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Could you live without your smartphone for a week? Of course, no! Phones became vital role players in our daily routines. Hence, below I have prepared Top 10 Best Android Phone 2019 List.

Best Android Phone 2019


5.5 inches32GB

5.0 inches32GB

5.5 inches32GB
5.2 inches32GB

5.93 inches64GB

5.50 inches64GB

5.9 inches64 GB

6.3 inches256GB
LG V30+

6.0 inches128GB

5.5 inches128GB

5.0 inches64 GB

Before phones were used only for calling and SMS. With many new developments, smartphones have become more than a simple communication devices. With the development of IPhone in 2007 the whole smartphone market have changed drastically. Since then many great phones have been created and many new functions have become available for the users of smartphones. Many people have several smartphones that they use for different functions like one for work and another for family. Nowadays a smartphone replaces a camera, helps us to connect through dozens of messaging apps, helps us to follow social media watch online videos and even work through phone. For many people a smartphone replaces a camera and a laptop. With screens getting larger smartphones have replaced most of the tablets too. Since the smartphones are so important in our lives it is important to choose the smartphone that is suitable for the needs of the user. When we buy something that is slow or cannot provide the functions that we want, we will feel disappointed. It might even disrupt our work and study. That is why it is important for us to choose the phone that is best suited for our needs. Luckily there are many new great phones that are available for us to buy at the beginning of 2019. There are also many new phones that are expected to come in upcoming year. With all of that in mind, here is the list of 10 great phones to buy in the beginning of 2019.

Year 2018 in a glance

2018 was a great year for smartphones. There were many new models available in this year. Many new function have been integrated into smartphones. There are few important things that happened in 2018. First of all the low budget models have become faster and more stable. Previously, many budget models suffered from slow performance and cut down functionality. However, in 2017 we saw many budget models are receiving some new feature at the same time with top models. Things like powerful quad- core and octa- core processors, strong cameras, good battery life and great displays were widely available in the budget models. Secondly the cameras have become better and more powerful. We saw many phones using two cameras or cameras with high megapixels. Some cameras even utilized four cameras, two behind and two in front for selfies. The selfie game was strong also, with many mid- range phones that were focused for selfies only. Thirdly, many phones have utilized bigger screens with very thin and minimal bezels. 18:9 format screen has become a new thing with FHD+ resolution. High end Samsung and IPhone X both utilized so called bezel-less screens. Samsung even utilized a curved screen that covered even sides of the phone. Some of the budget models such as Honor 7X have followed the example of Samsung with bezel-less designs. Overall we can see that the year 2018 was very productive and interesting in terms of many new developments and we hope that 2018 will bring even better models with even more newer and interesting technologies.

Best Budget Phones

Moto E4 Plus

This Motorola phone is the cheapest in this list, but do not fret. It does not made from cheapest plastic with bad build quality nor feature slow and sluggish hardware. This budget phone is actually has a good build quality and smooth performance with good camera. This phone breaks the picture of budget phones that we all had in our minds for many years.

The phone is actually made from aluminum body and features Gorilla Glass 3 in the front. This makes the phone look and feel much more like a midrange phone than a cheapest budget one. In terms of looks in look nice also, so in terms of feels and looks it won’t disappoint you. For the screen this phone features 5.5 inch 1280×720 HD IPS screen. It is not a FullHD model neither comes with 18:9 aspect ratio. However, for its price it has a decent screen with good visibility on the sunlight.

For the hardware, this phone come with Mediatek quad- core processor clocked at 1.3GHz. This might not sound fast, but the phone is powerful and feels smooth. The phone uses stock version of the Android 7.1 and that is why it does not put too much strain on the CPU. Furthermore, since it is a stock Android it will receive updates from Google as soon as they released. Coupled with 3GB of RAM the phone feels smooth and responsive and can handle almost any app or a game. Some demanding games might not work in this phone though. For storage it is either 16GB or 32GB which is small, but luckily we have a card slot for extension.

In camera department, this phone has 13MP back camera and 5MP front camera. They both are decent but not great. Cameras can record videos up to 720p at 30 frames per second. They will do their job, however for better camera it is recommended to step up the game and go for G5S Plus or Honor 7X.

This phone’s main strength is 5000mAh battery, which can last up to three days. The phone’s screen and processor are both economical and does not consume a lot of juice. This makes the phone last longer than many other phone on this list. Furthermore, it still feature a 3.5mm jack which is absent from many high end models.

Overall, this is a budget model with budget price, so it is normal for some corners to be cut. Here we have only HD screen, quad- core processor and a normal camera. Despite that we got a great battery life and smooth performance. This phone will be great for those who just want a phone for calling and messaging and want a long lasting battery life. This is where this phone will not disappoint.

Honor 6A Pro

This is another great budget model. It costs just a bit more than E4 Plus, however it features some upgrades over it. In terms of design it is very similar to E4 Plus and similar to any other budget phone at this price category. It is made from metal and the front is made from glass. The phone is compact and fits perfectly on the hand. This phone might not have an impressive design, but it has great built quality and compact size.

At the back it features just a single camera and a fingerprint scanner. Front features just a normal 5 inch 720P display with somewhat big bezels. The screen is good and it looks crispier than E4 Plus one because of smaller size. There is nothing to complain here as other phones look almost the same. There is a 13MP rear and 5MP front camera. They do a good job at taking pictures. However just by stepping up just a little for Honor 7X you can get much better cameras. This does not mean that 6A Pro has bad cameras, it’s just they are not impressive.

In terms of performance, this phone comes with Snapdragon 430 octa- core processor, which is enough for any apps and games that are not too demanding. There is a 2GB or 3GB RAM and 16GB or 32GB storage. The first version is just a bare minimum, however the second one will be most suitable for power users. There is a hybrid SIM card slot that can fit a MicroSD card.

This phone comes with 3000mAh battery which will be enough for one day or one and a half day use depending on the usage. Overall, this phone is more powerful than E4 Plus but has much smaller battery. Other than that they are almost the same. Those who want just little bit more power over E4 will be satisfied with this phone.

Huawei Honor 7

This is the latest Honor device and the cheapest device from Huawei to feature dual cameras at the back. This phone is also one of the best looking budget phones on this list. It features an aluminum construction with glass in front. Behind the phone we have a dual camera setup and a fingerprint sensor. This phone looks and feels very premium. In front it features a 5.93 inch 18:9 screen with FHD+ resolution. The screen is good one with good colors and great visibility on the light. The screen is big, but because of very thin bezels it fits perfectly on the hand and is easy to operate. Those all combined make this phone look really beautiful.

It is not just the outside of Honor 7X that impresses, but also the inside. It features Huawei’s own Kirim 659 octa- core chip that provides great level of performance and smooth operation. This processor is enough for almost any application or games. For RAM it has 4GB of RAM and for storage there is 64GB available. If those are not enough, there is a slot for MicroSD card, however the user will have to sacrifice one of their SIM cards, because there is only hybrid slot for either a SIM or SD card.

In camera department this phone really shines. It features dual camera on the back, one is 16MP one for taking pictures and 2MP one for taking distance and depth measurements. Front camera is 8MP and it is great for taking pictures. However, front camera sometimes makes washed out photos due to the beauty mode that enabled by a default. Reducing it to 0 level solves this issue.

Overall, this is a great looking phone and the cheapest one that features wide screen with thin bezels. The back camera takes great pictures and the hardware is very powerful. The phone comes with 3340mAh battery and it is enough for full day use. The phone also features fast charging to charge this large battery in no time. This phone will satisfy those who want a great looking phone with great back camera and decent front camera and a good battery life. For its price this phone is a steal.

Nokia 6

This phone is the last budget phone in this list. This is a phone from famous Nokia that we are all familiar with and now it comes with android. This phone previously was priced at midrange category, but lately the prices dropped to budget category and this phone has become a better purchase decision. This phone features very classic design, with just one camera and normal screen. However, the screen is stretched out to the sides and side bezels are almost none existent. In terms of looks this phone is nice looking one.

In terms of hardware, it comes with Snapdragon 430 chipset which is more than enough for daily usage. Furthermore it has 4GB of RAM and 64 GB storage. There is also a version with 3GB RAM and 32GB of storage. The both versions are powerful enough for any daily usage. In terms of camera this phone has a 16MP rear and 8MP front camera. They both do a great job taking good pictures with good level of details and are capable of 1080p video recording.

This phone features a 3000mAh battery and it is more than enough for one full day usage. It comes with Android 7.1 and Nokia’s own UI over it. Other than that it features a fingerprint sensor in front. Overall, this model costs more than other budget models, but has great camera and gorgeous classic looks.

Best Midrange phones

Moto X4

The new Moto X4 is a stylish phone with dual camera that costs around $400. This device is light and a thin device. At its back it features dual camera. The fingerprint scanner is located in front of the device. This is an aluminum device with front and back covered in glass. Even though, it is made from glass it is very sturdy and features IP68 water and dust resistance. Despite being midrange phone it has a great build quality and made from premium materials. For the screen this phone features 5.2 inch 1080p display, but it is not 18:9 ratio one. Display is good enough and bright enough for daily use, but it cannot rival more expensive models on image quality. The front bezels are noticeable, but not large enough to annoy us.

In terms of hardware it is not a flagship killer nor features anything impressive. What it has is a Snapdragon 630 octa- core processor. This processor is more than enough for gaming and everyday tasks, however it cannot break any performance records. Most of the normal users will not even notice the difference between this and more powerful processors. This phone also has 3GB or 4GB RAM and 32GB or 64GB internal storage with card slot for memory expansion.

For camera this phone comes with dual cameras on the back. One is 12MP and other is 8MP. It does a good job at taking pictures with good level of details and sharpness. The front shooter is a 16MP one and selfie lovers will like this camera. It is sharp and takes great selfies. In terms of camera is does a good job at taking nice looking pictures. This phone can also film videos at 4k resolution, which is great at this price point.

This phone features USB Type C with fast charging. The 3000 mAh battery does the great job at keeping the phone active for one full day. If that is not enough the quick charge feature will charge this phone in around one hour time. Unlike many flagships this phone features 3.5mm audio jack which is great. For operating system it uses clean version of Android 7 without any skins or UI over it. This allows the phone to be stable and smooth. Furthermore, this means that this phone will receive Android updates earlier than most of the other phones in the market. This is a great phone with beautiful design, good camera, good battery life and great performance at a budget friendly price tag.

OnePlus One 5T

OnePlus is famous for offering a flagship level smartphones at a more budget friendly prices. Following the impressive release of OnePlus 5 from earlier this year, the company has decided to refresh this model with newer hardware and some design changes, yet keep the budget friendly price tag.

Inside this phone is powered by Snapdragon 835 processor and the crazy 6GB or 8GB of RAM with 64GB or 128GB of storage. In terms of hardware it is well equipped and outstages even Note 8 or Mate 10 Pro.

One of the main design changes for this model is a larger 6-inch 18:9 1080p display with bezel-less design. The phone looks great and feel much more premium now. Despite large screen, the phone is compact and it is same size as many 5.5 inch phones from other manufacturers. Since front bezels have decreases the fingerprint sensor has now been moved to the back of the phone. This makes it much easier to use.

Another great upgrade is in the camera department. OnePlus 5T now features slightly revised dual-camera system. The primary 16MP sensor and a secondary 20MP sensor to assist with low-light performance. The pictures look great with this phone and it scores well in many sites in terms of picture quality. The front camera is also does not disappoint. Here it is a 16MP single camera. It has good picture quality and in terms of megapixel size it is higher than most of flagship phones.

OnePlus 5T is a pretty affordable package. Featuring 11 hours of battery life and the fast charge time and it is a fantastic value. It has great hardware with great camera and great battery life. For someone who is looking for a great phone that is as good as flagships but does not require the phone to have a famous brand name on it then this phone is a great choice.

High End Androids

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is the first high end model in our list and it is also the latest. It has all the nice features that a top level smartphone will have right now. Starting with the screen, it features a 6-inch OLED display with an 18:9 ratio and 2,160 x 1,080 resolution. This allows the phone to have very small bezels. Despite having a large screen, the phone is compact and perfectly fits in the hand.

In terms of hardware, Mate 10 Pro rocks its in-house octa-core Kirin 970 processor. This is a very powerful processor and it is also first in the world that comes with a dedicated Neural Processing Unit for faster on-board AI processing. In terms of RAM there are two variants of this phone that are available, one is 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of storage and another 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of on board storage. This is more than enough storage that a person will want from such a phone. There is, however no MicroSD storage slot available for this model.  The Mate 10 Pro ships with Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box and Huawei promises that it will release updates for the future versions of Android for this model.

In imaging department Mate 10 Pro has a dual-camera setup with 20 MP monochrome sensor and 12 MP RGB sensor. This setup is very powerful and perfectly capable to rival Samsung and IPhone which previously were considered to be unbeatable in camera department. For the selfies there is an 8MP camera in the font that is enough for anyone who is planning to take slefies with this phone.

This phone also comes with an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance. It is perfectly safe to for the phone if it mistakenly dropped in a water up to 1 meter and up to 30 minutes. Lastly, the phone has large 4,000 mAh battery with Huawei Supercharge. It allows the Mate 10 Pro to full charge in about an hour. For those who are looking a great phone with beautiful design and a top range features and performance with much cheaper price tag, then this model is for you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

For people looking for a nearly perfect phone then Galaxy Note 8, which is Samsung’s latest flagship. No matter from which angle you look at it, it is an unbeatable device. This time Samsung have done a great job making this phone. Their bad experience with note 7 have taught them many lessons that helped them in developing this device.

When it comes to design, this phone features a typical Samsung design that we are familiar with. However it also adds many new design elements. One of such is a 6.3-inch AMOLED display with 2960×1440 resolution. It is one of the highest resolution and the brightest display available on a smartphone. With such a large display and very thin bezels, this phone looks very stunning. At the back this phone features dual-camera system and below that are fingerprint and heart rate sensors.

In terms of camera this phone features two 12MP cameras at the back with optical zoom and portrait mode. This is a first time Samsung is using a dual camera. Even with one camera setup, Samsung phones had a great camera and now with dual camera the pictures looks even more beautiful and real. The camera is also capable of filming 4K videos. In the front, there is an 8MP selfie camera, which is also a great one.

For hardware, there is a Snapdragon 835 processor with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. In terms of software there is a Android Nougat out of the box with Samsung’s software skin which. It adds many additional features that make the Android even better and also it looks beautiful.

One of the main features of this phone is Samsung’s stylus. It has been improved and it now features even more functions. S-Pen adds lots of functionality for this phone and makes the user experience with this large phone easier and productive. For those people who need the most productive phone that can perfectly replace a laptop and has top of the line features, then this phone is for you.

LG V30

LG V30 is another great option for those who are looking for top level smartphone. This LG phone did not receive as much fame and attention as Samsung or Apple phones. Despite that, this phone is actually very great. In terms of design it does not fall behind Samsung, Huawei or Apple phones.

Just like Note 8 LG V30 is powered by the Snapdragon 835 processor, but features smaller 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage space. In paper this might look small, however, for everyday use 4 GB of RAM is more than enough. For those who is not satisfied with the storage space, there is a slot for MicroSD card. In terms of operating system it comes with Nougat and on top of that there is LG’s own skin. It is very similar to stock Android with “floating bar” feature for shortcuts. Out f the box this phone runs smooth and does not lack in term of performance from any other high end phone.

The V30 also packs 6-inch OLED display. It is sharp with vibrant colors, and it is very bright. The phone also features bezel-less design. That is why the phone feels compact and perfectly fits in the hand. It looks very great due to small bezels and a large screen. Large screen makes the phone easy to use and functional.

LG V30 also features dual-camera setups at the back. One of which is f/1.6 aperture standard 16MP sensor and f/1.9 aperture wide-angle 13MP sensor. They work perfectly and capable of taking great photos that are comparable to Samsung or IPhone cameras. For selfies it has a 5MP camera. This might sound very small as compared to other phones at this price point. However, it is a decent one and can perfectly do its job. People who are interested with one of the best back cameras should be looking for this model as the cameras on its back are record breaking.


During last several years HTC has been suffering from many issues and the sales were greatly declining. However in 2016 they released HTC U10 which has changed it all. The phone featured a great looking design, impressive hardware and was free from all the issues that were present in previous models. Many have praised this model. In this year HTC has stepped up the game and released HTC U11. This was a completely different smartphone with different design and many improvements over the last year’s model. This was a phone capable of beating other flagships.

HTC U11 comes with beautiful glossy design, impressive battery life, and a smooth and snappy software experience. In terms of performance it does not fall behind in any way. Just like any other flagship, this phone features Snapdragon 835 octa- core processor. In term of ram it comes with 6GB or 4GB RAM, which is plenty for any type of use. For storage it is either 64GB or 128GB storage with MicroSD slot for expansions.

In terms of display it comes with normal 5.5 inch display. There is no fancy 18:9 ratio, but the screen has 1440p resolution. It is very clear and sharp for a device with 5.5 inch display. Even though this phone does not feature any fancy specs in terms of screen, the screen is a great quality one. For software it comes with Android 7.1 and HTC sense UI. It is nice skin that has been around for some time and it is very stable and smooth. However, compared to other phone UI, HTC one feels outdated and somewhat limited.

One of the great features that are available for on the U11 is something called Edge Sense. The sides of the phone are pressure sensitive. By squeezing sides of the phone a user can activate certain functions such as camera, browser or messaging apps. This is a very unique feature that is not available on other phones. It feels weird but it is a really useful feature. Other than that the phone features IP67 water and dust resistance. This is another great feature that can come in handy during rainy days or during holiday trips.

When it comes to camera, this phone features a great 16MP front camera that is very good for taking selfies. Behind is a 12MP shooter that can shoot great pictures and videos at 4K resolution. Both front and back cameras take great quality pictures that will not make you disappointed.

Lastly, it features USB type C with quick charging, but just like many other flagships it has ditched 3.5mm audio jack. This might be a deal breaker because they would want that connection for their headphones. Other than that it has 3000 mAh battery which some might find small. Despite all that this is a great device and it comes with much cheaper price tag than other flagships. People who want a phone with great design and a great camera will not be disappointed with this device.

Reviewer’s Choice

Google Pixel 2

The Pixel 2 is Google’s latest flagship smartphone and it replaces last year’s Pixel phone. This phone features simpler design that keeps many nice design elements from first generation phone and improves in some of them. Unlike other high end models, this is the only model that features a normal screen, not a wide 18:9 one. For those who want a bigger screen. There is a Pixel 2 XL that features bigger screen and it comes with slightly higher price tag.

This device has a 5-inch OLED 1080p display with a pixel density of 441 ppi. It doesn’t have a fancy 18:9 aspect ratio screen or a bezel-less design, though it does have front-facing speakers above and below the display. Inside, it comes with a speedy Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, along with 4 GB of LPDDR4x RAM. You can buy the phone with either 64 GB or 128 GB of on board storage, but there’s no microSD card to add additional storage.

If you like taking photos with your phone, you’ll be very pleased with the Pixel 2’s 12.2 MP camera. Not only has it been named the smartphone camera on the market according to DxOMark, we found the Pixel 2’s main camera to be incredibly impressive in most situations. There’s even a portrait mode on the front and back cameras, even though the phone doesn’t have a dual-camera setup.

You might be wondering why we haven’t mentioned the Pixel 2 XL. It’s a great phone—don’t get us wrong—but just know that the XL’s display has had its fair share of issues since launch. The LG-made pOLED 6.0-inch display on the 2 XL shows off a blue tint when the phone is tilted, it’s not tuned to be as vibrant as other OLED panels, and many early adopters have already been noticing burn-in issues. Google says it will continue to combat these issues with software updates, and it’s also extended the warranty to two years.

If you want a Pixel phone with a larger battery and can live with a mediocre display, we’d recommend going for the Pixel 2 XL—you’ll be very happy. But if you can live with a smaller battery and a smaller screen (that doesn’t have any issues), we’d recommend the Pixel 2.

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Best high end to come at the beginning of 2018

As we stated, 2017 was a great year for smartphone industry. There were many nice and great phones that come out during this year. The list above just proves that. However, we should not forget that there will be even more nice phones coming out in the beginning of the next year. Here is the list of great phones that will be coming out during the first quarter of 2018.

Samsung Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ is rumored to be released earlier than most other Galaxy phones that were released previously. This phone is expected to be the biggest phone announcement of the next year. As expected from Samsung, this phone will come with many great features and some design improvements. It is also expected that the fingerprint scanner will be located at the front of the device making it more comfortable to use unlike Galaxy 8. There are also rumors saying it will be embedded in their Infinity display. In terms of hardware it is most likely be powered by Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 processor. For camera it will be dual-lens rear camera. It is also expected that RAM will increase. Overall, this is a hyped product that many are waiting impatiently.

Huawei P11

This phone is expected to be announced during MWC tradeshow on February. This P11 will be successor to the P10, which was a great device at very competitive price. It most probably will be powered by Kirin 970 chip made by Huawei. It is a very energy efficient CPU with great performance. It also supports many AI features and claims to make the phone faster and snappier each day. Other than that there are not many rumors about this device. However, knowing Huawei and their P series phones it is safe to say that this phone will not disappoint us.


It’s rumored that LG will release the LG G7 as early as January 2018 during CES 2018. The reason for that is Galaxy S9. LG is expecting to release this phone earlier so that it can compete with Samsung before it can release their latest flagship. In terms of hardware it will probably feature Snapdragon 845 processor. Other than that, it is very little known regarding this device. The company is keeping it very secret. We all know that this phone will not disappoint us, as it is proven by other LG devices.


It is clear that there are many great devices that are available in the market for us to buy and use in the year 2019. We have from entry level to high end flagships each having their unique strength and selling point. Moto E4 Plus, Honor 6A Pro, Honor 7X and Nokia 6 are great entry level smartphones. They provide good level of performance and decent cameras at this price point. E4 Plus is the cheapest model, while Honor 7X is the most beautiful and new one with latest functions. If you are looking for a classic looking device then Nokia 6 will be good for you. For those who want a cheapest midrange phone, then Moto X4 is a great choice. OnePlus One 5T is a great device and a flagship killer, but its price is already close to the price of other flagships. For the high end market, HTC U11 is the cheapest and most classic looking device. For those who want the highest level of performance and want most productive phones, Mate 10 or Note 8 are two great powerhouses. LG V30 and Pixel 2 are two great devices and they both have great cameras, great performance and a compact design. If that’s all you need, then they will be great for you. Lastly, we should not forget that there will be many new great phones coming in the beginning of the next year. It is expected that they will bring even more new features and innovations to the smartphone industry.

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