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Portable air conditioner is becoming more popular year by year. If you are looking for the best air conditioner 2019 read these reviews below on top 10 the most efficient and powerful. Then, choose the best out of the highest rated models. I have already chosen the best out of them. If you disagree you may pick the other.

Best Portable Air Conditioner 2019

Install in a window, install in a wall and PTAC air conditioners suddenly became out of trend. The main cause is mobility. Portable air cons are easy to carry or move for anyone. They are adding more significant features to their strength list by conquering total air conditioner market.

Honeywell HL09CESWK
Frigidaire FGPC1044U1
Emerson Quiet Kool EAPE14RD1 [Best PAC]
Friedrich Zonaire P12SA
Trustech PAC-10C
DELLA 048-GM-48384

Honeywell HL09CESWK

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Three in one functions: cooling, dehumidification and fan make it beneficial for any room with area of 400 sq. ft. This model has power of 9000 BTUs which can delivers a decent cooling for any user. The installation is very simple. No need to call technician. Only its hose needs to be extended out of window. Maintaining HL09CESWK is very easy: just wash and clean its dual filter. Auto evaporation and dehumidification functions allow the user to clean 80.1 pinsts a day. No need to empty the bucket. By the way it is supported by remote control and digital control panel.

Frigidaire FGPC1044U1

Latest Price

Tower or vacuum flask alike FGPC1044U1 has 360 degrees air flow circulation feature that enables the user to put it in the middle of the room. It can be controlled by mobile device since it has special app and Wi-Fi built in. There is no installation required, just plug it into electricity and it is ready. Its power extends to 5200 BTUs which is capable to cool maximum 450 sq. ft. It also has LED control panel but no remote control.


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Even a power failure can’t stop this model, it restarts automatically. For controlling it has remote and LED controls. Designed by 3 in 1: fan, cooler and dehumidifier. Air cooling power reaches till 14 thousand BTUs by spacing up to 700 sq. ft. Installation is easy, just need to extend its hose outside the room. I am very excited with its power but the hose makes it less mobile.

Emerson Quiet Kool EAPE14RD1

Latest Price

With cooling power up to 14000 BTUs this white EAPE14RD1 model has 2 functions: air cooling and heating which can space up to 550-sq. ft. Its fan is powered by three speeds: slow, average and high. It surely has LED and remote controls. However, autorestart feature is not included. For cold winter and hot summer this Emerson Quiet Kool model deliver you the warm and cool air in your room.

Friedrich Zonaire P12SA

Latest Price

Single hose three in one Friedrich Zonaire P12SA comes with heater, dehumidifier and cooler. However, it has no LED control but with remote. Its hose just like other typical portable air cons’ has to be extended outside to release the water and spoiled air. I would say it is not bad air con with lower price about $500 with power of 12000 BTUs.


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This Danby’s model has autorestart feature too for making the user not to waste time for turning it on. Up to 12000 BTU power makes it to cover maximum 550 sq. ft. Design of 3 in 1 delivers all season air comfort. The dual hose purifies the air efficiently. Remote and LED controls are also provided. For less than $500 any user can get this powerful portable air con.


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Washable and reusable filters of CCH YPS3 14H have longer lifespan so you do need to replace them often. It also has remote and electronic controls. Remote control lets you regulate from anywhere of the room. Double functions: heater and cooler have speed low, mid and high options. It also has  a hose to circulate the air. The installation is easy, just need to make an appropriate hole for the hose. For less than $400 any user can order it online.

Trustech PAC-10C

 Latest Price

10000 BTUs self-evaporative PAC comes with LED and remote control. This model also has three in one design to be universal for any season. No need to connect the hose for evaporation, its auto self-evaporation saves a lot of time. For wet air it is the most beneficial to remove the water and keep it dry and cool.

DELLA 048-GM-48384

Latest Price

With window kit the installation becomes easier and simple, additionally it saves money. Dehumidifier, fan and cooler deliver typical benefits but 14000 BTU power that spreads onto 450 sq. ft. Electronic and remote controls are also typical whereas timer and sleep features add siginificant value. Price is lower than $400 which could be more than $500. Thanks to the efficient production of DELLA.


Latest Price

Here comes the Korean brand with auto evaporation system but not self-evaporation. The hose should be extended till outside to release water and bad air. Just like any typical PAC it has LED and remote control to regulate an air of up to 300 sq.ft. Better to use this PAC in smaller rooms like garage, bedroom, kitchen and office.

Wrapping Up

All of them are the best but most of them have auto evaporation system only. Self-evaporation dehumidification is much better when you do not want to carry the window kit. I would prefer the one without hose and with self-evaporating system. It is up to you which one to pick for regulating the air of your room as long as you breath the clean and cool/warm air.

How to choose the right air conditioner

At the point when the climate warms up, contemplations swing to relaxing. On the off chance that focal aerating and cooling isn’t a choice, room ventilation systems can be an economical and vitality productive option for cooling maybe a couple rooms.

In case you’re prepared to beat the warmth, you aren’t the only one: More than 8 million room aeration and cooling systems were sent available to be purchased in 2017. The run of the mill family unit burns through 13 percent of its yearly service charge on cooling, as indicated by Energy Star. So it’s imperative to pick the correct unit. A ventilation system that is too little will battle to cool a room. One that is too huge cools so rapidly that it doesn’t have room schedule-wise to expel enough dampness, abandoning you with a chilly, moist space.

Things to Consider

Search for Energy Misers

New Energy Star room ventilation systems accompany better protecting materials and clearer directions that assistance guarantee you get a decent seal around the unit, limiting holes.

Note the Noise

Models that scored Excellent or Very Good in our commotion tests are quiet to the point that the main sound you may hear is the fan running. Aeration and cooling systems that scored Fair for clamor could exasperate light sleepers when set on low and are diverting to all when set on high.

Factor In the Window Location

Window aeration and cooling systems for the most part complete a superior occupation blowing air one way. That can be an issue if your window isn’t fixated on the divider. To consistently cool a room, you’ll have to guide air to its middle, so verify whether your AC needs to blow air to one side or to one side. Some have fan arms that swivel.

Introduce It Correctly

To take full advantage of your window aeration and cooling system it must be appropriately introduced. Most units are planned for twofold hung windows. In the event that you have casement windows, you might need to consider purchasing a through-the-divider aeration and cooling system. Ensure your window unit is level with the goal that it depletes effectively. Also, move any warmth creating gadgets, for example, a TV or light far from the unit.

Check Filter Location

Ensure you can without much of a stretch access the channel for cleaning, something you’ll be doing every now and again to keep the unit in tip-top condition.

Think about Intelligent Cooling

Some ventilation systems have become more astute, enabling you to control and modify them from your cell phone. You may even have the capacity to interconnect them to other cooling units in your home.

Watch the Warranty

Some aeration and cooling systems have longer guarantees than others. When you’re purchasing another unit, check the producer’s site for data, and approach the retailer about the guarantee for the brand and model you’re thinking about purchasing.

Examining Your Options

Before you think about cost and highlights, begin by deciding the span of unit you requirement for the space you need to cool, and additionally where you’ll put the unit. The window ventilation systems in our tests have cooling limits running from 5,000 to 12,500 British warm units (Btu).

To gauge your room, duplicate the length of the room by the width. Be that as it may, don’t purchase by Btu alone. Vitality Star suggests that you consider different contemplations, for example, the tallness of your roof, where the unit will be set, and the span of your windows and entryways. Furthermore:

• If the room is intensely shaded, lessen limit by 10 percent.

• If the room is additional bright, increment limit by 10 percent.

• If in excess of two individuals frequently involve the room, include 600 Btu for each extra individual.

• If the unit is utilized as a part of a kitchen, increment limit by 4,000 Btu.

Which Model Is Right for You?

Some little window units cost under $200, which makes them an enticing recommendation—however just in the event that you have to cool a little space. On the off chance that you have to cool a bigger region, you’ll need to concentrate your hunt on units that better match your area.

All the window units we tried meet the most recent Energy Star gauges, which expect them to be no less than 10 percent more proficient than units without that accreditation. Champion models have calm task and advantageous controls, and they work under brownout conditions. Check our aeration and cooling system appraisals to see to how they stacked up.

Window Air Conditioners

Little—Capacity ranges from 5,000 to 6,500 Btu. Cools approximately 100 to 300 square feet. These units are the littlest, lightest, and minimum costly, yet they can’t sufficiently cool a room estimating in excess of 300 square feet.

Cost: $150 to $250.

Medium—Capacity ranges from 7,000 to 8,200 Btu. Cools about 250 to 400 square feet. Costs begin crawling up, and their size and weight can make them more hard to introduce and evacuate for winter stockpiling.

Cost: $200 to $400.

Vast—Capacity ranges from 9,800 to 12,500 Btu. Cools in the vicinity of 350 and 650 square feet. Best to cool a huge room, however the mass and weight make these models cumbersome and hard to introduce.

Cost: $350 to $600.

Split Ductless Air Conditioners

Split ductless is a keen method to add aerating and cooling to a predetermined number of rooms without opening up dividers to introduce ventilation work—as you would with a focal air framework—or introduce and evacuate different window units every year. Despite the fact that we haven’t tried part ductless as of late, in our past tests all completed an amazing activity cooling and were considerably calmer inside and out than window aeration and cooling systems. To be sure, on the low setting they were scarcely perceptible.

Split ductless is more costly than window or compact units (and expert establishment is suggested) yet more affordable than focal air on the off chance that you are cooling just a couple of rooms. In any case, in the event that you are hoping to cool the greater part of your home, a focal aerating and cooling framework is likely the more financially savvy decision.

Cost: $1,000 and up.

Convenient Air Conditioners

Convenient models are planned for homes in which window arrangements or building directions forestall establishment of window units. The compact aeration and cooling systems in our tests run from 9,000 to 15,500 Btu. In any case, don’t think about convenient and window ventilation systems by that estimation alone.

Our most recent ventilation system tests found that portables aren’t as great at cooling as producers assert. In addition they’re expensive and utilize more vitality than correspondingly estimated window units. What’s more, since all the mechanicals are sitting in the room, they have a tendency to be noisier than window-mounted units. Also, “versatile” is a misnomer—their 50-to 80-pound weight can make them unwieldy and ungraceful to move crosswise over floor coverings or limits.

Cost: $300 to $700.

Savvy Features to Help You Chill Out

Every one of the units in our aeration and cooling system evaluations complete a magnificent activity of cooling. They additionally accompany advantageous highlights, for example, advanced showcases, worked in clocks, and remote controls. A few units have touchpad controls, and a couple of alter the course of the wind current naturally to better scatter cool air all through the room. Search for aeration and cooling system includes that influence execution and proficiency.


Touchpads with huge LED shows, sizable and uncrowded catches, clear marking, and advanced temperature readouts are simpler to utilize. Ineffectively planned controls are a steady irritation. Raised catches with various shapes let you distinguish works by feel. Also, computerized temperature readouts give a more exact perusing than the customary “hotter” and “cooler” settings.

Directional Airflow Vents

Aeration and cooling systems have louvers you can change in accordance with coordinate wind stream vertically or on a level plane. Some have fans that sway. In any case, most are better at coordinating air toward one side or the other. Think about your room design, and search for a model that can coordinate the wind stream where you require it most.

Productivity Aids

An aeration and cooling system with a clock can be killed when you’re out or set to turn on just before you hope to return home. A vitality saver setting stops the fan when the compressor is off. These highlights spare power.

Dehumidifying Mode

This component is helpful on sticky yet cool days in spring and fall.

Natural Air Intake or Exhaust Setting

This component gives ventilation without cooling.


One basic vitality sparing element is a 24-hour programmable clock, which enables you to alter your unit’s working timetable.

Remote Control

A remote control enables you to change the settings from wherever you’re sitting. A few units have worked in temperature sensors to hand-off the room’s temperature (instead of the temperature at which you’ve set the unit).

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