Best Pocket Knife Sharpener in 2018

When you are out in the field, whether it be camping, hiking, on a military exercise, or some other outing you will be far from home. In that situation you always will need a knife for some activities. Keeping those knives sharp is important. Also those who work in a field will find it difficult to carry a big knife sharpener all the time. For those who like outdoor activities and work in the field there is a pocket knife sharpener. It is small and portable like a pocket knife and some even made to imitate a pocket knife. Despite being small, those knife sharpeners are perfectly capable to sharpen any types of knives. There are several commercially available portable/pocket sharpeners available to the adventurer today. This article summarizes % of such portable knife sharpeners.

Best Pocket Knife Sharpener

Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal

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Almost all knife sharpeners are bulky. The reason behind this is that to properly sharpen a knife they must be of a certain size and otherwise they will not be effective. Though this makes them big and difficult to carry with you to outdoor activities. However, this is not the case for Pocket Pal from Smith’s. It is still a full two stage sharpener with coarse grinding and fine polishing. It is also very cheap at just $7.99 which is amazing. There is a flip-out diamond rod on the end for honing both serrated and standard blades. The sheath is made of nylon that allows you to attach it on a belt. There is also a lanyard hole for you to hang it around your neck or wrist. This is a small sharpener which is easy to carry around, very practical and cost effective.

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Lansky Blade Medic PS-MED01

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Lansky Blade Medic is perfect for reconditioning and maintaining a knife with the ceramic serrated knife sharpener that allows you to get inside the smallest serration. This combination allows you quickly and easily sharpen the knife and polish it on the g. The casing is made of metal and that is why it feels much better than other plastic ones. This adds sturdy and strong feeling to it and the sharpener lasts longer. However, it adds extra weight and can be a bit slippery. This one is another great portable knife sharpener.

DMT F70F Diamond Mini Knife Sharpener

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The DMT F70F is a lightweight fold away fine diamond sharpening stone. It measures just 3.5 inches long. Its unique diamond surface lets you easily sharpen the knife using dry or with water. The diamond surface allows much faster and effective sharpening than normal sharpening stones. It can be used for sharpening gardening tools and the equipment, which makes it universal and mores suited for outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting. It is made very solid and strong with sturdy feeling. Due to the use of high quality materials this sharpener can last very long.

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Yoyal Folding 360/600 Grit Diamond Knife Sharpener

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The Yoyal Folding 360/600 Grit is adiamond-electroplate surface knife sharpener. It weighs2.9 oz and it is 12.5 cm long, which makes is on a heavy and bulky side. However its unique surface increases the efficiency of each strike. Despite being large the folding handle allows you to comfortably hold this sharpener. It has a double sided design with coarse side for grinding and soft side for fine edging. Due to butterfly knife style, this sharpener becomes easy to store and carry around. This sharpener is very well made and suitable for sharpening any type of knives.

SOG SH03-CP Fire Starter and Ceramic Sharpener

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The last item for this review is SOG SH03-CP. It is an innovative design as it combines two important tools, which are fire starter and a knife sharpener. It is a lightweight and portable multi-tool suitable for camping and hiking. A diamond shaped sharpening surface works well with small and large blades and cylindrical ceramic sharpening rod provides a precise sharpening and grinding. The handle is made from glass-reinforced nylon material with a textured thumb groove which makes it easier to hold and it is super strong and resistant. Due to its lightweight and small size it can easily be attached to a key-chain and stored in your pocket or in a backpack. This is a very strong and useful device which can come in handy in many different situations.

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To sum up, there are many great and unique pocket knife sharpeners. Whether it is for outdoor activities, for sports or for field work anyone can find the type that they are looking for. There are some that are larger while other are compact and there are ones that have several functions. Above five knife sharpeners are just some great examples of those knife sharpeners. They are all well priced and perform great. Regardless which one you choose you won’t go wrong, since all worth the money you are paying for them.