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After your refrigerator gets obsolete or broken you begin considering specs and features of your next freezing machine so precisely. It is a nature of every user. If you are looking for the best refrigerator 2019 I will help you pick the most suitable for your requirements.

Samsung RS25H5000WW
LG LMXS28626D [Best Refrigerator 2019]
Kenmore 70443
Whirlpool WRX735SDHW
Frigidaire FFBN1721TV
Samsung RF23M8590SG/AA

Best Refrigerator 2019

Choosing the most outstanding refrigerator for your household is a long time consuming task. Well-known brands like LG, Samsung, Kenmore, GE and Frigidaire offer modern regrigerators with high tech specs and features, such as TV, Wi-Fi and many more. Therefore, I chose only 10 models from these popular brands which are devoted to quality and consumer’s happiness.

Samsung RS25H5000WW

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With 24 ft cu. capacity this Samsung side by side refrigerator can store up to 24 grocery bags and maximum 19 bottles of liquid products. Every corner of the refrigerator receives light from LED lamps. Double humidity controlled drawer keep fruits and vegetables fresh. On the left door there is water and ice dispencer with digital LED display that shows temperature, filter replacement alert and control the dispencer. RS25H5000WW is big enough to store groceries for the big family.


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Gas and electricity powered freezing refrigerator comes as 9.3 cu ft capacity fridge with control panel located at the bottom and freezer on the top. There are four pockets of the door which can fit about 13 bottles of liquid products. The freezer has 2 levels and bottom part has five levels which can adjusted according to user’s preference. Good thing of this fridge is its smaller size and it can be put on the table or customized stand.


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Looking as a cabinet with two drawers LG LMXS28626D has a solid design with huge 27.8 cu. ft. capacity. Its reezer is located at the bottom with 2 drawers. French doors have one store with 6 pockets and 4 levels. The bottom level made for fruits and vegetables. Wi-Fi enabled system is supported by SmartthinQ. LED lighting reaches every corner of the refrigerator. Display is backed by digital LED screen located on top of ice and water dispencer. Overall, it is the best choice as long as you are okay with the french door design.


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Retro style design and italian lag colored Smeg FAB28UITR1 falls under compact fridge category. It has 3 adjustable shelves, bottle rack, fruit and vegetable container, dairy box and fixed glass shelf inside. Its door includes two egg bins, four adjustable bins and two bins for bottle. Freezer got one ice cube tray. The capacity is 9.22 cu. ft. which is small. The good from this fridge is its easy weight. Good for mobility.


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Quadro French door design gives multiple storage options for a customer. 22.7 cu ft capacity allows to include 4 split shelves, one folding shelf and two crisper bins. Ice and water dispencer is on the left top door. LED display shows temperature and shows how you control the overall performance. This model also has fresh air filter, door alarm, child lock, auto closing door hinge, Wi-Fi, voice control and Google assistant. There is everything to rank this model as the best except its smaller size that is 22.7 cu ft.

Kenmore 70443

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Well established brand Kenmore can produce similar models to LG and Samsung refrigerators with modern specs and features. Model 70443 has french door based design which is equipped by Wi-Fi, digital LED display, LED interior lighting, ice and water dispencer, 4 shelves, 4 crispers with humidity control, door bin (gallon storage), dairy bin, pantry drawer and automatic freezer. Its size 21.9 cu ft. provides free standing. Customers by picking this model challenge Samsung and LG prominence. I wish we could have more brands like Kenmore which competes against Korean brands.

Whirlpool WRX735SDHW

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24.5 cu ft. sized Whirlpool refrigerator comprises freezer with 2 external drawers and french door with external water and ice dispencer. Fresh food and freezer sections are temperature controlled by digital LED display. The fresh food section has 5 shelves with different sizes, two humidity controlled crisper drawers and six door bins (for gallons too). But the freezer section includes only 2 tier basket storage which is inside 6.73 cu. ft. size. Not good thing of this french door refrigerator is its small freezer section.

Frigidaire FFBN1721TV

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Four doors make this 17.4 ft cu refrigerator look like two different fridges. However, its freezer section is bigger with 4 bins and two removable drawers, and can be temperature controlled. On the other hand, refrigetor section has interior LED lighting, two crisper drawers, 2 adjustable gallon bins and double adjustable shelf. The appliance is controlled by white LED control which is on right top door. Its doors make it look spacios but the size is smaller than decent french door refrigerator.


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With freezer at the bottom opening by a drawer which includes two beans and one internal drawer. The refrigerator part has water and ice dispencer with LED display control above, full width temperature drawer, two humidity controlled bins, LED interior lighting, 5 fresh food cabinet shelves and six fresh food door bins. The price is expensive because of modernized features and 27.8 cu ft size. If LG or Samsung refrigerators had the same features the price could be lower by 30 per cent.

Samsung RF23M8590SG/AA

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This model has everything; starting from computer and ending with spacious drawers. Its 22 cu ft. size is pretty average. One weakness of this too much techy refrigerator is its not long lasting computer. After two years its computer will be not functionable because of closing and opening the doors. Every electronical device has two year highly optimal life. Tablets and smartphones become too slow within 2 years but laptops and desktops stay highly functional due to less shaking or vibrating.

Wrapping Up

I listed top 10 the most solid and efficient refrigerators to make for you a clear picture of getting the right information about best refrigerators 2019. I chose LG LMXS28626D for it has neither too much tech nor few features. The important feature of this model is its big size.

How to choose right refrigerator

Odds are you haven’t looked for an refrigerator in a while, so you might be astonished by the present features. This buying guide causes you locate the best refrigerator for your kitchen.

Refrigerator Types

Top/base freezer: These customary models have a freezer on top or in the bottom. Reversible entryways swing left or right to suit tight spaces.

Side to side: Similar-measure freezer and refrigerator compartments run vertically from the best to the base of the unit. This is the best match for a kitchen with restricted space, similar to a cookroom kitchen, as it takes up minimal space with the entryways open.

French door with base freezer: French doors open from the center to uncover  top fridge compartment with an entryway or cabinet to get to the freezer that is situated on the base of the unit. Takes into account simpler openness to the fresh food compartments and major fridge territory.

Quadro French door: French doors open from the center of the top fridge compartment with a freezer situated on the base of the unit. Between these two segments is a fourth refrigerated entryway/cabinet. It’s basically an indistinguishable arrangement from the French door with base cooler yet with an extra center refrigerated wash room cabinet.

Door in door: French doors open to an upper fridge compartment to uncover a door inside the door. An door in door spares vitality since you just open one board to get to often utilized things in an in-door bin.

Counter-depth: A trendy alternative that sits flush with the cupboard fronts, giving an inherent look without an implicit cost.

Minimal: A downsized form frequently utilized as a part of apartments, cellars or family rooms. There’s normally practically zero cooler.

Fridge Size and Capacity

Measure the stature, width and profundity of the space your new ice chest will possess. Ensure there’s additional space to permit appropriate wind current around your fridge once introduced. A simple tip to picture measure – a sack of basic supplies rises to about one cubic foot.

Next, consider your sustenance purchasing propensities. In the event that you buy more crisp sustenances than solidified, you’ll need simple access and storage room in the icebox. In the event that you purchase more solidified sustenances, you’ll require more cooler space.

At long last, ensure the cooler you pick will fit through your entryways for conveyance.

Organization specs

Have you at any point wished the inside of your fridge could resemble the commercial? Brilliant compartments and association helps make it simple to keep nourishment new and flawlessly showed. Search for:

Movable glass racks: Shelves that slide in and out inside the icebox pit and retires that flip vertically from depends outwardly edges of the rack make modified space.

Storeroom drawers: Refrigerator-width wash room drawers make a different temperature zone for party plate and nibble sustenances.

Stickiness control drawers: These show leafy foods unmistakably while keeping them new with modified dampness settings.

Oversize entryway containers: Gallon-estimate entryway receptacles proficiently store drain, juice and 2-liter jugs of pop, making them less demanding to get while taking up zero rack space.


Think about the necessities of your kitchen to decide whether the accompanying features are decent to-have or should have:

Double cooling framework: This framework enables coolers to circle cool air independently from the refrigerator to help shield your ice from suggesting a flavor like garlic bread.

Air filtration framework: An implicit carbon channel keeps air in the icebox new.

Programmable control cushion: Set the temperature, bolt the ice and water distributor, check channel condition and pre-set the measure of water to forgo the push of a catch.

In-entryway ice stockpiling: These frameworks free up more cooler space by moving the ice receptacle from the cooler inside to the entryway. On a few models, the ice basin can tilt out or be evacuated with one hand for mass apportioning.

Double ice producers: These make ice for the entryway and ice for the gathering in a different container, more often than not in the haul out cooler cabinet.

Vitality sparing models: ENERGY STAR® qualified fridges utilize at least 20% less vitality than nonqualified models — sparing you cash on service bills. You may likewise be qualified for refunds from your city when purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified models.

Associated coolers: Smart models offer a plenty of comforts including propelled atmosphere controls, shopping records, reminders and mix with an assortment of home computerization frameworks.

Smear evidence models: An exceptional outside covering makes these fridges impervious to fingerprints.

Enhancing Refrigerator Efficiency

Shield your fridge from warm sources. By repelling your icebox from warm vents, the stove, the dishwasher and direct daylight from a window, you’re decreasing compressor use to represent outside temperature extremes.

Mind your remains. Give things a chance to cool to room temperature and wrap or cover them firmly before putting away in the fridge. This diminishes warm within the apparatus, which means the compressor runs less.

Use in-entryway water and ice. Sounds basic, isn’t that so? By opening the icebox or cooler entryway less regularly, you consequently enhance your fridge’s effectiveness.

Warm things up. Sound outlandish? By altering your cooler’s temperature to in the vicinity of 36 and 38 degrees F and the cooler in the vicinity of 0 and 5 degrees F, you will enhance proficiency. This is generally the mid-point setting on the temperature dial.

Sort out, arrange, compose. Put those coordinator thoughts to great utilize and make a clean fridge. At the point when things are effectively available, you lessen open-entryway time, which converts into vitality reserve funds.

Clear mess. Keep the highest point of your fridge free of oat boxes, bread, serving dishes and other “stuff.” These things trap warm within the machine, making your compressor work additional time.

Increment Your Refrigerator’s Lifespan

Secure the plastic. Abstain from utilizing scratch-causing abrasives when cleaning drawers, retires and handles. Essentially wipe clean with a delicate material, a gentle cleanser and a bit of heating pop.

Give your sustenance some breathing room. A full fridge and cooler works all the more effectively, yet not when it’s packed. Ensure there is sufficient space for air to flow.

Keep your cool. By cleaning the fridge entryway seals consistently with cleanser and water, you take out earth and grime that forestall appropriate fixing. To test your seals, slide a bit of paper in the shut icebox entryway. On the off chance that it drops out, it’s an ideal opportunity to supplant the seals.

Expel form and mold. Wipe within your fridge with unadulterated white vinegar to forestall microscopic organisms development. In the wake of applying the vinegar, wipe surfaces spotless and dry completely.

Clean your loops. Unplug the fridge and delicately expel clean from the condenser loops. To discover your condenser loops, check your proprietor’s manual.

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