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samsung apple Mobile

Apple and Samsung Could Lose Big Market Share To…

Xiaomi, Huawei and OnePlus are growing large by market share, winning the trust of users who like reliability and reasonable price. Samsung and Apple keep focusing on high-end models with increasing price tags, while Chinese brands try to take advantage from offering budget and mid-range models. In recent years, some serious problems are coming to old tech giants. Their problems are:

  1. Customers are losing deep interest in high-end models
  2. Rising demand for budget versions
  3. All smartphones are becoming similar in design
  4. Chinese market penetration

Let’s take a look at these problems above.

1. High-end models do not surprise anymore

Most people still have touch screen phones which allow them to have maximum benefit from minimal efforts. Since 2007 the first touchscreen iPhone came out with iOS, the phone users never experienced major change in command giving to their phones. If someone offered a hologram based phone to the market, everyone would be curious and even buy his phones for full experience. The fans are hungry for clear tech breakthrough in different command giving.

2. Strong Budget Orientation

Not everyone is rich. Even rich try to save more money on buying a reliable smartphone. If you compare Nokia 7.1 ($350) and Samsung Galaxy S9 ($720), you will see they both have front and rear dual cameras, touchscreen display, same OS, long life batteries and other similar specs. People do not see a major difference between budget and high-end models. Therefore, budget models always come first, regardless a thickness of the buyer’s wallet.

3. All Have The Same Design

After iPhone X and Galaxy S7 Edge introduction to mass market, other brands started imitating their designs. LG clearly copied Samsung S7 Edge’s curvy display on most of its 2017 smartphones. At the same time, Chinese brands took most of design of the iPhone X with less bezel and notch on top of display.

4. Chinese Brands’ Rising Power

Xiaomi and Huawei are still expanding their popularity by taking advantage from budget and mid-range android phone’s sales. iphone SE and Galaxy A, C, J series are strugling for winning customers’ loyalty, although, they have pretty low price tags.

Completely different technology may save Samsung and Apple

In U.S market during 2007, Apple could win Nokia by offering game changing iPhone. Today, similar chance may come for Apple’s favor. Need to think out of the box. Foldable smartphone trend is coming and Samsung Galaxy F is on the way to show off its features. Let’s see who will stay longer in smartphone industry. If you have opinions about future fates of the big tech giants, please leave comments below.


Why Cellphone’s Screen Can’t Work In Cold Weather

Most of the electronics stop functioning in cold temperature. This is common situation for everyone. Nevertheless, urgency is ruthless. Cold weather may freeze your cellphone’s display during emergency call. Smartphone users always complain about this issue, stating display can’t be turned on.


The only way to recover the cellphone is to bring into warm room and let it get warm enough for turning the screen on. Do not put the phone near open fire or heater. You may damage the screen or battery can explode. To fully avoid the problem one needs to keep the phone inside warm pocket.

Which smartphone brands never get frozen?

All the smartphones are endangered in cold weather. There is no special phone designed for cold temperature. However, keeping your phone inside a pocket that allows your phone get warm from your body. By doing this, you can minimize a risk with such kind of trouble.

If you have your own ideas to solve this problem, please leave your comments below

blu xl4 Mobile

BLU VIVO XL4’s Package Includes Screen Protector and Two…

One of the budget smartphones BLU Vivo XL4 with decent specs and features comes with screen protector and clear plus printed cases. Such promotion technique never comes from popular smartphone brands. Nice marketing move. As a must, the package icludes sim key, ear buds, charger with micro USB and smartphone.

Besides the package, let’s see its specs and features:

  • 6.2″ HD+ 19:9 All Screen Display Curved Glass
  • Dual 13+2MP Main with Flash, 13MP Selfie with Flash, Video Capture 1080 at 30fps
  • MediaTek Helio P22 AI Accelerated Technology 2.0GHz Octa Core CPU
  • Internal memory 32GB, 3GB RAM, MicroSD up to 128GB
  • Super 4,000 mAh Battery, 5V/2A Quick Charge
  • GSM Quad Band, 3G/4G LTE, Android 8.1 Oreo OS

The most fascinating specs are 4000MAh battery, octa-core CPU and dual camera. In high-end smartphones you can find these specs by one sight. Such a budget phone could get high-end specs so simply and price tag is only $150. From here one may conclude that initial price of high-end cell phones can cost around $150. However, strong brands allow their phones to be sold for more than $700.

The tech world is changing now. So, people become smarter in picking the right phone. Better to get non-popular brand’s phone with free screen protector and cases, instead paying for popularity of the strongest brands. Leave your comments on what you think about budget phones below.

apple watch vs galaxy watch Mobile

Apple Watch Series 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch: which…

The biggest tech giants always suggest smart solutions to one’s life. This time we talk about two smart watches with comparison. Both of them have haters and fans. However, we try to take advantage from both.

Apple Watch Series 4

Dimension: 40 and 44mm models.

Weighs 48 grams without strap

Display: 1.78 inch.
448×368 pixels resolution

Battery life up to 18 hours as informed in official Apple site

Apple dual-core 64-bit S4

16 GB internal storage.

4G LTE/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 5.0/GPS,Glonass connectivity features

32 g-force accelerometer, barometer, gyro, ECG electrode, optical heart rate, ambient light sensors

WatchOS 5

Current price less than $484 and $512

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Dimension: 46 and 42 mm models

Weigh 63 and 48 grams without strapnull

Display: 1.3 and 1.2 inches.
Circular Super AMOLED. 360 x 360 resolution
Corning Gorilla Glass DX+

472 mAh and 270 mAh Batteries with max 4 days life as advertised

Exynos 9110 Dual core 1.15GHz processor

4GB Internal Memory

3G/LTE, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi b/g/n, NFC, A-GPS/Glonass connections

Accelerometer, Gyro, Barometer, HRM, Ambient Light sensor features

Tizen Based Wearable OS 4.0

Price now: $295 and $279

Dimension and Weight

Apple Watch Series 4 is lighter and smaller than Samsung Galaxy Watch by 2mm. However, classic solidness comes from Samsung, while Apple offers modern look.


Their batteries are charged easily without cord. However, Galaxy Watch has longer life, while up to 18 hours battery life comes from Apple Watch 4 series.


Both have dual core processors from different sources. Smart watches are not really hard exploited unlike smartphones, tablets and laptops. Due to small display the user wants only one app running. That’s why interaction with the watch is less. Operating systems, however, are different: Tizen and Watch OS.


Apple made nice move in making Series 4 storage biggest. Nevertheless, the wearable tech fans are not into large memory devices yet. We can only expect that large storage will become a trend for smartwatches.


Almost every connection spec is same in both devices. Most users don’t really recognize the connectivity specs as important as they expect everything is already inside by default.


In sensors comparison, there is one difference that brings a benefit to Apple user. ECG electrode feature delivers monitoring the user heart’s electric activity process. Samsung could not offer it inside Galaxy Watch.


In pricing, Samsung always provides lower price tag than Apple. Difference is huge by almost $200. Units sold number can amaze Samsung. However, a revenue in US dollars might cheer up the Apple’s Finance executives.


They are not the best but good for wearable device fans who will never be tired of charging them every 18 hours or 4 days. Nothing can replace good old automatic watch that never stops. Just shake hands to charge.

best budget tablet Mobile

Budget Tablet Dragon Touch V10’s price cut: 23% Discount…

Dragon Touch decides to cut the price of V10 by $25 on Amazon. One of the budget tablets that is made in China can offer discounts even after Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Let’s see the specs of V10 that may deliver good news to deal lovers.

  1. Runs by Android 7.0 Nougat – not old version but could be newest
  2. 6 hour battery life can’t surprise us when other budget brands offer same hours
  3. Good 16GB internal memory but would be larger
  4. SD card slot allows the user to expand the memory
  5. Both rear and front cameras have decent 2MP
  6. 1280 x 800 pixels IPS display resolution
  7. 10.1 inch screen
  8. Low 1GB RAM
  9. Wi-Fi, GPS, FM, USB 2.0, Micro HDMI and Bluetooth 4.0 connections
  10. 1.3 lbs weight
  11. Max 1.3 GHz with stable MTK 64-bit Quad Core CPU

Is it still best budget tablet?

Looking at the specs one may notice an absence of cellular data connection. Very bad. However, $84.99 worth these specs. Its display allows having good entertainment, while internal memory can be expanded. The only weakness is 1GB RAM.

Recently, people see more lightning online deals from prominent retailers that inform the consumers by emailing, mostly. Today this chance comes from Amazon.