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Best Gaming PC/Desktop/Computer 2019 Computer

Best Gaming PCs of 2019 – Top 10 Most…

If you own a right gaming desktop you have a plenty of opportunities to play, design, schedule, surf the web and many more. In this age even the gaming brings a decent income for living. If you are looking for the best gaming PC 2019 this is the right page to get an ultimate guide.

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iBUYPOWER Pro TRACE 9230Intel Core i7-9700k 3. 6GHzGeForce RTX 2070 8GBLatest Price
Alienware Aurora R8Intel 8-Core i9-9900K 3.6GHzGeForce RTX 2080 TI 11GBLatest Price
HP OMEN 880Intel Core i7-9700K 3.6 GHzGeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GBLatest Price
CyberpowerPC SLC9100CPGAMD Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6GHzGeForce RTX 2070 8GBLatest Price
CORSAIR ONE PRO i180Intel Core i9-9920X 3.8GHzGeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GBLatest Price
iBUYPOWER FalloutIntel Core i7-8700K 3.7 GHzGeForce RTX 2070 8GBLatest Price
ZOTAC Gaming MEKIntel Core i9-7900X 3.3GHzGeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GBLatest Price
MSI TridentIntel Core i9-9900k 3.6 GHzGeForce RTX 2080 Ventus 8GLatest Price
Asus ROG StrixIntel Core i7-8700K 3.9GHzGeForce GTX 1060 6GBLatest Price
CYBERPOWERPC SLC10200CPGIntel Core i9-9900K 3.6GHzNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GBLatest Price

Best Gaming PC 2019

Top 10 the most powerful and reliable desktops listed here with proper descriptions. I chose only the best out of the recently released models. Do not fear the high price. The higher the price, the better the quality. Only popular brands like HP, CyberPowerPC, Gigabyte, Alienware, and Acer offer their gaming computers for die-hard playing enthusiasts.


Focused on gaming field iBuyPower made Trace 9230 desktop built with 6 core Intel Core i7-9700K 8 core CPU clocking till 3.6GHz along with a liquid cooler, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB hard drive + 240GB SSD, graphics card from
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Dedicated Gaming Video Card with 8GB RAM and operating system Windows 10.

Alienware Aurora R8

Backed by Dell Aurora R8 gaming desktop includes 64GB DDR4 SDRAM, Geforce RTX 2080 TI graphics with 11GB GDDR5 RAM, 1TB SATA Drive, Caby Lake core i9-9900k 8 core processor max clock till 4.2GHz and OS from Windows 10. Its price is around $5 thousand US. Alienware desktops have the longest history and experience in the gaming industry. Do not worry about quality.


Run by Windows 10 Omen 880 contains Geforce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB GDDR6 RAM, 2TB hard drive with 512GB SSD, Coffee Lake core i7-9700k octa-core with a clocking of 3.6GHz and 16GB DDR4 RAM. American brand HP is doing well in the gaming industry by offering well-built laptops and desktops.

CyberpowerPC SLC9100CPG

Including gaming mouse and keyboard, SLC9100CPG comes with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB Video Card, AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7GHz 8 Core, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 2TB HDD, 240GB SSD, and Wi-Fi connectivity and Windows 10 Home 64-bit operating system. Although, it has lower specs the price worth it. You can find this model with a price tag about $1600 US.


One of the ultra-powerful game stations Corsair One assembled the parts only from well-known brands such as NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Dewclaw, SSD 960 GB, 2TB hard drive, 32GB DDR4 RAM, Intel Core i9-9920X twelve-core processor with clock 4.2GHz and operating system from Windows 10 Pro. This is why it is considered as a premium gaming PC.


Although this gaming PC has no fancy look, specs are as high as its price. There are the aluminum case, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB Dedicated Gaming Video Card, 1TB solid SATA drive, 16GB DDR4 RAM, Intel Core i7-8700 processor with 6 cores clocking till 3.6GHz and Windows 10 OS.


Zotac MEK with a cubic design includes 32 DDR4 RAM, Intel Core i9-7900X processor overclocking till 4.3GHz with 10 cores, GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB GDDR6 graphics card, 500GB SSD + 4TB hard drive and Windows 10 operating system. Such a powerful gaming PC that costs serious money for sober gamers.

MSI Trident

The VR ready desktop from MSI comes with both mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse. Although its price is cosmic, lower specs gaming devices are just ready brunch for the Trident. Its power is built upon NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ventus 8G OC, Intel Core i9-9900k Processor 8 Cores 3.6-5.0 GHz 16M Cache, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB SSD plus 2TB HDD, RGB lights, CPU liquid cooler, and Windows 10 OS.

ROG Strix

Costing less than $2000 this model from Asus has Wi-Fi adapter, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 Graphics, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD with 256GB Samsung 970 EVO SSD, Corsair H110 Liquid CPU cooling, powerful
Intel Core i7-8700K 6-core with 4.8GHz clocking and runs by Windows 10


Meet the super-powered SLC10200CPG gaming desktop with the latest and highest specs such as NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB Video Card, Intel Core i9-9900K 3.6GHz 8 Core, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB SSD and Windows 10. The price is less than $2000 US. It rips off anything on its way!

Wrapping Up

Any premium gaming desktop costs more than $3000. If you bought middle range PC consider you  invested your time and money into gaming (perhaps earning) for not long term period. For fun gaming mid-range and low specs PCs are ok. Any time you can upgrade your desktops components to compete with professional and premium computer equipped beasts in the gaming territory.

Gaming PC Guide To buy

Consistently, a large number of gamers make a beeline for a neighborhood custom PC shop to see the most recent and most prominent in gaming innovation. Ten years prior, custom gaming PC producers were difficult to go over. Be that as it may, today, buyers can purchase a gaming PC in any design they have to suit almost any sort of reason.

A significant number of the best gaming PC brands offer their items at an exceptional cost, however shoppers may not understand that they can get about indistinguishable gaming PCs by going off name. We will investigate what equipment is out there today and demonstrate to you various wonderful gaming rigs that are accessible at absolute bottom costs.

Finding a decent gaming PC requires that you think about a couple of elements. What is your set budget? What sort of PC games would you like to play? Is it accurate to say that you are the kind of PC gamer who need’s the best of everything, or would you want to spare cash and spotlight on something which is essentially satisfactory for present day recreations? Is this a gaming PC you need to last you for a long time, or would you say you will be consistently redesigning so you generally approach the most recent innovation? Regardless of what your individual needs are, we’ll cover all that you have to think about gaming PCs.

While getting the best gaming PC for an extraordinary affair, picking a decent show is fundamental for shocking gaming knowledge. There are numerous great screens accessible in the market having great reaction time, invigorate rate and the capacity to run 4K diversions easily. You can read Progeeksblog best screens round-up for picking the best screens for building an immaculate gaming PC.

Why PC Gaming is Superior to Console Gaming

Support gaming has absolutely gotten a ton of footing. Xbox One and PS4 reassures are more well known than any of the past ages, yet comforts accompany a couple of tradeoffs.

To begin with, reassures are generally substantially less great than their PC reciprocals. Truth be told, all consoles are really manufactured utilizing PC parts. On the off chance that you had two indistinguishable recreations, one intended for consoles and one for PCs, you’ll frequently find that the PC rendition performs much superior to the reassure identical. This is on the grounds that gaming PCs are essentially more ground-breaking than consoles, and amusements have a great deal of extra assets that they can exploit.

As a rule, you’ll really find that the reassure form of a diversion is “stripped down,” implying that highlights must be expelled or advanced so as to motivate them to run well. The ideal case of this is Grand Theft Auto 5. The designs were surely tolerable in the support rendition, yet on PC they are out and out amazing. Surfaces and lighting are nitty gritty and practical, models are sharp and clear, everything just looks better. Over that, most PC diversions have highlights and modes not accessible on supports. Unmistakably in case you’re a gamer, owning a PC is the best way to get the most out of your amusements.

PC gaming is particularly well known with clients who jump at the chance to play on the web. Working through a crusade can positively be fun, however when you get into the universe of playing on the web your fun condition transforms into a ferocious battleground. Indeed, even the littlest things can give you an edge and help you win out over the competition, or block your execution and desert you. An expansive segment of this is the techniques for control. A decent mechanical console and gaming mouse offer ten times the exactness of the simple sticks found on comforts. Besides, numerous gaming peripherals permit customization so you can make your own key combos and play styles that will leave your rivals in the tidy.

Beside controls, the diversion’s execution really has a significant effect. As a rule, gaming designs cards and PC screens can render your diversions with high framerates and low slack, which means you’ll see what’s occurring before your opposition. The distinction in quality is dramatic to the point that some diversion makers have isolated online play between PC gamers and reassure gamers.

At last, one of the greatest advantages of PC gaming is control. When you’re purchasing a reassure, you extremely just get the opportunity to pick how much storage room you need. Be that as it may, with custom PC rigs, you’re ready to pick each and every detail down to the stray pieces to make a framework that flawlessly fits your requirements. Regardless of whether you don’t know where to begin, this guide will disclose all that you have to know to locate the best gaming PC.

Would it be a good idea for you to Buy or Build a Gaming PC?

This is an essential choice to make, and one that is generally talked about. There are upsides and downsides to each side, so it extremely just comes down to inclination.

In case you’re searching for a powerful gaming PC, building one might be a decent choice. Anytime, the best gaming PCs at any point manufactured is typically something that has been exclusively made by a fan. Building gives you a chance to hand choose each part of the gaming apparatus to suit your correct determinations and will cost somewhat less than lifting one up pre-created. Then again, not every person is sufficiently talented to arrange a gaming PC. You’ll need to have a quite tolerable comprehension of the inward workings of the equipment and programming that goes into these machines with the goal that you can appropriately enhance how everything runs. Picking the correct parts is unquestionably imperative, yet in the event that you truly need to have the quickest gaming work area you’ll have to ensure you set everything up effectively. As a rule, a legitimately advanced gaming PC can beat one that has higher determinations.

Different clients may simply be searching for a modest gaming PC or a straightforward method to get themselves up and running. For this situation, buying one that is pre-produced is an extraordinary choice. Once the PC lands at your entryway, you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Regardless of whether you’re a propelled client or a fledgling, we’ll cover all that you have to know to choose from one of our extraordinary gaming PCs. We’ve scoured the web to locate the best pre-assembled models, and hand chosen parts to enable you to fabricate your own gaming PC that will fit any financial plan.

What to Look for in A Gaming PC

In the event that you simply need us to demonstrate to you the best 6 gaming PCs available, you can look at our Top Gaming PCs control. On the off chance that you have a touch of time, It’s judicious to recognize what every one of the numbers and particulars mean. There are various retailers that exploit purchasers who don’t know how a PC functions. When you comprehend the nuts and bolts, you’ll have the capacity to tell a decent gaming PC from an awful one with only a snappy look.


One of the principal things you see when you take a gander at a PC is the situation. The case unquestionably assumes a little part in enhancing the execution of your ideal gaming PC. In any case, it’s vital to put work over frame and not purchase a PC since it looks great. That being stated, there are three different ways that the case can influence the execution of your PC:




Architecture is the most effortless one to keep an eye out for. Most PCs are worked with work area engineering, implying that the parts were intended for execution and not battery life. A portion of the “ultra thin” or “across the board” PCs are really made out of equipment intended for workstations, and these are basically not appropriate for gaming.

Cooling is critical for gaming execution. At the point when your processor and illustrations card are buckling down, they produce warm. Fans and heatsinks pull the warmth far from the chip, yet you require an approach to expel it from the case. At the point when chips get excessively hot, they back themselves off, making it impossible to avert overheating. This will influence your amusements to run frightfully, so search for a case that has various fans within it.

Finally, you have to think about upgradeability. Regardless of whether you purchase a custom PC online today, quite possibly you’ll need to give it a little lift in two or three years. Ensure there are some free openings for RAM, and perhaps space to mount another hard drive. Overhauling your PC will spare you cash on supplanting it, and increment the estimation of your present gaming PC.


Gaming PC RAM


What parts would you like to see inside your gaming PC? There are actually many routes for a PC to be designed, yet following these rules will enable you to tell which is better. The present lord of the gaming processors is the i7-6700K. It has a demonstrated reputation of functioning admirably with every advanced diversion and has a reliable after of clients. In the event that you discover a PC with an alternate CPU, you can utilize Anandtech’s CPU benchmark instrument to look at changed processors. In the event that it performs superior to the i7-6700, you’re likely squandering cash on a CPU that is superfluously great. For whatever length of time that the CPU is no less than 40% as intense as the i7, it will at present run current recreations. In any case, that would be the absolute minimum, while the 6700 will run everything easily.

For RAM, you will need no less than 8GB of memory. This will run all recreations pretty effortlessly. On the off chance that you need a top of the line gaming PC, 16GB is an easy win. There will be times amid gameplay when that additional smash will keep things smooth. Presently, 32GB is pointless excess so there is no sense in going that high.


Last however absolutely not slightest, the Graphics card is the thing that will represent the moment of truth your framework. At this moment, the quickest card available is the Geforce GTX 1080. In any case, most clients find that it doesn’t offer especially great esteem. Truth be told, it just benchmarks to be around 10% speedier than the past model, the GTX 1070. Since the 1070 would already be able to play the most recent amusements at the most elevated quality, you’ll spare a huge amount of cash with the GTX 1070. In case you’re attempting to spare cash, the mid-run GTX 980 likewise performs great. In case you’re squeezing each penny, the least expensive card you can purchase that will even now play present day diversions is the GeForce GT 720/730.

Brand Name Vs Custom Built Gaming PCs

Much of the time, the brand name items beat the knockoffs by a huge edge. Specially designed gaming PCs are the one business where this isn’t valid. Processors, motherboards, memory and different segments are just made by a couple of producers. A gaming work area made by Dell is made out of an indistinguishable segments from one from a nearby PC shop. The fundamental distinction between the two is cost and execution.

When you purchase from a noteworthy brand, you’re making an unfathomably safe venture. You’re secured by a guarantee, and you can be sensibly guaranteed that nothing will turn out badly. Nonetheless, these gaming PCs dependably remain in favor of alert. Expansive brands aren’t generally “pushing the limits” since they need to assemble PCs that will be delighted in by the vast majority. On the off chance that you truly need access to forefront innovation, you’ll need to purchase custom.

Custom PC producers for the most part don’t enter the business since they need to get rich. They do it since they cherish innovation. They get the chance to outline and amass PCs that outperform anything available. Since they are typically an entirely private company, they could outline a super top of the line framework that may just be obtained by 1000 individuals since that will keep them occupied for quite a long time. Frequently, you’ll see that these PCs have been “overclocked.” By introducing dependable power supplies and cooling hardware, they can influence a processor to run speedier than its evaluated speed. This is a way that you can claim a gaming PC speedier than anything you could purchase in a store, without doing the entangled procedure yourself.

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Tablets are still taking ground on tech industry producing sophisticated features for the sake of greater user experience. Below,  we prepared best tablets 2019 based on top 10 most powerful.

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NameCPU Speed (GHz)Storage (GB)Price
Hyundai Koral 1.316Latest Price
Alcatel A301.316Latest Price
Amazon Fire HD 8 20191.332Latest Price
Lenovo Smart Tab P10 With Alexa1.864Latest Price
Apple iPad 20191.6128Latest Price
Microsoft Surface Pro 61.6128Latest Price
Apple iPad Pro 20191.6512Latest Price
Panasonic Toughbook 33 Heavy Duty2.6256Latest Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab S42.35256Latest Price
Google Pixel C4.2256Latest Price

Best Tablets 2019

In this list we select 10 best tablets 2019 from the dozens that are available in the market. As usual, we have chosen from the big retailers such as Amazon to make it simple for anyone to purchase them regardless of their physical location and the products that are available in their markets. For this list we choose tablets that are best value compared to the other tablets. We tested them based on their screen quality, processor, RAM, battery, operating system and storage. Here is the list of all the tablets that we selected.

Hyundai Koral

Display: 10.1 inch 1280×800 multi-touchscreen IPS,
CPU: Quad Core 1.3GHz,
Storage: 16GB,
OS: Android 8.1 Oreo,
Camera: 5MP rear and 2MP front

Starting off with the Hyundai Koral 10.1 inch tablet. At the price below $100 this is one of the cheapest 10 inch tablets. In terms of design it looks just like many other budget tablets. It is made from plastic and it feels a bit cheap. However, the plastic is sturdy and the built quality is decent. Overall, this is what you will expect from a budget tablet, it is not the most beautiful looking or premium device, but it gets the job done.

For the processor here there is a quad-core processor with 1.3 GHz with graphics and one gigs of RAM. The model of the processor is not MTK, however it feels like a Mediatek processor. Overall, the processor is good enough for this price and so the graphics card. The main concern here is the one gigabyte DDR3 RAM. Due to low RAM, this tablet will not be a great gaming or media consumption. This tablet is suitable for light media and web browsing only. This tablet will be great for kids as it is more than enough for their needs and it is cheap, so that even if kids break it, it can easily be replaced. This tablet also has 16 GB internal storage, which is more than enough for many users. However, there is also a card slot for extra storage.

This tablet runs on Android 8.1 Oreo, which is alright in today’s standards. However, given the weak internals, this operating system is more than enough for this tablet. The tablet has 5 megapixel rear camera, which is ok and can take decent pictures. Two megapixel front camera is good for video calls and messaging. The screen is 10 inch IPS display with 1280×800 resolution and up to ten point multi-touch.

The tablet has HDMI and WIFI for connectivity. The standard 5000 MAh battery life is around 6 hours. Overall, this is a great budget alternative for those who just looking for light usage tablet or a tablet for kids. In Amazon this tablet received many positive reviews. This tablet is greatly recommended for those who want something budget oriented with decent performance and quality.

Alcatel A30

Display: 8 inch 800×700 multi-touchscreen,
CPU: 4 Core 1.3GHz,
Storage: 16GB,
OS: Android 8 Oreo,
Camera: 5MP rear and 2MP front

There are few versions of this tablet and they are different in term of their size and performance. This is their smallest and cheapest models. This tablet comes with some special offers that drop the price to $80. In terms of design it is decent and build quality is good. The only problem is that the front bezels are thick and the tablet feels large and looks a bit ugly. However, for 80 dollars, there is nothing to complain about.

This tablet features 1.3 GHz quad-core processor with two gigabyte RAM. In terms of performance this tablet is lower than Hyundai Koral tablet.The storage is also 16 GB only, which is very small. Luckily it is expandable though an SD card. Overall, this is a budget tablet with budget level performance. This tablet originally was made for basic purposes only. For web browsing and reading this tablet is more than enough. If you are looking for e-reader at an affordable price, then this tablet is just best for you.

It is lighter than many Android skins so that it can be used by weaker hardware. This tablet was originally designed for reading and light media consumption in mind. This tablet has only one 5 MP rear camera, which is just ok. The screen is 8 inch display with 1024 x 600 resolution.

For connectivity, there is a Bluetooth, cellular data and WIFI. The battery life is great with 8 hours of screen one time. Overall, this is a great ebook reader which is decent for light media consumption. If you are looking for budget electronic book reader and only plan on reading books, then this is a great budget alternative.

Amazon Fire HD 8 2019

Display: 8 inch 1280 x 800 multi-touchscreen,
CPU: 4 Core 1.3GHz,
RAM: 1.5GB,
Storage: 32GB,
OS: Fire 6,
Camera: 2MP rear and 2MP front

This HD 8 is an upgraded version of the previous tablet. This is a great budget tablet for watching videos, reading, or browsing the Web. Priced at $80, this tablet provides some decent performance for its price. Just like Fire 7 and 10, HD 8 comes with Amazon’s Fire OS. In terms of design it is same as Fire 7 with similar bezels, which are large. Overall built quality is solid and it feels like something sturdy, despite being all plastic.

This tablet features same quad-core 1.3 GHz processor as in cheaper model, but the RAM have been increased to 1.5 GB. This makes the tablet faster and more stable as compared to its younger brother. Again, this is not a powerful device and it is not intended to be. This device is also designed to be an electronic book reader than a tablet. Internal storage is just 16 GB, which is bare minimum in 2018. There is a 32 gigabyte version, but it costs $30 more and we do not recommend it. Getting an SD card for $5 is better value for this product than buying 32GB version.

The screen is also better here. It is eight inch IPS panel with 1280 x 800 resolution. It is good for reading and for watching movies and videos. The level of details and brightness are also very good for this price point. This tablet features two cameras. 2 megapixel front and 2 megapixel rear camera. They are both just ok and can only be used for video calling and chatting purposes only.

There are WIFI and Bluetooth connections available for this tablet. The battery life is great and it can go up to 12 hours of media use. The operating system is Amazon Fire OS, which is based on Android OS. It is lighter and have less functions. This makes the tablet faster and stable with even entry level hardware. There are many Amazon services that are preinstalled. The tablet also features Alexa assistant. It can be paired with other Alexa devices and use together. Overall, this is a great electronic book reader. It features better internal and feels faster and smoother than its younger brother Fire 7. It also features much better and brighter screen. These makes it a better choice and the extra money spent on it is well worth it.

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 With Alexa

Display: 10.1 inch 1920 x 1200 FHD multi-touchscreen,
CPU: 4 Core 1.3GHz,
Storage: 64GB,
OS: Android 8.1 Oreo,
Camera: 8MP rear and 5MP front

Lenovo was always a thriving player in tablets market. Each year it has produced many new models and sold thousands of devices all around the world. This is their cheapest and most budget friendly model. In terms of design, it follows Lenovo’s design language with oval home button and rounded corners. As any other budget model, this tablet is made of plastic. Despite that it looks better than other budget tablets and feel much sturdier too. The bezels are not as thick as on Fire HD 8 and the tablet feels compact and thin despite being 10 inch model.

The processor here is actually from Qualcomm. It is powered by 1.8 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 450 processor and 4 GB RAM. They are powerful enough to handle Android operating system. Coupled with 4GB gigabytes of memory, it is powerful enough to handle light media consumption and light gaming. Watching videos or surfing the internet feels much smoother than in previous tablets. Overall, it has some decent performance for just over $350. Internal storage is 64 GB and can be expanded using a storage card. We do recommend at least another 128 GB MicroSD card to fit your media files.

The screen is 10.1 inch with 1920 x 1200 native resolution. Lenovo always had great screens, even in their budget models. This is a decent screen with good colors, brightness and level of details. It is good for reading, watching videos and web surfing. The front camera has just 5MP, which is meant for video calling only. Rear camera is 8 MP one without any flash. It is good enough and takes good pictures with some level of details. Do not expect anything extraordinary from those cameras, as they are basic budget units.

Just like any other tablet, this tablet has WIFI and Bluetooth. There is 3.5mm jack and Micro USB connection for charging and pairing with a computer. The operating system here is Android 8.1 Oreo, which is a late of Android. It is sufficient enough for media use. However, it lacks some of the latest functions that are available in Android. Luckily, it is Lenovo’s own version of the Android which was tuned with extra function, better performance and features many free Samsung applications.

Overall, this is a nice looking mid-range tablet with decent enough performance. This is great for kids and those who are using it for reading and light media consumption. It might not have premium components nor blazing fast performance, but for its price it is a decent tablet from a well-known brand.

Apple iPad 2019

Display: 9.7 inch 1080 FHD multi-touchscreen retina,
CPU: 4 Core A10 Fusion,
Storage: 128GB,
OS: iOS,
Camera: 8MP rear and 1.2MP front

Without mentioning Apple’s tablets our review cannot be delicious enough to remove your tech hunger. This is a low-range model with slightly better internals and newer design. This is a nice looking device that features Apple’s signature design. There is a round home button and round corners. This tablet feel much more premium and looks more slick and serious. Overall, this is a nice looking device that is well worth its price point.

For the hardware, it features Apple’s own A10 Fusion chip clocked at 1.3 GHz. 128GB of internal storage cannot be expanded using an SD card. This tablet performs well. Quad-core core processor is powerful enough for many tasks, such as watching videos, web surfing, reading and so on. This tablet is also powerful enough for light gaming. However, it might not be powerful enough for heavy graphics games that are available right now. Overall, the performance is good enough and might be sufficient for many users.

The screen is 9.7 inch Retina panel with 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution. This is a great display with good level of details and vivid colors. This screen is great for watching videos and other media. This tablet has two cameras. Front camera is a 1.2 megapixel unit that is good for video calling and ok for selfies. Rear camera is 8MP unit with LED flash. It is good enough to take some nice photos with good level of details.

Operating system is iOS. It is decent and has many nice features such as split screen functionality and many Samsung applications. The battery life is around 10 hours of media playback and web browsing.

Overall, this is a great mid- range tablet with good features, good cameras, decent performance and a great screen. Those who are looking for a good value for money tablet with good performance will be happy with this device. This device can also be used for business, such as for ordering food in restaurants or in warehouses for item management

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Display: 12.3 inch 2736 x 1824 FHD multi-touchscreen,
CPU: 1.6 GHz Core i5 8250U,
Storage: 128GB,
OS: Windows 10 Home,
Camera: 8MP rear and 5MP front

This is a premium tablet from tech giant Microsoft. It has a great looking 12.3 inch screen. It is somewhat similar to Google Pixel tablets as it features no home button and rounded corners. However, this tablet is made from aluminum and below $900 it feels and looks very premium. In terms of design it can easily be a rival to IPad Pro or Samsung Tab S4 tablets. In terms of looks, this tablet will not disappoint.

For the hardware, it is powered by Huawei’s own latest 8th Gen Intel Core processor clocked at 1.6 GHz. RAM is 8GB, which is huge at this price point. The storage is 128 GB and can be expanded using Micro SD card. Overall, in terms of performance it is fast and smooth. Nevertheless, it is not only most powerful on the market, but under $900 it has great performance with powerful internals. It performs surprisingly well and it is very responsive and snappy.

The screen is 12.3 inch LCD panel with 2736 x 1824 resolution. It is very sharp with great details and good brightness. This screen is good for watching videos or playing games. It is great for almost anything that you want to do with this tablet. The tablet has two cameras, which are 5 megapixels, both front and rear cameras. They are good, with great level of details. The front one is great for video calling or taking selfies. Rear camera has an LED flash. They take good pictures with decent quality.

For connectivity there are WIFI, Bluetooth, 3.5 mm audio jack and USB port for pairing and charging. There is no mobile network for this model, however some models do feature a mobile network. Operating system is Windows 10. The battery life is 8 to 10 hours depending on the load. This is expected as high-resolution screen and powerful internals do eat up the battery fast. They are very good, with good sound quality and volume. The audio engine is good too and provides good audio signal to the headphones.

Overall, this is a great tablet under $900. It has great performance, with great hardware. The screen is very good. Cameras are good. Lastly, speakers are good too. This is a good value for money tablet that can run almost anything that the user wants from it. This tablet will not disappoint anyone. The only disadvantage that it has is the battery life, which is just 8 to 10 hours. It is much lower than many tablets at this price point.

Apple iPad Pro 2019

Display: 12.9 inch 2736 x 1824 retina multi-touchscreen,
CPU: A12X Bionic chip with 64-bit,
Storage: 512GB,
OS: iOS,
Camera: 12MP rear and 7MP front

In terms of design and internals it is very similar to the old Pro versions. It features rounded corners. The bezels are slim and pretty decent for a flagship range device. In terms of built quality and materials used this tablet looks and feel like an ergonomic device. Overall, the design wise this tablet will not disappoint you.

In terms of performance, it comes with A12X Bionic chip with Neural Engine. There is 8GB RAM and 512GB internal storage. In terms of performance, this tablet is great and can perform on par with many other devices that cost much more than this device. Internal storage is very decent also. Overall, in terms of performance this tablet is decent enough and will be able to satisfy any user.

The screen is 12.9-inch edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display with ProMotion technology. The screen is great with good viewing angles, great colors and details. Screen here is a square type and not the wide type used by other tablets. This makes it great for reading and gaming.. There are 12MP back camera and 7MP TrueDepth front camera to deliver 4k resolution effect.

This tablet has WIFI and cellular LTE data connections. The battery can last up to 10 hours and can be charged very quickly due to fast charge. This is one of the main strengths of this tablet as others at this price point does not support fast charge. Operating system is surely iOS.

Overall, this is also a great flagship tablet. It has a beautiful design, display with great colors, good battery life with fast charge technology and powerful internal. If you are looking for a 13 inch premium tablet. This tablet will be a great choice for you.

Panasonic Toughbook 33 Heavy Duty

Display: 12 inch 2160 x 1440 multi-touchscreen,
CPU: 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5-7300U Dual-Core,
Storage: 256GB,
OS: Windows 10 Pro,
Camera: 8MP rear and 2MP front

This is another flagship tablet from good old Japanese Panasonic. Unlike other tablets, this one is actually heavy duty gadget for those who work physically challenged occupations. The reason for including this product is that because it is equipped with carbon armor to protect the body and has some nice interesting features. Priced around $2600, this is a pricier premium tablet in this list. It looks like a desk without legs. It can also be used to draw using a stylus pen. This laptop is very thick and it features a heavy weight. The bezels are big on a larger side. Tablet is made from metal and very sturdy and strong. Overall, this tablet looks like a hard to break device. It feels much more premium than it actually costs.

For the hardware it rocks with 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5-7300U Dual-Core 2.6 GHz processor with Turbo boost up to 3.0 GHz. Available system memory is 8GB DDR3 and internal storage is 256GB SSD. The storage can be expanded using Micro SD cards. In terms of hardware, it is decent. It has more than enough power to run a full version of Windows 10 Pro.  It is smooth and snappy, and powerful enough to handle any productivity work, such as typing, photo editing or drawing. It can also game very well.

The screen here is a 12 inches with 2160 x 1440 resolution. It has good colors, great viewing angles and crisp image quality. Overall, the screen is very good. There are no cameras on this tablet.

Moving to connectivity, this tablet has similar connectivity options like many other tablets. For wireless we have 802.11ac WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0. It comes with some media apps pre-installed. Since it is two-in-one laptop and tablet, it can easily be used as a tablet or can be placed on a table for watching videos. Other tablets will require a special case to do so. Furthermore, it comes with a stylus pen that can be used for drawing and photo editing.

Overall, this great workhorse tablet which can be used for work and can be used for media at the same time. It works and performs just like a laptop yet it features Windows 10 Pro and all the touch functions just like other tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Display: 10.5 inch 2160 x 1440 multi-touchscreen,
CPU: 8 core 2.35 GHz 8032,
Storage: 256GB,
OS: Android 8.1 Oreo,
Camera: 8MP rear and 2MP front

Latest Price

Moving to the high end level, this is one of the most expensive Samsung tablet available on Amazon. This tablet is made from aluminum and it feels very premium. The design is very similar to other Samsung devices with oval home button and rounded corners. This is one of the most beautiful and premium looking tablets out there. The bezels are small and one of the smallest on the market. The screen is actually a square type and not the wide format. It is good for reading and web browsing, however for videos it will have black bars on top and a bottom. Overall, in terms of design this is a premium looking device with premium materials.

For hardware, it is powered with powerful 2.35 GHz Snapdragon octa-core processor. It is powerful enough to handle almost any tasks and at the same time it helps to conserve energy. For Ram it comes with 4 GB RAM and internal storage is 32/64 GB. Internal storage can be expanded using a Micro SD card. In terms of performance, this tablet can handle any tasks, whether it is a gaming or working. This tablet can easily handle web browsing and watching videos.

The screen is 10.5 inches Super AMOLED display with 2560×1600 resolution. Samsung is famous with its AMOLED display. They are just great. This screen is just the best screen available on a tablet. It has one of the best colors, viewing angles, sharpness and brightness. The screen is great for playing games, watching videos or browsing photos. In terms of cameras, this unit has two cameras. The main rear camera is 13 megapixels. It takes great pictures with great level of details and quality. This camera is capable of taking 4K video at 30 frames per second. The front camera is 5 megapixels and it is also good enough and great for selfies. Overall, in terms of screen and cameras, this tablet is one of the best tablets available on the market.

Wireless connectivity, this tables comes with  802.11abg WIFI and Bluetooth 4.2. The tablet also has USB Type C connector for charging and pairing. 3.5 mm audio jack is also present in this tablet. The battery life is also good here with up to 12 hours of media playback. Since it has USB Type C, this tablet supports very fast charging that adapts depending on the battery level. This tablet also uses latest Android 8.0 Oreo with Samsung skin over it. This version of android has many changes made Samsung. It looks very nice and performs smoothly. It is also very easy and simple to use, compared to many Android skins from different manufacturer. The main highlight of this tablet is S-Pen, which is used in Galaxy Note series. It provides similar functions for this tablet too and can be used to draw or write. There is also an optional cover with a keyboard that can transform this tablet into a laptop.

Overall, this is just the best tablet available on the market. It provides one of the best looking designs, with great performance, best screen, one of the best cameras and great battery life with fast charging and Type C cable. If you want the best and ready to pay the hefty price for this tablet, then this tablet is for you.

Google Pixel Slate

Display: 12.3 inch 3:2 ratio molecular multi-touchscreen,
CPU: dual core i7 4.2 GHz,
RAM: 16GB,
Storage: 512GB,
OS: Chrome,
Camera: 8MP rear and 2MP front

Latest Price

This is a last tablet in this list. It is also the most expensive one. In terms of design, this tablet is also made from a metal. It has good built quality and it is on par with Samsung tablet. The bezels are small, but not as small as Samsung ones. Overall, this is a good quality tablet with beautiful design.

In terms of hardware, this tablet comes with Intel i7 processor. RAM is just 16 GB and the internal storage is 256 GB. There is also no Micro SD card slot for adding more storage. In terms of performance, this tablet is fast enough for almost anything. Just the concern might be the limited internal memory, but 256 GB should be enough for many users.

The screen is 12.3 inches with 3000 x 2000 pixels resolution. This is just an IPS panel. It is good enough, but it cannot rival Samsung’s AMOLED screen. Overall, this screen is good enough, with good colors and sharp images. The resolution is one of the biggest. This tablet also features the square design and great for reading or web browsing. This tablet comes with two cameras, one 2 MP front camera and 8 MP rear camera. It only takes Full HD videos, however the rear camera has good level of brightness.

For connectivity this tablet has 802.11 a/b/g/n dual-band WIFI with Bluetooth 4.1. There is also a USB Type C port for charging and pairing. 3.5 mm audio jack is also present here. USB support fast charging. The battery is Li-Po 10 000 mAh battery. It is the largest battery available on a tablet and can last more than 12 hours. This tablet comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. However, being a Google device it will receive update to the latest version of android and the latest security patches just after they are released.

Overall, this is a premium looking device with good screen and great cameras. The battery is very large too. Support from Google with latest Android updates is good too. If you are looking for a premium device with great battery and clean Android, then this tablet for you.

Tablet choosing guide

When choosing a tablet, there are several variables at play. Tablets are much more similar to phones than laptops and choosing the one can be a bit problematic. To make the selection process easy we have developed some guidelines that we follow when selecting a tablet.

First important element is the screen. Having a good screen with sharp images and vivid colors is important. Visibility under sunlight is very important. Not all tablets use same screen and some has better screen while other have low resolution or bad image quality. That is why it is important to check the type of the display and resolution to make sure that it is a good screen

Second important element is performance. Tablets use different processors and RAM. A combination of those makes the tablet faster or slower. Usually, the budget ones are good for reading and internet browsing. Usually the mid to high level tablets that have fast performance and can even work as a laptop replacement. Since performance depends on the processor and RAM, it is important to check both of them carefully. By doing so it is easier to choose a good tablet.

Battery life is the third important element. It is really important, because if the battery life is too short then the owner will have to charge often and will not be able to enjoy the tablet as much as he wanted. If battery will last long enough, the user can easily enjoy the tablet and perform the work on the tablet. Luckily, many tablets support 2.4A charge or even fast charging technologies that make the charging process much faster. Not to mention the support for power banks.

Operating system is the fourth element. Operating system is not that much of an importance like a processor or RAM. However, newer versions of software support new functions and have better security and app support. Some of the older operating systems are not supported by newer apps and suffer from security issues and poor battery life.

Storage is the fifth and last element. It is important to have at least 16GB and preferably 32GB of internal storage for a tablet. Most tablets support Micro SD cards. However, not everything can be stored on storage card and the tablet needs some amount of internal storage to work stable and smooth.

Wrapping Up

Tablets are truly useful. They have larger screens than smartphones, cost cheaper than laptops, yet they are sometimes more stable and snappier than latter ones. Despite all of that tablet industry has been taking hits from larger phones and thinner budget laptops. Furthermore, many laptop manufacturers started to offer Windows tablets or two-in-one laptops with touch screens that can serve as laptops. With stiff competition, many manufacturers stopped making tablets while were famous for many several new models of tablets each years, released only few tablets last year.

Then why would someone go for tablet? The answer is clear. Tablets have their own uses. Tablets are good for: watching video, internet browsing, reading, checking email and social networks, and playing games. They are great media consumption devices. Furthermore, they can be used for doing some work such as typing documents and managing work related issues. Some business even use tablets in their shops to order food or use their services and some use them in managing inventory and for communication purposes. This is what makes them very useful. Furthermore, tablets are good for kids. They can be set up to provide child friendly content and protest from unnecessary content. There are many great videos on YouTube and many educational and learning apps on Google Play. This makes tablets much more suitable for kids. Each time a parent needs to give their phone to their kids to use, they need to set it up to display child friendly content and then when they want to use themselves they need to set it back to normal use. Furthermore, they will not be able to receive any calls or messages from their work or family. Not to mention that kids can break the phone with all the important information that is stored inside. Tablets are much more affordable and much sturdier than a smartphones.

If you are a college student this post can give a great information about tablets for college use.

When it comes to the price, tablets are much cheaper than most mid-range and high end phones and they are cheaper than most laptops out there. They might not be able to provide laptop level of performance or hardware support with upgrades. However, they are light and thin, which makes them much easier to carry around and bring anywhere in a small bag. There are some wireless keyboards and covers that help tablet stand up like a laptop. This makes them a great budget alternatives to the laptops. Most of budget laptops are big, bulky and slow in performance. Tablets are much lighter, thinner and perform much faster than those laptop. When it comes to price, they cost almost the same. This makes tablets are great value products for their price. For people looking to do just daily tasks, tablets will be able to do it with much ease than most budget laptops. Not to mention that tablets can be charged using powerbanks, unlike many laptops and they also support a fast charging capabilities which charge tablets very fast. Only expensive laptops support fast charging and only very few can be charged using a powerbank.

We really hope that this list was useful for you. This list featured great 10 Android Tablets. For our top pick, we recommend Amazon Fire HD 8 from budget category, Huawei MediaPad M3 for mid-range and Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 for high end category. For those who are looking for something unique, Lenovo Yoga Book 10 is a great choice.

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Picking the best laptop needs some knowledge in specs and features of the mobile computer. Most of the time getting that knowledge is time consuming. Therefore, welcome to our guide on choosing the right notebook out of 10 best laptops of 2019, where we will help you pick the suitable unit for your work and gaming leisure.

NameCPU Speed (GHz)Display Size (inches) Price
Lenovo Flex2.114Latest Price
Acer Spin 52.013.3Latest Price
Dell Inspiron 141.914Latest Price
HP Pavilion 142.214Latest Price
Dell Inspiron 70002.313.3Latest Price
ASUS ZenBook2.414Latest Price
Lenovo Ideapad1.813.3Latest Price
HP Business2.114Latest Price
Apple MacBook Pro2.713Latest Price
Razer Blade Stealth2.813.3Latest Price

Best Laptops of 2019

This review consist of 10 laptops that we feel like are the best representatives for their category. We only include few per category. We also choose only the ones that are available online through retailers such as Ebay and Amazon. The reason for doing so is because different places have different laptops and it is difficult to check each one of them. Choosing the ones that are available online makes the choosing process easier and buyers will find it easier to buy from them and wait for delivery instead of running between computer stores looking for the model they want to buy. For categories, we have a budget category which is made of cheap but great value laptops. They are cheap, but they are not bad. For transformer laptop, we mean laptops that are two in one or ones that can convert into a tablet. These laptops are light and feature a touchscreen and good battery life. They are more versatile than normal laptops and cost cheaper than ultrabooks. For mid-range laptop, we mean laptops that does not cost too much and provide ample performance. They all have great performance with decent battery life and great looking design. Lastly, the ultrabooks are the expensive thin laptops made from metals. They feature good hardware, but because they are very thin, they have to use very expensive hardware and cooling solutions. Despite that they look gorgeous and worth the price difference if the user wants the best looking and thinnest laptop. Let’s look at the laptops that we have chosen for this list:

Lenovo Flex

Display: 14″ Full HD 1440 x 900 pixels,
CPU: AMD Ryzen R5-3500U,
Storage: 256GB SSD,
GPU: AMD Radeon Vega 8

Starting off with the moderate one from this list. This laptop features mid-range hardware. Despite being average, this laptop is surprisingly snappy and can easily handle any everyday tasks such as checking emails, browsing, social media, gaming and some typing.

For the hardware it comes with 2.1 GHz AMD R Series, 8 GB RAM DDR4 and 256GB SSD. For the graphics card it uses integrated AMD Radeon Vega 8. They do not sound very powerful and any one will be concerned with just 256GB storage and only 8 gigabytes of memory. However, combined with integrated graphics, this laptop is fast enough for daily usage. Despite that, this laptop has an SD card slot and supports up to 512GB of storage.

The screen is 14 inches FHD Display with 1440 x 900 resolution. This is good enough for daily use and because it is just 15 inches, the image looks sharp and FHD provides good contrast and color quality. For audio it features two built-in stereo speakers with High-Definition audio support. The speakers just ok and we recommend using external speakers or headphones. This laptop also features HD camera on the top for Skype calls. However, it is just ok quality and we only recommend it for Skype, as it is not very good for taking pictures or videos.

This laptop is not a powerhouse, but it is decent enough. This laptop will be great budget oriented for computer savvy users.

Acer Spin 5

Display: 13.3″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) widescreen IPS Multi-Touch,
CPU: 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8250U,
Storage: 256GB SSD,
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620

This is a second mid-range laptop in this list. One of the main strengths of this convertible laptop is its design, which can be tablet and laptop. This laptop does not look mid-range. However, after touching it you will easily feel the plastic it is made of. This laptop comes with a Windows 10 operating system, like Flex laptop. Because of that this laptop is same with price or can be higher.

For the hardware it features 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8250U, 8GB RAM DDR4 and 256GB SSD for storage. Graphics card is also integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620. Just like Flex, storage can be extended using SD card slot and the laptop supports up to 1TB of storage. This laptop features slightly faster processor. Meant for light usage such as typing assignments, checking emails and social media. For those applications this laptop is going to be more than enough.

For the screen, we have 13.3 inch FHD screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution. This is an IPS screen and not LED. For normal usage it is more than enough. Screen is good enough, but not the greatest. For its price point it is decent enough. It also features USB 3.0 ports and one HDMI port for connectivity. However, this can be extended using USB Type C port and the adapter. For connectivity we have 802.11ac WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0.

The battery is stated to last up to 8 hours. This convertible laptop might not be most powerful one, but it has good hardware, budget friendly price tag, good connectivity options and beautiful design.

Dell Inspiron 14

Display: 14 Inch FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS LED,
CPU: 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8565u,
Storage: 256GB SSD,
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620

Another convertible comes to surprise. This Inspiron laptop is one of the best value for money products. It features Intel and integrated graphics card that can handle light gaming and all that just little bit more than $690. In terms of design, it looks clean and minimalist. The laptop is thin as compared to many other Dell laptops. In terms of looks it is above average.

First of all, this laptop comes with 8th Generation Intel Core i3-8145U Processor 3.9 GHz speed and which can go up to 4.5 GHz speed in Turbo Mode. Furthermore it features 8 GB DDR4 memory and 256 GB Solid State Drive for storage. The graphics card is integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620. It is not one of the most powerful graphic cards, but combined with just HD screen, it is decent enough to handle some online gaming or even older titles from 2014-2016 with decent settings. It is still miles better than Intel dedicated GPU. This laptop is powerful enough for almost any tasks and will not slow you down with slow performance.

For screen we have 14 inch IPS LED Display with 1920 x 1080 resolution. It is good enough for browsing and dally use. However, it has a small resolution for its size and it is not a fancy IPS panel. It might not be the best, but it is not the worst. Overall, it gets the job done.

For the connectivity we have two USB 3.0 ports, one USB-C port, one HDMI connector, one LAN connector, a headphone and microphone combo jack and lastly 4 in 1 Card reader. In terms of connectors, this laptop has sufficient amount of connectors. Furthermore in has Bluetooth 4.1 and 802.11bgn WIFI. HD quality webcam is just like other laptop camera with bad quality. This laptop also features a slim DVDRW Drive. However, most of the things being available online in a digital format, I doubt anyone still using it. The laptops comes with Windows 10 Home 64-Bit operating system. The battery life is up to 5 hours, which is average for the laptops nowadays.

Overall, this laptop might look and feel average, however it features decent enough hardware for everyday performance and some light gaming. This laptop is one of the best value laptops available out there.

HP Pavilion 14

Display: 14″ diagonal FHD IPS BrightView micro-edge WLED-backlit (1920 x 1080),
CPU: Intel Core i3-8130U (2.2 GHz base frequency),
Storage: 128GB,
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620

This is one of the great mid-range laptops available online. This laptop costs just little bit more than Dell Inspiron laptop, but it features better screen, processor and graphics card. In terms of design, it comes in black color. The design is nice looking. However, this laptop is a bit thick, especially compared to other laptops in this list.

For the processor, this laptop features new Intel Core i3-8130U Dual-Core with up to 4.0  GHz speed. There are also 4GB DDR4 RAM which can be upgraded up to 32 GB and 512 GB SSD for storage. The graphics card is Intel UHD Graphics 620. Combined together, they can handle any type of workloads. I will not recommend this laptop for video editing or 3D design, but for other productivity software it should be just enough. This laptop also can easily handle some gaming also. The screen resolution is high here, so some game settings will have to remain at low. Despite that, it should handle some older titles with ease.

The screen here is 14 inch Full HD IPS LED display. Since it is a average screen, it requires higher resolution to keep details sharp. That is why they went with 1920 x 1080 screen instead of usual 1366×768 resolution. This provides plenty of details and the screen is good enough for everyday tasks. This is something to keep in mind when doing photo editing on this laptop.

For connectivity it comes with a bunch of connectivity options. We have dual band 802.11ac WIFI with Bluetooth 4.1. There are many ports around this laptop. We have one USB 3.1 Type C Gen 1 port, two USB 3.0 ports, one which supports power-off charging, one USB 2.0 port and one HDMI Port with HDCP support. There is HD Webcam supporting High Dynamic Range, but just like other laptop cameras, it is just enough for video chatting.

For the battery there is 6-cell Li-Ion battery. It is stated that it can provide up to 7 hours of battery life. This is just amazing for a laptop in this category. For operating system we have Windows 10.

Overall, this laptop is big and a thick, however it compensates for that with exceptional battery life, great connectivity options and decent performance. This laptop will be great for those who want something with slightly more power and do not mind a thicker laptop.

Dell Inspiron 7000

Display: 13.3″ 1920×1080 FHD LED-Backlit IPS Touchscreen,
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700U Quad-Core,
Storage: 512GB,
GPU: AMD Radeon RX Vega 10

This is the last laptop in this category and it is 2019 model, which means it is made from latest hardware available in the market. It is priced between flagship and mid-range laptops.

As stated before, the processor is the newest 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8550U with boost speed of up to 4.0 GHz. RAM is 12GB DDR4 and can be upgraded to 32 GB if the user wants to. For storage we have 512GB SSD. Here you will be sacrificing the speed of SSD for bigger storage. There is a possibility to install SSD if the user wants. For graphic card we got AMD Radeon RX Vega 10. This laptop is fast enough for daily tasks, but it is not suited for gaming or productivity work.

The screen 13.3 inch Full HD IPS touchscreen panel with 1920×1080 resolution and up to ten fingers multi-touch support. The screen is good with good colors, great visibility, sharp images, vivid colors and being a touch screen that is very easy to navigate. Screen here is much better than Acer’s LED screen and supports touch input unlike Lenovo one.

Despite this laptop being thinner than Lenovo, it still features a tons of connectivity options. There is one USB 3.1 Type-C port, two USB 3.1 and one USB 2.0 Type-A ports, one HDMI version 1.4b connector, headphone and microphone combo jack for headphones with Waves MaxxAudio Pro audio engine and a LAN port. For wireless connections there are 802.11ac WIFI and Bluetooth 4.2. There is also a 3-in-1 card reader. Furthermore, this laptop is the only laptop in this category that features a backlit keyboard. Operating system is Windows 10.

If you are looking for a thin and powerful system, with good processor, a lot of storage, a touch screen and many upgrade options, then this laptop is for you.

ASUS ZenBook Ultra

Display: NanoEdge 14” FHD touchscreen (1920 x 1080),
CPU: Intel 8th Gen Core i5-8265u,
Storage: 256GB,
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620

This is one of the latest Zenbook ultrabooks from ASUS. It is crafted from premium aerospace-grade aluminum which makes this laptop very thin and very lightweight. In terms of design this unit is gorgeous and it looks and feels very premium. It is also much cheaper than MacBook Air from Apple.

For processing we have Intel 8th Gen Core i5-8265u 3.9 GHz with Turbo Boost speed up to 4.3 GHz. Memory is 8GB DDR3 RAM and storage is 256GB SSD. Due to the small and thin construction this ultrabook can only come with Intel HD Graphics 620. In terms of performance, this unit is powerful enough to handle and daily tasks and media. This laptop will not be suited for gaming and video editing.

The screen is great too with 14 inch IPS Full HD nano edge display. This means the screen very well protected from damage. This laptop also features ultra-slim bezel around the screen. The screen is very good one with great clarity, picture quality and color reproduction.

For wireless we have 802.11ac WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0. There is one and only USB 3.1 Type C connector. For those who want to use this laptop we recommend buying an adapter with several USB ports. The camera here is a bit better with 1.2MP, it is good for video calling and still not suitable for taking pictures. There is also no DVD player as it cannot be fitted into such a thin laptop. For audio this unit has 4 separate Harman Kardon speakers and four-channel amplifier for high-quality surround-sound audio.

The battery is Li-Polymer unit that can provide up to 13 hours of battery life. This laptop also features fast charging capable of charging this laptop to 60% in just 40 minutes. The unit comes with Windows 10 operating system.

Lenovo IdeaPad 730S-13IWL

Display: 13.3″ FHD (1920×1080) Capacitive touch panel,
CPU: Intel Core i7 (8th Gen) i7-8565U Quad-core,
RAM: 16GB,
Storage: 512GB,
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 615

This transformer laptop features 13.3 inch touch screen which can be rotated 360 degrees and the laptop will become like a tablet. Made from aluminum for strength. In terms of design, this laptop is very thin and beautiful looking. It reminds of an ultrabook due to the light weight and thin aluminum body.

Nevertheless, this laptop features Intel Core i7 (8th Gen) i7-8565U Quad-core with 1.8 GHz speeds, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 512GB SSD for storage. The storage can also be extended using SD cards and just like others it supports up to 1TB. Graphics card is Intel HD 615 integrated graphics. This laptop is fast enough for everyday tasks, such as internet browsing, e-mail and social media. This laptop can handle some heavy use and media playback with easy.

The main strengths of this laptop is 13.3 inch LED display with 1920 x 1080 resolution. The screen supports multi-touch with up to 10 points. The screen is convertible 360 degrees with flip-and-fold design. This laptop does not feature any optical drives as it is too small. Laptop also features HD webcam which is just like other cameras is only good for chatting.

For connectivity this laptop features Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac WIFI, 1 USB 3.0, 1 Micro HDMI, and headphone and microphone combo jack. One of the main disadvantages of this laptop that it comes with just one USB connection, which is in most cases will not be sufficient. We do recommend the user to buy a USB dongle, preferable the USB 3.0 one.

This laptop comes with Windows 10 64 bit operating system. The battery for this unit is a 4 cell battery which can power this laptop up to 9 hours of operation. This laptop is very thin and lightweight. Overall, this laptop is beautiful, thin and in fast enough for daily use. The only problem with this model is that the connectivity suffers due to thin design with only one USB connection available.

HP Business

Display: 14″ diagonal HD SVA anti-glare WLED-backlit (1366 x 768),
CPU: Intel Quad-Core i5-8265U,
Storage: 128GB,
GPU: Intel UHD 620GB Graphics

One of the most expensive laptop. The reason for that is that it features latest Intel hardware inside. In terms of design this unit is also very beautiful. This laptop is also made from aluminum and it look even more beautiful than other two ultrabooks.

For processor we have 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8550U Processor quad-cored with turbo speeds up to 4GHz. For memory they installed 8GB DDR4 and for storage 256GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD, which is blazing fast and reliable. For graphics card we have Intel integrated GPU. In terms of performance this unit can handle almost anything that user will throw at it, with exception of gaming and productivity software.

Screen here is also one of the best ones. It is 14 inch Full HD 1920×1080 resolution IPS display. It is a touch screen unit with multi-touch enabled with up to 10 finger support. The bezels of this laptop are very thin and even thinner than ASUS ones. In terms of picture quality and colors this unit is great and same level as ASUS. However, the touch screen that makes it better than the rest of the two models.

In terms of connectivity this model is much better than Apple and ASUS. Wireless connectivity are 802.11ac WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0. For connectors we have two USB Type C 3.1 connectors and two USB 3.1 Type A connectors. This unit also has a card reader and headphone and microphone combo jack connector. In terms of connectivity it does not disappoint. The audio quality is also great and can easily rival ASUS. The battery can go up to 14 hours of mixed use and 12 hours of media use. This unit comes with Windows 10 operating system.

Overall, this is indeed one of the best ultrabooks available on the market. It might be the most expensive one, however it worth the price. The performance is great, screen is great and design is beautiful.

Apple MacBook Pro

Display: 13 Inch Retina,
CPU: Intel Quad Core i7, 2.7 GHz,
RAM: 32GB,
Storage: 1TB,
GPU: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655

There is no ultrabook list without a MacBook, a father of all ultrabooks. Apple has been famous for making one of the best ultrabooks and thin laptops. This is very thin aluminum laptop made from high quality materials. It feels premium and performs well despite being very thin. It uses Apple’s own Mac OS. It is fast and snappy, however some users might find it difficult to use at first.

The hardware is an Intel Core i7 3.6 GHz with two cores and four threads. RAM is 8 GB memory and storage 1TB SSD. Graphics are provided by Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655. In terms of hardware it might not sound so powerful, however we are talking about a laptop that is thin like a tablet. Furthermore, because of Mac OS the hardware is more than enough for any daily tasks. It might not be suited for gaming or productivity work. Despite that it is powerful enough for an average user to do daily tasks.

The screen of this ultrabook is 13 inch with 1440 x 900 resolution. It is a good quality one as expected from Apple products. Overall, the screen is great with good details, sharp images and vivid colors.

For connectivity we got two Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0 ports. For wireless we have dual-band 802.11ac WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0. This unit has built-in stereo speakers with decent volume and quality. We do recommend dedicated speakers or headphones that can be connected through headphone and microphone combo jack. There is also HD camera present here, but again it is only suitable for video calls. The battery life 12 hours on a single charge which is great.

This unit also comes with a gift bundle, which include fitted carrying case, wireless mouse, eDigital USA stylus pen, cleaning kit and microfiber cleaning cloth. Overall this unit is very nice looking one with decent performance, good connectivity and snappy performance due to the Mac OS.

Razer Blade Stealth

Display: 13.3 Inch 2256×1504 pixels,
CPU: 4.6 GHz Intel Core i7,
Storage: 512GB,

Microsoft surface is one of the most popular Windows laptops available on the market. It is also one of the most expensive one. It comes in several versions with different processors, memory and storage options. It features full version of Windows 10 Pro operating system, unlike some tablets that use cut down version of the Windows operating system to make their tablets faster. The reason for including this one in this list is that it comes with a detachable keyboard and features a powerful hardware. This version comes with a hefty price tag, but it can be justified with the hardware it brings with itself.

For the hardware it features Intel core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD for storage. The storage can be extended using SD card. For graphics card it uses Intel 620 integrated GPU. In terms of the performance, this laptop should be fast enough for anything except gaming and productivity software. This laptop can easily handle any everyday tasks that normal users will throw at it.

The screen is 13.3” PixelSense Touchscreen with 2256 x 1504 resolution. This screen is a good on with good and vivid colors and good viewing angles. The screen supports pen input and can be used for drawing. The screen is really sharp due to the high resolution. This screen is one of the best screens available on a tablet.

For connectivity this laptop comes with 802.11abg WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0. For the USB it comes with one USB 3.0 and one mini DP connector. The main camera is 8MP shooter and front camera is 5MP one. They are good enough for calls and chatting, as well as taking pictures. Not the best cameras out there, but it is miles better than a camera on other laptops. Battery life is 9 hours with screen on, which is incredible given the processing power this laptop has.

Overall, this is a very powerful laptop. It has great screen and good cameras. The design is beautiful and it is lightweight. It is made from aluminum and very sturdy. The battery life is good too. One of the main weaknesses of this laptop is the price tag. If you are willing to spend that money to get one of the most powerful tablets that can easily replace a laptop, yet small and light, then Surface Pro 4 is for you.

How to choose a laptop

There are many great laptops out there. Sometimes it is difficult for any reviewer to review all of them or create a list like this that includes all of them. However, when customers know how to choose a laptop, they will be able to choose the laptop that suits their needs the best. When it comes to laptops, there are few elements that we need to keep in mind when choosing the right one for you. Those elements are processor, graphics card, memory and storage, screen, connectors, battery life and design.

When it comes to processor, this is the most important thing to consider when buying a laptop. Buying a processor that is too powerful, while skipping on other elements will make the computer sluggish and stutter over a time. It will also affect the battery life negatively. While buying a processor that is too slow, it will make your life miserable and make you suffer. That is why choosing the right one is very important. For people who us their laptops very rarely and just want some light web browsing and typing, then a Celeron or Pentium CPU will be most suited, or even i3 processor will be needed. For those who use their laptops heavily, something like an i5 or Ryzen 5 will be best suited. For those who use their laptops for editing or gaming i7 and Ryzen 7 is the solution.

Next element is the graphics card. Graphics card is responsible for turning the output from the processor into images and show them on a screen. Most budget laptops are using integrated graphics from Intel, which is ok for casual use but totally suck for heavy use. That is why for heavy use we recommend NVIDIA graphics, like MX150. Hopefully, new AMD APU’s will be able to bring good performance graphics to budget laptops in 2018.

RAM and hard drive storage are also very important. For current laptops we recommend minimum of 4GB of storage. That is even bare minimum for budget laptops as even web browsing and typing nowadays need around 3-4GB of RAM. If you have 4GB it will be more than enough. However, if you are planning to add more RAM to this, we do not recommend because the RAM prices are very high right now that it does not justify some 15-20% increase in performance. If you are looking for high performance laptop, better to choose the one that is coming with minimum of 8GB RAM. As for storage, most of the laptops come with 500GB or 1TB hard drives and even some SSD. This is more than enough for most users.

Another important point is the screen. Good screen makes the user experience more pleasant and causes less damage to the eyes. Most laptops come with average displays and ones with good quality OLED panels are a bit expensive.

Connectors are very important to the users. Some expensive laptops come with one or two USB Type C connectors and the adapter is not available in the box and users have to buy the adapter themselves. It is very important to check the connectors before buying the laptops. The laptop must have at least two USB connectors and maybe another USB Type C connector. Furthermore, HDMI connector is really great. Lastly audio connectors for connecting speakers or headphones. If the laptop only features one USB Type C, then be ready to buy an adapter. However, need to check first if the laptop support charging through the adapter and if not, we recommend you to stay away from it as it will be hassle to unplug everything and the adapter each time you need to charge your laptop.

Lastly battery life and design are both important. Just few years ago laptops barely lasted two hours on a single charge. Now, most of the laptops can go three or four hours, with some even going up to 8 hours of usage time. If laptop can last longer, it means it will be very useful. Most places has limited power sockets and now they are mostly occupied by smartphones. Plus laptops cannot be charged by a power banks. That is why buying the laptop with good battery life is important. When it comes to design though, many laptops now look more than just a plastic boxes. They are thin and has many color choices. Design is something that is different from one person to another and depends on the preferences.

To sum up, the above elements are very imrpotant when choosing a laptop. We recommend that the user combines the elements that they want their laptop to have and compare the choices with their budget. If their budget is not enough then they can make some compromises and if carefully choose the elements the compromises sometimes can affect the performance very little.


Those above laptops are just few of the great laptops available out there. No matter what kind of use or design you are looking for, this list can provide you with the right laptop just for you.

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best budget chromebooks 2019 Computer

Best Budget Chromebooks 2019

Chromebooks became more popular and powerful including high specs like laptops. If you are looking for the best budget chromebook 2019 you would better refer to reviews below in which I prepared 10 most reliable and durable and chose one as the best.

No Time To Read? Click Here For Our Top Budget Chromebook Picks

10 Best Budget Chromebooks 2019

NameDisplay Size (inches)Battery life (hours)ReviewPrice
Acer 15.6″15.69
HP 14″148
Asus 10.1″ Flip10.19
Lenovo 11.6″ Rugged148
Google 12.3″ Pixelbook12.310
Acer R11 [Best Budget Chromebook 2019]11.69
Samsung Pro Convertible12.38
Acer 14″ Student147
HP 11t11.612
Lenovo N2211.68

All the listed items are supported by only Chrome OS. After you buy an item do not expect Windows OS or Mac OS run inside. Microsoft Office package is not inside as well. In recent years, Google docs replaced MS office that was the king of document apps throughout two decades.

Acer 15.6″

View Price

This ordinary looking though powerful has up to 9 hours battery life, 4GB DDR3L Memory, 16GB SSD, HDMI, bluetooth, webcam, touchpad, stereo speakers, 15.6 inches FHD IPS LED display with resolution of 1920 x 1080, Intel HD graphics, dual core Intel Celeron processor 3205U (clocking 1.5GHz with 2M Cache) and white color which amazes with clear look. 

HP 14″

View Price

One of the thinnest chromebooks comes from HP with powerful quad core Intel Celeron N2940 processor (turbo clock till 2.25 Ghz), 4GB DDR3 SDRAM, 16GB eMMC drive, 14 inches FHD IPS display (resolution 1920×1080) LED backlight, bluetooth, headphone jack, 2 USB slots, HDMI, microphone jack and curvy bright design which is hiding a beauty inside.

Asus 10.1″ Flip – Best Budget Chromebook 2019

View Price

With flipping feature this 2 in 1 chromebook can become a tablet. Asus put much effort to utilize it with 10.1 inch multi touch LED display (resolution 1280 x 800), Intel Celeron dual core processor (1.6Ghz clocking) with 4GB RAM, internal SSD storage 32GB, webcam, touchpad, bluetooth, microphone, 2 USB ports and 1 USB2.0 port. Flexibility will allow the user to work in various positions: sitting, lying, driving and walking.

Lenovo 11.6″ Rugged

View Price

This chromebook looks like a laptop and there is no surprising thing I found in it except a good price below $200. Its specs are obviously powerful and give many advantages to compete with refurbished laptops. Moreover, it has a solid design. Specs are as follow; Intel Celeron N3060 dual core processor, 4GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Webcam and maximum 10 hours battery. It is typical chromebook without surprising features but with powerful specs.

Google 12.3″ Pixelbook

View Price

While running by Chrome OS this incredibly thinnest 4 in 1 flipper opens faster in 10 seconds. There are common laptop features like Intel dual core i5 7th gen processor with clocking of 3.3 GHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB of internal SSD storage, HD615 graphics, 10 hours life lithium ion battery, 12.3 inches multi touch LED display, bluetooth, HDMI, 3 USB ports, webcam and touch pen. Its price is similar to the price tag of budget gaming laptop. But you can’t flip the gaming laptop by 360 degrees. The main thing from this 4 in 1 flipper I like is the fastest performance.

Acer R11

View Price

Just like Asus Flip this Acer R11 has more surprising features to show off. For better performance it is armed with dual core Intel Celeron N3060 processor that clocks up to 2.48GHz. LED Display has 11.6 inches size with HD IPS Touchscreen. Internal SSD storage has 16GB size and RAM of 4GB. Graphics card is powered by Intel HD Graphics 400. Other important specs like bluetooth, SD card reader, 3 USB ports, HDMI and webcam will let the user not to regret the choice.

Samsung Pro Convertible

View Price

Samsung makes the confident move in producing the most advanced chromebook under the name Pro Convertible. 2 in 1 flagship runs by dual core Intel Core m3 processor with turbo clocking of 2.2GHz, not bad. 12.3 LED Display with touchscreen let users full joy from resolution 2400 x 1600, visual and graphics experience. Internal hard drive is 64GB which is a bit normal. I would prefer with 128GB. RAM extends to 4GB that is most common. Graphics card comes from Intel HD graphics 515. Up to 6 hours life of lithium ion battery supports while unplugged. Although, specs are not as high as Google Pixel has, but durability and reliability worth its price that’s less than $700.

Acer 14″ Student

View Price

Old school laptop looking Acer Student chromebook gives nostalgia about old good days. However, it has new specs and features inside such as Intel Celeron Quad-Core N3160 Processor (turbo clock till 2.4GHz), 4GB DDR3 RAM, 32GB SSD, Intel HD graphics, HD webcam, 14 inches FHD LED display, headphone jack, HDMI, WiFi, bluetooth, 2 USB 3.0 and up to 12 hour battery. Exterior is deceiving by the way. You should look inside.

HP 11t

View Price

This chromebook is also old looking but performance is great. So what components make it great? They are: CPU from Intel dual-core Celeron N3060 with turbo clocking up to 2.48 GHz. 4GB RAM, 16GB internal eMMC drive, 2 USB3.1 , HDMI, bluetooth, touchpad,  12 hours battery life, 11.6 HD LED touchscreen display and Intel HD graphics. You can enjoy this chromebook by trying different apps from Play Store.

Lenovo N22

View Price

Looking as traditional laptop this chromebook includes significant specs such as dual core CPU Intel Celeron N3050 (turbo frequency up to 2.16 GHz), 16GB hard drive, 4GB RAM, Intel HD graphics, 11.6 LCD display with resolution 1366 x 768, micro SD card reader and battery with 10 hours life. If you miss your old laptops you should get this model. Soon it will finish on stock.

Our choice

We definitely choose Acer R11 since it is 4 in 1 device with the most advanced specs and features while having lowest price. Price does not matter to me when quality comes first but my wallet does not want to be empty. You may choose other chromebook with lower specs and still get more benefits from budget device. For business people we strongly recommend HP chromebooks as they can have decent specs.

How To Choose A Chromebook

A Chromebook is a notebook of a different type. Rather than Windows 10 or macOS, Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome OS. These devices are intended to be utilized essentially while associated with the Internet, with most applications and reports living in the cloud. Chromebooks have done great in the training market, yet their allure has expanded.


The account of applications on Chromebooks is showing signs of improvement consistently, yet these machines were still initially upgraded for Google’s applications, for example, Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive. This profound joining can be either positive or negative, contingent upon how you utilize a PC. Chromebooks will be anything but difficult to set up if you already utilize those applications.

Android applications are currently coming to Chromebooks, nonetheless, just a chosen few frameworks can get to the Google Play store as of now. The thought is to give Chromebooks access to more diversions, efficiency alternatives and different applications to make these machines more flexible, however the applications are apparently run by means of an emulator, with blended outcomes. Tragically, not all Android games keep running on Chrome OS.

Right now, Android associated Chromebooks incorporate the Samsung Chromebook Plus, Asus Chromebook Flip, the Dell Chromebook and Google’s own Pixelbook. In case you’re hoping to take a Chromebook to class with you, pick one of them above.

Sadly, prevalent programming applications, for example, Adobe Photoshop and the Microsoft Office suite, aren’t accessible on all Chromebooks. In any case, the Android adaptation of Office is taking off to those Chromebooks with access to the Google Play Store. If you require Office, however your machine doesn’t have Android applications yet, you’re restricted to Microsoft Office Online, the free cloud adaptation of Office through the Chrome program.

It might be best to stay with the Office Android applications or Office Online in the event that you as of now have a considerable measure of Office documents that you’re conveying over to your Chromebook. There are regularly arranging issues when bringing in outsider records into Drive. Luckily, Google Drive enables you to spare archives to Microsoft positions, so regardless you’ll have the capacity to impart documents to non-Chromebook clients.

Then again, there are a modest bunch of photograph editors accessible for Chrome OS, including Pixlr (free), which looks a considerable measure like Photoshop. In any case, those with existing documents are in a tight spot — there is no Chromebook application that can alter Adobe softwares.

In case you’re acquainted with Linux’s applications, you have more choices just around the corner. Early, pre-discharge works of Chrome OS uncovered that Chromebooks will bolster Linux programs, fulfilling request from a portion of the more technically knowledgeable Chromebook proprietors. The Pixelbook is the main that will get this choice, and others will pick up this element later.

Offline Use

Chromebooks are intended to depend vigorously on the Internet, which implies that numerous applications basically won’t work in case you’re out of Wi-Fi run. There are in excess of 200 disconnected Chrome applications that can work without Internet network, including Gmail, Pocket and Google Drive, and huge amounts of the Android applications coming soon will likewise work disconnected.


Regardless you’ll have the capacity to play games on the Chromebook, yet your alternatives are scanty. The Chrome Web Store offers easygoing games, for example, Bejeweled and Cut the Rope, yet you won’t have an indistinguishable choice from you would on a Windows machine or a Mac. Obviously, Chromebooks with Android bolster get more present day gamess, for example, Fallout Shelter, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and Minecraft.

Chromebooks for the most part have restricted designs handling power, so you’ll need to stick to less power requesting games.

Special Features

Google Assistant arrived on the Chrome OS stage in the Pixelbook. While you can initiate it with the Pixelbook Pen, that $99 price tag isn’t important when you have the devoted Assistant key in that laptop’s keyboard. While the launcher is as of now coordinated with Google Now, giving you information cards for the present climate and nearby news stories, we could see it changing to Google Feed.

Google updated the on-screen console for touch-screen utilize, making it less demanding to use on 2-in-1s like the Asus Chromebook Flip. With a moderate outline, the on-screen console perceives your scrawls and gives you decisions of content to include. When we tried that component, it was quite often precise in perceiving our composition. Additionally, soon, Android cell phone clients will have the capacity to get content and ring pop notices on their chromebooks.

Battery Life

Chromebooks normally offer extraordinary battery life, however not as much as they used to. Of the 10 Chromebooks I’ve investigated in the previous year, I’ve seen a normal of 9 hours and 15 minutes of perseverance which includes persistent Web surfing over Wi-Fi.


Like business laptops made to survive drops and other minor calamities, Chromebooks for Work are worked to withstand falls, rub and comparative discipline. In our testing, the Acer Chromebook 14 for Work demonstrated strong, surviving unscratched and completely utilitarian after our Dropbot 5000 test seat dropped it from a tallness of 48 inches onto a plywood board.

Both the Acer Chromebook for business and the ThinkPad 13 Chromebook (another demonstrate) are MIL-STD-810G guaranteed, which means they’re able to do passing sturdiness testing that U.S. Military hardware must pass. The Acer Chromebook 14 for work can survive outrageous temperatures (short 20.2 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit), moistness, vibration, rain, sand and clean.

Solid Chromebooks aren’t only for grown-ups. The child based Acer Chromebook 11 N7 C731T survived a full glass of water getting spilled onto its console, and in addition the 48-inch high drops from the Dropbot 5000. It might have gotten scraped en route, yet it’s a decent choice for clumsier clients.


Chromebook for Work models additionally offer instruments that IT directors need to oversee computers all through the workplace. The Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Chromebook and Google’s Pixelbook incorporate the Trusted Platform Module, a security chip that helps ward off malevolent aggressors from your passwords.

What Size Screen Do I Need?

Most Chromebooks fall in the size of 11 and 13 inches. That implies you won’t experience difficulty picking a littler model, for example, the 11-inch Acer Chromebook 11 N7 , the 12.5-inch Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA and the 13-inch ThinkPad 13 Chromebook.

These models regularly weigh under 3 pounds, making them the most versatile, and extraordinary alternatives for kids. Notwithstanding, the screen size and keyboards may appear to be confined for grown-ups.

Those searching for all the more land for Web surfing, completing work, watching videos and playing games can get the 14-inch Acer Chromebook 14 for Work, or the 15-inch Acer Chromebook 15, the main Chrome OS scratch pad over 13 inches. Sadly, both are on the more established end of the range, as there hasn’t been much interest for huge Chromebooks. Try not to try and search for a 17-inch Chromebook; they’re not out there.

What Specs Do I Need?

Since Chromebooks are implied principally for online utilize, the specs aren’t as critical as they are for Windows notebooks, however despite everything you’ll need to know how much influence and capacity you’re getting for your cash. Here’s a speedy guide.


With regards to RAM, Chromebooks accompany either 2GB or 4GB. While models with 4GB are more costly, we’ve observed that distinction to be justified, despite all the trouble for multi-functionality.


The processor in your Chrome OS machine decides how easily your Chromebook performs, particularly when you have different tabs open and you’re gushing video or playing games.

I discover Intel Celeron contributes numerous Chromebooks, and they frequently give adequate speed. The $229 Acer Chromebook 11 N7 C731T (Celeron N3060, 4GB RAM) for instance, could run 8 simultaneous Chrome tabs, yet stammered after we opened another.

You can get a Windows 10 PC with comparable specs and cost, for example, the Dell Inspiron 11 3000 ($229), however it won’t be as proficient. That machine has a similar processor and memory, yet while it endures over 13 hours, its execution was not as much as that of the 11 N7.

If it doesn’t seem sufficiently like for you, certain Chromebooks pack Intel Core CPUs for much more speed. The greatest drawback to these Core M Chromebooks, for example, the Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA ($499) and Samsung Chromebook Pro ($549) is their heftier cost. Try not to stress over that capable CPU influencing the battery life, as the Samsung Chromebook Pro (Core M3) if more power and longer life span (8:05) than its weaker Chromebook Plus (ARM MediaTek; 7:46) kin.

If you need a Chromebook with enough speed to run your most loved Android applications, consider laptops with the Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs, for example, the Pixelbook.

If you need a Chromebook without an Intel Chip, there’s forever 2014’s Acer Chromebook 13, the main Chrome OS machine with a Nvidia chip (the Tegra K1). While it offers incredible games execution, it doesn’t offer a touch screen.

Internal Storage

Since Chrome OS is so lightweight, Chromebooks regularly needn’t bother with much stockpiling. Most pack only 16GB of locally available capacity, and that is likely all you’ll require at this stage. When Android bolster arrives on the stage, clients will discover approaches to influence utilization of the SD to card reader in notebooks, for example, the Acer Chromebook 14, where you can extend the capacity up to 64GB.

Spring for a 32GB model now in case you’re purchasing in light of Android applications. Likewise valued Windows PCs regularly incorporate 32GB as a matter of course, yet that working framework takes up so much space that you’re left with a comparative measure of free memory as a 16GB Chromebook.

Google gives you 100GB of free Google Drive memory with each Chromebook buy, however that goes on for a long time, after which you’ll just have the standard 15GB of free space.


The size of the screen isn’t the main thing that matters. While we welcome the splendid, shading exact board in the $179 Samsung Chromebook 3, its 1366 x 768-pixel size mean it’s best to write and browsing. If you need more keen pictures, video and graphics, go for one with a full-HD show.

Windows 10 has been worked for touch screens, however you can get a similar usefulness in Chrome OS. You simply need to know which one to get — and hope to pay about a $100 premium.

The Asus Chromebook Flip additionally has a touch screen, and it’s one of only a handful few to presently bolster Android applications, however others will pick up that help not long from now. In the event that the possibility of utilizing What’s App, Super Mario Run and different applications on a Chromebook sounds like a possibility for you, ensure your next Chromebook incorporates a touch screen.

The Pixelbook offers extraordinary compared to other displays we’ve found in a Chromebook, with a QHD 2400×1600-pixel resolution and 421 nits of brightness.

Bottom Line

Chromebooks are budget oriented and offer fair execution, and the presentation of Android applications is expanding their capacities. Microsoft is battling back with claims that Windows 10 S mode will give PCs better execution and battery life, yet if you are searching for a straightforward method to get on the web and you favor Google’s products, you’ll be devoted to a Chromebook.

Chromebooks vs. Windows 10 Laptops

Chromebooks have taken significant amount of market share of the Windows 10 laptops. Main reasons are simple user interface, security and price.


Windows 10 is the greatest in multitasking but your eyes will get much more disturbance when you see additional pop ups coming out from task bars. Chrome OS does not interrupt while you are browsing internet or using an app.Even when you open the menu, all the apps are in their places accordingly.


Hackers have created tonns of viruses for Windows OS and still creating more while Microsoft does see what’s going on with your device even internet connection is on. In contrast, Chrome OS watches everything going on in the device and cleans up the virus or gives notification about the treat. For Windows 10 you need to buy premium anti virus to get live protection.


Windows 10 laptops and Chromebooks cost similar with price tags at least of $127. Please note, Windows 10 laptop for $127 will make you angry while running multiple tabs in browser. Cause is low performance specs with limited functions. Chromebooks for such price run smoothly due to simplest user interface.

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best gaming RGB motherboard 2019 Computer

Best AMD and Intel Motherboards 2019

Motherboard is becoming very vital component for PC building unlike 3-5 years ago you could choose any cheap motherboard and play game for whatever price. But alas, here everything is changing since RGB support feature arrival into the motherboard specs. M.2 and NVME slot features are also crucial for gamers these days. Built-in Wi-Fi became popular feature recently when gamers don’t need to buy another expensive Wi-Fi card which occupies precious PCIe slot. All the PC building enthusiasts now look for the best gaming RGB motherboard 2019.

No Time To Read? Click Here For Our Top Gaming Motherboard Picks

10 Best AMD and Intel Motherboards of 2019

NameMax RAM (GB)Wi-FiReviewPrice
Gigabyte X470 AMD AORUS64Yes
AsRock Fatal1ty AMD B45064No
ASUS ROG Strix AMD B450-I32Yes
MSI MEG AMD X399128Yes
Maximus X Hero Intel Z37064Yes
AsRock Fatal1ty Z370 Intel Gaming-ITX/ac32Yes

Amazing new motherboard launch from AMD: B450 and X470 series, left enthusiasts and average gamers with variety of new features and flashy design. Thankfully, Intel released new motherboard lineup for its Coffee Lake CPUs: H310, B360, H370. Furthermore, these new budget friendly motherboards are superior to previous generation with a whooping M.2 NVME slots, Crossfire/SLI and RGB headers.

Time to build your own PC with our recommended top 10 list. Based on 15 years of PC building experience our editorial staff made amazing careful list to satisfy beginners and enthusiasts. We spent our time and afford to select best suited motherboard for gaming and streaming in 2019 so enjoy reading.

Best AMD motherboard: Gigabyte X470 AORUS GAMING 7 WIFI Undisputed Gaming King

Best AMD motherboard: Gigabyte X470 AORUS GAMING 7 WIFI Undisputed Gaming King

Form Factor: ATX | Socket: AM4 (Ryzen 1st, 2nd, 3rd Gen) | Chipset: AMD X470 | Memory (RAM): 4 x DIMM sockets (max 64GB) | Multi-GPU support: Nvidia 2-way SLI, AMD 2-way CrossFire | M.2 SSD: 3 x PCIe M.2 NVME | RGB Header: Yes | Built-In WiFi: Yes

Latest Price

Future Proof Motherboard confirmed, it is Gigabyte X470 AORUS GAMING 7 WIFI. Whooping support up to 3 generations of Ryzen processors. One click Overclocking feature from Gigabyte will easily bring you satisfactory results from AM4 Processors. RGB colourful lighting provides controllable lights from software and special header able to connect any RGB standard fan or cooler. If you can afford to spend on future proof components we recommend this gaming motherboard to rule over your PC system.

Pros  One Click Overclock

Pros  RGB Full Support

Cons Expensive

Cons Large case only


Best Affordable AMD motherboard: AsRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming K4

Overclock on Budget

Form Factor: ATX | Socket: AM4 (Ryzen 1st, 2nd, 3rd Gen) | Chipset: AMD B450 | Memory (RAM): 4 x DIMM sockets (max 64GB) | Multi-GPU support: AMD 2-way CrossFire | M.2 SSD: 2 x PCIe M.2 NVME | RGB Header: Yes | Built-In WiFi: No

Latest Price

Fatal1ty series of AsRock motherboards provide best cooling optimizations at an affordable price. Incredibly, 2 m.2 slots could speed up your games’ loading performance and fast transfer rates. Moreover, RGB headers included to enhance your colourful gaming mood. As AMD promised that AM4 socket will support up to 3 generations of Ryzen CPUs due to Zen architecture’s fantastic scalability this motherboard will rock for long time to come. In short, this motherboard got you covered for 5 years upgrade path at a friendly price point.

Pros  Cheaper

Pros  Good cooling

Cons No Built-in WiFi

Cons No SLI for Nvidia Cards

Best mATX AMD motherboard: MSI B450M MORTAR Fittest of All

Form Factor: mATX | Socket: AM4 (Ryzen 1st, 2nd, 3rd Gen) | Chipset: AMD B450 | Memory (RAM): 4 x DIMM sockets (max 64GB) | Multi-GPU support: AMD 2-way CrossFire | M.2 SSD: 2 x PCIe M.2 NVME | RGB Header: Yes | Built-In WiFi: No

Latest Price

MSI technologies are very progressive in terms of cooling and efficiency. B450M Mortar packs a punch of 2-way CrossFire support and 2 M.2 expandable storage. This micro-ATX motherboard also include 4 memory DIMM slots up to 64GB of enjoyable multitasking. MSI’s mystic light gives you fantastic RGB effects for gaming process. The stylish extended heatsink design over chipset and IO connectors look very worthwhile. Everything here on PCB looks compact and beautiful which is worth to call a lucrative deal for budget focus built PC.

Pros  Flashy Style

Pros  CossFire Support

Cons No Built-in Wi-Fi


Best mini-ITX AMD motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix B450-I

Powerful and Tiny

Form Factor: mini-ITXSocket: AM4 (Ryzen 1st, 2nd, 3rd Gen) | Chipset: AMD B450 | Memory (RAM): 2 x DIMM sockets (max 32GB) | Multi-GPU support: Absent on ITX | M.2 SSD: 2 x PCIe M.2 NVME | RGB Header: Yes | Built-In WiFi: Yes

Latest Price

Tiny but powerful gaming motherboard exists in 2019. At last, ROG Strix series from Asus leading the ITX PC building race. ROG Strix B450-I contains staggering RGB AURA SYNC technology with addressable and RGB headers to push your color imagination to the limit. Specifically, addressable RGB LED connectors allows the system to control the lights independent from each RGB blocks making them to synchronize with music, game and movie. Full overclocking support is overwhelmingly excellent which is unexpected for small form factor PC. Most important, Asus did its best to optimize cooling with plated heatsink for double M.2 slots. We strongly recommend this particular motherboard due its extreme efficiency and attractive value for money.

Pros  Built-In WiFi

Pros  Double M.2 slots

Cons Limited RAM expansion

Best Enthusiast AMD Ryzen THREADRIPPER motherboard: MSI MEG X399 CREATION. RIP the Cores and Threads

Form Factor: ATX | Socket: sTR4 | Chipset: AMD X399 | Memory (RAM): Dual -Channel 4 x DDR4 3,200MHz (max 128GB) | Multi-GPU support: 4-Way SLI, AMD Quad CrossFireX | Features: 1 x U.2, 3 x PCIe M.2 NVME slots | RGB Header: Yes | Built-In WiFi: Yes

Latest Price

The nice way to put the stunning performance of Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX is a MEG X399 CREATION motherboard utilization. Magnificent 32 cores and 64 threads in 2990WX CPU will deliver light years ahead performance over any Intel motherboards. In fact, the Indonesian overclocker named Ivan Cupa could achieve 6GHz on all 2990WX cores using Liqiud Nitrogen cooling on MEG X399 CREATION. Every bit tiny thing that gamer and full time production designer need is all in here. Built-In WiFi with Bluetooth module, tripple M.2 NVME slots, RGB and addressable LED headers and 4-way CrossFire/SLI GPU support are able to get you covered on extreme production process and part-time gaming needs. Anyhow, if you have large projects to complete so the money is not an issue here. This motherboard will pay for itself right after you completed some mindboggling architecture projects in a short time thanks to multicore performance of AMD Ryzen Threadripper series.

Pros  128GB RAM Expansion

Pros  Tripple M.2

Cons  Expensive

Cons  Needs Full Tower Case


Best Intel motherboard:


Single Core RIPPER

Form Factor: ATX | Socket: LGA-1151 (8th & 9th gen only) | Chipset: Intel Z370 | Memory (RAM): 4 x DIMM sockets (max 64GB) | Multi-GPU: 2-way & 3-way SLi/CrossFire | M.2 Storage Expansion: 2 x PCIe M.2 NVME | RGB Header: Yes | Built-In WiFi: Yes

Latest Price

Serious Gamer who possess i9-9900K or i7-8700K with a massive cooler will be having heavy breathing watching this incredible overclocking motherboard from MSI. Gaming Pro Carbon Z390 delivers massive satisfaction with tonnes of features like addressable RGB LED support, MSI Mystic RGB lighting and 2 & 4 way SLI/CrossFire which brings reasonable PC system building pleasure. Stylish PCH Heatsink and Lighting Maximus IO Cover enhanced by Attractive MSI Mystic technology helps you to customize colors out of 16.8 billion types. Dual band WiFi integrated card came here to connect to internet your system right after you’ve done building. Our experienced editorial staff who builds PC system for 15 years has chosen this immersive and powerful motherboard just for you to stay happy in streaming and gaming.

Pros  RGB enhanced Design

Pros  Best Cooling

Cons  Expensive

Cons  Need Large Case

Best affordable Intel motherboard: GIGABYTE B360M DS3H

RGB effects on cheap

Form Factor: micro-ATX | Socket: LGA-1151 (8th & 9th gen only) | Chipset: Intel B360 | Memory (RAM): 4 x DIMM sockets (max 64GB) | Multi-GPU: No | M.2 Storage Expansion: 1 x PCIe M.2 NVME | RGB Header: Yes | Built-In WiFi: No

Latest Price

To all budget builders, rejoice and pay attention to this lucrative deal because Intel motherboards finally became cheaper after hot competition wake them up. RGB header controlled by RGB Fusion software is unexpectedly included for budget motherboards like B360M-DS3H. Surprisingly, M.2 NVME single slot included too. 4 DIMM slots brings you stunning multitasking power while you game on. Dual bios feature helps to initiate 2nd bios in a difficult situation like bios corrupt or bad configuration. Finally, B360M-DS3H is a very attractive deal for budget PC focused gamers with necessary features.

Pros  RGB Header

Pros  M.2 slot

Cons No multi-GPU

Cons No built-in WiFi

Best Intel mATX motherboard: MSI Z370M GAMING PRO AC

Stay in Overclocking Competition

Form Factor: micro-ATX | Socket: LGA-1151 (8th & 9th gen only) | Chipset: Intel Z370 | Memory (RAM): 4 x DIMM sockets (max 64GB) | Multi-GPU: 2-way SLi/CrossFire | M.2 Storage Expansion: 2 x PCIe M.2 NVME | RGB Header: Yes | Built-In WiFi: Yes

Latest Price

MSI’s competitive edge vision is paid off by now. Meet the best budget overclocking and micro-ATX motherboard that emits only RED LED but has RGB header producing 16.8 billion colors. Z370 chipset inside able to achieve 5GHz with i7-8700K using premium cooler. If you have mid-tower or micro-tower PC case then this motherboard is made for your needs to save space and weights lighter. Z Gaming PRO series exclusively have 2-way SLI/CrossFire multi-GPU support for rendering or 4K heavy gaming. 2 slots of available M.2 NVME storage expansions are very big advantage here. To conclude, squeezing budget process is hard but you can make it easy when you focus on OC enabled MSI Z370M Gaming Pro motherboard with basic features like RGB header and built-in WiFi.

Pros  Built-In WiFi

Pros  RGB Header

Cons Panel emits RED light only

Best mini-ITX Intel motherboard: AsRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming-ITX/ac

Packs a Loaded Punch

Form Factor: mini-ITX | Socket: LGA-1151 (8th & 9th gen only) | Chipset: Intel Z370 | Memory (RAM): 2 x DIMM sockets (max 32GB) | Multi-GPU: No | M.2 Storage Expansion: 1 x PCIe M.2 NVME | RGB Header: Yes | Built-In WiFi: Yes

Latest Price

Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming-ITX/ac truly packs loaded OC punch for ITX builder enthusiasts. The cooling plates on heatsinks look immersive and sketchy stylish. RGB LED headers and M.2 NVME slot are making this tiny motherboard as light premium gaming PC part. This immersive light motherboard could easily fit any ITX and mATX case. Dual Band WiFi adapter is powerful with dedicated antenna and supports high speed. PCIe slot for graphics card is enhanced by solid metal in order to prevent bent PCB body of graphics card.

Pros  RGB Header

Pros  Lightweight

Cons Limited RAM Expansion

Cons M.2 slot is behind the board

Best HEDT Intel motherboard: GIGABYTE X299 DESIGNARE EX

Only for Serious Designers

Form Factor: ATX | Socket: LGA-2066 | Chipset: Intel X299 | Memory (RAM): Quad-Channel 8 x DDR4 4,400MHz (max 128GB) | Multi-GPU: 3-Way SLI/CrossFireX | M.2 storage expansion: 3 x PCIe M.2 NVME | RGB header: Yes | Built-In WiFi: Yes

Latest Price

Seriously Intel, you are running faster or are you attempting to keep up to AMD Threadripper? Anyway, Intel CPUs are the KINGS of Single Core performance and Adobe software are optimized solely on Intel products in the real world performance. The programs like Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro require Intel CPUs to export and encode the projects faster. On the other hand, AMD CPUs are fast 20-30% in rendering using Vegas Pro and Wondershare Filmora. Now we bring attention to the sketchy and flashy design of GIGABYTE X299 DESIGNARE which has custom silver-white plates on cooling heatsinks on top of IO and Chipset as well as on top of both M.2 slots. Monster support for 3-way SLI/CrossFire multi-Graphics performance enables CUDA or HPC accelerated effective rendering process. Multitasking is not an issue here because 4 DIMM memory slots will eat any applications for lunch. Pricepoint is not for pure gamers but for fulltime video editors and 3D designers who plays any triple A titles when get bored.

Pros  Great Overclocking Performance

Pros  Fast WiFi

Cons Expensive

Cons Needs full tower case

How to pick the best gaming RGB Motherboard 2019

Motherboard is simply defined as a compilation of main connectors for attachable PC components. It plays essential role while conducting the data exchange between CPU (Central Processing Unit), RAM (Random Access Memory) and Hard Drive (Solid State Drive or Hard Disk Drive). Additionally, motherboard’s expandable slots such as PCIe slot provide connection to expandable devices like GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), M.2 SATA, Wi-Fi adapters and etc. All in all, motherboard is a backbone of nowadays PC (Personal Computer).

Gaming or Office-Home Use

Some say gaming motherboard does not make any sense if office-home general motherboard can handle any game you throw at it. Well, surely ordinary motherboards may work similar to gaming ones but not entirely they support gaming features. Clearly, gaming motherboards have significant advantage in terms of multi GPU support such as Crossfire or SLI, making them superior by adding extra frame rates. Hence, expandable slots for M.2 NVME SSDs might be absent in ordinary office motherboards. Once more RGB LED lighting support recently became main feature of true gaming motherboards. Cooling solutions from Asus or MSI branded gaming motherboards are greater than ever by enhancing high quality solid capacitors and heatsinks. We strongly recommend gaming branded motherboards for any gaming experience whether it is lite or heavy graphics gaming experience because gaming motherboard built on effective materials within cooling components.

Upgrade Path

This is more worrying issue than saving budget on buying gaming chair. Upgrade path for gaming motherboard is important part when you spend respectable amount of money with higher expectations for future. We recommend you to purchase a particular motherboard that can support multicore feature up to 8 cores and 16 threads. The big reason is that multicore support for latest games are coming strong unlike past times with 4 cores support only. For example, Far Cry 5 and Assassins Creed Origins actively use 6 cores on high settings. Extra RAM slots are also notable upgrade path for expanding additional memory performance for heavy multitasking like streaming on twitch and YouTube. Future generation CPU support is very likely high preference for gaming needs as you do not need to replace new motherboard when upgrading to newer generation CPU next coming years.

RGB LED support

Are you AMD, Nvidia or Intel fan? We got your back. RGB LED lighting may give you 16.8 billion different colors according to your mood preference. These days gaming motherboards include RGB header and addressable LED headers that compatible with any distinct branded coolers, LED strips and RGB Fans. Our Advice is “Don’t be left behind from RGB trend”.

Intel or AMD

Both CPU manufacturers are effectively similar in performance since AMD Ryzen line-up brought hot competition. To draw a clear line is very hard but anyway we determine the main focus on gaming and multitasking. There are must be two performance camps: first Intel camp is high frame rate and pure gaming experience only; Second AMD camp is stable frame rate gaming, streaming, browsing and rendering videos simultaneously. For contemporary gaming community the word multitasking is very popular in 2019 when they do heavy productivity tasks while gaming and streaming. Especially, twitch streamers are indeed very inclined towards AMD camp. Ryzen 7 2700X with RGB Cooler is a huge monster chip comprising 8 cores and 16 threads which can handle heavy workloads at ease. I7-8700K is also not behind from Ryzen counterparts containing 6 cores and 12 threads but comes with higher price and NO cooler included in the package. For now, pure gaming “only” motherboard is Intel and multitasking gaming motherboard is AMD. Considering the latest announcement of Intel gearing up for multitasking 8 cores and 16 threads i9 processor that comes with expensive price for consumer hence, AMD is only choice for multitasking and budget friendly for average streamers. Future releases of both AMD and Intel will be in competitive edge in terms of IPC (Instruction Per Cycle) improvements since they both vowed to shrink their CPU architecture towards 7nm and 10nm (nanometer). The smaller the nanometer interval size the greater the real world performance due to the density of large number tiny transistors.

Form Factor

Form factor is a size related feature of motherboard. ATX is biggest form factor in the market which might include 3 graphics card and 8 RAM slots. mATX is a shortened version of ATX usually supports 1 GPU sometimes includes 2 GPUs and 4 or 2 RAM slots. One graphic card limited ITX is the smallest form factor motherboard which can fit into small cases in order to save space. The considerable efficient form factor is surely mATX since it has good cooling body and space savvy size without limiting other expandable components.

Wi-Fi support

Gaming motherboard in 2019 must have built-in Wi-Fi adapter in order to avoid attaching the additional adapter that disturbs GPUs cooling process. Luckily, Gigabyte and Asus now include built-in dual band Wi-Fi adapter right out of the box. 600mb/s or 1200mb/s is the best stable speed for constant smooth gaming experience without bandwidth bottlenecks.

Overclock or factory default

Overclocking (OC) is pushing the limit of Processor, RAM or Graphics Card default speed clocks (GHz or MHz) in order to gain 3-5% performance improvement. Not many motherboards support OC feature since Intel introduced H and B series which are only working on default Processor and RAM speed. The Z series motherboards by Intel are far more capable doing OC because their cooling solutions provide nice overclocking environment using specially made materials applied on making of VRMs and solid capacitors. Most important, Intel told all consumers to differentiate the OC enabled or locked clock speed processors in their description. For example, i5-8600K includes K suffix which is OC capable CPU whereas i5-8500 is not. On the other hand, AMDs latest Ryzen processors are all OC enabled starting from cheapest Ryzen 3 2200G all the way up to Ryzen 7 2700X. Furthermore, the naming scheme of AMD motherboards is also simple and straightforwardly called A, B and X. The A series cannot OC anything including CPU and RAM. Surprisingly, cheaper B and pricy X series are OC capable. X series are more enhanced with SLI multigpu support and USB type C. Budget gamers focus on attractive pricepoint of AMD’s B series motherboard which give you best value for money.


In a nutshell, selecting special motherboard for gaming experience is not hard when you consider what functions you going to use in a long run. In 2019, true gamers must buy future proof motherboard since Intel and AMD announced their CPU production roadmap with full of exciting cutting edge processors that are compatible with our recommended top 10 best motherboards list.

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best ssd 2019 Computer

Best SSDs of 2019 – Top 10 Fastest Solid…

The solid state drive is the latest technology that can write and read faster from your PC or laptop. There are many brands which offer fastest SSDs on the market today. For building PCs, Laptops or even Xbox and Playstation SSDs are still the best choice for operating memory. Therefore, I prepared for you top 10 fastest solid state drives for your query that is called as the best SSD 2019.

No Time To Read? Click Here For Our Top SSD Picks

Best SSD 2019

Mushkin SOURCE
Intel Corp 545 Series
Silicon Power SP00
AEGO Rainbow
WD Black
Neo Forza NFS01
SanDisk Ultra II [Best SSD 2019]
Crucial MX500
Samsung 860 EVO

You should consider a learning about several specs to find the best SSD 2019. They are interface, capacity, height/length restrictions, controller, firmware, speed,  write cycles, cleanup, TRIM, bare drives and kits. Being informed about them gives you clear understanding in picking the right solid state drive. So, let’s peruse the top 10 SSD’s review.

Mushkin SOURCE

Latest Price

The first on the list comes Mushkin Source which includes SATA III 6GB/s interface, 560MB/s maximum reading speed, up to 520MB/s writing speed, motion controller made from silicon, 4K resolution reading 78,000 IOPS and writing 81,000 IOPS and memory up to one Tera Byte. Price tag, fortunately, can’t reach even $180 for max 1TB capacity unit. Good thing is its compatibility with PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox and Playstation.

Intel Corp 545 Series

Latest Price

The magnificient Intel also has an SSD to offer with latest specs like Sata 6GB/s, up to 550 megabyte of writing and 490 megabytes per second of reading, relatively, random reading and writing output operations reach till 48 thousands and 80 thousands, respectively, and capacities range from 256GB to 5120GB and TLC (triple level cell). Price starts from $80 U.S.

Silicon Power SP00

Latest Price

This model stands out of the crowd with its special TRIM technology that boosts memory cache cleanup. This prolongs the durability of SSD. Unfortunately, most SSDs do not have this feature and they end up getting obsolete very fast. For editorial workers TRIM is essential. Furthermore, it has ECC technology to provide error checking and correction. Sometimes, SSDs tend to have errors and solution for that is ECC. Its SATA III 6GB/s interface gives the latest tech edge for compatibility with Windows PC, laptop, Mac, Linux, Xbox and PS.

AEGO Rainbow

Latest Price

AEGO Rainbow 2.5 inches SSD comes with specs like 3D NAND SATA III interface, 6GB data transfer rate, flash drive structure, 450MB/s read  and 360MB/s write performance. Compatible with desktop PC, Mac, laptop, netbook and chromebook. It’s interior is flash drive built structure that is anti-vibrant and anti-shock. Up to 960GB capacity is available on retail stores with max price $226.

WD Black

Latest Price

This unusually shaped SSD from Western Digital has a special software for cloning and backup. Moreover, read speed reaches 3400MB/s and write speed is up to 2800MB/s. Normally, data transfer rate extends to 3.9GB/s. 3D NAND technology is also applied here. compatible with a laptop, chromebook, desktop or Mac. Perfect for gaming with its 1TB storage version. For video editing and visual effects I do not quite much recommend it.


Latest Price

Here comes the legendary SSD from HP which is called S700. Just like any latest tech SSD this model has a SATA III interface with data transfer rate 6GB/s. Writing and reading speeds reach up to 515MB/s and 560MB/s sequentially. its memory component made from 3D Nand technology. Most important features like TRIM and ECC comes inside as well. I would call it as the best SSD 2019 but there are other better SSDs to come in our review.

Neo Forza NFS01

Latest Price

Perfect for gamers SSD with 480GB storage Neo Forza NFS01 includes interface SATA III, max read speed 500MB/s, 3D Nand Flash memory component, ECC, SLC caching, data transfer rate 6GB/s, 2.5 inches size and platform compatibility with PC and laptop. For less than $80 you can get this mid-range SSD.

SanDisk Ultra II

Latest Price

Another 2.5 inch SSD from SanDisk (longest serving manufacturer) has incredible specs like NCQ support for improved multitasking, nCache 2.0 tech that delivers better speed and performance, 545MB/s read and 525MB/s write speeds, SATA III interface, 6GB data transfer, shock resistant and 1TB storage which is enough big for professional user. We may consider it as the best SSD 2019 for its latest tech specs and features.

Crucial MX500

Latest Price

2TB storage Crucial MX500 comes with 5 years warranty that gives confidence for five years of smooth operation. With size of 2.5 inch it can fit any device such as laptop, netbook, chromebook, Mac, PC or industrial computer. Interface made from SATA III with data transfer rate 6GB/s. Its storage is so huge for keeping many files as you wish. Perfect for those who has a lot of stuff to keep such as photos, videos, movies, games, softwares, programs and drivers.

Samsung 860 EVO

Latest Price

Very powerful SATA 2.M 860 EVO from Samsung stays out of crowd by its 2.28 inch size yet with 2TB memory. V-Nand memory component makes it optimised for daily routine. Strongly recommended for gaming, pro-editing and every day PC exploiting. With 550MB/s read and 520MB/s write speed it can transfer data by 6GB/s. Compatible for Mac, Windows and Linux PCs. Considered as the best SSD 2019 for desktop platforms.

Wrapping Up

Every reviewed top 10 SSDs are still the best. However, I recommend you to get the right one with 1TB or more, 520MB/s read speed, ECC(error correcting code), TRIM for effective cleanup, 6GB/s transfer rate, SATA III interface and universal compatibility (for PC, laptop, Mac or others). So, now to get the best SSD 2019 becomes easier by reading this top 10 review article.


Up to this point, PC purchasers had minimal decision about what sort of capacity to get in a workstation or work area. In the event that you purchased a ultraportable, you likely had a strong state drive (SSD) as the essential drive (C: on Windows, Macintosh HD on a Mac). Each and every other work area or workstation frame factor had a hard circle drive (HDD). Presently, you can design most frameworks with either a HDD or a SSD, or now and again both. In any case, how would you pick? We clarify the contrasts amongst SSDs and HDDs (or hard drives), and walk you through the focal points and detriment of each to enable you to choose.

HDD and SSD Explained

The conventional turning hard drive is the essential non-unstable capacity on a PC. That is, data on it doesn’t “leave” when you kill the framework, similar to the case with information put away in RAM. A hard drive is basically a metal platter with an attractive covering that stores your information, regardless of whether climate reports from the most recent century, a superior quality duplicate of the first Star Wars set of three, or your computerized music gathering. A read/compose head on an arm gets to the information while the platters are turning.

A SSD does practically everything a hard drive does, however information is rather put away on interconnected blaze memory chips that hold the information notwithstanding when there’s no power exhibit. These blaze memory chips are of an unexpected sort in comparison to is utilized as a part of USB thumb drives, and are normally speedier and more solid. SSDs are thus more costly than USB thumb drives of similar limits. Like thumb drives, however, they’re frequently substantially littler than HDDs and in this way offer makers greater adaptability in planning a PC. While they can replace customary 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch hard drive sounds, they can likewise be introduced in a PCIe development opening or even be mounted specifically on the motherboard, a setup that is currently basic in top of the line workstations and in with no reservations ones.

A History of HDDs and SSDs

Hard drive innovation is generally antiquated (regarding PC history, at any rate). There are notable photographs of the IBM 650 RAMAC hard drive from 1956 that utilized 50 24 far reaching platters to hold an incredible 3.75MB of storage room. This, obviously, is the measure of a normal 128Kbps MP3 record today, in the physical space that could hold two business iceboxes. The RAMAC 350 was just constrained to government and modern uses, and was out of date by 1969. Ain’t advance awesome?

The PC hard drive frame factor institutionalized at 5.25 creeps in the mid 1980s, with the 3.5-inch work area class and 2.5-inch note pad class drives coming before long. The inner link interface has changed from serial to IDE (now every now and again called parallel ATA, or PATA) to SCSI to serial ATA (SATA) throughout the years, yet each basically does likewise: associate the hard drive to the PC’s motherboard so your information can be prepared. The present 2.5-and 3.5-inch drives for the most part utilize SATA interfaces (at any rate on most PCs and Macs), however some rapid SSDs utilize the speedier PCIe interface. Limits have developed from numerous megabytes to different terabytes, in excess of a million-crease increment. Current 3.5-inch hard drives have limits as high as 10TB, with purchaser situated 2.5-inch drives maximizing at 4TB.

The SSD has a substantially shorter history. There has dependably been a fixation on nonmoving stockpiling from the earliest starting point of individualized computing, with innovations like air pocket memory blazing (play on words planned) and passing on in the 1980s. Current glimmer memory is the coherent expansion of a similar thought, as it doesn’t require steady capacity to hold the information you store on it. The main essential drives that we know as SSDs began amid the ascent of netbooks in the late 2000s. In 2007, the OLPC XO-1 utilized a 1GB SSD, and the Asus Eee PC 700 arrangement utilized a 2GB SSD as essential stockpiling. The SSD chips on low-end Eee PC units and the XO-1 were forever bound to the motherboard. As netbooks and other ultraportable workstation PCs turned out to be more skilled, SSD limits expanded and in the long run institutionalized on the 2.5-inch note pad shape factor. Along these lines, you could pop a 2.5-inch hard drive out of your workstation or work area and supplant it effectively with a SSD. Other shape factors rose, similar to the mSATA Mini PCIe SSD card, M.2 SSD in SATA and PCIe variations, and the DIMM-like strong state Flash Storage in the Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, however today numerous SSDs still utilize the 2.5-inch frame factor. The 2.5-inch SSD limit as of now beat out at 4TB, however Seagate offers a 60TB adaptation for big business gadgets like servers.

Pros and Cons

Both SSDs and hard drives do a similar activity: They boot your framework, and store your applications and individual documents. Be that as it may, each sort of capacity has its own one of a kind list of capabilities. How would they vary, and for what reason would you need to get one over the other?

Value: SSDs are more costly than hard drives as far as dollar per gigabyte. A 1TB inward 2.5-inch hard drive costs somewhere in the range of $40 and $50, yet as of this composition, a SSD of a similar limit and shape factor begins at $250. That makes an interpretation of into 4 to 5 pennies for each gigabyte for the hard drive and 25 pennies for every gigabyte for the SSD. Since hard drives utilize more seasoned, more settled innovation, they will stay more affordable for the not so distant future. Those additional hundreds for the SSD may push your framework cost over spending plan.

Most extreme and Common Capacity: Although customer based SSD units top out at 4TB, those are as yet uncommon and costly. Will probably discover 500GB to 1TB units as essential drives in frameworks. While 500GB is viewed as a “base” hard drive limit in 2018, evaluating concerns can push that down to 128GB for bring down estimated SSD-based frameworks. Interactive media clients will require much more, with 1TB to 4TB drives normal in top of the line frameworks. Essentially, the more stockpiling limit, the more stuff you can keep on your PC. Cloud-based (Internet) stockpiling might be useful for lodging documents you intend to share among your telephone, tablet, and PC, yet neighborhood stockpiling is more affordable, and you just need to get it once.

Speed: This is the place SSDs sparkle. A SSD-prepared PC will boot in under a moment, and frequently in not more than seconds. A hard drive expects time to accelerate to working specs, and will keep on being slower than a SSD amid typical utilize. A PC or Mac with a SSD boots speedier, dispatches and runs applications quicker, and exchanges documents speedier. Regardless of whether you’re utilizing your PC for entertainment only, school, or business, the additional speed might be the contrast between completing on time and falling flat.

Discontinuity: Because of their rotating recording surfaces, hard drives work best with bigger grinds that are set down in bordering squares. That way, the drive head can begin and end its read in one persistent movement. At the point when hard drives begin to top off, substantial documents can wind up scattered around the circle platter, making the drive experience the ill effects of what’s called fracture. While read/compose calculations have enhanced to the point that the impact is limited, hard drives can in any case end up divided. SSDs can’t, in any case, on the grounds that the absence of a physical read head implies information can be put away anyplace. In this way, SSDs are characteristically quicker.

Toughness: A normal best SSD 2019 has no moving parts, so it will probably protect your information in the occasion you drop your PC pack or your framework is shaken about by a seismic tremor while it’s working. Most hard drives stop their read/compose heads when the framework is off, yet they are flying over the drive platter at a separation of a couple of nanometers when they are in activity. Additionally, notwithstanding stopping brakes have limits. In case you’re harsh on your gear, a  tough best SSD 2019 is prescribed.

Accessibility: Hard drives are more copious in spending plan and more seasoned frameworks, however SSDs are ending up more pervasive in as of late discharged top of the line workstations like the Apple MacBook Pro, which does not offer HDDs even as a configurable choice. Work areas and less expensive workstations, then again, will keep on offering HDDs, in any event for the following couple of years.

Shape Factors: Because hard drives depend on turning platters, there is a cutoff to how little they can be fabricated. There was an activity to make littler 1.8-inch turning hard drives, yet that is slowed down at around 320GB, since the phablet and cell phone makers have settled on streak memory for their essential stockpiling. SSDs have no such restriction, so they can keep on shrinking over the long haul. SSDs are accessible in 2.5-inch PC drive-sized boxes, however that is just for comfort.

Commotion: Even the calmest hard drive will discharge a touch of clamor when it is being used from the drive turning or the read arm moving forward and backward, especially if it’s in a framework that has been slammed about or if it’s been inappropriately introduced in an all-metal framework. Quicker hard drives will make more commotion than those that are slower. SSDs make for all intents and purposes no clamor by any means, since they’re non-mechanical.

Power: A typical best SSD 2019 doesn’t need to use power turning up a platter from a stop. Subsequently, none of the vitality devoured by the SSD is squandered as rubbing or commotion, rendering them more proficient. On a work area or in a server, that will prompt a lower vitality charge. On a PC or tablet, you’ll have the capacity to squeeze out more minutes (or hours) of battery life.

Life span: While the reality of the matter is that SSDs destroy over the long haul (every phone instantly memory bank can be composed to and deleted a set number of times), on account of TRIM charge innovation that progressively enhances these read/compose cycles, will probably dispose of the framework for outdated nature (following six years or thereabouts) before you begin running into read/compose blunders with a best SSD 2019. In case you’re extremely stressed, there are a few devices that will fill you in as to whether you’re moving toward the drive’s appraised end of life. Hard drives will in the long run destroy from consistent use also, since they utilize physical account techniques. Life span is a wash when it’s isolated from movement and toughness concerns.

Generally speaking: Hard drives win on value, limit, and accessibility. SSDs work best if speed, toughness, shape factor, clamor, or fracture (in fact part of speed) are essential components to you. If not at the cost and limit issues, SSDs would be the hands-down victor. So get the best SSD 2019 now from above top 10 solid state drives

The Best Memory Keeper for You is the best SSD 2019 from top 10 list review

Things being what they are, does a SSD or HDD fit your needs? We should separate it:


• Enthusiast sight and sound clients and overwhelming downloaders: Video authorities require space, and you can just get to 4TB of space inexpensively with hard drives.

• Budget purchasers: Ditto. A lot of modest space. SSDs are excessively costly for $500 PC purchasers.

• Graphic expressions and designing experts: Video and photograph editors destroy capacity by abuse. Supplanting a 1TB hard drive will be less expensive than supplanting a 500GB best SSD 2019.

• General clients: General clients are a hurl up. People who like to download their media records locally will in any case require a hard drive with greater limit. However, in the event that you for the most part stream your music and recordings on the web, at that point purchasing a littler best SSD 2019 for a similar cash will give you a superior affair.


• Road warriors: People who push their PCs into their packs unpredictably will need the additional security of a best SSD 2019. That PC may not be completely sleeping when you fiercely close it to get your next flight. This additionally incorporates people who work in the field, similar to utility specialists and college scientists.

• Speed evil spirits: If you require things done presently, spend the additional bucks for fast boot-ups and application dispatches. Supplement with a capacity of the best SSD 2019 or hard drive on the off chance that you require additional space (see beneath).

• Graphic expressions and building experts: Yes, we know we said they require hard drives, however the speed of a typical best SSD 2019 may have the effect between finishing two recommendations for your customer and finishing five. These clients are prime possibility for double drive frameworks (more on that underneath).

• Audio architects and performers: If you’re recording music, you don’t need the scratchy sound from a hard drive interrupting. Go for calmer best SSD 2019.

Crossover Drives and Dual-Drive Systems

Back in the mid 2000s, some hard drive producers, as Samsung and Seagate, conjectured that on the off chance that you include a couple of gigabytes of glimmer chips to a turning hard drive, you’d get an alleged “half and half” drive consolidating a hard drive’s expansive stockpiling limit with the execution of a SSD, at a cost just somewhat higher than that of a commonplace hard drive. The blaze memory goes about as a cradle for much of the time utilized records, so your framework has the potential for booting and propelling your most imperative applications speedier, despite the fact that you can’t straightforwardly introduce anything in that space yourself. By and by, mixture drives work, yet they are still more costly and more intricate than standard hard drives. They work best for individuals like street warriors who require the two heaps of capacity and quick boot times. Since they’re an in the middle of item, mixture drives don’t really supplant devoted hard drives or SSDs.

In a double drive framework, the producer will introduce a little SSD essential drive (C:) for the working framework and applications, and include a bigger turning hard drive (D: or E:) for putting away documents. This functions admirably in principle; practically speaking, producers can go too little on the best SSD 2019. Windows itself takes up a considerable measure of room on the essential drive, and some applications can’t be introduced on different drives. A few limits may likewise be too little. For instance, you can introduce Windows 10 on a SSD as little as 16GB, however there will be no place for whatever else. As we would like to think, 120GB to 128GB is a down to earth least size for the C: drive, with at least 256gb being far and away superior. Space concerns are the same similarly as with any various drive framework: You require physical space inside the PC body to hold (at least two) drives.

To wrap things up, a best SSD 2019 and best hard drive 2019 can be consolidated (like Voltron) on frameworks with advances like Intel’s Smart Response Technology (SRT) or Apple’s Fusion Drive. They utilize the SSD undetectably to go about as a store to help the framework all the more expediently boot and dispatch programs. As on a cross breed drive, the SSD isn’t specifically open by the end client. SRT requires genuine best SSD 2019, similar to those in 2.5-inch shape factors, yet those drives can be as little as 16GB in limit and still lift execution; since the working framework isn’t being introduced to the best SSD 2019 specifically, you maintain a strategic distance from the drive space issues of the double drive arrangement said above. Then again, your PC will require space for two drives, a prerequisite that may prohibit a few PCs and little frame factor work areas. Combination Drive is just accessible on Mac work areas, for example. You’ll likewise require the best SSD 2019 and your framework’s motherboard to help the storing innovation for this situation to work. All things considered, be that as it may, it’s an intriguing workaround.

The Capacity for Future

It’s vague whether SSDs will absolutely supplant customary turning hard drives, particularly with shared distributed storage holding up in the wings. The cost of the best SSD 2019 is descending, yet they’re still excessively costly, making it impossible to thoroughly supplant the terabytes of information that a few clients have in their PCs and Macs. Distributed storage isn’t free, it is possible that: You’ll keep on paying as long as you need individual stockpiling on the Internet. Neighborhood stockpiling won’t leave until the point that we have dependable remote Internet all over the place, incorporating into planes and out in the wild. Obviously, at that point, there might be something better.

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Best AMD Ryzen CPU/Processors For Gaming in 2018 Computer

Best Processors For Gaming 2019 – Reviewing Top 10…

AMD’s CPU chipsets became the most spread and their prices are fairly reasonable. Recently, they innovated new processors with integrated Radeon graphics. This technological breakthrough made fans more loyal and excited. If you are looking for the best processors for gaming 2019, read this full review to pick the right gaming CPU

No Time To Read? Click Here For Our Top Gaming CPU Picks


AMD Ryzen 7 2700X with Wraith Prism cooler
AMD Ryzen 5 2600X with Wraith Spire Cooler
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 with Wraith Stealth Cooler
AMD Ryzen 5 1600X
AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Processor with Wraith Spire Cooler
AMD Ryzen 5 1500X with Wraith Spire Cooler
AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with Radeon RX Vega 11
AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics
AMD Ryzen 3 1300X with Wraith Stealth Cooler
AMD Ryzen 3 1200 with Wraith Stealth Cooler

Best Processors For Gaming 2019

One of the prominent features of AMD Ryzen processors is inclusion of a cooler attached to certain models. Other chip makers are not doing it yet. In near future they will but AMD will invent another surprising feature. Now let’s go reviewing top 10 Ryzen processors that are released within recent years and claming to be the best processors for gaming 2019.

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X with Wraith Prism cooler

Latest Price

For this model you need Socket AM4 motherboard strictly. With 8 cores and 16 threads unlocked processor can run in frequency of 4.3 GHz turbo boost. Additionally, it is integrated with Wraith Prism cooler that increases the CPU lifespan siginificantly. For over $300 any one can get it within maximum a week if ordered online.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X with Wraith Spire Cooler

Latest Price

Having 6 cores and 12 unlocked threads Ryzen 5 2600X can reach a frequency of 4.2 GHz maximal boost. Memory cache of 19MB and compatibility with only DDR4 RAM. Electricity consuming is by 95 watts. It also comes with cooler from Wraith Spire. The price is lower than Ryzen 7 2700X which is over $200.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600 with Wraith Stealth Cooler

Latest Price

There are few differences between 2600X and 2600 which are 300Mhz frequency, different coolers and price by around $12. Other specs are the same. Wraith Stealth cooler is integrated. So no need to buy a third party cooler. The price tag falls to $190 which is not bad for 2018 model.

AMD Ryzen 5 1600X

Latest Price

Ryzen 5 1600X is better than 2600 but has lower specs than 2600X. however its price is around $230. With precision frequency boost of 4.0 GHz and memory cache of 16MB L3 it is a perfect match for AM4 socket with DDR4 RAM. There is no integrated cooler inside package. Need to spend extra money.

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Processor with Wraith Spire Cooler

Latest Price

Wraith Spire cooler assisted Ryzen 5 1600 processor runs at maximum frequency of 3.6 GHz. 12 threads and 6 cores are the main powers for proving smooth calculation with 16MB memory l3 cache. AM4 socket supports it by holding up to 95 degrees in Celcium. The wattage power is 65 which is lower than Ryzen 7 line ups.

AMD Ryzen 5 1500X with Wraith Spire Cooler

Latest Price

Costing less than $160 Ryzen 5 1500X has a thermal solution from Wraith Spire. Just like other AMD models it is a perfect match for DDR4 RAM and AM4 socket. With frequency 3.7GHz max boost, quad core and 8 unlocked threads this processor will add siginificant value to your PC. Its wattage is 65 though when it performs like 125 watts CPU.

AMD Ryzen 5 2400G  with Radeon RX Vega 11

Latest Price

Such a hillarious processor equipped by Wraith Stealth cooler and Radeon RX Vega 11 graphics!!! No need to have a headache for buying extra graphics card with thermal solution. Two in one strength delivers cost and time saving. Moreover, quad core with 8 threads at frequency of 3.9 GHz turbo boost make the games smoother and handle friendly. Just over $160 can buy you this powerful CPU with GPU integrated.

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics

Latest Price

Although the specs of this two in one model are lower but price worth it. Only about $100 is enough to get this modernized CPU and GPU combination. It has 4 cores with RAM of 8GB. Its frequency rate is 3.7GHz that can be performed inside AM4 socket. Additionally, it is equipped by Wraith Stealth cooler.

AMD Ryzen 3 1300X with Wraith Stealth Cooler

Latest Price

By total 10MB memory cache, 3.7GHz turbo boost frequency, 4 cores, VR ready design and 65 watts power consumption Ryzen 3 1300X is a low profile CPU though but with Wraith Stealth cooler. Its price is around $130 that is equal to AM3+ CPU

AMD Ryzen 3 1200 with Wraith Stealth Cooler

Latest Price

With up to 2667MHz memory speed, 10MB total cache, quad core, 3.4GHz turbo boost frequency rate and cooler from Wraith Stealth Ryzen 3 1200 is a striving low specs CPU. Its price starts from $90 with full package. For gaming desktop it is still great processor if high specs GPU added into gaming rig.

Wrapping Up

All of the reviewed top 10 processors passed the test of time and games. It depends on you which one to choose. I would choose those with graphics cards integrated to save money for my future gaming rig.

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Which is the best?

Intel and AMD share a comparative model-naming plan. The two primary groups of processors — Core and Ryzen — utilize 3, 5, 7, and Threadripper to separate the CPUs. The lower the number, the less competent the processor typically is. A Ryzen 3 processor won’t have the capacity to outpace a Ryzen 7, for instance. Not at all like Intel, AMD continues everything straightforward by just utilizing a couple of model numbers and a “X” addition.

It’s all in the numbers

Here’s a speedy breakdown of the diverse AMD Ryzen processor sections:

Ryzen 3 — Quad-core processors.

Ryzen 5 — Quad-and hexa-Core processors.

Ryzen 7 — Hexa-Core processors.

Threadripper — Hexa and 16-Core processors

Inside each section, the processors are named by show number — the higher the model number the all the more intense the CPU. For instance, a Ryzen 3 1200 is less intense than a Ryzen 3 1300X and a Ryzen 5 1400. A X addition basically implies it’s an all the more ground-breaking form of that model. In this way, the Ryzen 7 1800X is more grounded than the Ryzen 7 1800. The distinctions aren’t immense and just speak to a slight increment in industrial facility set clock speeds.

Ryzen CPUs that begin with the number two (with a G addition for designs) rather than one direct models that incorporate Vega video preparing. The Ryzen 5 2400G is one such CPU. All AMD Ryzen CPUs utilize a similar attachment AM4.

Ryzen 3

The Ryzen 3 is intended for spending plan benevolent PC assembles and purchasers who don’t utilize their PCs for concentrated applications. All things considered, the processors are all quad-center, brandishing four physical centers, and all things considered, they aren’t slumps. You’d have the capacity to manufacture a proficient gaming rig that can deal with even defining moments.

Ryzen 5

Ryzen 5 is the place things get intriguing for AMD processors. These CPUs are valued forcefully to go up against the well known Intel Core i5 family and are mind boggling for gaming. These processors are a blend of quad-and hexa-center processors, pressing all that anyone could need control for video altering and other exceptional workloads.

Ryzen 7

Much like the Core i7 Intel processors, the Ryzen 7 family might be needless excess for a great many people, however it takes into consideration propelled figuring at a fairly moderate value point. On the off chance that you happen to have a fit GPU (I’m talking GTX 1070 and GTX 1080), you may discover some advantage in getting a Ryzen 7 CPU.


You most likely won’t require a Threadripper (cosider it a Ryzen 9 of sorts) CPU, yet it’ll be amazing to have one. It’s for cutting edge clients just who need to push their frameworks past their cutoff points. I’m talking up to 16 centers and 32 strings.

The decision is yours

Which processor is ideal for your assembly relies upon what you’ll require the PC to do, and in addition how much cash is present in your pocket. We as of late gathered together the best processors for building a PC on various spending plans, which merits looking at for a couple of supportive focuses

Other than that, the dependable guideline is to spend as much as you can, inside reason. It’s smarter to buy a Ryzen 7 rather than a Ryzen 3 and afterward need to overhaul sooner, which will cost more over the long haul.

AMD vs. Intel

The competition amongst AMD and Intel has turned out to be more intriguing than any other time in recent years

Eventually at the core of your mission for another or updated PC lies the absolute most essential choice you can make: AMD or Intel? Like Apple versus Microsoft or Quake versus Unreal, AMD versus Intel is one of the immense open deliberations for PC fans. One of these two purveyors of finely-wafered silicon will create the pulsating heart of your new PC. AMD and Intel are similarly as not quite the same as each other as the items they deliver.

All things considered, how about we dive into the points of interest to discover which one would be the best decision for your new PC.


With cost filling in as a main consideration in building, overhauling, or buying a PC, picking the correct CPU frequently comes down to finding the one that offers the best value for your money. In simply cost alone, AMD’s chips are for the most part less expensive than practically identical Intel chips. Low-end, double center AMD Sempron, Athlon, or An arrangement double center processors begin at about $30. In examination, a low-end Intel chip, similar to the G3930 double center processor will cost around $40. All things considered, you’ll find comparative valuing as you climb the execution stepping stool, with Intel’s contributions quite often arriving in somewhat higher than AMD’s chips.

For the majority of 10 years, this was the commonplace valuing situation persevered by most PC devotees until the landing of AMD’s new Ryzen CPUs. Their introduction in mid 2017 shook up that long-standing recipe, with the new Ryzen 7 1800X sitting at the highest point of the shopper centered end of AMD’s range. It’s an eight-center behemoth with a turbo-clock of 4.0 GHz, and for $350, it’s among the slightest costly eight-center processors available today. The eight-center Ryzen 7 1700 is much more moderate with a $290 sticker price while Intel’s least expensive eight-center chip eats a greater segment of your wallet at $600.

In the interim, a year ago’s Intel Core i9 and AMD Threadripper CPUs focusing on fans and gamers offer much more execution and keep on shaking up the processor market’s conventional value for-money dynamic. Intel’s Core i9-7900X CPU, which doesn’t sit on a customary Intel-based motherboard, offers 10 centers, 20 strings, a greatest pinnacle speed of 4.3GHz, and a sticker price as of now set at $966.

At a lower cost tag, AMD Threadripper processors have higher base rates and bigger measures of shared reserve. Then, they require more power than Intel’s X-Series chips, and have bring down pinnacle speeds. What does all that mean for you? To put it plainly, the deep rooted AMD versus Intel challenge is substantially more focused than it’s been in years and offers significantly more decision for the buyer… on the work area front, that is.

AMD versus Intel: Value

With cost filling in as a central point in building, updating, or acquiring a PC, picking the correct CPU regularly comes down to finding the one that offers the best value for your money. In simply cost alone, AMD’s chips are for the most part less expensive than similar Intel chips. Low-end, double center AMD Sempron, Athlon, or An arrangement double center processors begin at about $30. In correlation, a low-end Intel chip, similar to the G3930 double center processor will cost around $40. So, you’ll find comparable estimating as you climb the execution step, with Intel’s contributions quite often arriving in somewhat higher than AMD’s chips.

For the majority of 10 years, this was the regular evaluating situation persisted by most PC fans until the entry of AMD’s new Ryzen CPUs. Their presentation in mid 2017 shook up that long-standing equation, with the new Ryzen 7 1800X sitting at the highest point of the customer centered end of AMD’s range. It’s an eight-center behemoth with a turbo-clock of 4.0 GHz, and for $350, it’s among the slightest costly eight-center processors available today. The eight-center Ryzen 7 1700 is considerably more moderate with a $290 sticker price while Intel’s least expensive eight-center chip eats a greater bit of your wallet at $600.

Then, a year ago’s Intel Core i9 and AMD Threadripper CPUs focusing on fans and gamers offer much more execution and keep on shaking up the processor market’s customary value for-money dynamic. Intel’s Core i9-7900X CPU, which doesn’t sit on a conventional Intel-based motherboard, offers 10 centers, 20 strings, a most extreme pinnacle speed of 4.3GHz, and a sticker price presently set at $966.

At a lower cost tag, AMD Threadripper processors have higher base rates and bigger measures of shared store. In the interim, they require more power than Intel’s X-Series chips, and have bring down pinnacle speeds. What does all that mean for you? To put it plainly, the well established AMD versus Intel challenge is considerably more aggressive than it’s been in years and offers substantially more decision for the purchaser… on the work area front, that is.

At last, Intel chips have a tendency to be better to game of today, however that doesn’t mean you should exclude AMD. Intel’s opponent offers processors that can be an awesome gaming esteem, for example, the Ryzen 5 contributes specific. Look at our Ryzen processor purchasing guide for points of interest, including benchmarks. On the off chance that you are on an extraordinary spending plan as well and can’t bear the cost of a devoted designs card, AMD’s Ryzen with Vega APUs do offer low-end gaming execution so could be worth considering, however their weaker preparing abilities mean they aren’t the best esteem long haul when updates are calculated in.

The CPU is seldom the restricting element in amusements. Springing for an all the more ground-breaking designs card — in the event that you can discover one at a decent cost — will more often than not yield preferable outcomes over doing as such for an all the more intense processor.

At last, here’s a fascinating goody that showed in November a year ago and turned out to be out and out items toward the beginning of January: the Core i7-8809G and three other Core-marked modules. They’re not the aftereffect of pigs at last growing wings, yet rather an unexpected joint effort to pack a discrete Radeon illustrations chip, HBM2 designs memory, and an Intel processor into one, single-chip arrangement.

For the Core i7-8809G, Intel’s segment contains four seventh gen centers, and an on-kick the bucket HD Graphics 630 GPU part. In the interim, AMD supplies 1,536 “Vega” designs centers (24 register units), and devoted HBM2 memory. The jury is still out on how these across the board chips perform in benchmarks, however one of the main items to depend on a Core i7 module is the “Hades Canyon” NUC. Intel’s three different modules are the Core i7-8709G, the Core i7-8705G, and the Core i7-8706G.

AMD versus Intel: Who wins?

Amid an ordinary workload, a best end AMD chip and a best end Intel chip won’t deliver profoundly extraordinary results. There are clear qualifications in particular situations and benchmarks, yet the CPU isn’t the cornerstone of PC execution that it used to be.

All things considered, AMD’s CPUs, particularly at the mid-range and lower-end of the range, complete tend to offer marginally preferable incentive over Intel’s chips. Alternately, Intel CPUs have more grounded single-center and gaming execution than even AMD’s best Threadripper CPUs. Consequently, those hoping to utilize applications with a heavier multi-strung concentration ought to get more advantage from an advanced AMD CPU.

With regards to picking your next redesign, taking a gander at the individual execution quantities of the chip you need to purchase is as yet your most solid option, yet considering these general rules will give you a decent establishment of where to begin. Because of Ryzen’s jumping of past AMD contributes terms of intensity and esteem, the CPU showcase is currently exceedingly aggressive in the wake of living in a dormant state for various years.

Apparently, Intel is as yet the sure thing, particularly for gamers, however AMD’s choices are more feasible than any other time in recent memory. For framework manufacturers with profound pockets, AMD’s Threadripper chips are amazingly ground-breaking, so keep your eyes peeled on benchmarks. Gamers on the outrageous spending plan end of the range may think about AMD’s Ryzen APUs, yet in the event that you can extend your financial plan somewhat more, a CPU combined with a committed illustrations card will offer much better execution.

AMD’s more established FX and A-Series chips, in the interim, are not focused with Intel, and now never will be. So in case you’re seeking more established ages of equipment for reasons unknown, our Intel proposal is unmistakably firm. In particular, in case you’re taking a gander at a PC or pre-fabricated work area, you’ve presumably just got one alternative to look over — and it’s Intel.

best laptops for accountants Computer

6 Best Laptops For Accountants in 2019

Most accountants use laptops for their work. There are many laptops that are suitable for accounting softwares. Those who are interested in using their laptops for accounting does not require powerful systems with fast graphic cards. All they need is a stable system that allows them easily use it anywhere. That is why they need thin and light laptops with long lasting battery or call them best laptops for accountants. Here is a list of thin and light laptops with powerful processors and long lasting battery.

Best Laptops For Accountants

Asus 2-in-1 Laptop

Latest Price

This is a slim and light laptop with tablet features made by Asus. Asus is famous for making good quality laptops. This is a number one choice for travel laptops. This is a powerful ultrabook laptop. It is very slim and light, at around 3lbs, yet it looks sturdy and it is made from high grade aluminum. This laptop both looks and feels like a premium model while costing just around $700. It is powered by Intel i7-7200U 2.7 GHz Processor with Turbo speeds of up to 3.3 GHz. For the storage it uses fast speed 1TB HDD with 12GB RAM. In terms of performance, this laptop does not fall short. For the connectivity options there are HDMI, D-SUB video connectors, one of USB 3.0 port and one USB Type C port, and a SD card reader. The laptop has Bluetooth and 802.11a/c WiFi. The laptop features 15.6 inch Full HD for sharp details. The laptop features a fingerprint reader for security and comes with Windows 10 preinstalled.

ASUS ZenBook 13

Latest Price

If you are not looking for premium model, then this laptop will be the best for you. It comes with an Windows 10.. For the hardware it rocks i5-8250U with 8M Cache and up to 3.2 GHz. For the storage it comes with 8 GB DDR3 RAM and 256GB SSD, which is expandable through HDD. For the screen it uses 13.3 inches HD 1920*1080 Anti-Glare panel. Since the size is medium, it does not feature any DVD drives, but in 2018 there is almost no use for DVD drives anyway. Due to average processor and high resolution screen the battery life is max at around 5 hours. This is a rugged laptop with reinforced rubber guards and spill resistant keyboard. It supports any Windows app and work well for those who want something fast and light, yet sturdy and mid-range friendly.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Latest Price

This is a two in one laptop/ tablet that rocks powerful internals and made with premium materials. The price is a bit more expensive as compared to Asus, but it is lighter and thinner than Asus and it features a touchscreen. Unlike many tablets, this computer features powerful hardware and full Windows 10 that support any Windows software. This tablet also features normal USB ports and a removable keyboard. This model features an Intel i7 processor, with 16 GB of RAM and 512GB SSD storage. The screen is 10 inch 2736 x 1824 resolution panel. In term of performance, this laptop does not feel behind many competitor. Furthermore, it is one sale on Amazon, with up to 20% discount on a selected models. Lastly, this laptop is also available with i5 processor and less RAM and storage, if you are looking for ultimate tablet and laptop experience.

Apple 13″ MacBook Pro

Latest Price

No laptop review lost will go without a MacBook. MacBook were always popular choice by the writers and music producers. They are faster than Windows laptops and provide more premium experience. This model comes with 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 with Turbo speed of up to 3.6 GHz, a 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD. For graphics card it uses Intel integrated GPU. This model uses 13.3 inch screen with 2560 x 1600 resolution. This laptop has enough battery for 12 hours. For connectivity it uses a couple of Thunderbolt ports. This is a very premium and a powerful laptop with a premium price tag.

Acer Aspire

Latest Price

This is a nice budget laptop with good specs and good quality materials. It is powered by Intel Celeron 2.6GHz processor with 4GB DDR4 Memory and 64GB SSD for storage. The screen is 14 inch Full HD panel and there is a version of this laptop that features 15.6 inch Full HD screen. There are also models with cheaper and older i3 and more expensive i5 processors. The laptop features impressive 6.5 hours battery life. The keyboard is backlit and there is a fingerprint reader. There is a windows 10 installed in this laptop.

Lenovo Yoga Book

Latest Price

This is another great 2-in-1 laptop which is a tablet and a laptop. This does not feature a removable keyboard, but the screen can be turned 180 degrees. It is powered by 7th Gen Intel Core i5-7200U 2.5GHz Dual-Core processor, 16GB DDR4 Memory, 256GB SSD and Intel integrated graphics. The screen is a 15.6 inch full HD IPS panel HD Graphics 400. This laptop uses Windows 10 as its operating system. Its tablet model also comes with Full HD Touchscreen IPS. One of interesting features is the support for Dolby Atmos Sound with dual speakers. Lastly, this laptop can last up to 7 hours on a single charge.

Wrapping Up

There are many laptops that can be used for accounting. In this list we covered just some of them. They are good and powerful laptops and some are even can be used as tablets. They are good for students or busy accountants. This list covers several laptops at a different price point so that everyone can find what they are looking for at the price that they prefer.

best gaming mouse 2019 Computer

Best Gaming Mouse 2019 – Pick Your Next Mouse…

If you have a premium gaming PC or laptop with price tag not less than $1000 it would not deliver any significant meaning to have a $15 gaming mouse which is not a guarantee for long lasting experience. So, best gaming mouse 2019 review post will help you pick the premium one out of top 10 most durable and reliable gaming mice.

No Time To Read? Click For Top Gaming Mouse Picks

Best Gaming Mouse 2019

Swiftpoint Z
Gigabyte Aivia Uranium [Best Gaming Mouse]
Razer Diamondback Salamander
Razer RZ01
SteelSeries Rival 300
Razer DeathAdder Chroma
Logitech G5

Swiftpoint Z

Latest Price

The Z model’s most prominent feature is 50+ unique clicks and gestures which allows the user to get multiple actions while almost not moving fingers. Mouse will be in total control while making dozens of actions. Another surprising feature is a force click pressure that feels how hard the user clicks buttons. Total 5 buttons assist to bring a feedback by 3 level of hard clicking. This helps where the user made hard clicks. Overall, this gaming mouse brings full control by wired connection.

Gigabyte Aivia Uranium

Latest Price

Having a Ghost macro station for additional monitoring and control this wireless mouse has twin-eye gaming laser sensor, on the fly DPI switching, user interface, ten programmable buttons, dual functional wheel controller and two AA batteries slot. Note: you need to check the power of batteries before starting the game.


Latest Price

G903 SPECTRUM can be both wired and wireless. Its 11 programmable buttons will work after you install the software. The RGB lighting is also programmable by delivering 16.8 million colors. Again, wired feature is the great for replacing AA batteries. The wireless feature is also great for gamers who don’t like wires.


Latest Price

Barely assembled look gives Cougar 700M questionable reliability. Insted having RGB lighting, LED is a quite good choice for being out of crowd. Sensing lazer technology works by 8200 dpi. Just like any other gaming mouse, this model works by program that is downloaded and installed in the PC or laptop. It’s okay for no wireless feature. You will save time from buying batteries.

Razer Diamondback Salamander

Latest Price

Wired gaming mouse from Razer includes seven programmable and optimized for game buttons, optical sensors which are always on to provide better precision and instant response, with frame rate 6400 frames per second 1600 dpi sensors provide high speed for quick action and 16 bit data path. For simplicity lovers this type of mouse is a perfect choice.


Latest Price

S8 model is designed for quiet gaming to bring noiseless experience if roommates demand peaceful condition. This mouse has four color LED lighting options. Besides that, seven buttons have mute clicking ability for a user. If you are a student living in hostel with several friends, this gaming mouse is a perfect option to buy.

Razer RZ01-02120100-R3U1 Lancehead

Latest Price

With an option of wired and wireless gaming, Razer RZ01 features 5G sensing, 16,000 DPI, 210 IPs, mechanical switches, 9 programmable buttons, 24 hours life battery and custom lighting. Perfect match for Razer mechanical keyboards. Moreover, its price is very attractive by showing a price tag less than $140.

SteelSeries Rival 300

Latest Price

Special designed for Global Offensive Rival 300 has wired connection along with 6 programmable buttons. Resolution reaches up to 6500 CPI. For extended comfort and clicking, it includes large rubber grips. Global Offensive needs precise mouse so it brings perfect aim, accel and snapping. Lifespan is up to 30 million clicks. For GO lovers I strongly recommend this precise mouse.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Latest Price

Precisely designed for World of Tanks players who love to click so hard as their budget mice become obsolete within one week. Fingers firmly control the mouse due to rubber sided grips. Its optical sensors have 6400dpi giving pretty fast reactions. Moreover, five programmable buttons deliver most durable quality to the mouse. Additionally, 16.8 million colors lighting is featured to decorate the online game like World of Tanks.

Logitech G5

Latest Price

The legend Logitech still strives to offer the only best mouses to premium PCs and laptops. One feature I love in this mouse is tilt scroll which allows the user to scroll horizontally. What a nice feature! Other benefits from this solid looking mouse are 6.5-foot cable length, 2000 dpi resolution, weight adders and five buttons which do not require a software to run. Simple to use.

Wrapping Up

All the mice from this list are legit to use for long term gaming. I chose only premium mice to proof they are the only best among cheap mouse offering market. For over $100 you can get the gaming mouse which will deliver long lasting experience. Mouse looks cheap and small but it plays a significant role that decides who wins and loses.

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Buying guide

When purchasing any bit of innovation, there will dependably be forms that will oblige it to guarantee the best quality item is decided for your specific needs. As much as individuals don’t consider their ordinary mouse, it can assume a critical part in your gaming enterprises.

A fundamental mouse that you get with a PC, for instance, is intended to enable you to parchment and tap on things on the net. Nobody sat down at a table and considered upgrading it for gaming in this way when playing with it, you may end up off guard The mouse you are utilizing won’t be high caliber or have any additional info catches.

The standard mouse that you get may not scroll sufficiently quick to coordinate your response time to being shot at in a diversion making your score endure.

To settle this issue, we need to take a gander at the reseller’s exchange mice you can buy and the highlights that they may have to best suit your gameplay.


What sort of diversions would you say you are purchasing this mouse for? Recognize what level of gaming you need to get into to help locate the best mouse for you. In the event that you simply need to play non-aggressive amusements on your Steam account, at that point you might not have any desire to pay for the speediest innovation available.

Then again, on the off chance that you are aggressive, however the diversions are turn based you may not require that cutting-edge of a mouse also. The requirements of your mouse rely upon how and what you play as gamers. Figure “what do I require out of a mouse to get the most out of my amusement?”


The type of a mouse can fluctuate broadly starting with one brand then onto the next. Some have a position of safety while others are tall and thick. A few mice will have sharp edges while others are more adjusted.

You ought to likewise be taking a gander at the width of the mouse in contrast with your hand. You likewise need to consider how you how your mouse. There are ordinarily three distinctive ways that individuals usually hold mice, or they rehearse a type of half and half where they combine more than one. Here’s a short breakdown of each grasp write.

Palm: You have your whole hand on the mouse with your fingers laying level on it. This is the most well-known approach to grasp a mouse. It requires almost no vitality however needs accuracy.

Paw: The hook grasp utilizes just the external parts of your hand. This uses the tips of your fingers and the base of your hand simply over the wrist. It isn’t as alright with a hold as palm, yet it awards you significantly more accuracy.

Fingertip: The fingertip hold removes your hand from the condition leaving just your fingers directing the mouse. This offers the most exactness however will probably destroy you rapidly.

On the off chance that you’d get a kick out of the chance to perceive what each hold looks like view this video. Consider which one you don’t simply while you’re perusing the web yet additionally while you’re somewhere down in battle in a diversion.

Since you’ve worked out what sort of hold you favor we can begin making inquiries.


You don’t need to quantify your hands for a correct size, simply know about how enormous your hands are contrasted with normal individuals. Mull over your normal ring size, how tall you are, and in the event that you have short, tubby fingers or not.

On the off chance that despite everything you aren’t sure, consider the mouse you’re working with now, if it’s a standard office mouse, how can it feel in your grasp? Would you be able to serenely hold something greater?

It is safe to say that you are a left given mouse client? It is evaluated that 10% of the total populace is left-given. Is it accurate to say that you are? On the off chance that you are, at that point you will locate that numerous gaming mice aren’t worked for you, or a few organizations outline a left-gave variant of their mouse.

Which hand you use for your mouse will be significant due to ergonomics and catch placement.Different mouse best gaming mouse

On the off chance that a mouse doesn’t indicate it can be utilized by left-gave individuals or can be able to use both hands, at that point it’s imaginable that it won’t be agreeable for left gave individuals to utilize and regardless of whether you can think that its agreeable. It is conceivable that you won’t have the capacity to utilize the catches as they will be in the wrong places for your fingers.

What sort of hold do you utilize? At this point you ought to have an entirely smart thought of what sort of mouse hold you utilize. This is the place the profile of the mouse becomes possibly the most important factor.

Palm: Look for a prominent, an ergonomic mouse that you can easily glass in your grasp.

Paw: This grasp is great with pretty much any mouse. Be that as it may, it is critical to ensure that your fingers won’t delay the mouse cushion, so in view of that search for mice that have little lips that will shield your fingers from hauling.

Fingertip: You will need a position of safety, littler mouse for this hold style.


How much a mouse weight can affect exactness and speed when you’re in an amusement. A few mice will enable you to add and evacuate little weights to modify the mouse to your wants.

In any case, some trust that a mouse ought to be as light as could be expected under the circumstances and you should utilize DPI change in accordance with modify the exactness and speed. DPI remains for spots per inch and is utilized to gauge how far a cursor moves.

This is basic for individuals playing first individual shooters where accuracy is the contrast between a headshot and missing altogether. Numerous mice accompany the capacity to change the DPI in a generally wide range.

They additionally shield you from getting strain in your arm from the heaviness of the mouse. Be that as it may, individuals who need a more credible feel will run for a mouse with weight to it.

Do you need a genuine feel to your gaming background? If so search for a mouse that enables you to include and evacuate weight voluntarily. Remember however that this will add to exhaustion and cause distress.

Would you like to have the capacity to change the DPI for various amusements? Search for a mouse that enables you to spare profiles. They ordinarily will spare the DPI you have set and in addition give the gleam on your mouse a particular shading.

Along these lines you know precisely which profile you’re utilizing, and you can set it up, so the shading matches the logo of the amusement.


A few, however unquestionably not all gaming mice accompany more than the customary number of catches on them. Mice planned particularly to play MMOs can have upwards of 20 catches on them!

I’m a MMO player, and I’m not in any case beyond any doubt what I would do with that numerous catches. With catches you can program them to be sure keys from a console, making it so you can play a diversion one handed.Razer Naga best gaming mouse

That leaves your console hand free just to explore, strafe or… .other one gave interests.

Do you find that your hand on your console is extremely occupied? On the off chance that yes, think about what number of activities, UI capacities, and assaults you might have the capacity to exchange to your mouse. Remember that for the vast majority of these you will utilize your thumb or child finger.

In case you’re glad playing the way you generally have you can simply get a mouse that doesn’t have additional catches by any means.

What sort of hold do you utilize? The sort of grasp you utilize could affect your capacity to utilize the catches on a mouse. Palm grasp will have the most straightforward time while fingertip may think that its troublesome.

Do you have long fingers? Individuals with long fingers now and then experience difficulty utilizing the little catches in favor of mice as they’re in odd positions. Having long fingers can likewise make it hard to utilize MMO mice which have networks of catches, it’s anything but difficult to squeeze more than one by botch.


In customization, we’re contemplating lights and profiles. Numerous gaming mice will add LEDs inside to give you some customization to your mouse. Numerous will offer in excess of 16 million hues, however actually one green isn’t unfathomably unique in relation to the following.

These lights will be in a wide range of examples. Now and again it’s the logo of the organization that made the mouse. Here and there it’s rebel lightning.

A few mice will enable you to program distinctive settings including catch design, shading customization, and DPI. These would all be able to be spared as a total bundle called a profile.

Commonly you will utilize diverse profiles for various amusements, all things considered, you wouldn’t utilize a similar secure set in WoW that you would in Stardew Valley or Battlefield.

How much customization you need is altogether up to you, however similarly as with all things, the more customization, the better your experience will be.

What number of various sorts of diversions do you play? In case you’re known to jump sorts a ton, you may need a mouse that will spare your distinctive profiles.

Simply recall that it will require some investment for you to become acclimated to exchanging between them.

Is looking cool critical to you? On the off chance that it is, investigate what parts of the mice illuminate and what beating designs they offer. Know that there are some low-end mice out there that have exceptionally restricted light customization so you may just have the capacity to pick from a bunch of hues.

Additionally, there are a few mice that can’t have their lights stop without unplugging the mouse completely. Notwithstanding when the PC is killed.


Take a gander at the underside of your mouse, the part the contacts the work area. Contingent upon how old your mouse is you may see the light or if it’s an old mouse, a ball. Mice with balls aren’t made any longer as innovation has progressed to give us optical mice.

This light is the manner by which your mouse knows whether it’s moving or not. There are really two various types of optical mice available today, however to keep away from disarray one is called optical and the other, a fresher one is called laser.

Laser mice can be utilized on numerous more sorts of surfaces that optical can’t, similar to glass. Laser mice additionally offer a higher scope of DPI. Lastly, laser mice will track marginally after you lift it up where optical won’t.

A laser is by and large considered the better alternative of the two for gamers as it offers more assortment with not very many drawbacks other than the cost. Be that as it may, how would you know which one is for you?

What sort of surface will you utilize your mouse on?
Odds are you’ll be utilizing a mouse cushion or the like. Optical mice can experience issues here and there on unadulterated dark surfaces on the grounds that there isn’t any unique in relation to one minute to the following.

In case you will utilize it on glass, you should go for the laser alternative as optical won’t enlist the glass being there by any means.

Do you need higher DPI?

In case you’re searching for a wide range with regards to DPI customization, at that point a laser mouse is the best choice for you. Be that as it may, there are some who guarantee that laser mice don’t execute too at bring down DPI. In this way, on the off chance that you know, you will utilize low DPI a great deal you may think about running with optical.

Is taken a toll an essential factor?

Laser mice are new and still viewed as top of the line. Therefore, in case you’re hoping to get a laser mouse you should pay more. For a few, this could be a major issue.

Over the long haul however they will get less expensive and lower end brands will begin utilizing them too. Yet, until at that point, be set up to pay. Then again, you can get a shabby, nitty gritty optical mouse for not as much as what it would cost you for a junk food lunch.


It might appear like an odd thing, yet the link that appends your mouse to your PC can limitlessly change your involvement with your mouse. To start with, it ought to be said that remote mice are viewed as unfortunate for gaming on the grounds that there is an extremely slight slack between your movement and when the development happens.

It tends generally to be jerk gamers who remark on this, however, so in case you’re more easygoing, you can joyfully utilize a remote mouse in the event that you need.

We should accept however that you do need a mouse with a link. There are many things to consider about this little part. Mouse link best gaming mouse

How far from your PC will your mouse sit?

A few mice accompany an unbelievably long 6 feet of link which for the vast majority is much more than they require. In any case, if for reasons unknown your PC isn’t right alongside your screen the length will be critical.

In the event that you have an additional link, you can simply move it up and store it, so it’s off the beaten path of your feet. Or on the other hand do as I do and pull your mouse off the work area when you get up in light of the fact that your feet get captured.

Interlaced versus Normal Cables: Braided links offer an additional layer of assurance to the mouse’s link while likewise adding to the visual interest of the mouse. Be that as it may, it can make more delay the mouse and make for an awkward and irritating gaming background.

Which one is best for you? Does your mouse string take a great deal of manhandle? On the off chance that it does, take a gander at twisted. In the event that it doesn’t, and you couldn’t care less about what it would seem that, run with a general one.


The product is the thing that enables a mouse to be tweaked. This is the place you’ll set the shade of the lights, your DPI, and what the catches do. Be that as it may, not all product is made equivalent.

For example, Razer mice are viewed as the highest point of the line for gaming, yet their product is pretty all around loathed.

Lower end mice will have programming that is just accessible on the plate the mouse accompanies, and at times, they won’t make an interpretation of it to English.

By and large, the product keeps a mouse from being utilized on Macs. Unfortunately programming appears to regularly be an overlooked piece of the mouse creation process and will change contingent upon mark. Subsequently, you don’t get numerous decisions with it.

Simply make certain when you’re getting a mouse that you take a gander at the audits of the product for it.

Since you know the things to pay special mind to when you’re purchasing a mouse here are a not many that I’ve picked from three diverse value ranges.


As dependably have a foreordained value point to go off of. There is a mouse out there for each financial plan regardless of whether you don’t have heaps of cash to contribute as of now. At times the least expensive bits of innovation can be the best one’s you will ever possess.

In the event that you can investigate bargain chasing when shopping on the web utilize devices to analyze costs through various destinations and record specs to look at of the considerable number of mice you like. In the event that shopping in a store takes notes of offers going on that may profit your wallet by utilizing advertisements and the store’s site before going out.

Comfort and Responsiveness

Solace is likewise a noteworthy player. You don’t need a mouse that just feels like a major hunk of plastic in your grasp. You need something that feels smooth and has simple to grasp material that won’t influence you to get sweat-soaked palms immediately.

The wheel should be made of agreeable elastic, so you won’t get sore spots on your fingers from turning it quick too. You have to ensure that the mouse you’re purchasing is appraised exceptionally for it’s playability time, and in addition its exactness in diversion.

There are many materials that mice are made out of these days. Pick one that works best with your skin, and in the event that you can ensure it’s breathable, so you won’t get sweat-soaked palms amidst a match.


This will likewise play into whether you will need a remote or wired mouse. While some remote mice are known to be inconceivably quick at exchanging snap to your PC, the shot of postponement is there, between gaming mouse and none gaming mouse.

Then again, wires, as solid as they seem to be, have been known to act as a burden amid serious matches and might be more inclined to harm, particularly in a house with creatures or youngsters. Continuously take a gander at the speed that the mouse will exchange at contrasted with the remote rendition.

Likewise while going the remote course think about the battery life, while USB mice are ready, remote ones should be charged or have battery changes. Would you like to manage discovering power for your mouse, and if so how regularly is sensible for you?

After Thoughts

Style is something that should come last in case you’re hoping to play professionally. In case you’re simply searching for easygoing play, in any case, it’s certainly a remark about.

Do you need your mouse to have LED’s in it, if so what shading? Would you like to purchase a skin to enhance the look of your mouse, if so what composes do they effectively make skins for? What shading mouse would you say you are searching for all in all? Is there a specific shape or skin you are searching for?

A few things that may influence your mouse utilization significantly are what you utilize it on and how clean the zone you utilize it on is. A mouse is made to easily coast over a surface, however in the event that the surface it’s floating over isn’t exceptionally smooth, at that point you will get some truly bizarre footing obstruction.

A standout amongst the most essential things you can do to enhance your mouse’s development is to have a decent mousepad. On the off chance that you get a firm mouse cushion that gives the mouse a chance to move openly, yet shields you from sliding it superfluously at that point, it will improve things greatly with your gameplay.

In a similar respect dependably make a point to clean your mouse station a few times each week to keep tidy, nourishment bits, and all the little arbitrary things out of your mouse’s way. Likewise dependably play on a steady surface or work area, if the surface you play on wobbles, at that point expect your on-screen character to wobble also.

Things to keep an eye out for when searching for a decent mouse are:

• Non-perfect programming Make beyond any doubt the mouse will be good with your OS

• Sticky wheels-See if the mouse has any objections of the wheel being adhered or difficult to move when being used.

• Low Traction-Check to check whether the mouse moves well and doesn’t have obstruction while sliding it.

• Signal Strength-If the mouse is remote, verify whether there are grumblings identified with flag misfortune to the PC.

• Accuracy-How precise is the mouse with your information.

• General breakdowns Does the mouse have great surveys and how quick did it break?

These tips joined with your general needs and needs should pull you towards the sort of mice you have to take a gander at.


Try not to hurry into getting one too and take as much time as necessary and shop around, you might be astonished what gives you can discover. Continuously check surveys also, so you know precisely what you are getting when you make your last buy.

I trust our guide on the most proficient method to pick the ideal gaming mouse has helped you see the diverse essential highlights you have to search for in a gaming mouse. Bear in mind to leave us a remark in the segment underneath.

best gaming chair 2019 Computer

Best Gaming Chair 2019 – Pick The Comfiest

Early 2000s gaming community didn’t even think about gaming chair idea. Thanks to leading ergonomic chair designers who listened to the gaming community’s voices on their daily complaints. So, you decided to give comfier condition to your butt while gaming. Great Idea! This year to pick the best gaming chair 2019 can become overwhelming due to many models offered via retailers.

No Time To Read? Click For Our Top Gaming Chair Picks

Best Gaming Chair 2019

Gaming ChairReviewPrice
KILLABEE Big and Tall – Multifunction King
TOPSKY C4C-6: Win through Comfort
DXRacer Valkyrie: Classic Racer
E-Win Gaming Chair: Stylish Comfort
Merax Racing Style: Bed to Chair Transformer
Ace Bayou X Rocker: Best Console Gaming Chair
X Rocker 5172601 Surge [Editor's Choice]
Furmax Office-Gaming Chair: Only made for Boss
AutoFull Gaming Chair: Makes Your Back Breath
OpenWheeler with Gear Shifter Mount: Dream Simulation made right

The very early designs of gaming chair are inspired from racing style seats from sport cars such as prominent brand Sparco car seats with head pillow and adjustable back cushion. Not only racing style chairs now only popular but also ergonomic office chairs are preferred by long-sitting gamers who also want them with rollers and 360 degrees body rotation. Some from the best gaming chair 2019 list looks with same desing as PC has. There are many different designs which may spend your time in picking the most suitable.

Usually, gaming setups drive the attention of Instagram, 9gag and Facebook users who admire the perfection of color matching PC components and choice accuracy on gaming chair. Speaking of color matching of components like GPU, RAM, Case interior and CPU cooling some gamers also desire to match the right gaming chair to their setup in terms of price and quality. These social networks helped some gamers to show off their own special setups and eventually have driven the public opinion on compulsion for having gaming chair.

KILLABEE Big and Tall – Multifunction King

Latest Price

Style: Racing | Recline Adjustment: 155 degrees | Height Adjustment: Yes |Max Capacity: 350 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: Yes | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: Yes | Existing colors: Blue, Grey and Red | Overall dimension: 27.6″ x 22.4″x 49.6″- 52.8″ (W x D x H)

Ergonomic taste and gaming desire collapses when you purchase this amazing racing style chair from Killabee. At last, footrest is included on latest edition, plus adjustable lumbar soft cushion and headrest pillow are rightly positioned for your precious back. Stunningly, this edtion is called Big and Tall which means really made for large body and long spinal cord. Concisely, height adjustment is two dimensional and 360 degrees rotating swivel accompanied by five solid rollers enhance mobility in a gaming experience. Arm rest is adjustable as well according to your arm and hand position. Most important, 155 degrees of reclining adjustment helps you to relax and come back for a battle once more. Blue, Grey or Red colors would match gamers’ preferences and color of their newly built gaming rig. Maximum weight capacity could carry a whopping 350 lbs person. We have high expectation for this chair’s quality for long term because materials are used to make are PU leather and full steel supported structure. Truly, Killabee makes multifunctional chairs to meet your ergonomic needs especially when you aim to be on top of a leaderboard.

PROS: Nearly Perfect Design

PROS: Footrest Included

CONS: Limited Reclining

TOPSKY C4C-6: Win through Comfort

Latest Price

Style: Racing | Recline Adjustment: 175 degrees | Height Adjustment: Yes |Max Capacity: 300 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: Yes | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: Yes | Existing colors: Blue, Black and Red | Overall dimension: 27.5″ x 26″x 47.2″- 51.2″ (W x D x H)

Every gamer right now might be looking for perfect personal chair for intense gaming on keyboard or joystick controllers. Shocking 300 lbs weight limit is considerable high quality built with steel and enriched seat with PU leather. Most highlighted feature of this particular chair is soft leather covered armrest which makes you feel better in a cold condition. Lumbar cushion is removable but not adjustable. Very nicely designed headrest pillow is positioned firmly on top with special rubber ropes. What really makes a gamer to feel refreshed is a reclining adjustment to 175 degrees with extended soft footrest. Moreover, the design features with right picked colors making this gaming racing style chair to create a perfect comfort zone in a winter times. Height adjustment can go up to 51.2 inches tall. Mobility feature is built on 5 rollers and 360 degrees rotating swivel which helps you to go around the room without getting up from the chair.

PROS: Reclines to sleeping mode

PROS: Footrest Included

CONS: Cannot adjust armrest

CONS: Cannot adjust lumbar cushion

DXRacer Valkyrie: Classic Racer

Latest Price

Style: Racing | Recline Adjustment: 135 degrees | Height Adjustment: Yes |Max Capacity: 300 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: Yes | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: No | Existing colors: Gold, White and Red | Overall dimension: 27.5″ x 23″x 49.2″- 52.2″ (W x D x H)

DXRacer Valkyrie is very stylish and ergonomic racing style chair mostly inspired from intense racing movies. The 2D armrest adjustment makes your hand to type or play with precision. The body of the chair is inclined towards the gamer’s body to hug tight with comfortable wings and giving soft touch with adjustable lumbar cushion as well as head pillow. Surprising specs for calming yourself down is adjustable rocking function. Uniquely stylish legs support the 360 degree rotating swivel that are positioned on top of five strong roller wheels. Gold color seems very suitable for this style because it reminds me bumble bee from transformers movie. 300 lbs capacity is the maximum weight it can hold which is impressive for heavyweight gamers. Overall, we recommend this chair for fulltime PC gamers who often sit close to monitor holding mouse and drinking energy beverages.

PROS: Unique design

PROS: Made for tall people

CONS: No footrest

CONS: Reclines only 135 degrees

E-Win Gaming Chair: Stylish Comfort

Latest Price

Style: Racing | Recline Adjustment: 155 degrees | Height Adjustment: Yes |Max Capacity: 330 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: Yes | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: No | Existing colors: Cyan, White and Red | Overall dimension: 21.9″ x 23.2″x 49.2″- 50.8″ (W x D x H)

E-Win is specialized on ergonomics and gaming design chairs to meet your comfortable feelings when you touch every product they made. Here’s the next masterpiece created by E-Win manufacturer and it’s a staggering latest Racing style chair covered by PU leather with black and white colors. If you are tall, no problem, the height adjustment may raise your body so that your feet laid on a nice position. Armrest also includes height adjustable feature for tall and short sizes. Up and down goes lumbar cushion to support your convenient spinal position. Greatest feature of this item is a 155 degrees reclining adjustment that gives you best resting results possible. Besides white color, this product also got cyan and red impressions for different taste. All in all, this E-Win racing chair is for true gamers who appreciate their health condition and focus on PC or console games with respectable comfort.

PROS: Luxurious design

PROS: Rocking feature

CONS: No footrest

CONS: Plastic armrest

Merax Racing Style: Bed to Chair Transformer

Latest Price

Style: Racing | Recline Adjustment: 180 degrees | Height Adjustment: Yes |Max Capacity: 285 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: Yes | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: Yes | Existing colors: Blue, White, Grey and Red | Overall dimension: 28″ x 28″x 48-50″ (W x D x H)

Merax is a serious contender to other gaming chair manufacturers in terms of ergonomic design, transform feature and quality control. Stunning and unexpected feature of this premium gaming chair is transformation from chair to bed. Thanks to its 180 degrees reclining adjustment and soft PU leather material to stabilize the body into sleeping mode. Another feature to get you sleepy is a footrest extension covered by soft foam with quality leather. Armrest is able to recline with the backrest adjusting in order to cool down your hands after competitive online match. Shiny silver plated steel material is solid element for holding up to 285 lbs weighted gamer. The mighty attractive white color is a right choice for black and white PC setup area. Size matters here most because overall dimensions are seemingly bigger than other racing type chairs due to its sleeping mode function.

PROS: Transformer

PROS: Footrest included

CONS: Expensive for average gamers

CONS: Cannot adjust armrest height

Ace Bayou X Rocker: Best Console Gaming Chair

Latest Price

Style: Pedestal | Recline Adjustment: 90 degrees only | Height Adjustment: No |Max Capacity: 300 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: No | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: No | Existing colors: Black | Overall dimension: 22.6″ x 30.7″x 37.6″ (W x D x H)

Read this and rejoice console fans, this chair is just made for you. Hold your joystick and start the game from Xbox, Playstation or Ninetendo console while feeling the constant comfort through a true PU leather material plus friendly headrest. Gamers may enjoy their game with armrest or without. Stay right there and plug any advanced headset or connect any Bluetooth earpiece via built-in Bluetooth connection provided by X Rocker. The notable function of this incredible chair is rocking feature with smooth tilting. To be precise, X Rocker is suitable for relaxation and taking short power naps. 360 degrees swivel make you turn fast on action games. Apart from that, Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG Mobile games for smartphones are very appropriate for pedestal chairs like X Rocker.

PROS: Nice for Console Gaming

PROS: Headphone jack

CONS: Not for PC Gaming

CONS: No Height Adjustment

X Rocker 5172601 Surge: Best for PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile Hardcore Fans

Latest Price

Style: Floor chair | Recline Adjustment: 110 degrees only | Height Adjustment: No |Max Capacity: 300 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: No | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: No | Existing colors: Black-Red | Overall dimension: 36.8″ x 32.28″x 20.89″ (W x D x H)

Clearly, X Rocker Surge is the way to go. Mobile gamers who are hardcore PUBG and Fortnite mobile will be happy to purchase this perfection. If you have children laying around the floor you might be considering to get like one of these floor chair.  The headphone jack and Bluetooth support is seemingly fantastic for a person who is attached to his or her phone while listening music. Stunningly, built-in speakers also got you covered for playing movies and games. PU leather material keeps you warm in winter cold conditions and protects your body from getting cold. This chair got its place in a living room or personal space for console gaming setup. Fixed recline adjustment is no problem when it already can rock you to entertain.

PROS: Nice for Mobile Gaming

PROS: Headphone jack

CONS: Not for busy people

CONS: No legs

Furmax Office-Gaming Chair: Only made for Boss

Latest Price

Style: Office | Recline Adjustment: 130 degrees | Height Adjustment: Yes |Max Capacity: 280 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: No | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: No | Existing colors: Blue, Black, Grey and Red | Overall dimension: 20.47″ x 28.34″x 48-50″ (W x D x H)

Furmax is well-known company for making a greatly built ergonomic chairs. This time around you can see this chair is hybrid type between racing and office purpose. If you own business and at the same time you taking break to play intensive online games then Furmax office gaming chair is exactly what you looking for. Flawless design and used materials are really standing out to be different from other brands. PU leather and mesh mixed seating area greatly matched with black color. We are telling you that only busy gamer may see this chair suitable for him or her to fulfill the office tasks on five rollers and rotate 360 degrees from office desk till fax machine or central printer. Shape and color will make you motivated through the day for working mood and as a reward you will receive gaming time. Hooray!

PROS: Great for Part-time gamers

PROS: Flawless Design

CONS: No footrest

CONS: Cannot adjust armrest height

AutoFull Gaming Chair: Makes Your Back Breath

Latest Price

Style: Racing | Recline Adjustment: 170 degrees | Height Adjustment: Yes |Max Capacity: 330 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: Yes | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: No | Existing colors:  Red and Blue| Overall dimension: 21.3″ x 27.2″x 46.5″- 49.2″ (W x D x H)

Here we got exotic gaming racing type chair from AutoFull. Unique design from mesh and PU leather enhances the attraction from hardcore gamers. Back support looks deep and firmly hugs your back. Detachable lumbar cushion is very stylish in its own league. Back support mesh design provides room to breathe and prevents body sweating. Once more, adjustable armrest height reaches to your arm level and keeps you steady. Recline adjustment can bend till 170 degrees effectively to deliver comfortable sleeping time after a long gaming period. Height adjustment for gamer is very important feature here starting from 46.5” to 49.2” options. Available colors are red and blue for distinct preferences. Smooth rolling wheels help you to move around everywhere in the room.

PROS: Good for summertime

PROS: Sketchy Design

CONS: No footrest

CONS: No adjustable lumbar cushion

OpenWheeler with Gear Shifter Mount: Dream Simulation made right

Latest Price

Style: Racing Simulation | Recline Adjustment: 110 degrees | Height Adjustment: No |Max Capacity: 300 lbs | Lumbar Cushion: No | Head Rest: Yes | Footrest: Gaming Pedals required | Existing colors:  Black, Orange, Yellow, Red and Blue| Overall dimension: 60″ x 32″x 40″(W x D x H)

Gaming chair designs got too far especially OpenWheeler racing simulation chair for driving simulation and games like Euro Truck simulator. Amazingly, this chair deserves to be on every video game racers’ shopping carts. The suitable mount for pedals and steering wheel are compatible with Logitech G920 Racing wheel and responsive pedals. Another mount made for gear selection controller also for Logitech G driving force shifter that compatible with G29 and G920 racing wheels. The driver’s seat may tilt to front and back according to the person’s legs. Seat style is exactly similar to racing car seat with effective body hugging. Absolutely, OpenWheeler is compatible to PS4, Xbox One X, SEGA, PC or Ninetendo Wii. For new drivers we would like to recommend this immersive simulator chair in order for you to improve driving skills.

PROS: Total racing simulation chair

PROS: Compact design

CONS: No lumbar cushion

CONS: Limited reclining

Bit of History

Since the release of initial gaming chair design by DXRacer company the gaming chair craze started and has never fallen from gamers preferences. The successful marketing campaign from DXRacer enhanced the mindset of hi-tech shops to embrace the strong current. The reason why it’s very stunningly widespread because at last current gamers started to think about their backbone health and body shape.

If you listen to your body’s needs on correcting the posture while playing game on PC or console fortunately you may find this special article useful for long term health investment. We strongly recommend for you to devote on your own posture and spinal cord health by selecting the top 10 recommended best gaming chair list. Our editorial staff did their best research picking up top 10 new ergonomic and stylish gaming chairs just to cheer you up for gaming occasions.

Tips to Buy Gaming Chair

Gaming chair selection process is not hard to complete when a person knows what purpose it needs to serve for a newbie or expert gamer. Similar to gaming hardware, the gaming chair also evolved to obtain specifications (specs) overtime. Ostensibly, office purpose chair is easy to choose for everyone because it has three basic characteristics which are back support, arm rest and 5-wheel rollers for quick mobility. Obviously, gamers prescribed perfect gaming chair with eight or more specs. Nowadays, in order to top the leaderboards you also presumably should have comfortable physical environment for harmony between body and mind. Speaking of harmony, our top 10 gaming chair list is inspired from expert’s recommendations and ready to provide outstanding gaming chairs to enhance your gaming experience according to following tips.


What is ergonomics, and how to implement it? Ergonomics is the study of human body condition in a working environment in order to achieve greater efficiency to utilize the office tools and body comfort. Nowadays, Gamers find themselves also important since gaming industry exploded into money making specifically in esports department when the champions fighting champions while remaining with good body posture and environment. Determining the perfect chair requires simple research on your body comfort preference and relaxation position. Mostly, hybrid chairs mixed with office and racing style seat deliver efficient convenience.

Seat Style

Famous seat style is racing type chairs that are really created for fulltime gamers and helps shoulders and back through racing inspired car seat back support. Usually, they include lumbar cushion for spinal correction and headrest pillow for proper neck position. On the other hand, pedestal styled seats are getting strong support from console and mobile gamers due to their thick foam and extensive rocking function.

Recline Adjustment

Very important feature in gaming chair specs is a maximum reclining degree to reach the position of sleeping mode. After stressful job or tiring gameplay will make you to obtain time break for energy recovery.

Weight Limit

Majority of contemporary gaming chairs could carry up to 300 lbs heavy person. Thanks to their steel frame structure. Average gamers would choose a chair with a capacity of 250 lbs that is considered as normal choice.


PU leather covered skin material on the gaming chair is simplest and practical for most people due to its long durability. Conventional chair’s structural frame made of steel and carbon are also playing crucial role on holding your body to be balanced.

Armrest Adjustment

For hardcore gamers armrest function is significant while taking a break or chatting via smartphone and simultaneously playing with other hand. Adjusting armrest pillars to preferred height is a bit of comfort achievement for your arms.

Height Adjustment

Sitting on budget office chair finally realizing that you need height adjustment feature will push your body ergonomic requirement into whole new level. Height adjustment function enhances your feet to rest well as a result of sitting higher.

Lumbar cushion

Racing type seats often include lumbar cushion in their package. The purpose of that cushion is to ensure the correct spinal posture while pushing your back to the chair’s back support.

Head pillow

Soft pillow support while gaming helps your neck position balanced. Racing and pedestal type seats provide detachable or integrated head pillow to reach maximum comfort for neck’s health. Besides, sleeping time with soft pillow on your gaming chair would enrich new energy to fight back to the game.


Extending your feet on relaxing times and have bit of power nap really make your gaming life better than before. Footrest feature came in to the gaming chair functions to be the extension for incredible bed transformation.

Rocking Function

Pedestal chairs have most juicy rocking function to cool you down or refresh your mind while holding gaming smartphone. Most chairs now support this ability but not effective as pedestal ones.


Moving around on rollers while in sitting position develops office multitasking skills and ability to reach far items for work and personal needs. Inspired by early office chairs, nowadays gaming chairs also started to include this amazing specs.

Wrapping up

For conclusion part we have come here to find common ground on defining the right gaming chair. Firstly, ergonomics matters the most depending what purpose your tasks serve. Of course, you want a perfect ergonomic gaming chair for balancing your body structure and seating type, surely, by default will be racing style. For console and mobile gamers we recommend pedestal chairs for right body relaxing posture. Lumbar cushion and headrest pillow are the additional extensions that provide correctness of spinal and neck stance. Hence, footrest and rocking functions will deliver nice sleeping time to recover for next gaming battle. At last, mobility functions consisting five rollers and 360 degree rotating swivel develop your multitasking abilities for busy days and playing games for personal enjoyment rewards.

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