Best Refrigerators 2020

After your refrigerator gets obsolete or broken you begin considering specs and features of your next freezing machine very precisely. It is the nature of every experienced user. If you are looking for the best refrigerators 2020, here you will pick the most suitable for your needs.

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Best Refrigerators 2020

Choosing the most outstanding refrigerator for your household is a long time-consuming task. Well-known brands like LG, Samsung, Kenmore, GE, and Frigidaire offer modern and sophisticated refrigerator with high tech specs and features, such as TV, Wi-Fi and many more. However, their price tags are astronomic. Therefore, I chose only models from these popular brands which are devoted to quality and consumer happiness.

GE Top Freezer

LED interior lighting /  Adjustable glass freezer shelf / icemaker / 18.2 cubic feet / three adjustable glass shelves / dairy bin / 208 pounds weight

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GE’s top freezer model has 18.2 cu.ft. that allows fitting 25 bags of groceries. Its certification is from Energy Star. Power costs 500 kWh a year which is alright for a typical household. The cooling system is evenly distributed. Inside the refrigerator, there are three shelves that are split proof tempered glass, two crispers, a diary bin, six door bins, a gallon door bin and LED light. In the freezer section, there are two shelves and 2 door pockets. Also equipped for the ice maker.

EdgeStar Dorm Sized

Zero degrees freezer / Reversible doors / Door bins in both refrigerator and freezer sections / Automatic defrost in refrigerator section / manual defrost in the freezer section / Slide-out shelves / Molded worktop / Energy Star rated / Warranty 90 days labor 1-year parts / More energy efficient

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This refrigerator comes as a 3.1 cu ft capacity fridge without a control panel and with a freezer on the top. On a strong table, it can stand stable, giving no vibration. There are 5 pockets of the door that can fit about 4 bottles of liquid products. The freezer has 1 level and its door has one pocket with a fence. The good thing about this fridge is its smaller size and it can be put on the table or customized stand.

Costway Compact

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Crisper Drawer / 2-Door Design / 2.2 cu. ft. fresh food capacity / 1 cu. ft. freezer capacity / two refrigerator exterior doors / Removable Glass Shelf / Freezer Compartment / Ice tray

The french doors with a dispenser topping on two drawers draw a unique picture for fans of modern style. Its total capacity of 3.2 cu ft provides more space for a big household. The refrigerator has 2.2 cu ft internal capacity and the freezer got 1 cu. ft. The refrigerator includes 2 shelves, 2 bins and LED light on the ceiling. On the other hand, the freezer comprises one shelf and one door pocket for a drink bottle.

Magic Chef Magic Mountain

Interior light / Door shelves / Racks / Upfront Interior analog controls / 3 fresh-food shelves / crisper / In Door Can dispenser / soda cans

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Tall design and silver-colored Magic Chef falls under the compact fridge category. Total capacity reaches 4.3 cu ft which allows consuming less energy. However, not Energy Star Rated. The top freezer has one door pocket and 2 shelves. An icemaker is not included. The refrigerator part has three glass shelves, one fresh food storage, and five various pockets. Price is under $300 which is perfect for budget fans.

Costway 3.4

2-Door Design / Large 3.4 cu. ft. / Crisper Drawer /  Freezer Compartment /  Removable Glass Shelf

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Top freezer design gives multiple storage options. The mini shape perfectly fulfills a small family’s needs. The refrigerator section has three split shelves, three-door pockets and LED light. However, the freezer section contains no shelf. Perfect for budget lovers who prefer a $200 price tag. The name is the wrong choice for the brand. “Costway” is a bad option.

Avanti 2.5

2.5 Cu. Ft. / Black / heat pipe / under 30 decibels / Ideal for hotels / upper door rack secures smaller bottles / two shelves are adjustable and removable / interior LED lighting / on/off switch / auto defrost system

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Well established brand Avanti can produce mini-refrigerators with modern specs and features. Model AVASHP2501B has a single based design which is containing three shelves and two-door pockets for drinks. This model has plenty of space for a traveler. Grocery and drinks friendly capacity allow storing in a car. Perfect for traveling while keeping it in the car. Under $400 price tag is pretty affordable.

Seasons 3.3

3.3 Cu Ft / ENERGY STAR / Manual Defrost / Adjustable Thermostat Control / Wire Shelves / Smooth Back Design / Full-Width Freezer Compartment / Reversible Door / White / Refrigerator Door Swing

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White color gives much attention to this 3.3 cu ft. compact fridge with three shelves and four-door pockets. Perfect size for singles. However, portability is not recommended for this model due to its bigger size. Travel focused models have a maximum 2.5 cu. ft. The price tag is budget-oriented at $230 US.

Frigidaire FFBN1721TV

17.4 cu ft/ Fridge: 11.9 / Freezer: 5.5 / 4 Door Design / Adjustable Freezer Storage / LED Interior Light

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Very solid looking FFBN1721TV reminds a futuristic refrigerator with autonomous functions. However, everything inside is similar to other premium brands. So a smooth control panel allows your fingers to have an easy touch. I hope the next model will have a gesture control like in the BMW 7 series. The refrigerator section has two adjustable shelves, two crisper drawers, two-gallon bins and LED light. A small section which is the freezer has four bins and two removable drawers but no LED light. Having a total of 17.4 cu. ft. capacity can’t give the advantage to fight against LG LMXS28626D. However, smaller families with a maximum of two children may have this futuristic refrigerator of 2020. Despite being the french door type, it has a very budget oriented $1200 price.

Magic Mountain

ENERGY STAR and CSA Listed / Crisper drawer / In Door Can rack / 4.5 cu. ft. / self-contained 0.6 cu. ft. interior freezer / Interior light

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One of the typical mobile refrigerators comes from Magic Mountain. lt has 4.5 cu. ft. general capacity. So simple to use because of one door and compact shelves. On top, there is a freezer with a small size. Great for ice making. Three shelves and one crisper drawer can store 12 metal bottles, vegetables, and fresh food. Three-door pockets add an extra place for drinks. For less than $300 you can get it with free shipping inside the U.S.

Costway 120


Double pane glass door / LED lighting / Electronic Temperature Control / 3.35 Cu.Ft / Removable Wire Racks

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Perfect refrigerator for beverages. It can be used for commercial purposes too. We would recommend it for traveling for its compact size. 120 drinks can be stored easily if you fill every space. The price is affordable that can’t reach even $250 the U.S

Equator-Ascoli 7.3 cu.ft

Mechanical temperature control / Reversible door swing / Manual defrost / Closed back panel / Sleek looks / Stainless finish

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One of the medium sized refrigerators, Equator Ascoli reminds me of 70’s refrigerators which has top freezer that designed for safety of children. However, bottom freezers are not dangerous for kids as they are hard to open. Stainless finish could guarantee solidness from rust and corrosion, while interior consists of white plastic. One may keep almost everything inside; fruits and vegetables at bottom, drinks on the door pockets, eggs on the top of those pockets. Nevertheless, one should occasionally wash or clean interior as it is white. Three shelves could be removed or modified. Overall, the pricy refrigerator would last long even though one should keep it away from wet floor.


3.2 Cubic Foot / 2 Door Configuration / Adjustable Thermostat / Compressor Cooling / Space Saving Flush Back Design / Built in Can Dispenser / Door Basket for 2 Liter Bottles

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Not a very small fridge from RCA can be portable and be placed inside a travel van easily. One can adjust the thermostat by regulating the temperature. The great feature comes in a compressor that can save electric power. Travel van’s battery would be safe with this fridge. Moreover, the can-dispenser is inside the fridge which allows the user to save the space. The black color is not scratch resistant, better pick the stainless-steel color. Two-liter bottles might fit indoor basket and eggs could be placed there. Overall, the portable fridge surprises the buyers with lightweight and small size.

RCA FR180 RFR180

1.6 cubic feet / Softline and reversible door / flush back design / slide out shelves / invisible door handle / Low energy consumption; CFC free / Measures 20 by 18 by 21 inches

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This fridge reminds me of militarized containers with long-lasting food for at least 60 days. Its single door design also serves portability and lightweight feature for the fast mobilization of the soldier. Anyway, the design is predestined for traveling use inside van or microbus. However, single people like students use such fridges most often. My roommates used to have this kind of fridge on their table. One may hardly scratch the door as it is stainless steel finished. The most amazing spec of the fridge is low energy consumption. A solar panel could even provide some electricity via power banks.

Arctic King 3.3 Cu Ft

3.3 Cu. Ft. / Single Door / Energy Star / Energy efficient / Reversible door hinge for right or left opening / Separate chiller compartment 2L bottle storage / Adjustable legs for leveling / Adjustable thermostat

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The solid does not mean its high quality but we need to check what is going on inside. Its adjustable thermostat, as usual, allows the user to regulate the temperature. Alongside that, a well-sealed door vigilantly shuts the fridge to keep regulated cool. 3.3 cubic feet is not the small size but the Energy Star certificate proves its efficiency in electricity consumption. For the stable look and stand the user should adjust its legs by turning right or left. The color is obviously scratch-resistant and anti-corrosion positioned. The midsized fridge is only for staying in one room – not portable.

Thor Kitchen 5.3cu.ft


5.3 cubic feet (152L) / °C /°F Switchable / Slide-out Double Drawer Design / Frost Free

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Another mid-sized refrigerator comes with 5.3 cu ft. One man cannot carry this model as it is big and heavy while the small-sized fridge is 1.6 cu ft which is perfect for traveling. Great for knowing which kind of temperature shows the fridge; F or C. In the kitchen you might be confused; It loos like a cabinet. Double drawer design did it! Other good specs are stainless steel color to fight corrosion and easy to hold handles for opening. The representatives claim it is frost-free but we need to check it while switched on. If they lied to you, return the product immediately.


Energy star qualified / Up-front temperature / 3 glass shelves / Can rack / Tall bottle door storage space / 3.93 cu. ft. fresh food capacity / 0.47 cu. ft. freezer capacity / Recessed handle / Manual defrost / Door shelves / small containers / boxes / Tall bottle door storage

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Beautiful and white like snow GE fridge with 4.4 cu ft could be perfect for a young couple who temporarily has no kids. One might think the fridge is small but its capacity is quite okay for storing a lot of food. For a single man, I do not recommend this kind of color because cleaning much often is not in man’s nature. Its freezer is very small, storing only meat could be perfect. Auto defrost is not inside so the user should do it manually. The door also serves for bottles, eggs, vegetables and preserved foods in cans. Couples without kids enjoy this kind of fridges.

Antarctic Star 3.2

3.2 cu.ft / Temperature Ranges - thermostat knob / Classic Design / Multi-Function Storage / Removable Glass Shelf

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Very classic design offers retro feeling to lovers of ’70s or ’80s. The earliest fridges could have this kind of exterior. Especially, the handles give middle-aged look. But inside you will see 21st century’s signs like glass shelves, door baskets, and others. Black colored side panels do not match with doors that’s why the fridge should serve as built-in. If the user does not mind the kitchen’s interior, he may leave the fridge on a free-standing position, meanwhile, he can use the top for cutting vegetables or fruits. For travel, it is not perfect but staying in a van can’t make a harder job for the fridge.

Commercial Cool CCR16B

Slide-out Wire Shelf / Door Storage Shelf / Accommodates 2 Liters and Tall Bottles / Half-width Freeze / Compartment with Ice Cube Tray / Recessed Door Handle / Manual Defrost / Adjustable Leveling Legs / 1.6 cu. Ft

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What a small fridge for a student? Less than 2 cubic feet grants to anyone use it while being mobile during student life. Just pick and carry till the next dorm or hostel. But you should have food of a single man. Hehehehe! I remember one moment of my student life when I sold my fridge for $78 to a student from the last batch. That time I told myself to eat only from canteens as I didn’t like to carry food to my hostel. The hidden door handle saves a lot of space when one opens. The most fantastic from the fridge is the cheap price and the lowest electric consumption. Great for saving money during a financial crisis.

Commercial Cool CCR45B

3 Full-width Slide-out Glass Shelves / 2 Full-width and 1 Half-width Door Storage Shelves / Can Storage Fits up to 5 cans / Accommodates 2 Liter and Tall Bottles / Half-width Freezer Compartment with Ice Cube Tray / Recessed Door Handle / Adjustable Leveling Legs / Manual Defrost

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The blacked Commercial Cool fridge with only one door but having a freezer. As usual, the fridge got glass shelves that can be slide out easily. Those shelves serve as heavy-duty holders of delicious food. Moreover, universal can storage could fit a maximum five cans. The good thing is ice cube tray can be put inside the freezer which is very small compared to mid-sized ones. The most favorite spec is its hidden door handle that saves much space when one opens the fridge. If the floor is rough one might adjust the legs by screwing left or write by hands. The only bad spec comes in manual defrost.

Northair 1.6 Cu.Ft

1.6 cu.ft / full-width and a half-width shelves / Mechanical constant temperature control / Energy-saving: kilowatt hour a day / adjustable shelf and foot / 38 dB noise

Latest Price

“Noth Air” is the right abbreviation of the brand. Besides that, a very cute red design delivers a feeling of comfort and peace in mind. But it is a provider of cold that saves the food for a living. Be careful, children might use it as a tool for hiding and seek, a toddler might get lock up inside. Therefore, placing the fridge on a table or cabinet is the wisest decision of any parent. Sure, it consumes less electric power and saves a lot of space in a car or room. Congratulations to those who bought this cutest fridge by saving a lot of money and space.

Ge Cafe CYE22UP3MD1

22.2 Cu. Ft. Capacity / Counter Depth Design / Keurig K-Cup Brewing System / Hot Water

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Here comes the giant from GE with all of the specs and features that please even sultans. The ice maker is very fascinating to any user who wants to drink cold juice during heat waves. Cold icy coffee is also preferred at that time. In winter hot water for tea or coffee could help you fight the cold. The gigantic size matters most for big families with four or more children. The double door is very convenient for the opening to both sides. Different brand Keurig K-Cup has added brewing spec to the refrigerator so the users may enjoy energizing coffee, latte, espresso or cappuccino.

Haier HC27SF22RB

Ice Cube Tray / 2 Interior Wire Shelves / 2 Door Storage Shelves / Accommodates 2 Liter and Tall Bottles / Flat-back Design / manual defrost / Adjustable Leveling Legs / Adjustable Thermostat

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Assembled in China but a reliable brand with years of trusted service. The black flat design is said to be space-saving but all the brands have it and this point is not strong to be unique among hundreds of manufacturers. The very good spec is an ice cube tray for making cold drinks. The two wired shelves are the smartest feature of fridges to save costs. Then, two-door storage shelves are best for eggs or vegetables. For tall bottles, the door shelves are the perfect place to be kept. For temp control, the fridge has an adjustable thermostat. But manual defrost comes as the bad news for tight budget planning family.

WANAI 3.2 Cu.Ft

2-Door Design / Crisper Drawer / LED Lighting Design / Storage Door / Low Noise

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The golden color gives pure class design by first sight. Let’s see what it has inside. The crisper drawer is the typical spec so nothing special there. But two-door design which allocates freezer on top delivers children safety spec without any sophisticated tech. Of course, it must have a light but LED feature reminds me of a high-tech revolution inside the fridge. However, its golden color may attract a luxury-loving person who would like to become a royal roots-related individual on the earth. Maybe, such people want a harem in their kitchen, who knows!?

Nostalgia Coca-Cola

Adjustable Thermostat Dial Control / Can dispenser / Interior light / Two leveling legs / one door

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In the earliest days of Coca Cola people used to have such a fridge at their homes. As the brand’s own name claims it is a “Nostalgia” to bring those good old days when that drink was prestigious to have in your hands. Especially, glass bottle Coca Cola was the hardest to smash or break. I love that bottle and it does not get cracked under 0 degrees. Specs and features are not unique except the design but nostalgia is the main factor to raise our mood. Pepsi’s design also could be available online very soon. However, this design is still preferred by many.

Commercial Cool CCR32B

Adjustable Glass Shelves / Door Storage Shelves / Dual Can Storage / Gallon and 2 Liter Door Storage / Ice Cube Tray / Recessed Door Handle / Adjustable Leveling Legs / Manual Defrost

Latest Price

The brand name is very strange sounding, not for commercial purposes! For the kitchen, my friend. Even though it has a weird name, the good design offers a solid space-saving flat body. Blacked but a bit sparkling color shines even on the picture. Obviously, recessed or hidden door handle on top is a very good technology to save the space of mobile family van or microbus. Very bad is manual frosting spec, nevertheless, it is very easy to clean and dry the small fridge with glass shelves and can storage. The manufacturer didn’t forget the adjustable legs that may help the user in leveling or leveraging the fridge.



Adjustable, removable shelves / Tall container storage / Equipped with GAS or Electric Thermostat

Latest Price

Hooray, finally we have a gas backed fridge that lets you be free from electricity during long journeys. For camping or hunting, it is a perfect solution to save easily spoiled food for days. You only need a gas barrel in your vehicle. Do not forget to refill it on time. Even though the size is small but portability provides you easy carrying and lifting. Its door handles are hidden but regulating the thermostat is obviously attached to the exterior, therefore be careful, you may break it with two buttons easily. When you reach your home you may use it by electricity that will quickly replace the gas.

Whynter FM-45G

60 Cans (12FL oz) capacity / Adjustable temperature range: -8°F to 50°F / LED temperature display / Two removable wire baskets / Insulated lid and walls / ETL approved / Stainless steel side handles

Latest Price

The fridge reminds me of organ keeping storage that is always seen in hospitals. For commercial use, it is highly recommended, especially to sellers of drinks who like to move so often. One may keep dozens of soda drinks or juices. Besides them, fast food and vegetables could be stored for a long time. Surprisingly, its portability delivers more mobility. “Cost and space-saving” – we may claim that easily but the capacity of storing is very small. Very sensitive temp control may assist you in regulating the condition of the food. We would not recommend it for use at home. Only for long travel, the fridge is predestined.

Smad Propane

Manual controls / durable white / powder-coated shelves / Adjustable, removable shelves / GAS/Electric Thermostat

Latest Price

Another gas and electric backed fridge comes to show off its power to new fridge customers. For the removable and adjustable shelves, we give loud claps. Moreover, powder-coated shelves make the fridge more anti-corrosion and rust-resistant. The seller says it has the durable white color, we are not sure if that’s true. Most of the time white color serves for beauty not for reliability. Better you prefer silver or steel color to save the surface of your cute fridge. Very bad is the door handle is not hidden: it leads to distraction when the user carries the fridge and can be broken easily.

Norcold N260.3R RV

2.4 Cubic Feet / LP Gas, AC/DC Operation / Adjustable thermostat / Right-Opening Doors / Taupe Door

Latest Price

Only for built-in purposes refrigerator has a taupe door that reminds a cabinet drawer. Very good position for right-hand opening. For precise control, the spinning thermostat can help you cope with temp regulation. That’s not it. Gas could fuel its running but electricity would assist better at home. Usually, the portable gas fridge is supposed to be 1.6 cubic feet but this model is quite bigger. Before buying such kinda fridge you need to prepare the size of the hole that you will install that unit. Do not forget to measure by a flexible ruler.

Northair BCD-90R-Mint Green


2-Door Design / ABS plastic freezer / steel plate body / R600a compressor / 1-7 grade precise temperature control / constant temperature preservation / 40 decibels noise

Latest Price

Another NorthAir fridge with two doors that contain the freezer and fridge separately. Meanwhile, its freezer is made of the ABS plastic to ensure it is eco-friendly. To control the temp, you can feel the turner by spinning from 1 to 7. Mostly, stage 4 is used to keep normal cool. For handling the door, it is very useful with door opening easily. But this tech was used in the earliest introduction of the fridge to major market during the 1920s, before WW2. Not only green is available but white, gray and steel can also be found online.

Kismile Double Door

Double door electric / 3.2 Cu. Ft / 7-Levels Temperature Control / Removable Glass Shelf / Double Chrome Handle / LED / noise below 40 dB

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Small but cute with retro design the Kismile fridge shall surprise you with compact 3.2 cubic feet size. Moreover, it has a noise below 40 dB that could let you sleep well at a small apartment. The unique specs are two chrome handles that could come from the beginning of 20th century via time machine. Like the previous fridge this fridge could imitate with the same handles and 7 staged temp control amazes the precision lovers. Very short but serves as the table for cutting the fruit or vegetable. Very bad spec is electric consumption-based energy. I would prefer gas consumption.

KUPPET Retro Mini


Sky blue design / 3.2 Cu.Ft. / Temperature range: 32°F - 50°F. / Removable glass shelves / LED interior light

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Retro sky blue mini fridge reminds me of the “Hippie“ culture that urged people to be mobile and relaxed but laziness could damage their earnings for life. 3.2 cu. ft size is quite bigger to lift and carry to one person. The very amazing feature comes as an exact temp range. For sure, it has removable glass shelves that can be washed easily. Electric consumption saving LED light shines to every corner of the interior. Only a woman or infantile man would buy this fridge as it has a cartoon alike color. Solidness can’t be expressed from such kinda color.

Premium PRF736HS

ENERGY STAR qualified / Replacement Refrigerator Light / Two removable, adjustable shelves / Spill-Proof Glass Shelves / 7.4 cu ft size

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Very tall but thin Premium refrigerator with 7.4 ft cu size takes less space but the only height of the kitchen. Obviously good spec is its gray color that camouflages the scratch caused by sharp tools. Anyone could wash its removable glass shelves. Very beautiful handles remind me of Italian furniture design with elegance in touching. Glamorous! Even without ice maker and display this refrigerator deserves to be a pure class kitchen appliance. Moreover, it is easy to wash the removable glass shelves that hold many heavy groceries inside. Lastly, low energy consumption led to having Energy Star certificate from a legitimate organization.

Magic Chef MCAR320B2

3.2 Cu. Ft. / Black door / Black cabinet / Glass Shelves / Adjustable temperature thermostat control / Reversible door

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Only one door but tall like my study cabinet. That’s because a freezer does not come inside. Trouble! Only students may use it for drinks, fruits, and fast food but some vegetables and meat could be spoiled easily. Although it has 3.2 cu ft the second door was not made by a designer. Completely black surface somehow gives solidness and some kind of trust can be granted from users. For sure it has glass shelves that allow users to look at even bottom-placed food. The very amazing feature is a reversible door that can serve the users for a long time.

SMETA Propane

Propane electric absorption / 3.4 cu ft / Slide-out storage shelves / clear plastic crisper drawer / piezo ignition / flame indicator / gas / electric thermostat

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Perfect for campers, soldiers, hikers, alpinists, and extreme travelers. As it is gas and electric backed when propane can make it run. Somehow, it is like a top load washer with controls at the side. Not quite big meanwhile having 3.4 cu ft size. Without electricity it can run till propane would finish. However, the handle is not recessed or hidden which can disturb you when the door is open. Electric and gas thermostats could assist in controlling the fridge precisely. If you are afraid of paying electricity bills you could try the fridge too. Its flame indicator tells how much gas is burnt during its operation.

SMAD 3-Way Propane

Manual controls / Powder-coated shelves / Tall container storage / GAS/Electric thermostat

Latest Price

The very rough look makes it solid but not as attractive as retro style ones. However, smart people may choose this fridge as it is backed by a three-way propane. It has two turners that regulate temperature and flame from propane. I am not happy with legs – they are not adjustable to make the fridge stable. The shelves are coated by powder but glass-backed shelves are not seen here. Maybe they might provide them with soon as you request according to the size. Nevertheless, not many people want glass shelves. Not good news from the specs is its manual controls. Remote control as obviously can’t be provided.

Sunpentown RF-244SS

2.4 cu ft / stainless steel / gray / commercial use / no freezer / reversible door / two shelves

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Quite short with 2.4 cu ft fridge is predestined for commercial entities like hotel, hostel, dorm, and motel. To serve longer the fridge is made of stainless steel. The gray color door has a plastic finish to avoid being scratched. Unfortunately, it has no freezer as drinks, vegetables, fruits, and fast food could be kept but meat and raw chicken might become spoiled. Very good news came from this fridge is low price. Below $200 one may buy it with free shipping inside the U.S. Before use check it carefully whether it was damaged or not during delivery. For sure, it has only two shelves containing groceries.

Equator Ascoli

Reversible door / Recessed handle / Adjustable and removable Glass Shelves / Interior lights / Door shelves and racks / Closed-back panel / Frost-free operation / Energy efficient

Latest Price

The manufacturer claims the refrigerator is energy efficient. We will see that in Walmart showcase by testing the consumption. Meanwhile, let’s see the specs of the model Ascoli. As normal, it has adjustable then removable glass shelves that always need to be cleaned. Therefore, most of the neat people prefer this kinda shelf. They also claim that the fridge can operate frost freely. I don’t really believe, after 6 months you may see a clear result. By the way, it is very tall and looks thin which may cause an unstable position if you allow it to stand freely.

Midea WHD-113FB1

Adjustable Temperature Ranges from 32' to 50' F / Freezer range from -11.2' to 5'F / The noise level <45 dB / voltage is 115 volts / 60Hz / Adjustable Legs / Reversible Door / Interior Light / 3.1 cu ft size / Tapered Toward the Back

Latest Price

Completely black with a position of backward tapered intention has only 3.1 cu ft size that could only feet not many groceries. However, it is easy to precisely control the temp via adjustable turner. Even the freezer’s temp can be precisely adjusted. They chant it has less than 45dB during 115 volts of tense. The interior is bright – thanks to the light that illuminates in 2.2 cu ft. fridge. But the freezer does not have its own light. The very normal and good spec is the reversible door that can last very long. Moreover, the adjustable legs could even silence the noise coming from the engine.


Built in Can Dispenser / Freezer Compartment / Slide Out Tempered Glass Shelves / Adjustable Thermostat / Reversible Door / Adjustable Level Feet

Latest Price

Amazingly orange fridge comes to rescue your easily spoilable food in hot summer with heatwaves. Its recessed door handles on top can easily challenge small kids that are curious about what is inside it. To reduce instability, one may adjust its feet by turning right or left. Then reversible could open till the right panel touches its surface. Inside there are interesting things: the exterior doorless freezer has an internal door. The can dispenser is built in that lets anyone save more space. For normal users, there are removable glass shelves that can be broken with the tempered condition.

Kuppet-Mini Refrigerator

3.2 Cu. Ft / built-in can dispenser / freezer compartment / reversible door / temp adjustable knob / removable glass shelf / no feet

Latest Price

White but solid Kuppet with 3.2 cu ft could cope with cooling the groceries but only one door can somehow affect the temp of the freezer. Another built-in can dispenser here to provide cleantech. Moreover, its freezer is behind the door with an internal plastic door. For sure, its door is reversible for safety measures and long-lasting feature. There is a special knob for controlling the temperature from negative to positive figures. Its slide-out glass tempered shelf which needs to be cleaned and washed frequently. Unfortunately, the legs are not adjustable that requires the user to pick only flat place.

Gourmia GMF600

6 can minifridge / self-locking latch / carry handle / insulated interior / AC & DC / 0.15 cubic feet

Latest Price

So tiny fridge that can be carried and put in small places like the car’s front seats. I can’t believe it is 0.15 cu ft which allows anyone to put only 2 bottles and a couple of fast food like burgers. Easy to open with the small handle attached to the door, then recessed handle on top is the wisest solution for carrying. Even a 2-year-old baby can handle that. For food safety measures its door self-locks. In any car, you can connect the fridge to a smoker that delivers electricity but no one can use a power bank for that. Therefore, AC/DC mentioned in the specs.

Uber Appliance UB-CH1

4-liter mini personal fridge / 6 can (12oz) capacity / four 500mL bottle cooler / Plugs into 12V car cigarette lighter / Retro mini fridge

Latest Price

Uber came out with innovative solutions for Uber Meal workers who deliver the food instantly and receive feedback and ratings. The fridge could be put on the electric bike then an easy ride comes. Inside any car, one could supply it with electricity from smoke light. We should try connecting the fridge with a 12V portable power bank but it could drain the power instantly. He-he-he! Anyway, experimenting is not a burden. The design is very luminescent because of retro style shape. The fridge also has the self-locking door which can be better than a magnetic door. If I worked in Uber, I would put at least 8 oz of food or beverage. Packing aggressively may damage the food.

Chefman Mini Portable Eraser

Eraser door / 4 Liter capacity / Freon-Free / 12V car chargers / 0.7 cu ft

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Perfect for travelers who like to keep their favorite meals cool and fresh. Moto bike riders could use it for cooling their food during their very long journeys. I expect this kind of fridge is usually used by food delivery personnel who escape from traffic jams by their bikes or motorbikes. Sometimes, cars in big cities are just metal junks. Electric bike is the perfect solution to use with mini fridge. Its shape is very similar to luggage bag. You should be happy to have it while being in plane, train or boat. For gourmands it was perfectly shaped to save their already bought groceries.

Wrapping Up

The topmost solid and efficient models are here to make for you a clear picture of getting the right information about the best refrigerators. It all depends on the situation, for example, you have to travel to have a picnic, so you need a fridge with 1.4 cu. ft. That’s why all of them are great to use for any occasion.