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best high end highlighters Beauty & Personal Care

Best High End Highlighters

To achieve amazing results in using highlighters you need only premium versions. Now we are going to share with you 10 best high end highlighters for luxury looking makeup.

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10 Best High End Highlighters


  • The collection of face, eyes and body highlighters.
  • Regardless the effect, GLOW OUT intrigues by its structure and the diversity of shimmering particles in several colour variations.
  •  To highlight particular parts of the face apply with Makeup Brush 38SS, 3P or 24SS.
  • To highlight particular parts of the body use Makeup Brush 51S or 1SS.

User said: “I bought #33. I used Tarte highlighter (which I loved) prior to buying this one and I can honestly say I will never by Tarte again. This one was so creamy it glided like a dream. I just needed one brush stroke to highlight my cheekbones and leave the perfect amount of shimmer. I wont use another highlighter ever again.”

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Undone Beauty

    • Natural Coconut Extract for Dewy Glow


    • Vegan and Cruelty Free


  • Meant for Medium Tan Skin with Olive Tones

User said: “Love it, covers imperfections with ease, light and easy to apply, definitely works as described, silky on skin and not heavy looking, for $8 you get a excellent tool for your beauty arsenal.”

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Le Duo Contour

  • Premium Stick Highlighter
  • Immediate effect
  • Dual color

User said: “This is easy to use. I love the fact that both contour and highlighter are in the same package. It finishes off my makeup leaving me confident.”

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trèStiQue Highlight Stick

  • Features a smooth cream-gel formula that applies like silk.
  • Delivers a super natural, never too shimmery, always glowing look with built-in sponge for easy application.
  • Custom Magnetic Seal Cap to keep your makeup bag clean.

User said: “I am in love with this product! I’ve been looking for a highlighter I can wear both every day and when I feel like going for a more glam look for some time now and I finally found it. I love that the pigment isn’t too shiny/sparkly and that it’s super easy to apply/blend with the dual-sided design. 10/10 recommend.”

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  • Ultra-concentrated illuminating and bronzing drops that allow you to customize your ideal glow with a liquid metal or sunkissed finish
  • Available in nine universal shades, including seven illuminators and two matte bronzers, these customizable drops can be used to create a buildable highlight or sunkissed tint
  • Use them alone for a light reflective strobing or bronzing effect even on top of powder, or add them to your favorite liquid foundation or skincare product for an all-over glow
  • Formulated with a high concentration of ultra-refined pearls, the two bronzing drops (Sunkissed and Sunset) offer a natural matte finish and the seven illuminating drops produce a liquid metal finish
  • The more drops you use, the more luminosity or bronze you’ll get, allowing you to customize your glow

User said: “Excellent product!”

Latest Price


    • Enhance your skin complexion in an instant. Get your best look when you dab these 8 glowing tones where the light naturally hits your face


    • With its lightweight formula, this highlighting palette blends flawlessly to your skin while enhancing your natural skin tone


    • This powder palette stays on the face as long as your look is on. It doesn’t fade or leave creases so you’ll enjoy wearing it all day long


  • Contains no harmful chemicals or ingredients. This ensures you that our product is safe for all areas of the face and body, and highly complements all skin types and skin tones

User said: “AMAZING color! This is the ultimate highlight pallette. The colors are vibrant, shiny, and beautiful. Packaging was tight and secure so not one bit of it was broken or cracked. This will be something I order again when I run out and for the price… Whaaaaaaat! Great buy. The description says two matte colors but they all seem metallic and shiny too me. I don’t mind at all, though.”

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    • It is wet, smooth, soft & creamy. suitable and flattering on all skin tones. In addition, it won’t foreground the pores on face, producing the similar effect of high beam.


    • The beautiful palette has 6 stunning duo chromatic shades, ranging from a beautiful yellow gold to a stunning lilac-pink to a enchanting icy green.


  • Different with the typical powder highlighters, the creamy smooth formula of the Aurora palette glides onto skin and smooths over texture as opposed to accentuate it. This is particularly flattering on mature skin as the formula won’t accentuate fines lines and pores.

User said: “This high lighter is on point! like wow its a little expensive but their is 6 colors the pigments are so deep shimmering and gorgeous ! the powerder is soft and it actually wont crack you can smooth it all back together ! that is quality to me the pallet its made from is pretty durable i wish i can up load a pic !!!! but i am in love great buy”

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Beauty Creations

  • Show off your sweetness with The Baked Pops highlight palette from Beauty Creations.
  • Each display comes with twelve separate palettes.

User said: “I absolutely love these highlighter! I’m in my early 60’s and my skin tends to look drab but with these I highlight my cheeks and around my eyes and it just perks my skin up and gives me a nice glow, I mean who doesn’t want a little brighter look ,am I right ladies?!”

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Alima Pure

    • Glowing peach that flatters most light to medium skin tones


    • An illuminating loose mineral powder that imparts a healthy natural glow


    • Wear it on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, eyes, and shoulders


  • Vegan and free of fragrance, gluten, nuts, parabens, sulfates, phthalates

User said: “I’ve tried many different highlighters and this is by far my favorite. Its very natural looking and leaves a beautiful shimmer without being glittery or metallic. And although it is a little pricey, it lasts for a long time.”

Latest Price


    • Packaged in a sleek, travel-friendly mirrored palette. Great for everyday use or for special occasions. Each cream is highly pigmented with incredible payoff. Designed to gradually build up your contour and highlight for a flawless, airbrushed effect.


    • Contains removable and refillable pans; 3 cream foundation/concealer shades for contouring and 3 illuminating creams for highlighting. Create the illusion of higher cheekbones, a smaller forehead, a softer jawline or a slimmer nose while drawing light to the areas you want to highlight.


  • All six contour and highlight shades can be mixed and matched. You can create a perfect blend that will work for your skin tone, whether it be fair to light, medium or dark.

User said: “Omg I’m in love I used it today and I’m so impressed 😍 this is my new fav one in love no words in this picture I’ve used the aesthetica contour cream 😊”

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best face concealers Beauty & Personal Care

Best Face Concealers

Normally, concealer is pricier, than foundation, so such approach to makeup is likely to break the bank. If you want to use concealer all over the face, you will likely need more than 1 color not to look flat. Use the lighter color under eyes, and darker shade for the rest of the face. Today, for the sake of your beauty, we list 10 best face concealers for any skin type.

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10 Best Face Concealers

Hidden Agenda



  • Provides deep coverage by hiding dark circles in plain sight.
  • HIDDEN AGENDA is the definition of professional coverage, application, and wear.
  • Vitamin K also helps to fight against evil circles and flaws.

User said: “Works really well to cover minor spots.”

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Bren New York

    • Covers Up Blemishes


    • “Tea Tree Oil”


  • Vitamin B, C and E

User said: “Great product to cover and heal acne. It is gentle and won’t burn, itch or hurt the skin. This product must be place quickly before it dries and it’s easy to wash off. The color is close to my skin color so it covers nicely while it heals.”

Latest Price

Frankie Rose Cosmetics

  • Bright color
  • Available in other colors
  • All the natural ingredients 

User said: “I like this concealer. I use it as an undereye concealer as well and it does the job. It does not irritate my skin — and I do have sensitive skin to most makeup. So I can recommend it. I do think it needs to be reapplied — sometimes I use it together with another product for this reason.”

Latest Price

Alima Pure

    • Sand – Matches most fair skin tones


    • A loose mineral concealer that hides blemishes and discoloration


    • Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive


  • Vegan and free of fragrance, gluten, nuts, parabens, sulfates, phthalates

User said: “awesome under-eye concealer. Does not settle into creases, just natural, flawless coverage. I use only a light application. I can get a little cakey if you try to build too much.”

Latest Price

Hynt Beauty

    • Avocado coil


    • Aloe vera leaf


  • Cupuacu seed butter

User said: “Love this concealer! I’ve tried TONS of high and drug store quality concealers that worked well but all of them clogged my pores and had tons of chemicals that I do not want on my skin. The coverage is wonderful but not extremely buildable.”

Latest Price

Maybelline New York

    • Instantly erases the appearance of dark circles and fine lines


    • Under eye concealer visibly diminishes the appearance of puffiness


    • Eye area looks radiant and refreshed


  • Anti-aging dark circle treatment contains goji berry and haloxyl to help erase appearance of dark circles and fine lines

User said: “I have used this product for years under my eyes, and have found that it blends and covers much better using a wet brush to blend after using the sponge applicator. It eliminates the cakey buildup and settling into creases that I originally experienced. I also recently had plastic surgery to revise a large dog bite scar on my lower lip and chin, and use this to conceal the incision while it heals. The pictures are one month post surgery with and without the product. It covers very well and is barely noticeable.”

Latest Price

Glo Skin

  • Effortlessly correct and conceal pimples, acne scars, dark spots, and other imperfections with this non-oily concealer designed to provide coverage without clogging pores.
  • Formulated with rich pigment and an exclusive antioxidant blend to nourish the skin.

User said: “I use this as foundation. I have used it for a couple years now. I can only find it on Amazon. I LOVE IT! I am fair skinned, my face is a little darker than my body, so I get the natural color. I apply it with a foundation brush. It covers up all the weird colorations on my face. Best stuff ever. If anyone else says something different, don’t listen to them.”

Latest Price


    • Smoothing liquid concealer for full coverage. Covers, corrects and perfects skin imperfections such as uneven skin tone and under eye circles. Provides seamless, flawless camouflage in ultra-smooth finish.


    • Concealer flaws imperfections skin and cover dark circles with a weightless feel and natural skin finish.


  • Invisible Liquid Concealer gives you lightweight and flawless look in whole day .This blemish concealer blends in and virtually disappears.

User said: “Smallest bottle but luckily you don’t need but a small dab for good coverage…now that I see how small bottle is I can tell you it’s not a good price for it…”

Latest Price

Urban Decay

  • An easy-to-use concealer available in all skin tones that hides imperfections and stays put with a matte finish.
  • This creamy formula blends easily and then dries down smudge-free.
  • The convenient pencil form makes precise application a breeze and eliminates the mess of brushes or dipping your finger into a pot.

User said: “Received as described, brand new in box and fast shipping. This product is great, not only is is cheaper than the concealer I used before, it also stays on longer and I love the pencil, it is super easy to apply and no mess. I gate it 4 stars because it does crease a little under the eyes.”

Latest Price

Lasting Perfection

    • Conceals imperfections and blemishes for up to 16 hours Features


    • Water resistant and transfer proof


  • Multiple award-winning

User said: “This Concealer is AMAZING!!! I saw this in more than one of Zoella’s youtube videos and I had to order! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!”

Latest Price

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Best Brushes For Long Hair Beauty & Personal Care

Best Brushes For Long Hair

When it comes to choosing a good hair brush for your long hair can be a real task. There are a huge number of brands available online, and which one will be suitable for you, is hard to find out. Today, we list 10 best brushes for long hair.

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10 Best Brushes For Long Hair


    • High concentration Negative ions, feeling 12 million/cm3 Negative ions treatments, Neutralize static electricity, reduce hair short-tempered, lock water and moisten hair, help you regain confidence.


  • Vibrating Massage brush to Relieve fatigue and let your scalp relax, Improve Hair Growth, Prevent Hair Loss, Dandruff Scalp

User said: “My hair gets dry and wile sometimes. This comb can smooth and tame hair amazingly in a few minutes. It is powered by batteries so it is convenient to take along on the road. It does come with a handy bag!”

Latest Price


    • HairMaid brushes can be used by men women and kids regardless the hair type – thick or thin and curly or straight; Fine hair can take advantage our bristles, stimulating natural hair oils for healthier hair, while thicker hair will enjoy the detangling features of this hair brush


    • Beautiful gold design and styling; Soft air cushion; Comfortable holder, perfect for both soft and hard grip


  • You will never lose a bristle; No more scalp scratching; No more pain; No more slippery handle

User said: “Absolutely love this hair brush, i was on the hunt for a new hairbrush and came across this. The handle is so comfortable to hold espievally through my horrible knots. It brushes so smoothly and thorough. This was a great purchase at a good price. Thanks hairmaid”

Latest Price


    •  Natural Boar Bristle Hair Brush with boar bristle help to spread hair oil from the scalp to the tail of hair, he hair will be instantly smoothed. heal dry and frivolous hair while removing excess oil. Daily use to build a shinier, softer and healthier hair.


    • Synthetic nylon pins designed to comb, detangle and stimulate your scalp. soft ball-tipped nylon and boar bristle brush stimulates scalp while spreading natural, protective sebaceous oils from root to tip. Effectively restrain split ends, and reduce frizz.


  • Works With Any Hair Types like wet or dry, thick or thin, straight or curly. Especially those who has hair problems with loss, frizz, and scalp itching. Protect your hair from roots to the tail. Help massage your scalp and reduce itching

User said: “Soft brissles, light weight with a nice wooden handle. Goes through my hair and tangles without pulling even when the hair is wet. I’ve noticed less hair falling out and less to clean out of the brush.”

Latest Price


    • The handle is natural durable wooden finished–smooth touch and lightweight. Flexibility of the natural rubber cushion and nylon pins can help to bring out knots instead of pulling or breaking hair better. All the materials of hair brush set are processing by moisture-proof, insect-proof, anti-static treatment.


    • Adopts round nylon pins and boar bristles together satisfy you all requirement. Not only women, but also men can use the hair brush to obtain shiny and healthy hair. Whether your hair is thick, thin, curly or straight, this hair brush set is your best choice.


  • Natural wooden handle. boar bristles can neatly comb and clean the dandruff. Eco-friendly pins can gently massage your scalp and help release natural hair oil.

User said: “I almost always wear my thick long hair in a ponytail, but I get the urge to wear it down and flowing after using this brush. It kind of makes me feel like a hair model when I am done using it.”

Latest Price


    • Natural strong and hard beech wooden handle is more durable and healthier than plastic. No poor and odor smell from rubber cushion pad. Unlike the lower or cheap quality of brushes, this hair brush is 100% high quality and the nylon balls never drop easily after being handled through excellent skills


  • This Boar Bristles + Nylon Pins hair brush can help massage your scalp and spread your sebum to protect your hair from roots to the tail. Prevent sebum accumulation and pore blockage. Reduce itching. Add shine and volume

User said: “The brushes are sturdy and love how the small brush has both nylon pins and boar bristles. Work good on my straight hair with detangling, softening and adding shine as I brush my hair. Love that it doesn’t pull on my daughter’s hair as I brush her hair with it. Overall brush is good quality and I’m happy with the brushes.”

Latest Price


    • Natural wooden bristles easily take your scalp oils and apportion it over the hair. Your hair will look smooth, shiny and feel silky soft!


    • Pure wood bristles spread natural oils over the hair and cause less frizz. Daily use helps prevent hair breakage and seal in split ends.


    • Detangle all hair types easily! Wet or dry, thick or thin, straight or curly. Best for smoothing hair prior to styling.


    • The vented cushion base absorb shock from harsh brushing. Daily massage with this brush improves hair texture and stimulates hair growth.


  • Hand crafted from dense and essential oil rich natural green sandalwood. The refreshing wood aroma helps calm the mind and soothe stress.

User said: “So my hair has been really dry lately, so I’ve researched fixes and I came across using Boar bristle brushes. I got this one and I was a little leerly since I have very thick hair. It really pulls the oils down through the hair which helps with dryness. If you have thicker hair you have to brush in sections. Also have a secondary brush for detangling. But I’ve been using this for about a month now and I see a huge difference.”

Latest Price


    • Using the pins, gently massage scalp to stimulate acupressure points, increase blood circulation that promotes hair growth, and move natural oils throughout hair for greater overall hair-health. Additionally, the combination of wood and natural antistatic rubber is hypoallergenic, helping to prevent unnecessary flyaways, leaving hair smooth and silky after the first use


  • The brush has a missing pin practiced on purpose to ensure the air vent that makes the brush pneumatic and guarantees the skin massage

User said: “My hair is very fine and brittle. This hair brush is very gentle and does not break my hair like other brushes do. It was totally worth the extra money to buy this brush!”

Latest Price

Beba Boutic

    • The perfect mixture of pure boar bristles & nylon pins, this brush is perfect for detangling Thick, thin, curly, wavy hair while spreading oils from root to tips, offering a painless brushing experience.


    • Helps stimulate your scalp to improve the health of your hair, minimizes split ends, breakage and damage, increases hair shine by smoothening the cuticle layer and adds volume.


  • Bamboo is one of the most sustainable and environmentally sound plants on Earth. Our Bamboo brush with no plastic and smell. It’s an environmentally cleaner solution.

User said: “Lovely hairbrush, and definitely does the job it’s designed to do. It’s really aesthetically pleasing, too, which I like a lot.”

Latest Price


    • GrandPazar Natural Hair Brushes are suitable for women, men, kids and for all kinds of hair; thick, thin, wavy, curly, coily, straight, wet, dry, long or short.


  • Wooden material feels more durable and fits great in your hand. It doesn’t become slippery when reacted with water. Also with the wooden hair brush cleaner tool you can easily keep your hairbrush clean. It will make hairbrush clean and even more durable.

User said: “I bought it for my girlfriend. She claimed It came in a nice packaging and actually detangles my hair really well. It also came with a small brush to clean the brush.”

Latest Price


    • Boar bristles are redistributing the natural oils produced by the scalp to the end of the hair tips adding shine to the hair.


    • Dovahlia brush set includes a wood detangling comb. Detangle the hair first. Let the hair dry and after that start brushing.


  • Both women and men can use Dovahlia brush to obtain shiny and healthy hair.

User said: “This brush set is great. I originally purchased this brush for my young daughter that has fine to normal hair. It works well for her hair type. I decided to use it my hair also. I have thick hair and it also worked well on my hair. It has made my hair shiny after using it for two weeks.

I loved the personal details the packaging included. The set came in a nice linen drawstring bag with a handwritten note from the company.

Dovahlia, please consider selling a boar bristle and nylon brush for those of us with thicker hair. I would be a repeat customer. :)”

Latest Price

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Best Glossy Lipsticks Beauty & Personal Care

Best Glossy Lipsticks

Glossy lip colors can give you more bold and classy look. Why don’t you try long lasting lipsticks that are worth-buying. Today, we list 10 best glossy lipsticks to make your lips very gorgeous.

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10 Best Glossy Lipsticks


    • Infused with moisturizing Lychee fruit extract


  • Fragrance free. Clinically tested

User said: “Love this Lip-stain!!!! It is vibrant, has huge stay-power, and does not dry out your lips!”

Latest Price

EI Solutions

    • Sweet Orange 03 – a medium light matte shade of orange.


  • Very flattering for light to medium skin tones.

User said: “The color was a bit deeper in orange but I would still use it and mix it in a cosmetics dish just be careful
Not getting all over you when you mix it you can mix with a gold lipgloss to Brighton it up”

Latest Price

Lip Chock

    • Color intensity, extreme pigmentation


    • Extra long lasting. Remove with normal make-up cleanser.


  • Infused with moisturizing Lychee fruit extract

User said: Best Lip Stain 🙂

Latest Price


  • The doe foot applicator will give you easy and precise application.
  • Can be applied lip gloss by itself, or with a lip pencil and/or lipstick.

User said: “Bought this once before because I liked it so much. Wear it alone for a natural look or mix it with other colors when looking for a different tone.”

Latest Price


    • Stimulates blood flow and increase lip density for bigger, softer, fuller, more plump lips.


  • Anti aging element boosts Collagen & Elastin production giving you hydrated, smooth and revitalized lips for a younger, naturally enhanced looking lips without injections. Fills in wrinkles and lip lines promoting youthfulness.


Latest Price


  • Non-sticky, long lasting color and glossy.
  • Gotta-have-it lip gloss with explosive shine that feels as good as it looks—in one universal rose nude shade.

User said: “Makes your face look more vibrant and youthful due to color and shine.”

Latest Price


  • Long-lasting/ Waterproof;
  • Liquid Lipstick
  • Lip Gloss Advantage: Hydrating, Moisturizer, Nutritious

User said: “Bought for my daughter she loves it!”

Latest Price


    • Lightweight and silky in texture, the liquid lip tint applies fluidly and seals your lips with a blanket of moisture


    • Super buildable and blendable, which makes it perfect for applying with other colors for a gradient effect


  • The first layer pops lips with almost sheer yet vivid pigmentation

User said: “If you want some color without looking like you globbed on some goop then this is great. It’s not long lasting but a coat or two goes a long way.”

Latest Price

Laura Geller New York

  • Lustrous high-shine lip gloss topper that feels lightweight, cushiony and creamy leaving behind a sparkling sheen.
  • Light reflecting pearls impart unique finishes on top of any lip color, never sticky or tacky

User said: “This is a gorgeous lipgloss. I have the highlighter diamond dust and love this. I should have ordered more. It’s just beautiful. Not tacky or sticky. And makes my lips look bigger which I love. A definite must buy”

Latest Price


    • Pearlescent pigments are made of mica, and the unique soft pearl luster has an unparalleled effect.


    • Bees wax can lock moisture, nourish cells and protect the skin from environmental damage.


  • Delicate color, shiny lips, give you lips doubled glossy

User said: “It’s super cute must buy!!!!”

Latest Price

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Best Concealers For Combination Skin Beauty & Personal Care

Best Concealers For Combination Skin

For the combination (dry and oily) skin there are several types of concealers that deliver only expected result right after the make up. Today, we list 10 best concealers for combination skin.

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10 Best Concealers For Combination Skin

Studio Mineral Makeup

    • Completely hides dark circles / Lightens


    • Hydrates as it conceals / Actually helps heal under eye darkness


    • Natural ingredients nourish delicate skin


  • Formulated with NO Parabens, NO Gluten, NO Chemicals

User said: “The pink shade brightens eye area & amy other areas on your face that could use brightening. It is small, but you do not need much. I expect this to last many months. I hope they do not stop making this shade of this product.”

Latest Price

Becca Cosmetics

  • Contains 2 pigmented formulations in one compact
  • Medium-cover is sheer & creamy for hiding under eye circles
  • While extra-cover gives ultimate camouflage for blemishes, scars, birthmarks
  • Easily glides onto skin enabling layering & mixing
  • Loaded with anti-oxidants vitamins to fight against free radical damage
  • Free of preservatives & parabens

User said: “Becca products are by far my favorite cosmetics. I love this concealer because it gives med to full coverage, and you can mix the colors together to create the perfect shade. It’s compact, and has a mirror for on the go touch ups or application. The coverage lasts all day, especially when setting with a powder. Works amazing for under eye coverage and blemishes. Highly recommend this concealer, and Becca cosmetics!”

Latest Price


    • Unique 3-in-1 Formulation for Customizable Concealing from Sheer to Opaque Coverage.


    • Natural Coconut Extract for Dewy Glow


  • Vegan + Cruelty Free

User said: “Love it, covers imperfections with ease, light and easy to apply, definitely works as described, silky on skin and not heavy looking, for $8 you get a excellent tool for your beauty arsenal.”

Latest Price


    • The most popular concealer foundation from Japan


    • Gives an amazing natural coverage, perfect for all skin types and tones


  • Gives a flawless, porcelain smooth, perfect skin

User said: “Love this. It has great coverage and lasts forever!”

Latest Price

Alima Pure

    • Echo – For light to medium skin with warm or beige undertones


    • Traceless coverage to enhance your skin


    • Nourishing ingredients like beeswax, avocado oil, shea butter, and tocopherol soothe and protect your skin while you wear it


  • Free of fragrance, gluten, parabens, sulfates, phthalates

User said: “I like this concealer. It has a nice full coverage, feels light on the skin. Cute compact case with a small mirror. I use setting powder on top of it so it lasts longer. I love this brand, green products, Alima has really good ingredients. I’m allergic to a lot of makeup. This feels great on my skin!”

Latest Price

Burt’s Bees

    • Conceal dark circles, blemishes and minor imperfections or highlight your favorite feature in the color shade, Fair, that blends well with cool red, pink and bluish undertones


    • Conditioning, multi-benefit formula that provides 8 hour moisturization and instantly brightens your eye area with 98.5% natural ingredients


    • Emollient based formula with a natural blend of nourishing avocado oil and shea butter that blends beautifully and does not cake or settle into fine lines or wrinkles


  • All day natural make up available in three different shades to best match your skin tone for that natural flawless look without a heavy finish

User said: “I love this concealer! It blends well with my Burt’s bees B.B. cream. I will definitely keep purchasing this product.”

Latest Price

Mommy Makeup

  • Effortlessly correct and conceal pimples, acne scars, dark spots, and other imperfections with this non-oily concealer designed to provide coverage without clogging pores.
  • Formulated with rich pigment and an exclusive antioxidant blend to nourish the skin.

User said: “This is a great camouflage for any skin imperfections. Use as a concealer then continue with regular regiment. Best I have ever used!”

Latest Price

Hynt Beauty






User said: “Love this concealer! I’ve tried TONS of high and drug store quality concealers that worked well but all of them clogged my pores and had tons of chemicals that I do not want on my skin. The coverage is wonderful but not extremely buildable.”

Latest Price

Glo Skin Beauty

  • Effortlessly correct and conceal pimples, acne scars, dark spots, and other imperfections with this non-oily concealer designed to provide coverage without clogging pores.
  • Formulated with rich pigment and an exclusive antioxidant blend to nourish the skin.

User said: “I use this as foundation. I have used it for a couple years now. I can only find it on Amazon. I LOVE IT! I am fair skinned, my face is a little darker than my body, so I get the natural color. I apply it with a foundation brush. It covers up all the weird colorations on my face. Best stuff ever. If anyone else says something different, don’t listen to them.”

Latest Price

Maybelline New York

    • Instantly erases the appearance of dark circles and fine lines


    • Under eye concealer visibly diminishes the appearance of puffiness


    • Eye area looks radiant and refreshed


  • Anti-aging dark circle treatment contains goji berry and haloxyl to help erase appearance of dark circles and fine lines

User said: “Overall very good product, decent size and a good price. Even though the product isn’t meant for covering scars I put it on my surgery scar and it covered it. I’ll post before and after pictures, although i would recommend this as a scar cover because it’s meant for your face as concealer it probably won’t last on a scar just showing everyone how it covers!”

Latest Price

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best natural highlighters Beauty & Personal Care

Best Natural Highlighters

Your skin tone does not matter if you decide using natural highlighter. Today, we will show you 10 best natural highlighters from well known brands.

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10 Best Natural Highlighters

YOFI Cosmetics

    • Sparklettes natural eyeshadow is our line of dramatic, natural body glitter, nail laquer and shimmer eyeshadow


    • It is very transparent and reflective, similar to glitter, but it is made from a thin, smooth mineral platelet


    • Mineral makeup that’s soft to the touch


  • For a shimmer sheer, sparkly shimmer natural mineral makeup.

User said: “I got it in the color Aqua. it is mind-blowingly beautiful. it comes as a very fine, loose powder. It looks white in the container, but specs of blue shine can be seen in the light. when applied, it is almost unnoticeable unless the light shines on it. then, it becomes a beautiful, blue. depending on how it is applied, it can look like specs of blue glitter, or a wet-looking, glassy blue. pictures won’t do it justice. it’s super dreamy and angelic, but also reminds me of snow.”

Latest Price

NOTO Botanic

    • Discover The Secret For Yourself For A Perfectly Sheer, Dewy Glow That Hydrates, Highlights, & Heals


    • Natural & Organic Ingredients


  • Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Cruelty-Free

User said: “Product soft or more of a jell feel. But container is extremely small and you cannot fit a brush or sponge inside to apply the product.”

Latest Price

Mineral Air

    • 100% Natural Mineral Highlighting Powder


    • Our highlighting powder is ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin


    • Contains no parabens, preservatives or chemical dyes


    • Creamy, soft, lightweight highlight loose powder


  • Easily blends onto skin

User said: “This stuff is amazing, applies smoothly and a little goes a long way.”

Latest Price

Fat and The Moon

    • This Light + Silky, Mineral Based Glimmer Can Be Applied Any Place You Want To Glow


    • The Shimmer Of Beam Is Magnified With The Addition Of Madrone Spirit Medicine, A Tree Native To The Pacific Northwest That Helps Us Stay Connected To Ourselves Despite Whatever Influential Winds Might Be Blowing


    • Beam Is The Magic Love Child Of Plant Medicine & A Desire To Shake What Your Mama Gave You


  • Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Cruelty Free

User said: “Provides a natural, lit from within, radiant glow. Does not sit on top of makeup or leave highlight streaks on the face. Finally found the perfect highlighter for my minimal makeup collection.”

Latest Price


  • Cotton Blend Imported eyeshadow stick white makeup brown set gold tattoo smokey cocoa stone colors rose autumn shimmer champagne shimmering mauve gunmetal matte color milk
  • Eye shadow palettes matte shimmer natural colors glitter for green eyes cheap empty blue purple brushes set brush primer base applicator disposable sponge shields primers sticks with case sigma professional real techniques rose gold pink morphe mac eyeshadow cleaner blending elf urban decay white organic clear nyx wet n wild single sided covergirl long makeup handle large pcs reusable double
  • Glitter eyeshadow palette glue primer liquid powder set pallet pressed loose unicorn morphe cheap colors pigmented mermaid delanci and brush stila nyx mac setting spray pallete pallettes highly kara pigments silver

User said: “Its nice and attractive smooth”

Latest Price

Eye M Glam

    • It can also be mixed with moisturizer for all-over glow and mixed with water for a stronger application around the eyes. It is great on the body too


    • Giella does not believe in animal testing. She stands behind her products as being the finest in quality, texture and shade selections


  • Non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and allergy-free

User said: “I recently purchased eye m glam. I’ve heard of different celebrity make up artists using it and I can see why. It’s the perfect highlighter!”

Latest Price


  • Features a smooth cream-gel formula that applies like silk.
  • Delivers a super natural, never too shimmery, always glowing look with built-in sponge for easy application.
  • Custom Magnetic Seal Cap to keep your makeup bag clean.

User said: “I am in love with this product! I’ve been looking for a highlighter I can wear both every day and when I feel like going for a more glam look for some time now and I finally found it. I love that the pigment isn’t too shiny/sparkly and that it’s super easy to apply/blend with the dual-sided design. 10/10 recommend.”

Latest Price


    • Gives the color payoff of a loose powder & convenience of a baked powder


    • Light mineral powder adds a wonderful glow to cheeks, forehead & decolletage


    • Pprovides a naturally radiant sheen for increased skin luminosity


    • On highest quality terracotta tile in Tuscany, Italy, amazing light pure formula


  • Certified vegan, halal, no harsh chemicals ,Cruelty Free, Naturally Safe

User said: “Love this powder. A swipe gives a nice little glow.”

Latest Price

M*A*D Minerals

    • Soft shimmering highlighting powder golden peachy shade with slight pink undertones.


    • It is a creamy powder texture. 


    • Packaged in a tamper sealed 10 gram sized sifter jar that holds


  • Largest selection of over 300 minerals colors to choose from

User said: “This was perfect for the body lava dupe I made, just was I needed 10/10! I’ll probably even buy this again”

Latest Price

MODE Glide & Glow

    • Creamy Natural Color. Multiuse Blush, Bronzer, Highlighter Stick for Eyes, Cheeks and Lips


    • Weightless Texture & Easily Blendable


    • Cruelty Free, Vegan and Never Tested on Animals


  • Skincare Conditioning Coconut, Sweet Almond and Ecocert Natural Emollients

User said: “The color is beautiful, very sheer and blends really well into skin–during the week I wear just over a moisturizer/skin brightener/sunscreen. It does a fabulous job for the price–I use nars blush usually and this was just as good.for blending, sheerness, etc. Looks very natural. It is smaller than I thought–like a chapstick–yet very little is used each time. For the price I can just order two next time. Very satisfied with product.”

Latest Price

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best fan brushes Beauty & Personal Care

Best Fan Brushes For Powder, Illuminator and Moisturizer

The flat fan shape allows for even and soft definition, making it an ideal tool for gently sweeping bronzing powder, illuminator, or even tinted moisturizer on the face. A must-have for clean-up, this brush can also be used to fan away excess product like eye makeup fallout, without leaving traces in its wake. Today, we list 10 best fan brushes for you ideal make up.

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10 Best Fan Brushes

Fanta Sea

  • Natural Boar Hair (Stiff) perfect brush for applying facial masks, smooth masks or paraffin masks
  • Available in 3 pieces

User said: “As an Esthetician I use these to apply facial masks and I love them they are soft and sturdy. It’s hard to find acrylic handles brushes that meet sanitation requirements and these are perfect.”

Latest Price


    • Synthetic Hair. No fading and no hair dropping brushes boost and present your life taste.


    • Complete Function-Foundation, Blending, Blush, Eyeliner & Face Powder. A professional quality makeup brush set which includes all the basics you need for daily applications


    • They apply makeup evenly and are easy to clean.


  • Brushes are very soft, not shed and blend well. But also durable, portable, good quality and great for presents

User said: “I really like this and I just wanted to try it out, puts in a soft suttle about of highlighter with out being to much I really liked it. I bought two one for me and my sister, she didn’t like because she is super….. intense and wears a bit much and I’m the one who does professional hair and makeup so that’s saying something but she said it didn’t put enough on so it’s a personal preference I think”

Latest Price


    • wood and synthetic fiber


    • Size : 20cm


    • Color: as picture


    • Slender dense and soft bristles in synthetic fiber do not hurt your skin.


  • Easy to apply makeup, suitable for both professional use or home use.

User said: “I really enjoy this brush. It’s huge! So far, I haven’t had any fallout from the bristles and it applies highlighter and blush perfectly. It’s just thick enough and it’s huge! I love it!”

Latest Price

B M brush master

    • Soft Synthetic Bristles


    • Perfect for Highlight


    • Compact & Lightweight


  • Unique Design

User said: “I use this highlighting brush more often then my e.l.f cosmetics one. It’s super soft and picks up pigment really well (even colourpop’s super shock highlighters). I’m definitely going to be ordering multiples because of how often I use it.”

Latest Price


  • The fan brushes are suitable for painting leaves, grassland with watercolor tubes, perfect for nail art or face painting with acrylic paints, and they are suitable for drafting, crushing or drawing straight line in big oil painting project.
  • Each carefully designed, with long solid wooden handle in special painting color, straight and persistent foaming, providing the perfect combination between balance and comfort, to deliver consistent paint strokes that every artist desires.

User said: “Aboslutely love these brushes. They don’t shed, hold the paint well, and create trees like no other. I’m so happy I purchased this set. Was a little worried with the price, but they didn’t dissapoint at all. Thhe long handles are wonderful, and the case is great. Get them. Don’t even hesitate.”

Latest Price


  • Each carefully designed, with long solid wooden handle in special painting color, straight and persistent foaming, providing the perfect combination between balance and comfort, to deliver consistent paint strokes that every artist desires.
  • Nylon hair brushes are secured with high quality aluminum crimped ferrules. Durable brushes won’t loosen or fall apart – built to last. Simply clean brushes with warm water immediately after use (or follow paint manufacturer’s instructions) and reshape brush tip.

User said: “Happy with the brushes, came on time, work well, arrived in good condition, if another set is needed for any reason, (great-grandkids’ help) will reorder!”

Latest Price


  • Two tone translucent fan brush is great for applying glycolic and facial masks.

User said: “They are not like my expensive brushes but I will order again because price wise they just make sense. They won’t do a clay or thick masque well (too flimsy) but they work great for everything else! I have been using them for a few months and no bristles have come off on my clients.”

Latest Price


    • Loosely packed bristles are great for powder contouring to subtle effect. Also ideal for building and blending makeup directly on your face.


  • Made with only the finest synthetic fibers, the brush is vegan and cruelty free for peace of mind. Cosmetics with a conscience give modern makeup a beautiful new dimension.

User said: “I like the soft bristles on this fan brush. It’s thicker than most fan brushes on the market and I like that. Great for picking up highlighter.”

Latest Price

Trish McEvoy

– Handcrafted for exquisite quality and longevity
– Precision-cut for technically perfect results
– Brass ferrules
– 100% Natural Hair

User said: “This brush is designed perfectly! I use a pressed powder and was hoping this brush would pick up the right amount and it does. No more wasted product.”

Latest Price


    • Artificial Fiber bristles, makeup brushes highlight Brush (A)is wood handle, Brush (B)is plastic handle.


  • Portable Slim Professional, Suitable for travel Professional use or Home use, Easy to stick powder, natural color,rendering uniform with proper care, your brushes can be enjoyed for years.

User said: “I was surprised by how large, thick and bushy the larger brush is in this set. Good quality, seem sturdy and nice soft hairs”

Latest Price


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best dark red lipsticks Beauty & Personal Care

10 Best Dark Red Lipsticks

One may change a taste in colors. Sometimes, trying lipsticks with different colors deliver the greatest results in beauty making. Today, we list 10 best dark red lipsticks.

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10 Best Dark Red Lipsticks


    • Matte moisturizing lasting non-marking.


  • Contains moisturizing ingredients for a comfortable, emollient and silky feel that does not dry your lips out

User said: “Love this product. Flows easy and color beautiful on my lips. I have a hard time finding lip color that covers and this one delivers”

Latest Price


    • Little sticking on the cup,maintain all-day makeup


    • With moisturizing ingredients like Beeswax, avocado Oil and Vitamin E


  • The rich color and irresistible shine create a glamorous look

User said: “I love this shade”

Latest Price

Torhine Beauty

    • The bulk lipsticks have 4 different colors for selection, you will have chance to change colors in different occasions.


  • The Lipstick sets with combination of dark purple, light purple, pinkish brown, rose, pink, glossier, red, etc. Dark and light colors together.

User said: “I like this product but it’s very difficult to remove. Which makes it hard to apply because if you miss the mark, you’ll have to rub your face and start again.”

Latest Price


  • Dark red
  • Only one color

User said: “My personal fav lipstick angel red Clinique. So too many others”

Latest Price


    • Matt, Luminous, Shimmer


    • Product name: Lip gloss


  • Effect: Silky, Moist, Fadeless

User said: “These colours are AMAZING ♥ Only complaint is that the brownest one isn’t all that brown and I was most excited for it, but I have countless other things to love from this set! ♥”

Latest Price


    • Its gentle and smooth consistency perfectly complements all skin types and skin tones. A must-have in every girl’s makeup kit


  • The creamy, highly pigmented formula boasts of an instant, smooth matte lip. Its non-drying, easy glide on applicator provides full coverage that stays throughout the day

User said: I love this lipstick. I wore this for a performance, and then I went to bed in my makeup (yes I know that’s bad) and it was still fine the next morning! My second photo is from that morning. The color is bold and the texture isn’t sticky at all.

Latest Price


    • A velvet semi-matte finish, it wears very natural, luscious and smooth, don’t look shiny or shimmering.


  • With 100% natural plant ingredients,rich in avocado oil, olive oil and vitamin A&E and squalane,effectively moisturizing your lip and combating the signs of aging.

User said: “I got option 6 and though the color was more of a pale peach than I expected and washes out my skin tone, I absolutely love using it for an ombre look to make darker mattes pop and give a completely defferent look. The formula is matte but still feels moisturizing and blends easily. It didn’t need a liner as it doesn’t run and after it dried it still feels smooth and doesn’t transfer easily. I will definitely be trying other colors!”

Latest Price

Luscious Cosmetics

    • The slant tip casing helps ensure a quick and easy, one swipe application anywhere and anytime.


    • Matte meets hydration in this breakthrough formula infused with organic illipe butter designed for long-lasting wear.


  • Mega-matte finish with no shine.

User said: “Love this lipstick and love this shade. As with any matte lipstick it doesn’t go on effortlessly you do have to push a little as it’s so thick but it works out so well. It stays on forever because it’s thick and doesn’t come off easily when eating or giving a loved one a quick kiss. It also doesn’t get on them! Will definitely be purchasing again when I run out and might even buy the same lipstick in another shade to wear often.”

Latest Price

Henné Organics

  • Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Castor Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Avocado Oil, Candelilla Wax, Iron Oxide, Vitamin E combined together in a lush, satiny smooth finish

User said: “I prefer sheer color and a moisturizing lip balm, Henne Organics succeeds in both of these categories. I love that the color is noticeable, but not heavy. I put this is my scrub pocket and apply like a lip balm throughout the day without needing a mirror. Good for someone who wants a little something extra on their lips but doesn’t have time to a flawless application. When I have more time, I use a lip liner and build the color a little more, for more impact. Also, this product is very moisturizing and makes my lips feel great. Someone looking for a very intense color will be disappointed, but work well for my needs.”

Latest Price


    • Non caking and lightweight formula for superior comfort


    • Formulated with vitamin E and avocado oil to seal in moisture


  • Micro-fine pigments for high impact and long-lasting color

User said: “I love this lipstick. I bought the color Incognito Pink and found it to be just what I was looking for. It adds just a little pink and some shine to make your lips look healthy. I would recommend this color and brand of lipstick. It is a beautiful color and I only had to reapply once all day which was nice too.”

Latest Price

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best matte red lipsticks Beauty & Personal Care

Best Matte Red Lipsticks

Sometimes matte lipsticks deliver great results matching with clothes that person wears. Today, we will list 10 best matte red lipsticks for any occasion.

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10 Best Matte Red Lipsticks


    • With a completely new texture. Colors fit in perfectly and with strong adherence It expresses with beautiful lips


    • Provides optimal coloring with just on touch Extremely light texture Provide unchanging beauty


  • With an optimal finish with less color flare, wrinkles, and exfoliation Leaves skin moisturized and radiant Visually show the softness and sensuality of the lips Maximize your make-up look.

User said: “Beautiful color and very easy to apply. No need to reapply often. Only reapply it after eating things.
I didn’t give it 5 stars because the lipstick I received is actually broken from the bottom. I tried to press it hard to put the lipstick back to its case, and it works ok so far.”

Latest Price

Honest Beauty

    • Lightweight, high-impact color with a velvety demi-matte finish


    • Contains an antioxidant blend of jojoba seed oil, murumuru butter and shea butter to help moisturize


    • Glide-on-the-go crayon design is easy to pack and apply


    • Not tested on animals


  • MADE WITHOUT  Parabens, Phthalates, Paraffin’s, Silicones, Talc, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil

User said: “Absolutely love this shade and texture! So smooth and gorgeous.”

Latest Price


    • Matte lip tint that delivers vivid color pay-off as it looks and dlides on with a thin and even layer.


  • If you have sensitive skin, please try it on your wrist first to confirm there is no allergic reaction to your skin.

User said: “It is a MLBB color for fall/winter, not dry for lips. I used a lot of different kinds of K brand tints before, this is the best. Compare to Peripera, little bit pricy but worth it!”

Latest Price


  • A unique 2-in-1 matte lip crayon with shiny BB balm on one end to keep lips continuously moisturized, fresh and full of color. This lip crayon goes beyond your average matte lipstick with 6 vibrant shades from nude to red.
  • Custom Magnetic Seal Cap to keep your makeup bag clean, Hydrating BB Balm with Cocoa Butter, Monoi Oil, and more.

User said: “Loved how light this product was on and with no smudging! Quality color without the fuss of it coming off halfway through the day. Also enjoyed the multiple options all in one stick. The magnetic top kept everything in place so no more worrying about your lipstick tube opening and ruining your favorite bag. Definitely plan on getting this in all the colors”

Latest Price


    • Matte effect,long lasting and waterproof,non-stick on Cup,so maybe a little hard to take off, please remove with lip cleansing oil.


    • Effect of matte velvet,your lips will be a little dry,if you want moisturizing,use a lip balm before, but it maybe not so long lasting.


  • With perfect package, it’s ready for as a Birthday gift to friends or families. Perfect for various occasions, such as dating, party, wedding, bar, ball, camping, office, school, or daily makeups.

User said: “The colors were just as described. Thank you”

Latest Price


    • Matte Lipsticks are highly pigmented, richly formulated and long-wearing.


  • Gives a velvet soft rich color without the glossy finish.

User said: “I was surprised at how bright and bold the colors really are. They wear a long time and look good.”

Latest Price


    • Lining the natural shape of the lips will give it some dimension and definition.


  • Fans of dark lip colors should make lip liner a habit because it helps prevent lipstick from smudging and spreading on the face
  • Lip color can be enhanced by the use of a lip liner, which not only serves as a base but also defines lips for a fuller look.
  • Beautiful, full, deep colored lips can make us appear and feel sexier, attractive and more confident, adding drama to the natural beauty that we’ve been searching for.

User said: “I didn’t think the pencil would go on so smoothly. I’m in love 😍😍😍”

Latest Price

Jes Organics

    • Lead Free, Paraben Free


    • Matte


    • Natural


    • Non-Toxic


  • Organic

User said: “I’m a fan of this lipstick. And that is meaningful to me as I’ve worn YSL for a very long time. This us comparable. And considering the teeny amount we ingest, I’m happy I found this one because I eat organic.”

Latest Price

Ciate London

    • A long-wearing and ultra-vibrant, moisturizing matte liquid lipstick formula.


  • Diva – true red

User said: “A universally flattering berry is Awesome

Latest Price


    • Hydrating Pigment is Enriched with Soothing Argan Oil & Vitamin E, Leaves Lips Silky Soft & Supple & Won’t Dry, Drag or Crack


    • Wear Your Liquid Matte as the Ultimate Beauty Wardrobe; Apply a Thin Layer for Intense Color & Exceptional Staying Power


  • Universally Flattering Collection Includes Everything From Bright Pinks to Subtle Nudes to Deeper Beige & Plum/Berry Tones

User said: “I am in love with this lipstick. The color was the exact shade that I was looking for. It dries down fast and lasts for hours and super hydrating!!!!”

Latest Price

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Best Face Brush Sets To Improve Your Beauty

Having only one brush for your face is not enough to achieve an ideal make up. Therefore, we list 10 best face brush sets to deliver only the perfect results that improve your beauty.

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10 Best Face Brush Sets


    • Suitable for professional and at home uses; best facial brush set; facial mask brush; synthetic makeup brushes,suitable for facial mask, eye mask,peel, serum,healing clay or other any skincare products


    • Suitable for sensitive skin, extra soft and luxurious touch on the skin. Super easy to remove products off the skin


    • The silicone is high quality material, nonstick & heat resistant and reusable


  • It is soft to evert, and clean by water, then put them in cool place to dry

User said: “For the price I was skeptical, also there were no reviews but I just recieved them and they seem really nice! I haven’t used them yet, but they came next day because I had prime and they all came individually packaged. I’m impressed! I just wanted different brushes for my face mask.”

Latest Price


    • Bealife makeup brush set meets all your needs with different shapes face brushes including Powder brush, Blush brush, Liquid Foundation Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Lip Brush  for daily makeup.


  • Made of natural hair and synthetic fiber, the brushes are soft and dense, cruelty-free, no shedding, no skin hurting, friendly to sensitive skin.

User said: “I can never say no to anything unicorny or mermaidy so you know I had to get these brushes. They are too cute! The colors and the fish scale tails are so fun! But aside from it’s cuteness, these brushes work great too! The bristles are soft, the handles are made very well and seem sturdy and so far they’ve been working well.”

Latest Price

Beautiful world

    • The synthetic makeup brushes set is Durable and Lightweight, With bling pattern and sturdy handle it’s easy to grab and use.


  • With this multifunctional brush collection, effortlessly apply and blend powder, highlighter, concealer, eyes shadow, and more. Intended for makeup beginner and professional.

User said: “Cute and as described.”

Latest Price


    • Made of  Synthetic Fiber. It can be suitable for even the most sensitive skin and great for powder, liquid or cream, giving you a PERFECT BLEND and DOESN’T HARM your SKIN.


  • The makeup brushes are very DURABLE, the bristles are TIGHT and will NOT FALL OFF under the action of the pressure tube. The handle is COMFORTABLE to touch because of the pink Acrylic Handle. With delicate makeup look, is so simple!

User said: “These brushes cam in a little pouch (adorable). I love the quality of these brushes. They are so soft and they don’t shed. I’m a make up artist and I love to have great tools that’ll make my job easier. I also love the gift that came along with the brushes, the wooden comb is so cute and sturdy. Really great product for the price.”

Latest Price

Bealife 17

    • Made of quality natural hair and synthetic fiber, the brushes are soft and dense, cruelty-free, no shedding, no skin hurting, friendly to sensitive skin.


  • Durable real wooden handles with high quality materials promise that the cosmetic brushes won’t be easy to get broken, ensured for long time use.

User said: “Daughter really likes these brushes!”

Latest Price


    • Made with soft Cruelty-Free Synthetic and Dense synthetic fibers no skin hurting, suitable for even the most sensitive skin, to provide a high definition finish with liquid, powders or cream foundation without any absorption of product and no shedding.


    • Essential brushes are perfect for liquids, powders, or creams to produce a beautiful face and eye makeup application.


  • Cover all size and shape of brushes to carve and sculpt the face for flawless dimension. Meeting all your needs with different shapes face brushes.

User said: “The color is what I like. At first I saw pictures and worried that the bristles would be very hard, but this is not the case. They are very soft and comfortable.”

Latest Price

Oval Makeup

    • The face makeup brushes set can protect our earth, it is made with bamboo (the Fastest Growing Plant on Earth) as well as synthetic bristles and not hair from animals. Also each makeup brushes’s bristles have been tested by 13 procedures such as disinfection and allergy test.


    • Each wood makeup brush set has multi-purposes. It can apply for foundation, Eye Shadow, Highlight,Cream,BB, Stippling , Concealer, and Contour, These highend makeup brushes are full sized and very comfortable to use.


  • The bamboo handle on the brush is sturdy and is easy to holding up. This makeup brush set can gave you a wide range of brush types,and the makeup brushes heads is seemlessly connect with the handle, so don’t worry to fall apart.

User said: “A surprise amount of brushes, I think it’ll be good for most of the makeups. Brushes varies from tiny ones to huge ones suitable for different areas on face”

Latest Price

Beutiful World Pink

    • Synthetic makeup brushes easy to stick both liquid and powder,and make it averagely in fast speed, save time and money, This makeup brushes set is affordable and easy to travel, and can be recycled.


  • The pretty makeup brushes set are handmade by expert according to women preferences ,suit for both beginner / amateur and professional, it can present delicate beauty without shedding.

User said: “Birthday Gift for niece, they look expensive, feel well built, no shedding or cheap looking! good buy for value”

Latest Price

Beutiful World Blue

  • The makeup brushes kit can be use for Blending, Blush,Buffer, Stipple, Eyeliner & Face Powder.
  • Portable and convenient for daily makeup.

User said: “I love these brushes. The price and value of them are good. The brushes are pretty and super soft, easy to blend and apply makeup.”

Latest Price

Simply Essentials

    • The Kabuki foundation brush guarantees absolute softness and quality that help you avoid irritating your skin. Also, it gives you full, smooth foundation coverage and perfect blending results every time.


    •  Set is completely vegan and 100% cruelty free. We use only the highest quality synthetic materials that are ethically sourced.


  • The flat top Kabuki brush comes in a beautiful presentation case and makes a gorgeous gift in this festive season. So, treat your special someone these holidays and give them our professional quality foundation brush.

User said: Awesome makeup brushes… they are really soft and feel nice in your hand when you hold them. Each brush is great for applying different shades/functions of products. You can also use these for both power and liquid product. Great quality for the right price!!!

Latest Price

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