Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming in 2018 Reviews

Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Having a stable internet connection is very good. It saves your time and reduces stress. Ethernet cable is the fastest way to connect your PC to internet. It provides faster speeds and more stable connection. When it comes to gaming it is even more important to have a good Ethernet cable. Gaming requires better internet connection and it can easily be affected by a bad connection. That is why many companies make Ethernet cables suitable for gaming. Here is a list of seven Ethernet cables from Amazon and Ebay, which are high quality and have hundreds of positive reviews.

Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming

This cable utilizes one of the latest Ethernet standards for the connection. This makes it very fast and very stable as compared to many other cables that utilize older standards. This cable can easily provide stable connection suitable for competitive online gaming and streaming. This cable is also good for using for non-gaming applications. The cable is gold-plated and it comes in a twin pack. Cable supports up to 10GBps speed and transfer rate of 1000MHz. This cable can be used for computers, laptops and gaming consoles.

Mediabridge Cat6

This is another great Ethernet cable suitable for gaming. This cable supports only up to Cat6 standard which is lower than the previous model. However, this cable is a 50 foot long and comes with RJ45 connector. It is compatible with older standards and should perfectly work with any modem or device. The transfer rate is 550MHz and internet speed is 10GBps. This is very good quality and sturdy Ethernet cable suitable for gaming. It is long and comes with Velcro straps, which makes cable management and storage easy and simple.

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CableMonsta Cat6 High Speed

This cable is a Cat6 cable made CableMonsta. Just like other cables it can connect to a computer, gaming console, laptop printer or any other modern device with RJ45 connection. It is backward compatible with older standards. The transfer rate is only 250MHz but the internet speed is 10GBps. The 50 feet cable is durable and flexible, which makes it easy to hide under the carpet or bend on the corners. It offers a super speed data transfer for cloud storage, video playing, watching movies, and playing online games. It comes with a lifetime manufacturer warrantee. There are also 20 cable clips and 4 Velcro straps in the package.

Cable Matters 160021 Cat6

Cable Matters 160021 is a Cat6 Ethernet patch cable which comes high performance with the universal connectivity for different types of devices to internet using RJ45 connection. It provides a speed of up to 10GBps with transfer rate of 550MHz, which is fast and stable for gaming and daily use. The wiring is made from copper, which makes it long lasting and strong. One of the main strengths of this cable is that it comes in a variety of different colors to fit the environment or color scheme. It is also available in different lengths

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Jadaol Shielded Flat Cat7

This is 50 feet long Cat7 Ethernet cable made byJadaol. It is perfect for the network devices like routers, modems, hubs, ADSL, and gaming consoles. It delivers high network performance and stable connection due to its 10GBps speed and 1000MHz transfer rate. It is backward compatible with older standards such as Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6. It is made from 4 Shielded Twisted Pair copper wires and RJ45 connectors at both ends with gold-plated contact pins for great performance and high quality. It comes in 50 and 100 feet lengths and in black and white color

AmazonBasics Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cable

This Cat6 Ethernet cable is manufactured by AmazonBasics specifically for gaming. It uses RJ45 connection which connects your different network devices to internet. It provides a file transfer speed of 1GBps and 250MHz transfer rate. It offers a reliable, secure, and constant internet connection, which is perfect for cloud computing, video and music streaming, and online gaming. It comes with 1-year AmazonBasics warranty. It is available in five different sizes and a single or double packs

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RiteAV 50ft Cat6 Network

Our last Ethernet cable is a Cat6 Ethernet cable from RiteAV. It comes with gold plated connectors for better connection. It is backward compatible with older standards. Due to RJ45 connection it works on almost all types of gaming and network devices and it gives a secure, clear, and reliable internet connection. It is available in a wide range of colors and sizes to allow you get your perfect fit


There are a lot of Ethernet cables that are suitable for gaming. Some of them, are made specifically for gaming. However, even ones that are not made specifically for gaming can provide good and stable connection for online gaming sessions. All the cables above are great for gaming and work perfectly even for other applications. Some of them come in different sizes and color. No matter which one you choose, you will not be disappointed by the quality and performance.  

Author: Asan Abdiev

Editor and Tech Enthusiast