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Best Boot Knife Gears

Best Boot Knife in 2018 Reviews

Boot knives are useful and easy to carry self-defense tools. They are also great for carrying during adventures. Main advantage of it is that it can be hidden in your boots and can be used in self-defense or outdoor activities. They are sharp and sturdy and they can be used in many outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, hiking and so on.  There are many types of boot knives that are available in Amazon, ranging from different prices and different functions. There is five best boot knife 2018 list that are recommended by many knife experts and reviewers.

Best Boot Knife 2018: Top 5 Most Demanded

Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B HRT Boot Knife

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HRT Boot Knife is durable and high quality products. Made by Smith & Wesson which is known for making premium products, this knife is no exception. Unlike other cheap knives that use rubber and plastic for their handle, HRT knife’s handle is constructed out of black aluminum. Blade is double edged and it is 4.7 inches long. It is made out of 440c stainless steel that has been coated in black. Sheath is made of leather and it is securely attaches to your shoes. This knife is very light too which makes it comfortable to carry for long periods of time.


MTech USA Xtreme MX-8059 Fixed Blade Knife

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MTech USA Xtreme is a serrated boot knife, because of that it can inflict more damage when used for cutting.  The blade is made out of 440c stainless steel but unlike previous knife this one is a silver and black in its color. The handle is made of metal and it features a lanyard hole. This provides better grip during slippery weathers or when the knife is wet. It uses leather for its sheath too which is comfortable for carrying. Overall, this is one of the best boot knives available out there.


Kershaw 4007 Secret Agent Boot Knife

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Kershaw 4007 Secret Agent is a non-serrated boot knife.  Similar to Smith & Wesson, Kershaw knife is made of stainless steel while coating in black oxide. The handle is constructed out of rubber, but this rubber is very sturdy and provides better grip than others. The sheath is molded and it features holes on the sides for attaching straps to the legs for better comfort. It also features normal clip for attaching to your boots. This is strong and large knife with ability to attach to your legs.


Schrade SCHF19

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This is another great boot knife. Similar to previous model, this is made of steel that is coated in black. It is not serrated. The handle is made of plastic with texture and it features lanyard hole. This is a good quality knife and it has many positive reviews by the users on Amazon. This model is reasonable priced too. Black Leather Sheath comes with boot and belt clip. It is 17.7 cm long. Overall, this is a solid boot knife with good quality materials and comfortable leather sheath. It is best for recreational and professional level use


Old Steel 17T Kobun

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Old Steel Kobun  boot knife is soldier knife. Its name ‘kobun’ means ‘soldier’ in Japanese. This knife is made from high quality Japanese stainless steel. It is a dagger style knife. It is shaped as a katana. The Kobun is made in medium length which makes it stylish and flexible. Its textured kraton handle and medium size makes it comfortable to holding it and use. Overall it’s a lightweight knife which is stylish and comfortable. It is one of the best looking boot knives available in the market.



To sum up, boot knives come in different shapes and sizes. They are universal and can be used as a self-defense or used for outdoor activities. They usually come with a sheath in which you can attach to your boot, belt or ankle using a strap conveniently. Above five are just some of the best boot knives available on Amazon. They are all reasonable priced and made very sturdy and premium. Any one of them is a great buy. Kobun is the best looking one out of the bunch. HRT Boot Knife and Kershaw are very similar knives that look almost similar and perform almost same. MTech USA Xtreme os the only serrated knife in this list. Lastly, Schrade SCHF19 is recommended by many users and has great reviews.

Best utility knife Gears

Best Utility Knife in 2018 Reviews

Utility knives fare knives that are used for household purposes. Those knives are mainly used for cutting materials that are too heavy for scissors, such as cardboard, wood, or plastic. These are an excellent and affordable way to handle work around the house. Unlike the pocket knives that will become dull and might easily break, utility knives have replaceable razors. Utility knives mainly consist of three categories. First is the folding type, they are not as sturdy as other types but they are more compact. They easily fit in a pocket or on a belt and can be carried throughout the day.Second type is the retractable knives. They are heavier than folding type, carry more blades, and are better suitable for harder jobs. However they are big and bulky to easily fit in the pocket or comfortable carry with you every day. Last type is the fixed-blade style knives. These are used for specialist works such as handling wood or thick boxes. There are many types of knives available from each category. Here is a review of some of the knives from the Amazon.

Best Utility Knife: top 5


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This is one of the most popular quick-change folding utility knife. It is ideal for general-purpose cutting. The main advantage of this is the quick-change blade replacement mechanism which makes is easy to replace blades. Second strength is that it is folding and very compact to carry with you anywhere. It has a belt clip which makes it easy to attach to the belt. Last strength is that it comes with 11 blades, one pre-installed while 10 are in the dispenser. It is made from aviation grade aluminum, which is light and sturdy. This blade is a great choice for the first time purchaser who is looking for a great utility knife which is easy to maintain and very comfortable. Priced at $12 at Amazon it has five star rating and a great reviews by buyers.


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DeWalt DWHT10035L is are retractable and foldable utility knife. This brings the best combination as it allows blades to retract and folded. There is a lock on the back of the blade that allows foreasy retracting or closing. Due to retractable nature it is a very safe knife, because the blade will be stored inside the metal body. This knife is very compact because it is foldable. The steel body makes it sturdy and it comes with belt clip. Metal body is durable and weather resistant, but it can be a little slippery.  Blade changes are rapid thanks to the one-button system that can easily be operated with gloves on. Furthermore, it has a wire stripper on the body that makes it universal.


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This is a classic looking retractable knife with a metal body. It has an interlocking nose that holds the blade securely. Three-position retractable blade with three different lengths for the blade. Due to sturdy locking mechanism, the blade is hold securely and it is strong for everyday use. There is a blade storage in the handle of the knife and blade is stored inside the body of the knife. This blade comes with three sturdy and high quality blades that stay sharper than most other blades available in the market. For just $5.80, this is a great knife for those who want a sturdy and classic looking knife and will usually store it in instrument box.


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Fastback II is a folding high grade utility knife. It has one handed opening mechanism which is way better than in any other blades. You just press the release and the blade opens up and locks, ready for action. The locking mechanism is very safe and strong so it will not break while using or open up in the pocket when storing. It has a metal construction and comes with one blade. The blade storage is plastic. This is a knife that is praised by many reviewers all over the internet. They claim that this is the best overall and make it a best pick. Priced $39.40, this is a premium high quality knife that is well recommended by the professionals.

OLFA 5003 L-1

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This is a heavy duty retractable knife with a modern look. It is great for those who need a heavy-duty, professional grade knife that can handle the deep cuts. This is a professional blade with very sharp and hard blade. This can easily cut wood and other hard materials. If you are looking for a professional grade blades for heavy duty work, then this is the knife for you. However, if you just need a daily driver for simple cuts and need cutting thin and soft materials, then this will be too much for you. It is recommended that you get another knife, because this might be too sharp for you and you might damage your things.Other than that this is some heavy duty knife at a great price.


As we can see there are many different kinds of utility knives. They vary in the functions and each try to offer more than its rivals. If you are looking for first time purchase, then Kobalt Utility Knife is the best pick. Those who need retractable knife, then Olfa 5003 L-1 or Stanley 99E are both great knives at a great price.Olfa L-1 though is best suited for professional work because it is too sharp. If you are looking for a premium knife, then Milwaukee Fastback II is the best and it is recommended by the professionals all over the internet. Lastly, if you need something which is very compact and has a retractable blade, then DeWalt DWHT10035L is for you. No matter which one you choose, they are all great knives.

Best Pocket Knife Sharpener Gears

Best Pocket Knife Sharpener in 2018

When you are out in the field, whether it be camping, hiking, on a military exercise, or some other outing you will be far from home. In that situation you always will need a knife for some activities. Keeping those knives sharp is important. Also those who work in a field will find it difficult to carry a big knife sharpener all the time. For those who like outdoor activities and work in the field there is a pocket knife sharpener. It is small and portable like a pocket knife and some even made to imitate a pocket knife. Despite being small, those knife sharpeners are perfectly capable to sharpen any types of knives. There are several commercially available portable/pocket sharpeners available to the adventurer today. This article summarizes % of such portable knife sharpeners.

Best Pocket Knife Sharpener

Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal

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Almost all knife sharpeners are bulky. The reason behind this is that to properly sharpen a knife they must be of a certain size and otherwise they will not be effective. Though this makes them big and difficult to carry with you to outdoor activities. However, this is not the case for Pocket Pal from Smith’s. It is still a full two stage sharpener with coarse grinding and fine polishing. It is also very cheap at just $7.99 which is amazing. There is a flip-out diamond rod on the end for honing both serrated and standard blades. The sheath is made of nylon that allows you to attach it on a belt. There is also a lanyard hole for you to hang it around your neck or wrist. This is a small sharpener which is easy to carry around, very practical and cost effective.

Lansky Blade Medic PS-MED01

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Lansky Blade Medic is perfect for reconditioning and maintaining a knife with the ceramic serrated knife sharpener that allows you to get inside the smallest serration. This combination allows you quickly and easily sharpen the knife and polish it on the g. The casing is made of metal and that is why it feels much better than other plastic ones. This adds sturdy and strong feeling to it and the sharpener lasts longer. However, it adds extra weight and can be a bit slippery. This one is another great portable knife sharpener.

DMT F70F Diamond Mini Knife Sharpener

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The DMT F70F is a lightweight fold away fine diamond sharpening stone. It measures just 3.5 inches long. Its unique diamond surface lets you easily sharpen the knife using dry or with water. The diamond surface allows much faster and effective sharpening than normal sharpening stones. It can be used for sharpening gardening tools and the equipment, which makes it universal and mores suited for outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting. It is made very solid and strong with sturdy feeling. Due to the use of high quality materials this sharpener can last very long.

Yoyal Folding 360/600 Grit Diamond Knife Sharpener

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The Yoyal Folding 360/600 Grit is adiamond-electroplate surface knife sharpener. It weighs2.9 oz and it is 12.5 cm long, which makes is on a heavy and bulky side. However its unique surface increases the efficiency of each strike. Despite being large the folding handle allows you to comfortably hold this sharpener. It has a double sided design with coarse side for grinding and soft side for fine edging. Due to butterfly knife style, this sharpener becomes easy to store and carry around. This sharpener is very well made and suitable for sharpening any type of knives.

SOG SH03-CP Fire Starter and Ceramic Sharpener

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The last item for this review is SOG SH03-CP. It is an innovative design as it combines two important tools, which are fire starter and a knife sharpener. It is a lightweight and portable multi-tool suitable for camping and hiking. A diamond shaped sharpening surface works well with small and large blades and cylindrical ceramic sharpening rod provides a precise sharpening and grinding. The handle is made from glass-reinforced nylon material with a textured thumb groove which makes it easier to hold and it is super strong and resistant. Due to its lightweight and small size it can easily be attached to a key-chain and stored in your pocket or in a backpack. This is a very strong and useful device which can come in handy in many different situations.


To sum up, there are many great and unique pocket knife sharpeners. Whether it is for outdoor activities, for sports or for field work anyone can find the type that they are looking for. There are some that are larger while other are compact and there are ones that have several functions. Above five knife sharpeners are just some great examples of those knife sharpeners. They are all well priced and perform great. Regardless which one you choose you won’t go wrong, since all worth the money you are paying for them.

best stud finder Gears

Best Stud Finder 2018 Review So You Can Buy…

To find the best stud finder nowadays is not easy thing as it requires a bit knowledge about stud finders

A stud finder is a handheld device used with wood buildings to locate framing studs located behind the final walling surface. They are also called stud detector or stud sensor.

We all leave in places where we have walls. Walls can be used for hanging pictures or bookshelves. This way we will be able to properly utilize the area available and populate usually empty walls with many things. There are however, some issues with hanging the things on the wall. All walls feature some empty space inside them. This is done for the purpose of either making the wall lighter, for cabling purposes or just to save the cost. There is a part of the wall that is strong and it features the wooden skeleton. This skeleton is what is called stud. The purpose of the stud finder is to locate the strong wooden skeleton in the wall so that we can hand our things on the wall. When we do not use stud finder, we might drill in the empty space and nail things on weak areas of the wall. If that happens, probably the thing that we hang on the wall will not be strong and will probably fall down and break. Many people will think that they do not need stud finder to hang a picture frame or a wall shelf. They might be right. For someone who is rarely drilling holes in the walls or hanging something on it, stud finder will not be useful all at. So, who are the ones that will need stud finders? They are those who often work with walls. Mostly construction workers, electricians and furniture delivery and installation personnel. Those people will definitely need the stud finder. For people like these or just those who want to have a stud finder in their houses, we feature a list of best five stud finders. However, before we move to that list it is important that we discuss how stud finders work and what main types of stud finders available out there.

Best Stud Finder: Top 5 Most Promising

CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder

This is the simplest and cheapest magnetic stud finder in this list. Despite that it is a professional and multi-functional center-finding unit that is capable to scan depth up to 1 inches. It is a small and compact device which easily fits in pocket. It has powerful magnets allow easy identification and marking the stud are. This is a magnetic stud finder so it does not require any batteries to use. This makes it easy to use at any weather conditions such as rain or extreme colds. Because of its compact design and the comfortable grip, it can fit inside almost any pockets. The magnets even allow hands free use. Due to the low cost and simple use many people can buy this and keep it inside their toolboxes. This stud finder is recommended for normal people who rarely need to use stud finder.

ProSensor 710 Precision Stud Finder

Unlike a simple stud finder featured above, this is totally opposite. This is a professional unit made for professional use. It uses Advanced Multi-Sense Technology, which allows this unit to scan multiple locations of the wall. Its bright LEDs lights illuminate when there are some hidden objects on the wall. This makes it very easy and simple to identify where all the studs are located. It can also display the width of the hidden objects on the walls. The sensor can sense up to 1.5 inches inside the wall. The user can identify position and size of the objects inside the wall. Not to mention that this unit can identify several studs at the same that are located close to each other. In terms of precision this unit is one of the best. However, there are two main issues with this unit. First of all, it has no LCD display. It uses LED lights to tell the readings of the sensors, however this might not be enough for many people. Second issues is the price. At this price point there are many other units with better functions. This unite suits those who have long experience working with walls and can easily tell what the LED light are indicating. For those who just started using stud finders or new at working with wall, this is not a best choice, as the readings will not be sufficient regardless how accurate the sensors are.

Zircon StudSensor e50-FFP Edge Finding Stud Finder

The StudSensor e50 is an edge finding stud finder. It can quickly and easily locate where are the edges of stud is located and also locate all the metal objects inside the walls. This stud finder can be used with floors and ceilings as well as walls. This scanner features two modes for scanning different surface materials. It features an LCD display where it displays the readings from the sensors. It is simple and easy to read. This finder features a SpotLite Pointer feature, it shines a light shaped like an arrow for marking the studs. This finder can locate the wires that can be damaged when working with the wall. The scanner can scan up to two inches inside the wall. The design for this stud finder is very comfortable to hold as the lower part is slimmer than the upper portion. The display is located at the upper side of the scanner. This is a slightly larger device and might be difficult to put inside any pockets. However, most people will keep it inside a toolbox. This is a great device at a great cost, which both professionals and newbies will enjoy.

Zircon MultiScanner i520-FFP Center Finding Stud Finder

This one is Zircons more advanced stud finder. It has similar functions as the above one. However, the design and screens have been improved and some new functions were added. It is a multi-surface scanner with 4 modes unlike two one the model before. Because of that it can detect studs, metal and live electrical wires. This reduces the risk of damaging the wiring in the house or getting hurt by electricity. It can easily identify the center of the stud and tell if any metal there so that the user can use appropriate tools. StudScan and DeepScan modes can locate the wood or metal studs and show their edges and the center for those studs. Metal Scan can identify any metals available inside the wall and AC Scan helps identify live wires inside the wall. When the wire is located the finder indicates WireWarning Detection for safety. This model also can correct some errors made by users such as when they start on the stud and not the empty place of the wall. The SpotLife technology is also present and it display where the target is. The device uses 9V batteries. The design has improved and now it is more ergonomic to use by people with both small and large hands. This stud is just best all-rounder.

Bosch GMS120 Digital Multi-Scanner

Bosch GMS120 is a great scanner from Bosch. It also features multi-mode detection. It can detect many objects inside the wall, such as wood and metal studs, rebar, metal pipes and live wiring. It uses three sensor technology. It can scan up to 121mm inside any walls even concrete walls. It uses automatic calibration, which makes it much more convenient to use. Illuminated graphical LCD display can indicate modes, signal strength, material detected and show if any wire is present. The scanner features detection signal that can be on or off. This is very good device at a great price and it provides many functions. It is also very easy to use that even first time users can easily use this item.

How do stud finders work?

When there were no stud finders, people used mainly two techniques to find the stud. First of them is to nail a small nail on the wall until you find the stud. This method is fast, but it will damage the wall. That is why many people started using a magnet for the purpose of finding the studs. Magnet can locate the nails nailed on the stud and ultimately show where the stud is located. This method did not damage the wall, but the whole process was so slow it might take hours to finish finding the studs.

Those two methods were later replaced by a stud finder. We live in the world where we need effective and efficient ways of doing things. Stud finders save a lot of time and they are more accurate than the two methods used before. This means no more damage to the wall by wrongly drilled hole or a nail. First stud finders featured a magnet to find the studs. Later they were replaced by electronic stud finders. They give an accurate view into the wall and show exactly where is the stud. They are using changes in capacitance to sense where the stud is. The stud will have different capacitance than the empty area of the wall. When we place the electronic stud finder on the wall, it will read what is the capacitance or density of the wall. When it notices that the density is high and that there is a stud it reports through the screen to the user.

What are the main types of stud finders?

There are mainly two types of stud finders- magnetic stud detectors and electric stud finders. In recent years there have been some development in this field and some new products have surfaced. They use sonar and 3D scanning to identify the location of the studs. They are extremely accurate but came at high costs than normal stud finders.

Magnetic stud detectors use magnets to locate metal in the walling material. Magnets are sensitive to metal, especially iron used as nails. When we place a magnet on top of a wall and if there is something made of metal inside it will get attracted to that metal. This stud finders can get the job done, however they are not as accurate as they seem to be. Sometimes nails on the wall can be put wrongly and stud finder will show that area or the stud might feature non-conductive metals. There many cases where this type might not work as well as electric ones. There are two main types of magnet stud finders a stationary and moving magnets. Stationary magnet stud detectors use a small stationary magnet to detect the metals inside the walls. The user will move this magnet on the wall and based on the attraction strength of that magnet identify where are the studs. This methods heavily rely on the user, as he has to decide based on what he feels is the right spot. Moving magnet stud detectors use a neodymium magnet that is suspended in an enclosure and free to move in response to hidden metal. This unique magnet has different strength than the normal magnet and it is better at identifying things inside the wall. This magnet also allows the stud finder be used at many different kinds of surfaces.

Electronic stud finders rely on sensors that detect changes in the dielectric constant of the wall. When the stud finder is placed on the stud it notices that dielectric constant of the wall have changed. Usually, this will be indicted by lower dielectric constant. When the readings are right the finder will let the user know by showing it on the screen and by sound. Since this method relies on sensors rather than a magnet, it can identify other elements inside the wall such as power lines or internet lines and so on. Electronic stud finders currently come in three types, which are edge finders, center finders, and instant finders.

Edge finders are the most basic internal capacitor detectors. They utilize only one sensor for the purpose of identifying the studs. To use this stud finder a user must start at the empty part of the wall and then move around until edges of the stud are found. That is why they are called edge finders. After the edges of each stud is found then a user can find the center of the stud. Center stud finders detect the center of the stud by using two sensors that register separate readings of the wall’s dielectric constant. Several readings are generated from the sensors and when they match it indicates that there is a stud. And lastly instant stud finders. They are very recent innovations. They use several sensor and do not need to be moved around the wall to find studs. The sensors will find and show the studs with their sizes and widths. This type is the most advanced and has many uses.

Wrapping Up

There are many great stud finders available out there. They feature many unique functions and can be used by professionals and newbies. ProSensor 710 is the best for professionals. CH Hanson 03040 is the best magnetic stud finder and it is the cheapest on our list. Zircon StudSensor e50-FFP is also great device and especially good for those who just want to learn how to use a stud finder. Zircon MultiScanner i520-FFP and Bosch GMS120 are both great stud finders with great modes and informative display. They are just best price for performance models.

Best soldering iron Gears

Best Soldering Iron in 2018 Reviews

When we fix some electronics at home or our work involves fixing electronics soldering iron is an important tool. Soldering iron is a great tool that allows us fix many electronic devices or make new ones. Many people need soldering iron in their tool boxes. There are many types of soldering iron available in the market, from basic to professional ones. This makes it very difficult to choose one. That is why I made a list of six great soldering irons with highest user ratings and reviews available on Ebay and Amazon.

Best Soldering Iron: Top 7 most fascinating

Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station

This one is not just a soldering iron but it is also comes with a base unit and iron holder. It comes in orange color. The base features on/off switch with power-on indicator light. The iron allows power control that produces from 5 to 40 watts. This is a very high quality and light soldering iron. There is also a sponge for cleaning the iron. The tip is iron plated copper and Weller offers a variety of compatible tips for different soldering needs with ST3 compatibility. This makes it easy to use any ST3 compatible tip from any manufacturer. There is also a foam grip on the iron to protect hands from high heat. This iron has highest customer reviews and just for $40 this is one great soldering iron.

Hobbico Soldering Iron

For just $8 this one is just one of the cheapest soldering iron available on Amazon. It is also one of the very basic ones, as it does not include any stand, base or even a foam on the handle. But do not let the looks fool you. This product has second highest user reviews and solid 3.5 rating. This is not a premium or professional product. However, if you are looking for something simple and can get things done or if you just learning how to use soldering iron, this product is indeed for you. This iron comes with two tips, one is pre-installed while other is in the packaging. This is a great beginner’s soldering iron.

Vastar Full Set 60W 110V Soldering Iron Kit

This soldering iron comes in a kit. It is similar to the previous model, as it features just a normal soldering iron. However, it comes with a large amount of accessories, which include 5pcs different tips, desoldering pump, stand, anti-static tweezers and additional solder tube. New steel pipe system creates a faster heat dissipation.  This iron is rated as 60 watts, which is more than enough for most of the soldering work. Several tips allow different kind of solder. In short this is one of the cheapest professional soldering irons, enough for experienced and a beginner.

Weller WES51 Analog Soldering Station

This one is another great soldering iron. This is a professional model. It comes with a high quality holder and a base. Base has on and off switch, power on indicator and power adjustment knob. Holder is separated from the base which makes it easier to use. The cable is long enough to solder big items. This iron is designed for continuous working. The tip is high quality and small for precise soldering. Iron is detachable and replaceable and comes with several safety features. This iron might be costly, but it compensates with performance and safety.

SOAIY Adjustable Temperature Welding Soldering Iron

This is just like Vastar a soldering iron with a plenty of accessories. This is a six in one set which consists of carry case, soldering iron, 5 soldering tips, soldering sucker (desoldering pump), solder wires and a stand with cleaning sponge. This is also 60 watt iron which heats up quickly and has better heat dissipation due to the high quality tip and ventilation holes. Five replaceable tips come in handy when doing different kind of soldering or wood burning project. This is a good and powerful soldering iron with many useful accessories.

Sywon Full Set 60W 110V Electric Soldering Iron Kit

This is a last soldering iron in our list. Currently only at $24 which is only half of its original price, this is a one powerful kit. Just like other kits this comes with many accessories, however it has much more accessories than any other iron featured in this list. The accessories are 5pcs tips, desoldering pump, 2pcs tweezers, tin wire tube, stand and 6pcs aid tools. These all come in PU carrying bag. Iron is 60 watts rated and it is powerful and allows easy heat dissipation. Handle comes with plastic portion near the tip to protect the user from burning his hands. This one is indeed one of the best value irons with many accessories.

Bottom Line

This list consists of six different soldering irons that are suitable for beginners or professional users. With all that variety of irons available in the market, we hope that our list can help you to decide which one to buy.


Where to buy The Best Fish Finder in 2018:…

Without a fishfinder there is no valid reason for going to catch fish except releasing stress during vacation. Who agrees with me? Probably, most of you! I have been doing some research about fishfinders and came across many solid devices that can really make your fishing full of fishes. Let’s see the table first;

Fish Finder NameTransducerGPSPrice
The Lucky FFW-718NoNo
Venterior VT-FF001YesNo
Lowrance Hook-3XNoNo
Garmin Striker 7SVYesNo
Hawkeye FT1P Fish TraxNoNo
Raymarine Dragonfly 4 ProNoYes
Deeper Smart SONAR Pro+ NoYes
Hummingbird Helix 5 SINoYes
Garmin Striker 4NoYes
Lowrance HDS-7 Gen 3YesYes

#10 The Lucky FFW-718
Its compact, comfortable to use and will detect fish and water depth in fresh and salt water environments. Also its built in sensor is designed to shut off automatically when it is out of the water to conserve battery. It comes with LED back-lighting for night time use. However it is difficult to see when wearing sunglasses and it doesn’t work well in choppy waters.


#9 Venterior VT-FF001
Built for versatility fish finder can be fixed to your boat, float in the water, poll mounted or even placed beneath the ice for fish monitoring. It can detect weed, sand and rocks along the sea bed. It shows depth in meter or feet and offers adjustable sensetivity. But its receiver isn’t water resistant.


#8 Lowrance Hook-3X
This fish finder has the clearest on screen image on a below 100$ device. It can accurately identify fish and has 20 degrees conical coverage range. It offers two sonar frequencies to chose from however it can only be used at speeds below 10 mph. It doesn’t work well in murky water.


#7 Garmin Striker 7SV
It uses a very high frequency SONAR for clearer picture of underwater environment. It features a helpful rewind history feature which can be used to scroll back imagery to identify areas with a lot of fish that may have been missed. It displays boat speed data and comes with a tilt-swivel mount and has a split screen viewing.


#6 Hawkeye FT1P Fish Trax
Low cost hand held model that can read bottoms and identify fish up to 240 feet. It has a handy fish locator alarm so that you don’t have to spend most of your time watching the screen or risk missing a potential catch. It features rock and weed indicator and an easy to navigate interface however its screen is black and white.


#5 Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro
It has an all weather display screen, so it can be taken to the roughest seas. It creates photo like images of the underwater. It can stream its data to a smartphone. It also comes with US lake and coastal maps. It uses down vision and standard SONAR.


#4 Deeper Smart SONAR Pro+
One of the best fish finders in the market which can be used from a boat or cast from shore up to 330 feet away to any area where you want to map the bottom or scan for fish. It also can transmit its data to a smartphone. It’s small enough to fit inside a tackle box and its battery last for six hours. It’s easy to identify onscreen images on this device.


#3 Hummingbird Helix 5 SI
A convenient micro sd card slot is built for storing extra maps and way points. It also features a very bright display making it easy to view in the middle of the day. It sports a 5-inch display which makes it easy to watch the images in great detail. It has a four thousand watt ptp power output, a water temperature alarm and a 180 degrees underwater perspective.


#2 Garmin Striker 4
It’s a good choice for a small boat. It doesn’t take too much space in the instrument panel and still features a full color 3.5-inch display. Its built in GPS makes it easy to mark your favorite locations. It comes in a budget friendly price and promises a simple keypad operation. It comes with a chirp SONAR transducer.


#1 Lowrance HDS-7 Gen 3
Featured an icon driven full colored touch screen and a really fast processor. It also comes with wireless connectivity for easy map downloads and an intuitive keypad operation when water conditions get rough. It includes internal GPS antenna. It’s compatible with nmea 2000 devices and support auto-pilot control. Most of the time, this fish finder is used to get much quick results.


At the end, it is your decision which one to select. Sometimes, your budget is tight or you consider a size, or you consider a color. However, these top ten fish finder will get you right results in your lovely hobby.

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The Best Crossbow Review 2018

In my opinion, the best archer chooses the best bow only. Who doesn’t agree with me? Probably few. Surely, the best crossbow costs higher but its quality is the most promising and never fails on you.

Crossbow NameSpeed (Feet per Second)Draw Weight (lb)Price
55-lb Black Archery Hunting Compound Bow220+40-55
Barnett Outdoors Compound Bow300130
Arrow Precision Inferno Fury235175
Barnett Jackal Crossbow Barnett Jackal315150
Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme365185
Excalibur Matrix SMF Grizzly365185
Wicked Ridge Invader G3330165
TenPoint Venom Crossbow with ACU50372185
Barnett Ghost 410 CRT 410185
Excalibur Crossbow Matrix 405 Mega405290


#10 55-lb Black Archery Hunting Compound Bow

An impressive compound bow which has an adjustable draw weight of 45-55 lbs, and a draw length of 27-29”. Once you’ve pulled its string for about two-thirds back, the draw weight is lessened allowing for a better aim. As you release the arrow, instead of “blasting off forward” and momentarily causing its shaft to buckle; this compound bow is designed to increase thrust making it more maneuverable. The 55-lb Black Archery Hunting Compound Bow, with its classic, and sturdy design is absolutely great for beginners. Take about 20 minutes for its assemblage, and you’re good to go playing archer!


#9 Barnett Outdoors Compound Bow

The best feature of this crossbow is its ambidextrous riser- this allows for an easy change of bows. This Barnett Outdoors also features visually-enhanced cams. This lightweight (6 lbs) bow, with a 25 lb draw weight is best for beginners.


#8 Arrow Precision Inferno Fury

This recurve-style crossbow, with a fully dipped camo pattern, is very lightweight and especially good as a practicing tool for novices. It weighs around 4.8 lbs and measures 34.5 inches in length. It is installed with an anti-dry fire trigger mechanism and an additional thumb guard. It has a 175 lb draw weight and is capable of reaching 235 fps.


#7 Barnett Jackal Crossbow Barnett Jackal

At 315 fps, and a 150-lb draw weight, this military-designed crossbow gained the attention of the archers’ community. The Barnett Jackal combines its quad limbs, cable system, and high-energy wheels to easily reach the abovementioned arrow speed.


#6 Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme

Exhibiting a top-level performance with a draw weight of 185 lbs, and an arrow speed of 365 fps, this bow definitely belongs to this list. Its lightweight and compact design are intended to provide users, especially beginners, with ease in handling this bow. The Buck Commander’s “Real Tree” pattern gives users the benefit of blending in their surroundings.


#5 Excalibur Matrix SMF Grizzly

The Excalibur Matrix Grizzly is definitely a great find! It has the performance expected of the Excalibur series, with a very reasonable price. Its sturdy frame provides for stable and powerful draws. It’s the best choice for teens and adults seeking the hunters’ life. It displays a mossy oak pattern which gives it a professional appearance. It weighs 5.5 lbs and has a 200-lb draw weight. The Matrix Grizzly’s slight drawback is the fact that its rails were not made up of aluminum – but surely, with its impressive features, that one’s covered.


#4 Wicked Ridge Invader G3

If you seek the best value for your money, this one’s the right for you. The Wicked Ridge Invader G3 won the Petersen’s Hunting Best Value Award. Being at the 400-dollar mark it does not sacrifice anything – from its maneuverable lightweight design to its speed that reaches up to 330 fps.


#3 TenPoint Venom Crossbow with ACU50

If you’re a hunter who finds games at confined areas or cramped hunting blinds, this Venom Crossbow developed by TenPoint is the perfect match for you. It exhibits a stylish and compact design while retaining its fast speed (372 fps). Plus, it comes with an ACU50 ensuring a smooth draw performance.


#2 Barnett Ghost 410 CRT

This compactly designed lightweight compound crossbow is the best of its type garnering a 9.6 (out of 10) rating at Pick A Bow, and a 4 1/2 stars satisfaction rate by customers at Amazon. Its sleek all-black design catches any onlookers at the site. It’s best for beginners with its added automatic safety switch which makes misfires almost impossible even for the novice. Added to its already impressive features is its anti-frying device which ensures the accuracy and performance of this bow to last. The Barnett Ghost 410 can go as fast as 410 fps, with just a draw weight of 185 lbs.


#1 Excalibur Crossbow Matrix 405 Mega

Given a 9.7 (out of 10) by Pick A Bow, and a perfect 5-star customers’ review rating on Amazon.com, the Matrix Mega 405 is the bow for you if you’re into a large, and exciting hunt. This re-curve bow is powerfully designed for well-experienced hunters. The bow’s well-balanced sturdy construction ensures maneuver-dependent accurate shots giving you a smooth hunting game. Its only drawback is its 290 lb draw weight, which is not much of a disadvantage when you think of its heavy draw as a safety feature. This Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 is the fastest (405 fps), most powerful, and most quiet re-curve bow in the market, making it the best choice for real hunters.



Each bow has its own set of drawbacks and key impressive features. When choosing the right bow for yourself, make sure to properly consider the things that you can and can’t compromise. At the end of the day, it’s your satisfaction that matters.

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