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Tablets are still taking ground on tech industry producing sophisticated features for the sake of greater user experience. Below,  I have prepared best tablets 2019 list based on top 10 most powerful.

Best Tablets 2019

In this list I have selected 10 best tablets 2019 from the dozens that are available in the market. As usual, we have selected from the big retailers such as Amazon to make it simple for anyone to purchase them regardless of their physical location and the products that are available in their markets. For this list we choose tablets that are best value compared to the other tablets. We tested them based on their screen quality, processor, RAM, battery, operating system and storage. Here is the list of all the tablets that we selected.

Dragon Touch V10
Amazon Fire 7
Amazon Fire HD 8
Samsung Galaxy Tab E
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Huawei MediaPad T3
Asus VivoBook Flip
Dell Inspiron i3185
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
Google Pixel C

Budget tablets

Dragon Touch V10

Latest Price

Starting off with the Dragon Touch X10 10 inch tablet. At the price below $100 this is one of the cheapest 10 inch tablets. In terms of design it looks just like many other Chinese tablets. It is made from plastic and it feels a bit cheap. However, the plastic is sturdy and the built quality is decent. Overall, this is what you will expect from a budget tablet, it is not the most beautiful looking or premium device, but it gets the job done.

For the processor here there is an quad-core processor with 1.3 GHz with graphics and one gigs of RAM. The model of the processor is not MTK, however it feels like a Mediatek processor. Overall, the processor is good enough for this price and so the graphics card. The main concern here is the one gigabyte DDR3 RAM. Due to low RAM, this tablet will not be a great gaming or media consumption. This tablet is suitable for light media and web browsing only. This tablet will be great for kids as it is more than enough for their needs and it is cheap, so that even if kids break it, it can easily be replaced. This tablet also has 16 GB internal storage, which is more than enough for many users. However, there is also a card slot for extra storage.

This tablet runs on Android 7.0 Nougat, which is alright in today’s standards. However, given the weak internals, this operating system is more than enough for this tablet. The tablet has 2 megapixel rear camera, which is ok and can take decent pictures. Two megapixel front camera is good for video calls and messaging. The screen is 10 inch IPS display with 1366×768 resolution and up to ten point multi-touch.

The tablet has HDMI and WIFI for connectivity. The standard battery life is around 6 hours. Overall, this is a great budget alternative for those who just looking for light usage tablet or a tablet for kids. In Amazon this tablet received many positive reviews. This tablet is greatly recommended for those who want something budget oriented with decent performance and quality.

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa

No tablet list will be full without including Amazon’s own Amazon Fire tablets. There are few versions of these tablets and they are different in term of their size and performance. This is their smallest and cheapest models. This tablet comes with some special offers that drop the price to $50. In terms of design it is decent and build quality is good. The only problem is that the front bezels are thick and the tablet feels large and looks a bit ugly. However, for 50 dollars, there is nothing to complain about.

This tablet features 1.3 GHz quad-core processor with one gigabyte RAM. In terms of performance this tablet is lower than Dragon touch one. It is also almost two times cheaper. The storage is also 8 GB only, which is very small. Luckily it is expandable though an SD card. Overall, this is a budget tablet with budget level performance. This tablet originally was made for reading purposes only. For web browsing and reading this tablet is more than enough. If you are looking for e-reader at an affordable price, then this tablet is just best for you.

This tablet utilizes Amazon’s own cut down version of the Android. It is lighter than many Android skins so that it can be used by weaker hardware. This tablet was originally designed for reading and light media consumption in mind. The reason for this tablet being cheap is that Amazon has cut down some functions of this tablet to improve performance. Also some of the functions are tied to Amazon’s premium services. It is great for those who use Amazon services, but might be annoying for those who do not. This tablet is not bad, however some sacrifices were made to keep the price low. This tablet has only one 2 MP camera, which is just ok. The screen is 7 inch IPS display with 1024 x 600 resolution.

For connectivity, there is a Bluetooth and WIFI. The battery life is great with 8 hours of screen one time. Overall, this is a great ebook reader which is decent for light media consumption and comes with many Amazon’s services pre-installed, such as Alexa. If you are looking for budget electronic book reader and only plan on reading books, then this is a great budget alternative.

Amazon Fire HD 8

This is another Amazon tablet. This one is an upgraded version of the previous tablet. This is a great budget tablet for watching videos, reading, or browsing the Web. Priced at $80, this tablet provides some decent performance for its price. Just like Fire 7, HD 8 comes with Amazon’s Fire OS. In terms of design it is same as Fire 7 with similar bezels, which are large. Overall built quality is solid and it feels like something sturdy, despite being all plastic.

This tablet features same quad-core 1.3 GHz processor as in cheaper model, but the RAM have been increased to 1.5 GB. This makes the tablet faster and more stable as compared to its younger brother. Again, this is not a powerful device and it is not intended to be. This device is also designed to be an electronic book reader than a tablet. Internal storage is just 16 GB, which is bare minimum in 2018. There is a 32 gigabyte version, but it costs $30 more and we do not recommend it. Getting an SD card for $5 is better value for this product than buying 32GB version.

The screen is also better here. It is eight inch IPS panel with 1280 x 800 resolution. It is good for reading and for watching movies and videos. The level of details and brightness are also very good for this price point. This tablet features two cameras. 2 megapixel front and 2 megapixel rear camera. They are both just ok and can only be used for video calling and chatting purposes only.

There are WIFI and Bluetooth connections available for this tablet. The battery life is great and it can go up to 12 hours of media use. The operating system is Amazon Fire OS, which is based on Android OS. It is lighter and have less functions. This makes the tablet faster and stable with even entry level hardware. There are many Amazon services that are preinstalled. The tablet also features Alexa assistant. It can be paired with other Alexa devices and use together. Overall, this is a great electronic book reader. It features better internal and feels faster and smoother than its younger brother Fire 7. It also features much better and brighter screen. These makes it a better choice and the extra money spent on it is well worth it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E

Samsung was always a big player in tablets market. Each year it has produced many new model and sold thousands of devices all around the world. This is their cheapest and most budget friendly models. In terms of design, it follows Samsung’s design language with oval home button and rounded corners. As any other budget model, this tablet is made of plastic. Despite that it looks better than other budget tablets and feel much sturdier too. The bezels are not as thick as on Fire HD 8 and the tablet feels compact and thin despite being 7 inch model.

The processor here is actually from Intel. It is powered by 1.0 GHz quad-core processor and 1GB RAM. They are powerful enough to handle Android operating system. Coupled with one gigabytes of memory, it is powerful enough to handle light media consumption and light gaming. Watching videos or surfing the internet feels much smoother than in previous tablets. Overall, it has some decent performance for just over $100. Internal storage is 8 GB and can be expanded using a storage card. We do recommend at least another 16 GB MicroSD card to fit your media files.

The screen is 7 inch with 1024 x 600 native resolution . It is an IPS panel. Samsung always had great screens, even in their budget models. This is a decent screen with good colors, brightness and level of details. It is good for reading, watching videos and web surfing. The front camera is just a VGA unit, which is meant for video calling only. Rear camera is 5 MP one without any flash. It is good enough and takes good pictures with some level of details. Do not expect anything extraordinary from those cameras, as they are basic budget units.

Just like any other tablet, this tablet has WIFI and Bluetooth. There is 3.5mm jack and Micro USB connection for charging and pairing with a computer. The operating system here is Android 5.1, which is an old version of Android. It is sufficient enough for media use. However, it lacks some of the latest functions that are available in Android. Luckily, it is Samsung’s own version of the Android which was tuned with extra function, better performance and features many free Samsung applications.

Overall, this is a nice looking budget tablet with decent enough performance. This is great for kids and those who are using it for reading and light media consumption. It might not have premium components nor blazing fast performance, but for its price it is a decent tablet from a well-known brand.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Latest Price

This is another great tablet from Samsung. This is a low-range model with slightly better internals and newer design. This is a nice looking device that features Samsung’s signature design. There is an oval home button and round corners. This tablet feel much more premium and looks more slick and serious. Bezels of this tablet are thin, but cannot rival bezelless phones that are available on the market. Overall, this is a nice looking device that is well worth its price point.

For the hardware, it features Samsung’s own T -Shark quad-core processor clocked at 1.3 GHz. For Ram there is one and half gigabytes and 8GB of internal storage. Internal storage can be expanded using an SD card. This tablet performs well. Quad-core core processor is powerful enough for many tasks, such as watching videos, web surfing, reading and so on. This tablet is also powerful enough for light gaming. However, it might not be powerful enough for heavy graphics games that are available right now. Overall, the performance is good enough and might be sufficient for many users.

The screen is 7 inch PLS TFT panel with 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution. This is a great display with good level of details and vivid colors. This screen is great for watching videos and other media. This tablet has two cameras. Front camera is a two megapixel unit that is good for video calling and ok for selfies. Rear camera is 5MP unit with LED flash. It is good enough to take some nice photos with good level of details. Samsung camera was always good due to their camera software that processes good images without too much sharpness or loss of quality.

There is 802.11 ac WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0. There are also a 3.5 mm audio jack and Micro USB connection for pairing and charger. Operating system is Android 5.1 Lollipop with Samsung’s own skin on top of that. It is decent and has many nice features such as split screen functionality and many Samsung applications. The battery life is around 12 hours of media playback and web browsing.

Overall, this is a great mid- range tablet with good features, good cameras, decent performance and a great screen. Those who are looking for a good value for money tablet with good performance will be happy with this device. This device can also be used for business, such as for ordering food in restaurants or in warehouses for item management

Mid-range tablets

Huawei MediaPad T3

Latest Price

This is another great mid-range tablet from Huawei. This is a great looking 8 inch tablet. It is somewhat similar to Samsung as it features similar oval home button and rounded corners. However, this tablet is made from aluminum and below $300 it feels and looks very premium. In terms of design it can easily rival IPad Mini or Samsung tablets. In terms of looks this tablet will not disappoint.

For the hardware, it is powered by Huawei’s own HiSilicon Kirin quad-core processor clocked at 1.4 GHz. RAM is 2GB, which is huge at this price point. The storage is 16 GB and can be expanded using Micro SD card. Overall, in terms of performance this is one powerful beats. It is not one of the most powerful ones on the market, but under $300 it has great performance with powerful internals. It performs surprisingly well and it is very responsive and snappy.

The screen is 8 inch IPS panel with 2560×1600 resolution. It is very sharp with great details and good brightness. This screen is good for watching videos or playing games. It is great for almost anything that you want to do with this tablet. The tablet has two cameras, which are 5 megapixels, both front and rear cameras. They are good, with great level of details. The front one is great for video calling or taking selfies. Rear camera has an LED flash. They take good pictures with decent quality.

For connectivity there are WIFI, Bluetooth, 3.5 mm audio jack and USB port for pairing and charging. There is no mobile network for this model, however some models do feature a mobile network. Operating system is Android 7.0 Nougat with Huawei Emotion UI 4.1. It feels a bit like IOS than Android. In terms of features it comes with all the Android features. The battery life is 8 to 10 hours depending on the load. This is expected as high resolution screen and powerful internals do eat up the battery fast. They are very good, with good sound quality and volume. The audio engine is good too and provides good audio signal to the headphones.

Overall, this is a great tablet under $300. It has great performance, with great hardware. The screen is very good. Cameras are good. Lastly, speakers are good too. This is a good value for money tablet that can run almost anything that the user wants from it. This tablet will not disappoint anyone. The only disadvantage that it has is the battery life, which is just 8 to 10 hours. It is much lower than many tablets at this price point.

Asus VivoBook Flip

Latest Price

For just a bit more than MediaPad T3 there is Asus VivoBook Flip 12 inch tablet. In terms of design and internals it is very similar to the Lenovo Yoga. In terms of design this tablet looks like Samsung TAB A. It features oval home button and rounded corners. The bezels are slim and pretty decent for a mid-range device. In terms of build quality and materials used this tablets looks and feel like a premium device. Overall, the design wise this tablet will not disappoint you.

In terms of performance, it comes with Intel Dual-Core Celeron N3350. Two cores clocked at 2.4 GHz. This is a 64bit processors. There is 4GB DDR3 RAM and 64GB internal storage. There is also a MicroSD card slot supports up to 64GB memory. In terms of performance this tablet is great and can perform on par with many other devices that cost much more than this device. Internal storage is very decent also. Overall, in terms of performance this tablet is decent enough and will be able to satisfy any user.

The screen is 11.6 inch IPS display and ASUS TruVivid technology. The screen is great with good viewing angles, great colors and details. Screen here is a square type and not the wide type used by other tablets. This makes it great for reading and gaming, but it causes black lines on the top and bottom of the video files. There is no even single camera in this 2 in 1 tablet.

This tables has WIFI, Bluetooth 4.0, 3.5 mm audio jack and USB Type C, which support fast charging. The battery can last up to 10 hours and can be charged very quickly due to fast charge. This is one of the main strengths of this tablet as others at this price point does not support fast charge. Operating system is Windows 10.

Overall, this is also a great mid-range tablet. It has a beautiful design, 11.6 inch IPS screen with great colors, good battery life with fast charge technology and powerful internal. If you are looking for a 12 inch mid-range tablet with detachable keyboard and stylus pen, this tablet will be a great choice for you.

Dell Inspiron i3185

Latest Price

This is another great mid-range tablet. Unlike other two tablets, this one is actually two in one laptop that transforms into a tablet. The reason for including this product is that because it is powered by Windows 10 and has some nice interesting features. Priced around $230, this is a pricier mid-range tablet in this list. It looks like a laptop with upper serving as a screen and lower part as an input mechanism. There is detachable keyboard on this tablet. It can also be used to draw using a stylus pen. This laptop is very thin and it features a unique hinge that connects two sides. The bezels are bit on a larger side. Tablet is made from metal and very sturdy and strong. Overall, this tablet looks like a futuristic laptop. It feels much more premium than it actually costs.

For the hardware it rocks 7th Gen AMD A6-9220e 2.5 GHz processor with Turbo boost up to 2.9 GHz. Available system memory is 4GB DDR4 and internal storage is 32GB SSD. The storage can be expanded using Micro SD cards. In terms of hardware it is decent. It has more than enough power to run a full version of Windows 10.  It is smooth and snappy, and powerful enough to handle any productivity work, such as typing, photo editing or drawing. It can also game very well.

The screen here is a 11.6 inch IPS panel with 1366 x 768 resolution. It has good colors, great viewing angles and crisp image quality. Overall, the screen is very good. There are no cameras on this tablet.

Moving to connectivity, this tablet has similar connectivity options like many other tablets. For wireless we have 802.11ac WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0. Other than that, there are one Micro USB port, one micro HDMI port and 1 x headphone and microphone combo jack. It comes with many media apps preinstalled. Since it is two-in-one laptop and tablet, it can easily be used as a tablet or can be placed on a table for watching videos. Other tablets will require a special case to do so. Furthermore, it comes with a stylus pen that can be used for drawing and photo editing.

Overall, this is great workhorse tablet that can be used for work and can be used for media at the same time. It works and performs just like a laptop yet it features android and all the touch functions just like other tablets.

High end tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Latest Price

Moving to the high end level, this is one of the most expensive Samsung tablet available on Amazon. This tablet is made from aluminum and it feels very premium. The design is very similar to other Samsung devices with oval home button and rounded corners. This is one of the most beautiful and premium looking tablets out there. The bezels are small and one of the smallest on the market. The screen is actually a square type and not the wide format. It is good for reading and web browsing, however for videos it will have black bars on top and a bottom. Overall, in terms of design this is a premium looking device with premium materials.

For hardware, it is powered with powerful 2.35 GHz Snapdragon octa-core processor. It is powerful enough to handle almost any tasks and at the same time it helps to conserve energy. For Ram it comes with 4 GB RAM and internal storage is 32/64 GB. Internal storage can be expanded using a Micro SD card. In terms of performance, this tablet can handle any tasks, whether it is a gaming or working. This tablet can easily handle web browsing and watching videos.

The screen is 10.5 inches Super AMOLED display with 2560×1600 resolution. Samsung is famous with its AMOLED display. They are just great. This screen is just the best screen available on a tablet. It has one of the best colors, viewing angles, sharpness and brightness. The screen is great for playing games, watching videos or browsing photos. In terms of cameras, this unit has two cameras. The main rear camera is 13 megapixels. It takes great pictures with great level of details and quality. This camera is capable of taking 4K video at 30 frames per second. The front camera is 5 megapixels and it is also good enough and great for selfies. Overall, in terms of screen and cameras, this tablet is one of the best tablets available on the market.

Wireless connectivity, this tables comes with  802.11abg WIFI and Bluetooth 4.2. The tablet also has USB Type C connector for charging and pairing. 3.5 mm audio jack is also present in this tablet. The battery life is also good here with up to 12 hours of media playback. Since it has USB Type C, this tablet supports very fast charging that adapts depending on the battery level. This tablet also uses latest Android 8.0 Oreo with Samsung skin over it. This version of android has many changes made Samsung. It looks very nice and performs smoothly. It is also very easy and simple to use, compared to many Android skins from different manufacturer. The main highlight of this tablet is S-Pen, which is used in Galaxy Note series. It provides similar functions for this tablet too and can be used to draw or write. There is also an optional cover with a keyboard that can transform this tablet into a laptop.

Overall, this is just the best tablet available on the market. It provides one of the best looking designs, with great performance, best screen, one of the best cameras and great battery life with fast charging and Type C cable. If you want the best and ready to pay the hefty price for this tablet, then this tablet is for you.

Google Pixel C

This is a last tablet in this list. It is also the most expensive one. In terms of design, this tablet is also made from a metal. It has good built quality and it is on par with Samsung tablet. The bezels are small, but not as small as Samsung ones. Overall, this is a good quality tablet with beautiful design.

In terms of hardware, this tablet comes with NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor with Maxwell GPU. In terms of performance it is on par with Intel Atom CPU or Snapdragon quad-core CPU.  RAM is just 3 GB and the internal storage is 64 GB. There is also no Micro SD card slot for adding more storage. In terms of performance, this tablet is fast enough for almost anything. Just the concern might be the limited internal memory, but 64 GB should be enough for many users.

The screen is 10.2 inches with 2560 x 1800 pixel resolution. This is just an IPS panel. It is good enough, but it cannot rival Samsung’s AMOLED screen. Overall, this screen is good enough, with good colors and sharp images. The resolution is one of the biggest. This tablet also features the square design and great for reading or web browsing. This tablet comes with two cameras, one 2 MP front camera and 8 MP rear camera. It only takes Full HD videos, however the rear camera has good level of

For connectivity this tablet has 802.11 a/b/g/n dual-band WIFI with Bluetooth 4.1. There is also a USB Type C port for charging and pairing. 3.5 mm audio jack is also present here. USB support fast charging. The battery is Li-Po 9240 mAh battery. It is the largest battery available on a tablet and can last more than 12 hours. This tablet comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. However, being a Google device it will receive update to the latest version of android and the latest security patches just after they are released.  

Overall, this is a premium looking device with good screen and great cameras. The battery is very large too. Support from Google with latest Android updates is good too. If you are looking for a premium device with great battery and clean Android, then this tablet for you.

Tablet choosing guide

When choosing a tablet, there are several variables at play. Tablets are much more similar to phones than laptops and choosing the one can be a bit problematic. To make the selection process easy we have developed some guidelines that we follow when selecting a tablet.

First important element is the screen. Having a good screen with sharp images and vivid colors is important. Visibility under sunlight is very important. Not all tablets use same screen and some has better screen while other have low resolution or bad image quality. That is why it is important to check the type of the display and resolution to make sure that it is a good screen

Second important element is performance. Tablets use different processors and RAM. A combination of those makes the tablet faster or slower. Usually, the budget ones are good for reading and internet browsing. Usually the mid to high level tablets that have fast performance and can even work as a laptop replacement. Since performance depends on the processor and RAM, it is important to check both of them carefully. By doing so it is easier to choose a good tablet.

Battery life is the third important element. It is really important, because if the battery life is too short then the owner will have to charge often and will not be able to enjoy the tablet as much as he wanted. If battery will last long enough, the user can easily enjoy the tablet and perform the work on the tablet. Luckily, many tablets support 2.4A charge or even fast charging technologies that make the charging process much faster. Not to mention the support for power banks.

Operating system is the fourth element. Operating system is not that much of an importance like a processor or RAM. However, newer versions of software support new functions and have better security and app support. Some of the older operating systems are not supported by newer apps and suffer from security issues and poor battery life.

Storage is the fifth and last element. It is important to have at least 16GB and preferably 32GB of internal storage for a tablet. Most tablets support Micro SD cards. However, not everything can be stored on storage card and the tablet needs some amount of internal storage to work stable and smooth.

Wrapping Up

Tablets are truly useful. They have larger screens than smartphones, cost cheaper than laptops, yet they are sometimes more stable and snappier than latter ones. Despite all of that tablet industry has been taking hits from larger phones and thinner budget laptops. Furthermore, many laptop manufacturers started to offer Windows tablets or two-in-one laptops with touch screens that can serve as laptops. With stiff competition, many manufacturers stopped making tablets while were famous for many several new models of tablets each years, released only few tablets last year.

Then why would someone go for tablet? The answer is clear. Tablets have their own uses. Tablets are good for: watching video, internet browsing, reading, checking email and social networks, and playing games. They are great media consumption devices. Furthermore, they can be used for doing some work such as typing documents and managing work related issues. Some business even use tablets in their shops to order food or use their services and some use them in managing inventory and for communication purposes. This is what makes them very useful. Furthermore, tablets are good for kids. They can be set up to provide child friendly content and protest from unnecessary content. There are many great videos on YouTube and many educational and learning apps on Google Play. This makes tablets much more suitable for kids. Each time a parent needs to give their phone to their kids to use, they need to set it up to display child friendly content and then when they want to use themselves they need to set it back to normal use. Furthermore, they will not be able to receive any calls or messages from their work or family. Not to mention that kids can break the phone with all the important information that is stored inside. Tablets are much more affordable and much sturdier than a smartphones.

If you are a college student this post can give a great information about tablets for college use.

When it comes to the price, tablets are much cheaper than most mid-range and high end phones and they are cheaper than most laptops out there. They might not be able to provide laptop level of performance or hardware support with upgrades. However, they are light and thin, which makes them much easier to carry around and bring anywhere in a small bag. There are some wireless keyboards and covers that help tablet stand up like a laptop. This makes them a great budget alternatives to the laptops. Most of budget laptops are big, bulky and slow in performance. Tablets are much lighter, thinner and perform much faster than those laptop. When it comes to price, they cost almost the same. This makes tablets are great value products for their price. For people looking to do just daily tasks, tablets will be able to do it with much ease than most budget laptops. Not to mention that tablets can be charged using powerbanks, unlike many laptops and they also support a fast charging capabilities which charge tablets very fast. Only expensive laptops support fast charging and only very few can be charged using a powerbank.

We really hope that this list was useful for you. This list featured great 10 Android Tablets. For our top pick, we recommend Amazon Fire HD 8 from budget category, Huawei MediaPad M3 for mid-range and Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 for high end category. For those who are looking for something unique, Lenovo Yoga Book 10 is a great choice.

Best Tablets For ABC Mouse

To learn new things from ABC mouse the children need the highest sensitive touchscreen so they can give commands easily. Therefore, we recommend Amazon Fire 8 HD and Samsung Galaxy Tab S3  that have easy touching displays backed by IPS and AMOLED. You can proudly consider them as the best tablets for ABC mouse learning. Actually, it delivers everything app or web browser. Using its app is even way better than learning from PC or laptop. As you child grows you need to provide the best quality and cheap tablet with durability. You need only well-known branded tablets so you can rely for their warranty or guarantee.

Best Tablets For Adobe illustrator

The only choice for the purpose of using the Illustrator is Windows 10 backed tablet with 2 in 1 shape. Its keyboard may be beneficial in case of typing the text on ready picture or form. Basically, any tablet can be used for the Illustrator app. However, high-end tablets give more precise access for drawing. Currently, the best tablets for Adobe Illustrator are Samsung Galaxy S3, Google Pixel C  and Dell Inspiron. They still hold stunning reputation in designing the artistic forms.

Best Tablets For Downloading Movies

In fact any tablet with big internal storage is good for downloading the movies. If your tablet is run out of memory, just put in a SD card with at least 32GB storage. Best tablets for downloading movies can be any model as long as it has stable Wi-Fi or Cellular data connection. The best budget choice here is Dragon Touch V10, best mid-range choice is Dell Inspiron and the expensive option is Galaxy Tab S3.

Latest Price

Latest Price

Latest Price

Best Tablets For Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go needs very light and small tablet so you can be as much mobile as you can walk easily. Therefore, having the Dragon Touch V10  and Galaxy Tab A  can deliver the best performance in mobile gaming. They are still the best tablets for Pokemon Go while high-end tablets could support palying but their weight are so heavy to carry by hands. Good advantage from smaller tablets is their low price.

Best Tablets for Surfing the Web

There are no tablets which can’t let their users surf the web. Nevertheless, users need only the best tablets for surfing the web. Best budget solution here is Amazon Fire 8 HD with precise brightness control so you can read without stressing your eyes. The high-end option for web surfing is Google Pixel C.

Best Tablets for Word Processing

There are so many apps for processing words. However, few tablets can sufficiently function for typing words. We recommend quickest responsive tablets such as Asus VivoBook Flip and Samsung Galaxy Tab S4  They may look bigger but for processing words are comfy. Finding other best tablets for word processing can be overwhelming. Basically, budget tablets are not good for blogging and typing because their screens are not backed by the latest tech like OLED, AMOLED or LED.

Best Tablets with Detachable Keyboard

Obviously, in our best picks list there are two tablets; Asus VivoBook Flip and Dell Inspiron i3185 They have quite large and ergonomic keyboards. They have operating system Windows 10 that is precisely destined for typing and gaming heavy games like Call of Duty. However, Microsoft made it lighter like Android OS. You can buy detachable keyboard for any tablet but Android versions are not perfect match. So, the best tablets with detachable keyboard are still Windows OS supporting models.

Best Tablets for Architects

For sketching and creating projects, the architects need very special and premium tablet like Galaxy Tab S4 and Pixel C

which have high sensitive touchscreen and support stylus pen to draw and design the project. Both of them are run on Android that contains tons of architectural apps. Best tablets for architects are so high-endy because their cost cover the return of the project. Do not be stingy when it comes to creating serious projects.

Best Tablets to Replace Laptops

The very good laptop replacing tablets come with keyboards; detachable or flippable. College students and businessmen prefer them so often as they want to complete more tasks as they can. This year Dell Inspiron and Asus Vivobook become the winners for replacing the laptops from the lives of very busy ones. Finding the best tablets to relapce laptops is getting easier now.

Best Tablets for Lowest Price

To get the cheapest and best tablets from our list you just refer the reviews of Dragon Touch V10 and Amazon Fire 8 HD. We can’t say the are the best tablets for lowest price in 2019. However, we could not find any other best alternatives for them. Most budget tablets are refurbished and buggy because of old Android version and processor with older model. Therefore, new models of 2019 with lowest prices are listed in our top 10 reviews.

Best Tablets For Linux

For advanced users who handles programming in Linux via PC or smartphone, there are special best tablets for linux like Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, Google Pixel C and Asus Vivobook. With detachable keyboard the Galaxy Tab S4 and Pixel C can be turned into the PCs. However, their keyboards are great for typing too. Ideally, any tablet can be used for Linux. Nevertheless, I chose the most suitable for handling such a heavy OS like Linux.

Best Tablets for Recording Video

Video recording is almost in every tablet as long as it has a camera with decent resolution and pixels. In our list the best tablets for recording video are Amazon 8 HD (cheapest), Huawei Mediapad T3 (mid-range) and Google Pixel C (high-end). Shooting the video might eat up all the memory inside SD card or internal storage. Therefore, setting low or average resolution is highly recommended for long videos that are reaching 5 minutes.

Best Tablets for Streaming Videos

Social tablet users prefer streaming the videos on live via apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube. However, the greatest streaming can be achieved if one has the decent tablet with the advanced cameras. In our list the high-end model Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is the winner. From mid-range Galaxy Tab A is the conqueror. For budget quality streaming, Dragon Touch V10 is the most suitable.

Best Tablets for Cars

Any tablet can be mounted in a car and function like a dash cam or navigator. Nevertheless, our choice is the Huawei Mediapad T3 With its light weight and powerful CPU it can provide multimedia, GPS and internet with ease of touch. Other tablets like Dragon Touch V10 can be perfect for budget fans. High-end models are also ok but for car we do not recommend because of theft. The best tablets for cars should be lower pricy.

Best Tablets for Onenote

Onenote is still popular among Microsoft fans. Therefore, Windows OS supported tablets like Asus Vivobook and Dell Inspiron are perfect. They are well functioning if multiple apps are open. They don’t hang like iOS or Android. Moreover, their keyboards are comfy for replying your emails. 2 in 1 tablets are great for productivity and efficiency. Picking the best tablets for onenote may affect your career or study to good.

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Best Phablet 2019 – Pick The Best From Ten Outstanding Big Smartphones

Tired of your tablet or smartphone? Then looking for the best phablet 2019? No problem. We will assist you in ...
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Best Tablet For College

Best Tablet For Laptop Replacement

Tablets were so popular just a while ago. Now they are not as popular as many phone manufacturers are making ...
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best tablets 2019

Best Tablets 2019 – Pick One From 10 Most Powerful

Tablets are still taking ground on tech industry producing sophisticated features for the sake of greater user experience. Below, I ...
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Best Smartphone 2019 – Pick One From Ten Ultimate Flagships

Are you looking for the best smartphone 2019 which has the latest flagship features? If yes. I will help you ...
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Best Smartwatch 2019

Best Smartwatch 2019 – Pick Your Next Universal Watch

After you have bought smartphone or phablet you will need a smartwatch to experience the full mobility. If you are ...
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Best Android Phone 2019 – Top 10 Ultimate Smartphones

Could you live without your smartphone for a week? Of course, no! Phones became vital role players in our daily ...
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