartphone and tablet. Without folded look they are tablets, after folding become normal smartphones with dual display.

Tablets May Disappear Soon

These brands are manufacturing tablets too. After they start offering their new trendy phones, what will happen to tablets’ market? It will be gone or stay with low capitalization? Depends on time. Customers did not see the real performance and reliability of foldable phones. If they fail high expectations of the customers, tablets will thrive by the same conditions. One may hope the foldable phones will satisfy him by 2 in 1 design just like convertible laptops are doing.

samsung apple Mobile

Apple and Samsung Could Lose Big Market Share To…

Xiaomi, Huawei and OnePlus are growing large by market share, winning the trust of users who like reliability and reasonable price. Samsung and Apple keep focusing on high-end models with increasing price tags, while Chinese brands try to take advantage from offering budget and mid-range models. In recent years, some serious problems are coming to old tech giants. Their problems are:

  1. Customers are losing deep interest in high-end models
  2. Rising demand for budget versions
  3. All smartphones are becoming similar in design
  4. Chinese market penetration

Let’s take a look at these problems above.

1. High-end models do not surprise anymore

Most people still have touch screen phones which allow them to have maximum benefit from minimal efforts. Since 2007 the first touchscreen iPhone came out with iOS, the phone users never experienced major change in command giving to their phones. If someone offered a hologram based phone to the market, everyone would be curious and even buy his phones for full experience. The fans are hungry for clear tech breakthrough in different command giving.

2. Strong Budget Orientation

Not everyone is rich. Even rich try to save more money on buying a reliable smartphone. If you compare Nokia 7.1 ($350) and Samsung Galaxy S9 ($720), you will see they both have front and rear dual cameras, touchscreen display, same OS, long life batteries and other similar specs. People do not see a major difference between budget and high-end models. Therefore, budget models always come first, regardless a thickness of the buyer’s wallet.

3. All Have The Same Design

After iPhone X and Galaxy S7 Edge introduction to mass market, other brands started imitating their designs. LG clearly copied Samsung S7 Edge’s curvy display on most of its 2017 smartphones. At the same time, Chinese brands took most of design of the iPhone X with less bezel and notch on top of display.

4. Chinese Brands’ Rising Power

Xiaomi and Huawei are still expanding their popularity by taking advantage from budget and mid-range android phone’s sales. iphone SE and Galaxy A, C, J series are strugling for winning customers’ loyalty, although, they have pretty low price tags.

Completely different technology may save Samsung and Apple

In U.S market during 2007, Apple could win Nokia by offering game changing iPhone. Today, similar chance may come for Apple’s favor. Need to think out of the box. Foldable smartphone trend is coming and Samsung Galaxy F is on the way to show off its features. Let’s see who will stay longer in smartphone industry. If you have opinions about future fates of the big tech giants, please leave comments below.


Why Cellphone’s Screen Can’t Work In Cold Weather

Most of the electronics stop functioning in cold temperature. This is common situation for everyone. Nevertheless, urgency is ruthless. Cold weather may freeze your cellphone’s display during emergency call. Smartphone users always complain about this issue, stating display can’t be turned on.


The only way to recover the cellphone is to bring into warm room and let it get warm enough for turning the screen on. Do not put the phone near open fire or heater. You may damage the screen or battery can explode. To fully avoid the problem one needs to keep the phone inside warm pocket.

Which smartphone brands never get frozen?

All the smartphones are endangered in cold weather. There is no special phone designed for cold temperature. However, keeping your phone inside a pocket that allows your phone get warm from your body. By doing this, you can minimize a risk with such kind of trouble.

If you have your own ideas to solve this problem, please leave your comments below


Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Formula 1 Group Reportedly Working On…

The German car maker and the Malaysian petrolium company Petronas are teaming up to build new Formula 1 related technology. No surprise, they will implement that for future commercial models. AMG powered Mercedes-Benz cars were always on the spot of professional racers. Especially, coupe and convertible models are built on the AMG base.

Will new AMG technology help Mercedes surpass BMW?

The fastest German middle-class car is still BMW. Since the longest experience in building speedy cars lets BMW be ahead of racing road. There are many factors that cause victory in making truly muscle car. AMG is still pursuing the passion for fastest and reliable car manufacturing. On the long run, the reliablity always on the Mercedes-Benz’s side according to second market buyers. The only thing is to improve the cars to make them surpass all the BMW rivals

blu xl4 Mobile

BLU VIVO XL4’s Package Includes Screen Protector and Two…

One of the budget smartphones BLU Vivo XL4 with decent specs and features comes with screen protector and clear plus printed cases. Such promotion technique never comes from popular smartphone brands. Nice marketing move. As a must, the package icludes sim key, ear buds, charger with micro USB and smartphone.

Besides the package, let’s see its specs and features:

  • 6.2″ HD+ 19:9 All Screen Display Curved Glass
  • Dual 13+2MP Main with Flash, 13MP Selfie with Flash, Video Capture 1080 at 30fps
  • MediaTek Helio P22 AI Accelerated Technology 2.0GHz Octa Core CPU
  • Internal memory 32GB, 3GB RAM, MicroSD up to 128GB
  • Super 4,000 mAh Battery, 5V/2A Quick Charge
  • GSM Quad Band, 3G/4G LTE, Android 8.1 Oreo OS

The most fascinating specs are 4000MAh battery, octa-core CPU and dual camera. In high-end smartphones you can find these specs by one sight. Such a budget phone could get high-end specs so simply and price tag is only $150. From here one may conclude that initial price of high-end cell phones can cost around $150. However, strong brands allow their phones to be sold for more than $700.

The tech world is changing now. So, people become smarter in picking the right phone. Better to get non-popular brand’s phone with free screen protector and cases, instead paying for popularity of the strongest brands. Leave your comments on what you think about budget phones below.

AMD is Upgrading APU VRAM size up to 3G Tech News

AMD is Upgrading APU VRAM size up to 3GB

Since the sensational Ryzen Raven Ridge APUs (Accelerated Processing Unit) launch some esports gamers decided not to buy discrete graphics cards into their newly built PC system. It’s all because of Integrated Vega graphics card that comes along with CPU but with 8 and 11 CUs (Compute Units). Specifically, fastest APU named Ryzen 5 2400G is able to play popular online games such as Fortnite and PUBG on High or Medium settings respectively. Surprisingly, in Q3 2018 AMD delivered yet again the super budget APU Athlon 200GE with $55 price tag where Athlon demolishes Pentium counterparts in terms price to performance ratio.

Recently, latest BIOS ROM update released for Asus, Asrock, Gigabyte and MSI in order to enhance newly launched Athlon 200GE, 220GE & 240GE performance on current AM4 socket motherboards. Fortunately, one mysterious gift was included to budget gamer’s dream. We spotted it on latest Asus BIOS ROM update. UMA Buffer Size in Asus Motherboard settings could be changed up to 3GB. That means gamers may enjoy free upgrade on their integrated graphics like Vega 3, 8 and 11. After almost a year past, AMD quietly upgraded VRAM (Video Random Access Memory) to enhance graphics buffer memory for any demanding games. Current AAA game titles consume large memory size from graphics processing unit to speed up real time rendering.

This move will blow away the current competition on budget graphics segment. For instance, if you buy Ryzen 3 2200G APU then the graphics unit might be running great on 3GB buffer size compared to Nvidia GT1030 which is having only 2GB VRAM. On the other side, AMD also has Radeon RX550 with 2GB graphics as well that runs slightly faster than GT1030 for about 10% higher. Real time market pricing condition on DDR4 memory is getting better than previous 2 years so budget gamers on APUs must be happy about it since factual performance of AMD processors is heavily relied on RAM speed. Obviously, latest generation of APUs prefer higher memory speeds like 2999MHz to achieve effective gaming experience with less possible latency. Thanks to RAM manufacturers that worked hard on Ryzen processor compatibility issues where XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles) have been occurred functioning incorrectly after 1st Generation Ryzen CPUs launch. Quick fixes named AGESA updates from AMD itself as well as new tuning BIOS upgrades from Kingston, Corsair, GSkill and etc. helped gamers to overclock their memory kits up to whopping 4600MHz frequency. Higher frequency memory performance will reduce latency for built-in Vega graphics definitely but 2999MHz is maximum overclock for APUs. Nevertheless, stay tuned for upcoming cutting edge APUs from AMD in mid-2019.

Is AMD APU Better For Gaming? Tech News

Is AMD APU Better For Gaming?

Just like smartphone replaces flashlight, cell phone, mp3 player, portable video player, GPS tracker, compass, camera and many more. So, APU is replacing CPU and GPU when it comes for hardcore gaming and graphics designing. AMD started marketing this innovation in 2011 by offering Liano A6 K10 family. Now we see the latest AMD Athlon 240G 3.2 GHz clocking with Radeon Vega 3 graphics combined and Ryzen 5 2400G with Vega 11.

AMD Athlon 200GE in package

Easy PC Building

Some CPUs can’t work with any GPUs. Therefore, having APU is better in building a decent gaming PC. You don’t need to spend tonns of time for compatible CPU and GPU researching. Another good thing is you save a space in your gaming PC case by giving a chance to fit for other components like fan, RGB lights, PCIe, HDMI and many more.

Ryzen 5 2400G in package


No one can guarantee the longevity of PC components. They can just assume it to be between 1 – 3 years. However, the manufacturer gives 1 year warranty that gives a clear feedback in case of defects. Most of PC builders like to change CPU and GPU very often. The reason is new games coming out with high tech requirements. This situation forces to innovate new processors and graphics. At the same time, the longevity cannot be tested by masses.

Gaming experience

The users do not face different performances if they switch CPU and GPU to APU. Gaming runs smoothly as it used to with GPU and CPU. APU makes the gamers soon forget the CPU and GPU.


APU is solely created for budget PC builders that love to upgrade both CPU and GPU at same time. Will you wait for another graphics to come with high specs that can run heavy loaded games? Or just buy the strongest Ryzen 5 2400G with Vega 11 without worrying about new GPU replacement. If you compare prices of Vega 11, Ryzen 5 2400 and Ryzen 5 2400G, you will come with a brilliant idea for purchasing only Ryzen 5 200G APU.


Upgrade lovers may not like the APU but sometimes they can prefer it for building a budget gaming PC. AMD could make a tech breakthrough by offering such light processors with graphics cards which will always be inside active gaming PCs of the budget amateurs.

Kingston A2000 Computer

SATA Price Increases Over Kingston A2000 NVMe SSD

PCIe interface SSDs, normally, cost above the SATA drive prices. Typical SATA drive becomes non-expensive without PCIe platform. Recently, at CES 2019 Kingston A2000 NVMe SSD with PCIe 3.0 x4 interface targets lower price to compete with normal SATA SSDs

What benefit consumers get?

Online retailers usually offer PCIe interface SSDs with higher prices than SATA drives which can’t perform faster. Modern PCIe 3.0 x 4 platforms assist the drives to transfer data smoothly. So, using PCIe interface SSDs are much better but their prices come higher due to quality. Soon, latest Kingston A2000 NVMe SSDs will make a breakthrough in SSD market by offering lower price tag than SATA drives’ value.

Checking the new prices on Amazon, Ebay and Newegg can be high recomendation for fans who wait for this miracle.