Best Portable Air Conditioner 2020 – The Most Efficient and Budget Type

The portable air conditioner is perfect salvation from hottest weather. If you are looking for the best air conditioner 2020 refer to the table below and try reading reviews of the top 10 the most efficient and powerful. Then, choose the best out of the highest-rated models. I have already chosen the best out of them. If you disagree you may pick the other.

Best Portable Air Conditioner 2020

Install in a window, install in a wall and PTAC air conditioners suddenly became out of trend. The main cause is mobility. Portable air cons are easy to carry or move. They are adding more significant features to the strength list by conquering the total air conditioner market.

Honeywell HL09CESWK

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Three in one functions: cooling, dehumidification and fan make it beneficial for any room with area of 400 sq. ft. This model has power of 9000 BTUs which can delivers a decent cooling for any user. The installation is very simple. No need to call technician. Only its hose needs to be extended out of window. Maintaining HL09CESWK is very easy: just wash and clean its dual filter. Auto evaporation and dehumidification functions allow the user to clean 80.1 pinsts a day. No need to empty the bucket. By the way it is supported by remote control and digital control panel.

Frigidaire FGPC1044U1 – Best Portable Air Conditioner for Bedroom

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Tower or vacuum flask alike FGPC1044U1 has 360 degrees air flow circulation feature that enables the user to put it in the middle of the room. It can be controlled by the mobile device since it has a special app and Wi-Fi built in. There is no installation required, just plug it into electricity and it is ready. Its power extends to 5200 BTUs which is capable to cool a maximum 450 sq. ft. It also has LED control panel but no remote control.


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Even a power failure can’t stop this model, it restarts automatically. For controlling it has remote and LED controls. Designed by 3 in 1: fan, cooler and dehumidifier. Air cooling power reaches till 14 thousand BTUs by spacing up to 700 sq. ft. Installation is easy, just need to extend its hose outside the room. I am very excited with its power but the hose makes it less mobile.

Emerson Quiet Kool EAPE14RD1

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With cooling power up to 14000 BTUs this white EAPE14RD1 model has 2 functions: air cooling and heating which can space up to 550-sq. ft. Its fan is powered by three speeds: slow, average and high. It surely has LED and remote controls. However, autorestart feature is not included. For cold winter and hot summer this Emerson Quiet Kool model deliver you the warm and cool air in your room.

Friedrich Zonaire P12SA

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Single hose three in one Friedrich Zonaire P12SA comes with heater, dehumidifier and cooler. However, it has no LED control but with remote. Its hose just like other typical portable air cons’ has to be extended outside to release the water and spoiled air. I would say it is not bad air con with lower price about $500 with power of 12000 BTUs.

Danby DPA120DBAUGDB – Best Home Portable Air Conditioner

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This Danby’s model has an autorestart feature too for making the user not to waste time for turning it on. Up to 12000 BTU power makes it cover a maximum of 550 sq. ft. Design of 3 in 1 delivers all season air comfort. The dual hose purifies the air efficiently. Remote and LED controls are also provided. For less than $500 any user can get this powerful portable air con.


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Washable and reusable filters of CCH YPS3 14H have longer lifespan so you do need to replace them often. It also has remote and electronic controls. Remote control lets you regulate from anywhere of the room. Double functions: heater and cooler have speed low, mid and high options. It also has  a hose to circulate the air. The installation is easy, just need to make an appropriate hole for the hose. For less than $400 any user can order it online.

Trustech BLF-YH05

10000 BTUs self-evaporative PAC comes with LED and remote control. This model also has three in one design to be universal for any season. No need to connect the hose for evaporation, its auto self-evaporation saves a lot of time. For wet air it is the most beneficial to remove the water and keep it dry and cool.

DELLA 048-GM-48384

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With window kit the installation becomes easier and simple, additionally, it saves money. Dehumidifier, fan, and cooler deliver typical benefits but 14000 BTU power that spreads onto 450 sq. ft. Electronic and remote controls are also typical whereas timer and sleep features add significant value. Price is lower than $400 which could be more than $500. Thanks to the efficient production of DELLA.


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Here comes the Korean brand with auto evaporation system but not self-evaporation. The hose should be extended until outside to release water and bad air. Just like any typical PAC, it has LED and remote control to regulate an air of up to 300 sq.ft. Better to use this PAC in smaller rooms like garage, bedroom, kitchen, and office.

Koldfront PAC1402W

Another 14000 BTUs powerful PAC with dehumidifier and fan can cool up to 500 sq. ft. In F. temperature ranges between 62-88 degrees. A day its dehumidifying capacity reaches till 107 pints. Three speed fan is typical to such PAC. Timer is limited to 24 hours. The control panel consists of LCD, 8 buttons and 13 indicating lamps. Its price can’t reach $400 that makes affordable for anyone.


Good looking Midea comes with a power of 14000 BTUs that can cool up to 350 sq. ft. Three functions like a fan, dehumidifier, and cooling make it universal for any season. Just like other items above, it has LED, buttons and light indicators on the control panel. Over $500 can high but the reputation of this brand is much stronger than new brands coming from overseas.

DeLonghi Pinguino

The Delonghi Pinguino has a power to cool a 550 sq ft. Digital controls deliver comfort in handling its functions. Dehumidifying and heating options are available in the Pinguino too. The price varies from $400 to $500 according to capacity in sq. ft.

EdgeStar AP14003W

One of the prominent self-evaporative PACs come with cooling, fan, and dehumidifier. The electronic controls can give great joy in exploiting the PAC. Easy to install, no need to call a technician. The price is very affordable that reaches only $316.

Shinco SPF2-10C

Having a capacity to cool 300-450 sq. ft, Shinco could add dehumidifier and fan with three-speed stages. LED and control buttons are located on top. The remote control might become a good friend when one is lazy to reach the PAC. For about $300, you can get Shinco SPF2-10C with 10000 BTUs.

Zero Breeze Z19

For outdoor activities, Zero Breeze Z19 is the best choice. It has a capacity to cool 1-4 camping tent with a power of 1100 BTUs. Very easy to carry like a torchlight. It has a USB charger that fills a powerful battery inside. Its price is as high as the iPhone XR. However, I consider this PAC is a must buy item for camping.

Honeywell CO30XE

With a carbon dust filter, Honeywell CSO71AE delivers eco-friendly performance. Indoor evaporative cooler with fan and dehumidifier has the power to cool up to 525 sq ft. One may keep ice on a top. Its price barely reaches $308.

Hisense AP10CW2G

Programmable function allows you to set and forget. Fan and cooler come with temp control. However, a dehumidifier is not there. Up to 300 sq ft can be cooled if sufficient time spent. Very good strength of Hisense AP10CW2G is Alexa enabled function. For under $450 you might get this black PAC.


10000 BTUs portable air conditioner with the capacity to cool up to 400 sq.ft might surprise you with incredibly low price tag $255. Fan and dehumidifier are present as well. LED with control buttons on top deliver comprehensive handling.

Whynter ARC-14SH

The legendary model ARC-14SH is still on the work with modern specs like thermostatic temp control, three stages fan, dehumidifier, and heater. Therefore, the price is quite high, reaching $490. Other review sites like Consumer Reports and Good House Keeping rate this model with 5 out 5.

Wrapping Up

All of them are the best but most of them have auto evaporation system only. Self-evaporation dehumidification is much better when you do not want to carry the window kit. I would prefer the one without hose and with the self-evaporating system. It is up to you which one to pick for regulating the air of your room as long as you breathe the clean and cool/warm air.