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Chili is one of those spices that can really liven up your meal and make your appetite strong. Sometimes it is too spicy, however it is that spiciness that makes it so awesome. Many people enjoy chilies on their meal. In some places of the world it is very difficult to find good quality fresh chili available at the market. In those places people go for ordering chili online. Fresh chili, of course cannot be ordered online. It will be destroyed or it will go bad by the time it will arrive to its customer. This is where canned and packed chili comes in. They last longer and better protected from the harsh environment. There are many types of packed chilies that are available in Amazon and Ebay, and here are some of them.

Six Best Canned Chili List

Ortega Diced Green Chilies

If you are looking for a green chili, then this product is for you. This product is just an average size of 4 Oz, however it comes in a pack of 12 cans. For around twenty dollars this is a good buy as it costs much cheaper than many other chili packs available out there. This product is made from fire roasted green chilies that add a tingling mild flavor to your mild. This is a great addition to your meal and they can even be eaten on their own. They are mild spicy, so it will have just enough flavor and spiciness without making you cry from being too spicy.

Goya Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce

This is a 7Oz can of dried red chilies that are inside adobo sauce. This is another great product as it comes with a sauce. It is a great addition to many food and great for making Mexican food. The price is also good at around 6 dollars for one pack. This is a mild product with normal level of spiciness. This is a good product that already comes with a sauce, so you can just add it to any food and make it taste great without any effort.

La Preferida Organic Mild Green Chilies

This is a set of organic diced green chilies. This is an organic product which is free from all the harmful chemicals. The can is about 4 Oz in size and it costs just 0.58 dollars at current moment. For those who are looking for good quality and mild green chilies that feel fresh and last long, this is a good product.

Original New Mexico Hatch Red Chili

This is another great red chili pack. This comes in three strength, which are light, mild and strong. No matter what level of spiciness you are looking for they have you covered. This products add spicy and smoky flavor to your dishes. It is based on Zia original New Mexico Hatch Valley recipe. This is an original recipe. Chilies are grown in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico, along the legendary Rio Grande River and they are hand-picked to preserve their original flavour. They are certifiednon-GMO, Gluten-Free, vegan and vegetarian. This is a great authentic food free from artificial additives and flavours that destroy the great natural flavour.

Original New Mexico Hatch Green Chili

This is another great product From Zia. It also based on original Zia recipe. It is also grown in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico just like the red chilies. The only difference is that this is a green chilies. Each pack is made from 16oz of flame-roasted, peeled and diced green chilies. This is a great addition to many food. Just like previous one it comes in three flavors of strong, mild and light, that is why it is easy to choose the level of strength you want. This a great high quality and natural product for chili lovers.

Mezzetta Hot Fire-Roasted Green Chili Peppers 16 Oz

This is a very strong chili pack. It is made from soft and sliced chilies that are fire roasted to give it smoky and rich flavor. Then lime juice, cilantro and garlic are added to the chilies. This add more taste and a punchy spicy flavor. This product is 16 Oz in size and it comes in a pack of two jars. This product is easy to store because it is in a jar. If you love spicy and punchy chili flavor, then this green chili is for you. However, if you do not prefer strong chili flavor, you better choose from other products above.


Chilies are nice additives to our everyday food and they are most suitable to make many Asian and Mexican foods. We all enjoy chilies in our food, however it is sometimes hard to buy fresh chilies. Luckily we have packed chilies that we can buy online and we can have it delivered anywhere in the world. There are many great packed chilies available in Amazon. They differ in the type of chili, their strength and some of them even come with a sauce. In this list we summarized few great products at a good price and have good reviews from the customers. They will be able to satisfy anyone who is looking for great quality packed chilies.

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