Best Aux Cable in 2018 Reviews

Best aux cable

Auxiliary cables are very useful. They are also very universal, because they use 3.5mm audio jack. That is why they can be used in many audio devices such as computer speakers, headphones, car audio, home theater systems and so on. There are also ones that come with braided cables, ones have different adapters and ones that have angled audio jacks. Having the good quality cable is very important for everyone, whether it is an audiophile or a casual user, because it might ruin a great audio experience. Since there are thousands of cables available in many retail sites, choosing the right one can become a headache. In this review we want to look into six audio cables that are available on Amazon. We really hope that this review will help many people to choose the right cable for themselves.

Best Aux Cable

iXCC 3-Ft Tangle-Free

iXCC is a 3 feet long cable with 3.5mm jack. It is convenient for connecting portable audio devices such as smart phones, tablets and MP3 players to a headphone, speakers or a car audio. As long as they support 3.5mm audio jack there is no problem with compatibility. The cable is very flexible and tangle free. That is why it is easy and simple to store it without worrying that it will get tangled or break. It has dual-shielding. The connectors are made with high-quality polished metal withcorrosion-resistant gold-plating. 3.5mm connectors. This is a very durable product that can withstand heavy duty use. Because it is made from good quality materials, the audio quality is good. This is a very sturdy and high quality product with thousands of positive reviews.

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Mediabridge Stereo Audio Cable

This is another great male to male 3.5mm audio jack cable.It has a great build quality and it is very sturdy. It has a slick design which is great for carrying. It is compatible with any audio device, whether it is a smartphone or audio player. However it does not support microphones and works with audio devices only. The plugs are gold-plated and made from high quality materials. Due to that the audio quality is good. This model is available in several variances such as angled or in different length.

FosPower Stereo Audio Auxiliary

This is another great audio cable. Just like others it is 3.5mm male to male cable. Connectors are made of good quality materials and 24k gold-plated. The cable is copper braided and uses aluminum shielding. Polyethylene foam works as a great insulator. Combined together these material provide high quality sound quality with minimum interference and signal lost. This one of the most premium cables and it made with audiophiles in mind. With many positive reviews, this is one great cable for its price.

Belkin MIXIT

Another 3 foot audio cable with 3.5mm audio jacks. Made by Belkin which is famous for high quality products, this is very premium looking cable. It is made from high quality materials with chrome finished plugs and nickel-plated contacts. The cable is flat and sturdy, so it won’t get damaged very easily. Very universal and one of the connections is angled. This is a great products with great quality. Furthermore, it comes in a variety of colors to easily blend with the devices it is connected to.

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Anker 3.5mm Premium

This is a last cable in our list. This is just like other cables is a 3feet 3.5mm audio cable. Due to that connectivity it can be used with any device with 3.5mm connection. This products has a great wire which is slim and very durable. It is very strong and it comes with 18 months warranty. Overall this is one of the cheapest cables in our list, but it is made from good quality materials and very durable.


To sum up, there are many audio cables that are available in Amazon and it is difficult sometimes to choose from such a huge list of products. Above list consist of one of the best cables with many positive reviews. Regardless of which one you will not be disappointed.

Author: Asan Abdiev

Editor and Tech Enthusiast