BW Space Pro Zoom: The Newest Underwater Drone for Drone Enthusiasts

If you love the beach and if it excites you to discover a new world beyond what your eyes can see, then a remotely operated underwater gadget should always come in handy.

For the past years, companies that are creating ROV (remotely operated vehicles) are focusing more on sky-based drones. However, nowadays, there has been an increasing interest in developing ROVs that drone enthusiasts can use underwater. It’s unsurprising though since there are a lot of amazing things to find in the depth of the ocean.

Because people love and adore the ocean, to navigate through the ocean freely, explore the magical ocean without restrictions, and capture epic underwater moments, YouCan has taken a step forward towards the realization of this dream through their products.

BW Space Pro Zoom: The Newest Underwater Drone for Drone Enthusiasts

The BW Space Pro Zoom

YouCan Robot, a Chinese-owned company, driven by the concept of “Endless Exploration” has been developing smart underwater robots since 2016. Last year, China’s Youcan Robot proudly launched its underwater ROV, the BW Space. And now, they are back with something better. Setting the standards high and incorporating more technology in their product, Youcan Robot has finally developed the advanced version of BW Space, called the BW Space Pro Zoom.

This product will surely entice ocean enthusiasts because of its new features. This underwater drone has a 6x zooming capacity that will magnify marine life without disturbing them.  With its image stabilization feature, you can capture amazing shake-free videos and pictures.

In addition, it can dive and rise underwater with45- degrees up and down tilts. Thanks to its new four-motor control or propellers which allows its movements in different directions. The Pro has a sophisticated design with a vertical thruster that maintains stable movement and balance while diving, floating and rising in the ocean.

Same with the previous version, the BW Space Pro can be submerged underwater up to 330 feet or 100 meters and can send real-time videos through tethering. The Pro is connected to a WiFi repeater that floats on the water’s surface. It can be remotely controlled using a smartphone or just by using its handy remote control of up to 1640 feet or 500 meters away from its repeater. With this, one will surely enjoy the world underwater.

The BW Space Pro Zoom has the capacity to capture high-resolution 4K videos using its 12-megapixel camera which also features a 1/1.8 inch CMOS sensor. With this, there is an assurance that all of your shots have clearer footages. Equipped with an auto-lighting system using it’s two adjustable high-powered LED lights found in the front, taking pictures and videos of your subject on the dark parts of the water would never be a problem.  What is more impressive is that you can also set it in automatic mode Doing so will adjust its own light depending on the environment. Its battery life is quite impressive as it can last five hours if you are just taking still pictures and up to three hours if you’re taking videos. It is also powered by a 9600 mAh lithium battery.

With all these impressive features, one can say that BW Space Pro Zoom is durable and waterproof that can withstand a lot of pressure. InZedIOptima, a youtube channel known for providing the best gaming and gadgets reviews and feature content, the BW Space Pro Zoom landed the second spot in the Top 5 Best Underwater Drone and ROV in 2019. It has gained a lot of positive reviews online for those who already own the Pro.


BW Space Pro Zoom has a market price of 1,999 USD while its older versions, which do not include zoom and other features, are marketed for 1,399 USD and 999 USD. You can pay using major credit cards and through WeChat Pay and Alipay and is delivered right in front of your doorstep.

Inside the box are the complete items needed for setting up your Pro. It includes BW Space Pro Underwater drone, 100-meter tether cable, wifi repeater, remote control, and a battery charger.

How to Set Up

Source: Unsplash

Here is a useful guide in setting up your BW Space Pro Zoom in case you have bought yours.

  1. Check the tether cable. Please note that it has two ends with the same notch. Connect the tether to the drone by lining up the little notch of the tether wire and inserting it to the drone. As soon as you attach the tether, the drone turns on and screw it down tight.
  2. Attach the Wifi repeater to the other end of the tether cable.
  3. Once attached, the wifi repeater will turn on. If you are not using the device, make sure that the tether is not connected to the wifi repeater.
  4. Attach your smartphone in the remote control using the adjustable clamp and lock. If you wish to use your tablet or iPad, there is a more advanced controller where you can attach it. The up and down button controls the angle and the tilt. The left knob of the remote controls the direction of the drone.
  5. After attaching your device on the controller, go to the wifi settings of your device where you can see the device name of the drone and just connect it.
  6. The device is good to go once you see the status lights flicker on the wifi repeater until you see the background video on your phone’s or tablet’s screen.
  7. On the upper portion of your device screen, you will see a compass that helps in the navigation of the drone. Other things that can be seen on the screen are the repeater’s battery life, LED light control and water temperature.
  8. Silk control at the bottom part of the screen is responsible for tilting the drone so it can go down 45 degrees.

This revolutionary device has been the talk of the town of many water enthusiasts, divers and professional photographers who want to take a glimpse of the underwater locales. To purchase this innovated gadget, you can check and buy online.